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Persico 69F ITAS Assicurazioni Grand Prix 2.1 in Malcesine - Overall

by Persico 69F 19 Sep 22:35 PDT 17-19 September 2020

The Kingdom Team Netherlands won the last race led by Nicola Celon and take the second stage victory of the Persico 69F Cup circuit.

The stakes are raised, the wind increases, the performance improves, the smiles remain the same: the under 25 Dutch crew that won the Grand Prix 1.2, today has once again clinched first place in the ITAS Assicurazioni Grand Prix.

Odile van Aanholt, Jorden van Rooijen, Bart Lambriex, Emma Savelon, with the addition of the Italian Guido Gallinaro, ruled these three days of regattas, always fighting head-to-head with one of the veterans of the lake, Nicola Celon on Fantastica 2 with Lorenzo Franceschini and Simone Salvà: the two crews were half a point apart on the eve of the last race, when the tables turned. Youth, boldness and the many hours of extra "flight" made the difference, helping the Kingdom Team to finish in first place.

Even Chief Sailing Officer Dede De Luca was able to forgive that risky (but beautiful) manoeuvrer yesterday at the buoy, sliding in between two boats that not only burst, but indeed annihilated "the bubble" rule, defying the distance required by regulations. "The bubbles remain," smiles Dede de Luca to reiterate the "safety first" mantra of the circuit, but it is evident that the higher the level of the crews, the closer the boats get, the races become spectacular and the circuit already shows an index of maturity that makes it ready to be exported.

Fun continues to be the keyword, both for those who win, and for those who are behind in the rankings of this Grand Prix; the Swiss rookies of Section 16, despite placing last, have only words of praise for the circuit. In Circuit 69F - they say - "it's easy to foil, but hard to do it well", thus inaugurating the new mantra that well sums up the mood: the experience of flying on water is at hand, then you have to perfect it and push your competitiveness to the limit to succeed.

Swiss champion Christopher Rast, in his first outing on the Persico 69F, congratulated the organizers: "you are visionaries, you have invented something unique". Congratulations aside, training remains the main focus and the main goal of the two Fantastica teams: the owner Lanfranco Cirillo guides his prodigies towards the stage of Porto Cervo in November and, while Celon reiterates his mantra, "I'm here to have fun", he hones their preparation with an intense training schedule.

At today's event, conditions were different from yesterday, with a regular wind under ten knots: The Dutch Kingdom Team Netherlands won the three individual races, after which a win went to both RHKYC Team Agiplast and Fantastica 2 respectively, which clocked the highest speed of the day with 24.59 knots with wind of 11 knots.

The Dutch team raised the Cup amidst applause and - again - smiles. Tomorrow is a rest day, giving the teams the opportunity to enjoy the final day of Foiling Week from Fraglia Vela Malcesine, then on Tuesday racing resumes for the six teams enrolled in the ITAS Insurance Grand Prix 2.2.

Overall Results:

1) Kingdom Team Netherlands - 89,5 pt
2) Fantastica 2 - 86 pt
3) RHKYC Team Agiplast - 59,5 pt
4) Okalys - 48,5 pt
5) Fantastica 1 - 39,5 pt
6) Section 16 - 33,5 pt

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