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M.A.T 1340 - Time to go racing

by John Curnow, Editor, Sail-World AUS 17 Oct 2020 15:44 PDT
Definitely the business - M.A.T. 1340 © M.A.T Yachts

We actually had our first little look at the new mark Mills penned M.A.T.1340 back in Let’s go racing, earlier on in June this year. Now we could say a lot has happened since then, but in light of the year in which we speak, that would seem to be a little trite.

So instead, we’ll just say that the final version has been derived, and it will be €430k, ex-factory (Turkey). Trainspotters will note that the original line drawings had a T-bulb, and now she has a lead fin only. She’s also a little bit heavier, at 7150 kilos, than had been planned, but that is because she rates so well under IRC, which was the name of the game, after all.

So taking all of that on, the rule makers are trying to support the European based designers and builders, but have explicitly ruled out the five metric tonne 44-footer being inside the sweet spot, as it were. Never fear, for the upside is you won’t have a twitchy little number that will need the pros on board to harness it.

Equally, a fin only lead keel is an advantage offshore on a reach and run, as you are not dragging the bulb around - think slicing with a knife and not hacking it with a hammer! Also, modern designs have huge form stability inherent in the shape to make up for a huge proportion of it. So as long as you have her on her chine at say 15 to 18 degrees, then crack the whip and giddy up. You can even opt for twin rudders to really make her easy to control.

There’s plenty of sail plan there. You can have an ultra high modulus stick if you require it, and when it starts blowing 18-22 knots at say 140 degrees, you won’t be left scrambling to put a slab in, you’ll be applauding yourself for opting for the electric cabin top winches, which have become your primaries, and you won’t need to man the pedestal, thereby placing all the tail on the rail! Nice….

Now the canoe body allows for the tail to be out of the drink when stationary, thereby reducing wetted surface area and assisting in the final calculations, but once heeled over, her LWL is all the way from the knuckle to the transom, and she’ll be one powerful 44, mixing it up with the 45s, no problem. Round the weather mark, and if it is super light or a blow, then you’ll have the advantage because of your rating. That’s competitive.

So whilst the rules will continue not to favour the lightweight whiz-bang, it is important to remember that with the MAT 1340 you’ll have better behaviour and a kinder motion. It will be nicer to race, you have three full cabins and all the amenity that brings, a huge cockpit (especially without a pedestal), and it will still get up and be on the plane in a solid squirt. i.e. No ocean grading going on here.

It might not be extreme, but it not only looks the part (and then some), the M.A.T 1340 will be more stable, easier to handle, and rate super well whilst you chase down the chocolates!

By the numbers she is 13.4m minus her substantial carbon prodder, a beamy 4.24m carried very far aft, draws a healthy 2.65m, with IJPE of 17.7, 5, 17 and 5.85m, respectively, and a super noticeable rake. Yes. Power she will have…

Underneath that, there is foam core resin infused construction, a milled keel, carbon stick, rod rigging, rigid vang, and Harken deck gear are all as standard (amongst other things). There is also a lovely list of options to play with too, like mast jack, B&G wind gear, load cells, carbon spreaders, and a 40hp Yanmar saildrive. So the latest offering from IRC designer of the moment Mark Mills, and M.A.T Yachts look to have scored, and K&D did all of the testing that backs that up.

Interested parties in Oceania should contact James MacPhail on +61(0) 408 114 477, please see Ancasta in the UK, and elsewhere around the globe get in touch with the factory.

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