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NEX generation flying sail furler

by Wichard Pacific 9 Nov 2020 13:00 PST
NEX furler © Wichard

The new version of the NEX furler, which was released earlier this year in Australia, features many innovations and technical improvements, resulting from the Profurl expertise gained since the French company launched the first version of the NEX 15 years ago.

The trademark mechanisms remain the same, the only one to use bearings made from very hard 100C6 carbon steel, which allow furling even under high loads (no crushing of the balls).

The experience of Profurl as a pioneer flying sail furler manufacturer will bring you even more performance, safety and comfort when sailing.

The new range currently has seven models covering all sizes of sails (up to 350m2 for the off the shelf models, however larger custom sizes are also available on request). They can be used on a variety of sails, including Code 0, screecher, spinnaker as well as staysails.

Main new features

  • Wider spool diameters: now the widest on the market and will be welcomed by users for effortless and more comfortable furling. The systems are still extra light.
  • Furlassist ratchet: also new and probably the major innovation of the new range, a double direction ratchet - a very simple pawl system which provides intuitive and safe assistance for furling. The pawl is permanently engaged so very reliable, and only unlocks when hauling in fast on the line or the sheet. It operates in both directions and without additional line.
  • Anti-shock housing for better protection and longer life.
  • Terminal options: several new options are offered for both lower spool and top swivel, including a very smart light and cost effective 3:1 hard sheave, and a new sleek halyard block. Top swivels can also come with lashing eyes, which is a great lightweight and versatile option to add to certain boats.

The new NEXe - an electric version of the NEX - will be particularly attractive to larger cruising boats, possibly sailed by families, or couples...managing a large flying sail could never be easier!

For more information on these products contact your sail maker or rigger, or go to

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