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GBR Optimist Team at the 2021 World Championships at Fraglia Vela Riva

by Tom Jones 29 Jul 2021 03:04 PDT 30 June - 10 July 2021
Optimist World Championship 2021 on Lake Garda © Richard Edwards

The team of the five top competitors from the four-day Selections Trials, held back in May, consisted of one girl and four boys. They were accompanied by Coach Ollie Hill, experienced with taking teams internationally having coached the European team in 2020, and Team Leader (and parent) Richard Edwards.

The announcement of newly imposed five-day quarantine rules in Italy led to a swift decision to fly them out a week early; a frantic 24 hours of booking flights and accommodation, packing and PCR Tests led them to arrive in beautiful Riva Del Garda on the 20th July.

This early arrival at the event meant the team had additional time to train together and get used to the unusual winds and relentless chop of Lake Garda. They also competed in the '43rd Optimist D'Argento' a regatta used by many Worlds teams as a warm-up to the main event. See results.

One week in, the team finally moved to their Worlds accommodation, and began their time eating, sleeping, training and competing together. A fantastic two weeks followed with the team learning much together and experiencing all the highs and lows of a long competition.

As ever there is so much more to a regatta than just the results, but huge congratulation to Archie Munro-Price for winning Silver Fleet! Full results are below. Please read on to hear what the team have to say about their experience...

Lila Edwards

I had sailed against my team mates since I was eight years old but as the only girl I did wonder how I would manage for two weeks without any female companionship!

On our arrival a blast of blistering heat and sunshine greeted us at the airport. As we journeyed towards Riva, we were awestruck with the stunning scenery of Lake Garda in which we would spend the next three weeks sailing.

After unloading and rigging our boats the GBR Worlds team was ready to start training. The unplanned early arrival may have been a blessing in disguise. It enabled the team to do the Argento Cup event, which provided incredible pre-Worlds training and gave us a chance to become accustomed to the quirky features of the lake.

As the lightest in the team, I wasn't unfamiliar with the reputation of Lake Garda being a windy Mecca! We learned so much at the event, particularly as (due to Covid) UK big fleet sailing had been seriously curtailed for a year. Along with having a great time on the water, we sampled the delights of Italian cuisine. Pizza and gelato galore!

On to the Worlds! After a few additional days training with our coach Ollie Hill, and a very thorough day of boat measurement, it was lift off! A spectacle of world flags paraded ceremoniously through the cobbled streets of Riva. It felt magical to be a part of this experience. You couldn't fail but be in awe of all the boats from all corners of the world that had all descended on Lake Garda to do this immense regatta. It was all the more of a celebration as it hadn't been possible to host the event the previous year.

The first three days were taken up with qualification races. The start lines were jam packed and like no other. You were fighting for every inch of acceleration room and then battling onwards after the start to keep the lane you had worked so hard to obtain. The southerly Ora wind blew its might, on average around 20 knots daily. I learnt so much on the start line - a rapid lesson in how competitive the Worlds fleet actually was. I loved every minute!

We mixed up the top quality sailing with a little sightseeing and more gelato. We all had great fun visiting the crisp cold waterfall. It was a rite of passage every team member had an icy, if brief, dunk in the glacial water. There was a lot of laughter and a lot of shivering.

After our brief foray into team racing (a learning experience in itself!) it was back to more fleet racing. Every lay-line, every mark rounding, every leg was a jostle for position. Even when it didn't go so well, it was so much fun trying!

The closing ceremony was incredible. I made so many new friends of different nationalities and hope they may want to come to visit at our National Championships. I feel incredibly proud of our team all making silver or bronze fleet. Overall we were eighteenth best country in the world which made me really proud, but most importantly we had all had learnt so much and had an experience that I'm sure I will remember for ever!

Charlie Gatehouse

Competing in the World Championships in Lake Garda, Italy, was an amazing experience. Not only did I learn heaps of new things but I also made many foreign friends.

For the first few days we did some training and also went through measurement which went smoothly. The day before the start of the event we had a rest day and cycled up the mountain to a cafe which had an amazing view.

I learned so many skills which I couldn't have learned at any other event. On the last day there was the closing ceremony and the trading of team kit.

The next day we began our long journey home in the car. Thank you so much to Richard for being the house parent and Ollie for coaching us.

Joseph Jones

I had never been to an international sailing competition before, and Lake Garda was beautiful. All the restaurants were lovely, with amazing pasta and pizza, and the hotel we stayed in had a pool, so we went swimming a lot which was great because it was so hot!

The sailing on Lake Garda was really good, but difficult because it was very choppy and hard to find rhythm with the wind bends and gusty conditions. The wind comes at different angles over the many mountains, and from different directions depending on what time of the day it is. There was a lot to learn!

The highlight of the trip for me was the amazing thunderstorm we had one night, where the power went out, the rain was like a shower and the lightning lit the sky, it was amazing!

Thanks to all the World's team sailors for being great team mates, I loved having so much fun and some amazing experiences together! Thanks also to Richard, our house parent, for being there and helping us whenever we needed it and finally thanks to Ollie for being a brilliant coach and teaching me to sail very well and quickly through the chop. This was one of the best experiences of my life and I will never forget it.

Archie Munro-Price

Garda is known for its picturesque mountains, scorching weather and being a great place for high level sailing events, so when I heard the Worlds was there I was overjoyed.

The pre-training for the worlds was a great experience getting used to the swell-like chop and the Ora wind; thanks to Ollie I was ready to go into the event prepared for all that could be thrown at me, or so I thought.

The first day of the event was exciting - a new start for all. An even playing field, no winners no losers, all ready to go out and preform the best we could. I came in from that day with a 43 and a UFD; this was not what I was aiming for and before the second beat that 43 had been a 15. But what had been sailed had been sailed. And from when I heard my 20 was a UFD I knew in that instance my hopes of gold fleet were gone. Though I wanted to get as close as I possibly could.

Day two: I went into this day with the attitude that anything was possible so I sailed hard and came out with two top fifteens. This proved to me that I could do it - that I was good enough and that I could claw myself back up the rankings.

Day three: though there were two races scheduled this was cut short by a thunderstorm - a massive force of nature with 65 knot winds, I would have to have got a first in the only race to get gold fleet but I fell short with a 17th.

I went into silver fleet 16 points behind the leader, though I knew that if I sailed my best anything was possible with speed and determination. For the first four races I chipped away with all top tens and two top fives.

Going into the last race I had butterflies in my stomach, I was one point behind the leader so all was to play for. That race was the toughest race of my life as I tried to stay in front while not risking losing too much by going too far away from the fleet. As I finished I knew I had done it, I had won the silver fleet.

At the Worlds I made a load of great friends from all over the globe, notably Hong Kong, Thailand, Ireland and Malta. These friends helped me and made the whole experience much more enjoyable.

Johnny Sargent

I had a great time at the Worlds in Garda; spending time with the team and meeting sailors from other countries was tons of fun and the racing was brilliant.

The race committee were great, running as many fair races as possible which were all challenging but enjoyable. The first beats were always very tricky because the quality of the fleet was so high. Also, if you were not able to execute the perfect start it would be almost impossible to find a clear lane and choose where you wanted to go.

The wind in Garda was lovely for most of the event. We had around fifteen knots of breeze on all the days except the last two. Sadly, though we only really got one day of the full Ora (the type of wind Garda is known for).

I loved all the Italian food that I ate in Garda although by the end of it I was a little sick of pizza and pasta. The weather in Garda was beautiful with temperatures of 30 degrees every day and sunny skies, although we once got caught in a huge thunderstorm whilst watching football in town and got completely drenched running back to the hotel.

Overall, I completely loved my time in Garda and have left the event with many memories I will cherish for the rest of my life. I hope I get another chance to return to there in the future.

Gold Fleet Results:

PosSail NoHelm1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6F7F8F9F10FPts
1BRA 4090Alex DI FRANCESCO KUHL1552112121‑311554
2USA 112Gil HACKEL222941225‑631259
3ITA 9517Alex DEMURTAS17UFD112412771079
4ESP 3209Tim LUBAT‑3512057957171687
5THA 1896Weka BHANUBANDH51112171145‑49588
6ITA 9492Quan Adriano CARDI463181214DSQ2288
7FRA 2933Lomane VALADE1671‑37106813221497
8UKR 274Danyil MYKHAILICHENKO247854283512‑36105
9BRA 4215Lucas COCHI KUBELKA DE FREITAS241211659‑543324106
10ITA 9459Lisa VUCETTI102116428‑3712431108
11DEN 8691John Frederik WOLFF18832392DSQ5838123
12FRA 2945Colin POSTEL171567113061616‑58124
13ESP 3203Marisa Alejandra VICENS141213174‑471018373128
14USA 115Pierce OLSEN3131640237‑52424130
15ITA 9408Alessandro CIRINEI67UFD14319DSQ459133
16SWE 4857Viggo WESTERLIND1320810181122‑51626134
17LTU 9552Erik SCHEIDT93112339162323‑54138
18USA 111James PINE522UFD52261363428141
19UKR 301Sviatoslav MADONICH4DSQ214717414125142
20IRL 1631Rocco WRIGHT1519231051‑55521144
21AUT 1339David Jonathan ROHDE4513427618‑5311147145
22POL 3568Ewa LEWANDOWSKA7111433731‑463022146
23SWE 4837Levi BERNHARDTZ1589151238231511‑46146
24SWE 4864Malcolm DAHLBERG‑58234657322150148
25BUL 7474Viktor STANOEV101482282215‑441042151
26FRA 2894Anatole THOMAS1613814182318393‑43152
27THA 1902Noppassorn KHUNBOONJAN741018201420‑482635154
28THA 1901Kan KACHACHUEN33927333814‑4847156
29THA 1900Chanatip TONGGLUM11264298‑47314033164
30SUI 1928Simon MILLE31‑34468342530246168
31ESP 3041Patricia BAÑEZ4161323013292020‑55174
32BEL 1209Boris DE WILDE1244122552528‑608177
33BRA 4096Douglas Said DOS SANTOS BAPTISTA27163214826254RET179
34UKR 286Alina SHAPOVALOVA9‑525125293093944182
35HUN 1311Benedek Barna HÉDER3113624‑6045332534184
36THA 1903Thanapat SIRICHAROEN61710121416392645‑52185
37GRE 2536Elizabeth‑Anna WINTERS18181019181527‑564418187
38RSA 3207Nicola SADLER615201317311938‑5029188
39USA 114Logan MRAZ321151136‑514833620193
40ISV 955Tanner KRYGSVELD410364162741‑624717202
41USA 116Fynn OLSEN1DSQ137225358101830212
42GER 1526Moritz WAGNER48192561035‑60291921212
43CRO 919Josip TAFRA4916205591440‑5953220
44HUN 1912Boróka Rita FEHÉR134111329‑5834423813224
45COL 1077Ona GARCÍA PARÉS28291815620324928‑61225
46ARG 3979Franco SANCHEZ10183301942DNF323541230
47POR 2744Miguel SOUSA‑606187144521471359230
48CRO 1248Marin LJUBICIC8559135‑5650503211233
49ITA 9601Lorenzo GHIROTTI51133RET3642582949236
50DEN 8689Frederik Dam HASTRUP7523297‑626136960237
51RUS 1112Ilia KRIVOBOKOV1012182012554421‑6245237
52HUN 704Soma KIS‑SZÖLGYÉMI22123326444034‑5539241
53CRO 1303Edi JURMAN692624204946‑604319242
54TUR 139Ugur YILDIRIM171023172743‑57245627244
55CHI 640Agustín SEGOVIA28217934‑6136375723252
56BRA 4166Luiz Felipe GIAGIO DO AMARAL523171035‑6543572737254
57SGP 112Kenan Kee Zen TAN2316271894024‑534651254
58SLO 875Rok KOVACIC186144824‑6359171557258
59CYP 8194Feodor ZOUBOVSKI86403116325419‑5856262
60CRO 1259Bepo DUPLANCIC314591782535‑615348271
61POR 2740Afonso MUNHÁ243521315049‑645140274
62CZE 817Lukas KRAUS1527111619DPIDSQ28DNC62291
63PER 117Diego Javier RIOFRIO FIGUEROA817151651643359‑6432295
64DEN 8559Aksel Berg MADSEN161940151354566321‑63297
65ARG 3908Francina PAZ331512281241554361UFD300

Silver Fleet Results:

PosSail NoHelm1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6F7F8F9F10FPts
66GBR 6593Archie MUNRO‑PRICE43UFD12111735993112
67MON 1401Noah GARCIA1930621‑4017121213121
68TUR 157Ege ERDEMLI1132‑331910932336125
69UKR 235Dmytro KARABADZHAK201122‑3222418121415138
70TUR 5940Kutsal Günes KURNAZ‑6331142917121111159149
71NOR 4053Philip FORSLUND378DPI‑422683313627167
72NOR 4012Henrik LØSET ERIKSEN4812DPIUFD114441832173
73ARG 3879Santiago CASTOSA22102317214222DPIBFD5176
74ESP 3144Roberto AGUILAR57‑63291231131349177
75POL 3567Filip MARJANSKI344422219‑59717534193
76FRA 2781Armel LE NY31‑571928242314222211194
77MLT 206Nicolas DRESCHER158382039648238‑57205
78TUR 9217Goktug ÖZTUNCEL2828131028371040BFD12206
79BRA 3888Eduardo ZEITONE GUIMARÃES3840158145914BFDDSQ209
80CRO 1155Roko CEPIC ZOKIC4013312337‑548191821210
81POL 2024Filip HARASIMOWICZ‑KRYSZTOFIAK21243253343456RET4213
82GBR 6527Joseph JONES2716161827‑4021391237213
83HUN 706Pál Elod BITE‑611814353230646140222
84SWE 4786Henric WIGFORSS93710401528262BFD23226
85MEX 971Carlos BECKMANN ZAMORA13313723‑39353051736227
86GRE 2856Iakovina KERKEZOU422332291851‑524722228
87NED 3423Thijs BIJLEVELD‑6310182626732334531228
88BAH 176Joshua WEECH48485117242526BFD35229
89SLO 913Tarin PECAR202531UFD231038341039230
90PUR 5206Rogelio CASELLAS RIVERA182524402345132921‑58238
91CZE 845Jiri TOMES252242817DPI3615BFD42239
92POL 3481Michal JAROSZEK232521373113‑6360237240
93CHI 508Emilia SALVATORE4414‑5913101842351155242
94TUR 571Irmak SÜVARI5416272537‑5524251619243
95POR 2751Augusto CASTELO BRANCO162044302816274220‑48243
96NED 3389Niels BRANDT74026373414‑44163832244
97PUR 4080Alejandro FERRER FREIRE22392610DSQ2937314010244
98ESP 2822Maria CASTILLO5135379115DSQ493216245
99SUI 1907Lars DITTEL‑604971624117503151246
100HKG 313Peter JESSOP9213513412251DPI47‑53248
101MLT 141Timmy VASSALLO173736251521154142‑46249
102PER 119Arantza VALDIVIESO ZIMMERMANN124522192141351046UFD251
103NED 3427Ole JÄGERS‑5312203332115053431255
104ARG 3847Agustin GIROUD15356471350‑6238448256
105PUR 1802Jose Guillermo DIAZ SAN ANTONIO38203445202528‑61444258
106NOR 4052Vetle STØEN‑5922DPI34162723372441261
107SWE 4733Marius GRAUDUMS3617192253‑6031482614266
108ARG 3643Franco CAZAMAJOU3627282431UFD46273017266
109MON 1405Matteo ASSCHER25935265258192419UFD267
110BUL 988Mariyan SHANGOV1437192325‑6253363724268
111HUN 234Péter KOCH332375‑611954542550270
112GER 1687Clara BONHAGEN341421839UFD2021BFD47270
113URU 379Joaquin CAVALLERIDNC214620154641282925271
114UKR 257Illia BUKHONENKO8285629482‑64473618272
115RSA 1439Sean KAVANAGH324217369UFD49204130276
116FIN 888Assi LINDELL21‑60147455629572820277
117SUI 1695Ikke HUBER2916242414264359BFD54289
118GBR 6586Johnny SARGENT3811421942‑5734323538291
119FIN 1191Helmi VAUHKONEN33313245133326‑513945297
120GRE 2961Athanasios ZARIMIS‑65143944152058304833301
121SUI 1844Arnaud LEIMGRUBER302317UFD333839442759310
122JPN 3396Yuto TSUTSUMI5341122411524043BFD43319
123ISR 123Lia LOGOBOY6441271825481658BFD26323
124CAY 33Ciara MURPHY115332530396165BFD62331
125SLO 313Sara DOMENIK2320251647345655BFD61337
126LAT 120Rihards PLAVINS1259332319325752BFD52339
127RUS 3333Sergei EFIMOV5293130344747‑633456340
128BEL 1252Sander BORGHIJS255825468535545BFD28343
129PER 118Ana Sofía BEDOYA BARRIONUEVO302639473615956BFD29350
130IRL 1580Lucia CULLEN2740172247366064BFD60373
131GRE 2998Eleni ALCHANATI45293715‑5023410312178
132GER 1675Tim KRAUSE440‑4733371653716179
133GER 1676Leif KAEHLER‑6019541234181915111183
134SUI 1775Damian BERTHER143344314475‑591315206
135GBR 6520Lila EDWARDS421834‑64279920249210
136NED 3371Folkert VAN SURKSUM271730‑59401643191617225
137LAT 138Karlina VAIVODE‑623127394841328442236
138GRE 2880Iason PANAGOPOULOS393938‑504440314109236
139BEL 1200Vic ROSSEL205339‑5746111433183237
140NOR 4054Storm KOPPERUD5326DPI4747UFD118410237
141GER 1664Moritz HAMM3243UFD561314212258241
142BER 1018Pj RODRIGUES222942432538272BFD13241
143CHI 670Juan Pablo RAMÍREZ3738242233501222BFD5243
144GBR 6470Charlie GATEHOUSE40‑44412638261073621245
145NED 3401Marijn BRINKERT24262849‑51194232198247
146SGP 108Isaac GOH2028‑6154501033241418251
147BEL 1253Hannelien BORGHIJS434950322227‑531874252
148AUT 2704Alexander Maximilian PRUSA‑61392338471222301526252
149HKG 248Emily POLSON192726‑5551849DPI35DPI269
150BAH 111Finley MCKINNEY‑LAMBERTDSQ34333828285421829273
151BAH 796Craig Ii FERGUSON35‑582928323534293224278
152PUR 1408Gian Marco PIOVANETTI LOPEZ32‑53383841152437477279
153FRA 2851Nolann HUET DES AUNAY2141‑623942214838527282
154POR 2713Teresa QUARTIN602229513047‑62131714283
155MLT 19Eric FENECH PACE1243‑4736223737344522288
156NOR 3948Hedvig DOKSRØD2762DPI44204981741DNC290
157PER 113Isabella SUAZO SANCHEZ112542‑5635245294648292
158DEN 8625Marie Lara MAIER174443‑605257150236293
159IRL 1647Eolann HYNES265228463841‑6442633294
160AUT 880Simon KOLLER53422543562523‑581119297
161DEN 8690Liva Vinding BECK32434532372‑63423134298
162FIN 1195Oskar KOVALAINEN42‑6244453162157647299
163ECU 2811Bernardo FERNANDEZ242846562955DPI6BFD28299
164MEX 1043Laurencio GONZALEZ MALLEVILLE2130363144512512BFD52302
165BAH 151Zane MUNRO39‑502927454545252431310
166FIN 1160Una HEINILÄ‑62383035264439441244312
167BEL 1238Anders BULTYNCK3557224423RET46162150314
168CZE 769Jeremias PRIKRYL6324452638DPI2939BFD20314
169LTU 590Rokas RIMŠA43‑57462724255313835319
170BER 1033Kipling ROSSOUW5530213239‑5632274836320
171EST 336Martin RAHNEL264254431958‑6134037322
172SGP 103Zheng Kit KWAN19264336553138‑564232322
173BER 1044Jordan VIEIRA3324413329484441‑5130323
174ECU 208Santiago COLOMA511548514830DPI3530‑62324
175BER 1177Ethan THOMPSON363651315022743BFD53329
176ISR 185Ori BLEICH‑61392837116147264338330
177BUL 3823Plamen BOZHKOV345620253513‑57545345335
178HKG 319Seb VAN OMMEREN4942DPI47331756DPI25‑59335
179CZE 844Frantisek BURDA4636344028DPI305527‑60336
180URU 465Ana Clara TRUJILLO39DSQ354146528463464338
181URU 111Simon FABINI1462516316433611BFD46342
182BUL 377Daniela GOCHEVA54333936483431‑602940344
183ISR 135Ethan BRAUNSTEIN295951493531648BFD56346
184CZE 926Jan VALENTA195252‑5940DPI5053942351
185IRL 1642William WALSH2459463943321840BFD51352
186MON 1414Namu VAN DER LINDEN31294549505235‑643923353
187HKG 516Ethan KONG29504934‑574641DPI2825354
188BAH 100Matthew REID35192448495960‑622043357
189IRL 1620Harry MOYNAN455452412120206150‑61364
190RUS 582Ivan MIKHALEV5427453032535147BFD41380
191ISR 183Yuval PELEG433050143060‑65635239381
192SLO 512Teo GERZELJ26DSQ295049UFD17494955390
193MEX 1008Walter PORTER MOLLO5833492736624036BFD54395
194FIN 1099Maximilian SERGELIUS13616054363658‑653357408
195MEX 1040Jeronimo ABOGADO IRISH'STEPHENSON293359494154595254‑63430

Bronze Fleet Results:

PosSail NoHelm1Q2Q3Q4Q5Q6F7F8F9FPts
196JPN 3288Koshiro SUGASAWA‑624852145831323193
197MLT 805Jonas MICALLEF4936‑534243131428216
198CHI 488Germán NOVION41‑61405240244232226
199SRB 777Andrej BOZOKI413844‑54442515118226
200POR 2741Matilde BANDEIRA‑56343456421512727227
201POL 936Maurycy KOSMOWSKI284558‑6143299119232
202MEX 1025Pablo AGUILAR TOPETE‑594747584233537242
203LAT 99Julijs KAUGARS‑63344353462441711250
204IND 1672Vishwanadh PADIDALA3746‑654560148395254
205RUS 671Nikolai LARCHENKOV4454384649‑5511515262
206URU 416Lorenzo BARROS‑5947572155650620262
207ROU 7000Andreas BOICENCO58DPI4844DPI12191529272
208BUL 906Tino TOMOV522453555711120BFD273
209ECU 177Tadas KOREIVA38‑6031574610DPI2724275
210RUS 822Iaroslav OLKHOVSKII5143‑593456451334276
211SGP 102Ethan Han Wei CHIA25‑605546525331942277
212SRB 209Pavle DABIC4444‑65355620282921277
213ISR 145Sean GLUZ49454353‑587175014278
214PER 111Salvador MARCHENA ORTEGA495360‑6353863516280
215LTU 545Marius ANTANAVICIUS413541‑535227431833290
216BER 1122Jack ADDERLEY405940414541226BFD294
217RSA 1444Elisa FALCON47‑6151483617493218298
218LAT 121Kristiana Paula SIMANE3947‑58425322313432300
219AZE 117Sehavet AZIMOV363837‑656131421047302
220IND 1557Eklavya BATHAM233557‑605438325313305
221EST 330Kaito HAAMER2656‑57555336392517307
222HKG 517Vernon HA30504850621923DPI25307
223SLO 377Mark RODICA4756‑58385823351239308
224URU 401Cristóbal CARLUCCIO475161612713UFD486314
225LTU 600Justinas PETKAUSKAS303648545735RET4610316
226JPN 3401Koretaka KOJIMA4432594261442016BFD318
227ECU 921Federico FALC486362‑64439DPI5523329
228IND 1688Priya JHANSI‑645054525140166112336
229CHI 484Bruno PARODIDNF494258385256934338
230AZE 118Kristina KERIMOVA40585348‑6051214522338
231SVK 275Livia HOLESOVA5555615941341422BFD341
232EST 335Raul OTTESSON574853‑584946222838341
233AZE 119Fidan AGAZADE4761‑6257543274045343
234ANT 5Emily GAILLARD46515051‑6326374735343
235AUT 187Keno Ruben Jaeho PULTE55551555455854‑599346
236IND 1690Vaishnavi VEERAVAMASHAM6149643454161854BFD350
237IND 1515Adhvait MENON5463UFD3564605513DPI352
238SRB 102Nenad ZAKIC3452565254372642BFD353
239AUT 1291Maximilian MAYRBERGER3755495756212756BFD358
240ECU 144Juan Andres CASAL5537564355DNEDPI36BFD359
241EST 272Ott Richard HÄÄL5657‑63626239362126359
242SRB 446Filip YUILL653250395961DNC451361
243EST 268Andrias SEPP46‑585250555352849365
244SVK 919Kristina KANUKOVA504655‑615830246043366
245SVK 809Tomas BABINCAK‑624755606145293831366
246ANT 11Alistair KNOBLAUCH5232474160576024BFD373
247AZE 116Timur SIKAÇEVSKI5051645162183452BFD382
248LTU 555Benas BESTAUSKAS574858‑636350593030395
249ANT 10Patrick GREENSMITH5164555957433037BFD396
250SVK 2058Michal ROLIK57544158‑6462613136400
251ROU 2008Sara‑Cristina PATACHE59DPI5661DPI54384141402
252MON 1408Alexandre POMPEE50‑6549625948474940404
253LAT 141Jekabs CODARS50DNE54‑656028584446406
254CYP 8824Anatoli ZOUBOVSKI5246635359424851DNC414
255ROU 7002Costa VERIOTI56DPI6052DPI47466237417
256ROU 800Eric‑Stefan ION56DPI‑6460DPI49574350433
257SVK 13Emma Maria SOPUCHOVA455457‑646359456448435
258RSA 1407Theodor SCHEDER‑BIESCHIN586263‑656556405744445
259SRB 111Andrija MARAS4260606264BFD5358BFD465

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NEYYTS at Scaling Dam
Third round of the North East & Yorkshire Youth Travellers series The fleet of 24 racers comprised fifteen experienced sailors and a regatta division of nine novice sailors who were attentively supported throughout their races by the coach boat. Posted on 17 May
UK Optimist Selection Trials 2022 at the WPNSA
A fleet of 80 keen young sailors sail over the May Bank holiday weekend The UK Optimist selection trials took place at WPNSA over the May Bank Holiday weekend. This was an invitation only event, with sailors being selected from the Spring Championships which had taken place at Draycote Water at the start of March. Posted on 16 May
Four days left for early entry discount
For the 2022 USVI's International Optimist Regatta Whether you want to tune up for the Optimist World Championships or Optimist European Championships or learn new tacks and tactics for a summer of racing, register now for the International Optimist Regatta (IOR), the TOTE Clinic, and TOTE Team Race. Posted on 12 May
Eric Twiname Junior Championships
More than 350 youngsters at Rutland More than 350 youngsters took to Britain's largest reservoir over the May bank holiday as the Eric Twiname Junior Championships made its welcome return. Posted on 4 May
Irish Sailing Youth Nationals 2022
World title holder tops ILCA 6 fleet After four days of intense competition on Belfast Lough for 205 competitors, the Irish Sailing Youth National Championships ended today (Sunday 24th April 2022) in all six disciplines and several outstanding performances over the 10-race series. Posted on 24 Apr
Gill Easter Egg and Optimist Regatta at Grafham
Parents enjoy sunning themselves and eating ice creams on the bank While the older Optimist sailors had headed off to events on the continent, the younger and less experienced sailors gathered at Grafham Water for the annual Easter Egg regatta where they were joined by a youth handicap fleet. Posted on 19 Apr
40th edition Lake Garda Optimist Meeting
A return to exceptional numbers, with almost 1100 young sailors taking part A truly memorable edition of the Garda Optimist Meeting, an event organised by Fraglia Vela Riva on behalf of the Italian Sailing Federation, which was already certified Guinness World Records in 2012, has come to an end. Posted on 19 Apr
Optimist & Starling Nats: Big moves on Final Day
Light, challenging conditions opened up the leaderboard on the final day of the Optimist & Starlings Light, challenging conditions opened up the leaderboard on the final day of the combined Toyota Optimist and Starling Championships. Posted on 19 Apr
NZ Optimist & Starling Nationals: Tight at the top
Light winds have proved to be a challenge at the Optimist and Starling Nationals Light winds have proved to be a challenge for regatta organisers and sailors at the Optimist and Starling Nationals being sailed over the Easter Weekend at Napier Sailing Club. Posted on 19 Apr
The Lake Garda Meeting Optimist Meeting
Over 1000 sailors from 35 nations are in Riva del Garda The Garda Optimist Meeting has begun in Riva del Garda, on the northern shore of Lake Garda in Italy, the same location that will host the Optimist World Championships in 2021. Posted on 15 Apr
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