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2022: new year, new model Diam 24 One Design

by Diam 24 One Design 18 Feb 2022 02:19 PST
Diam 24 one design new model © Diam24onedesign

Even for true one-designs, evolutions are never off the table as long as they don't compro-mise performance and fairplay. With this idea in mind, the designer and builder of this ever-successful true One Design is about to release a new model.

After 102 units built since 2014, in comes the 2022 edition, with a new, more ergonomic and more watertight center hull deck. The first of the Diam 24 od 2022 edition will be out of the gates of our shipyard in Port-la-Forêt by the end of February.

"We don't get to make changes to the Diam 24 od every year, it's a monotype and has to stay that way. But we're also open to feedback from customers when there's room for improvement within the boundaries of the criteria enshrined in the class rules which guarantee the conformity of each model that leaves our shipyard from the very beginning", explains designer and builder Vianney Ancellin. The sportboat is a great fit for young sailors looking to learn the tricks and ropes of high-level sailing as well as amateurs making their first forays into multilhull sailing on the hunt for new sensations.

A major plus and smaller ones

The Diam 24 od 2022 version central hull, features an inclined plane with an aluminum hatch re-placing the ver-tical hatch. This provides improved watertightness to the center hull, makes it easier to access the forepeak and results in more space being available on deck. A major improvement at the end of the day as it frees up the area around the daggerboard casing, which is always a plus on family trips. Racing without having to worry about water entering the center hull is a true quality of life improvement.

Beyond this major change, the 2022 model brings many other improvements that make for even more comfortable and enjoyable sailing, thanks to a streamlined deck layout, functional, adequately sized chandlery. The standard Diam 24 od comes equipped with cut pulleys at the end of the main-sail traveller, U fairlead on the cleats of mainsail carriage, a jib furling slack picking system, on the rudder to Pintle locker on the gudgeon, winch handle bag and a new gennaker furler-liner course... Those tiny pluses are a part of the sportboat's DNA, along with easy assembling and disassembling - one hour tops for two people with little to no equipment, just like during maneuvers on the water.

The many complementary standard equipment options ensure the Diam24od suits all uses. For instance the monotype three-sail set delivered with the boat ready to sail can be complemented with lake sails, a code zero and gennaker-spinnaker specifically designed for regattas and getaways in light winds. Other available additions include a camera support to record your outings on the water, as well as multiple kits - mooring, dewatering, safety, etc - enshrined in the class rules to allow for easier and more frequent getaways aboard this revolutionary, constantly evolving monotype.

A monotype above all!

The Diam 24 od is true to the one design philosophy - keep things simple.

"Our shipyard strives to make improvements along the production process based on this one immutable idea. With mono-types it all starts from the production - we must achieve flawless quality to deliver absolute fairplay on the water. In order for a monotype to be taken seriously, the entire fleet needs to be made of completely identical boats - both boats and sails - that's what makes a true monotype. Obviously that is the case with the Diam 24 od today, that's actually one of its strengths. We'll always keep an extremely close eye on that going forward", adds Vianney Ancellin, whose yard guarantees the conformity of a hundred or so units spread across 16 countries.

A sportboat widely recognized in the world of high-level sailing, known for its robustness, simplicity and ability to sail safely in any conditions. Young up-and-comers and experienced yachtsmen who never had a chance to sail aboard very fast boats experience sensations like no other while learning and training. A boat made for all sailors regardless of age or experience level to experience firsthand sailing's greatest evolution nowadays - the transition towards flying!

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