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Persico 69F Cup, GP4.2 - Team Dutch Sail wins the last GP of the season

by 69F Sailing 9 Oct 10:10 PDT
Persico 69F Cup, GP4.2 © Marta Rovatti Studihrad

A very important thing we are working on right now is our communication. On board everything happens very fast. We do not have a lot of time for long conversations during the regattas so it is really important to choose the right term for what you need to say.

On the boat we speak kind of a mixed language between Dutch and English. A lot of the calls are in English but the conversations among ourselves are in Dutch. We do not really have a proper Dutch name for all the calls so it is more simple to say it in English.

Now we are ready to race in Cagliari for the YFGC ACT 3 and finals. The winner will participate in the 69F pro event in Sferracavallo, Sicily with true legends of sailing. This is a great opportunity for all the young sailors like us; sailing against such idols it has always been a dream for everybody and we are working hard to make this happen. We can't miss this opportunity!

Ismene Usman
Dutch Sail - Janssen De Jong

Today Dutch Sail was better than us and they deserved to win this GP. The advantage of the Dutch is their team chemistry, actually we have been training all together just for three days while, on the other hand, they own a boat so they can train on it everyday whenever they want. Anyway, we finished in second place so we are happy with the result.

Pietro De Luca
Section 16

I think this is a really nice format. The whole 69F Team is very well organized, the environment is great and it feels like you are part of a big big family. I enjoyed the briefings and the communication in general, especially how the organization shares information. I have never seen a format like this before.

Elizaveta Zheretbcova
Space Cobras

Overall ranking

  • 68,5 Dutch Sail - Janssen de Jong
  • 60,5 Section 16
  • 48,5 FIN1Racing
  • 33,0 Fly Marga
  • 19,5 Space Cobras

Race course: Quadrilateral with upwind start
Weather: North Wind 9 - 17 kt

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