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Introducing the eWASZP Race Hub

by Marc Ablett 4 Apr 2020 03:40 PDT
WASZP fleet at Port Stephens Sailing and Aquatic Club © Drew Malcolm

As we all come to grips with the COVID-19 crisis, a lot of what we regarded as normal now doesn't look the same. We are living an alternate lifestyle and our mantra at WASZP has always been that we want to provide the best experiences possible for all our customers/sailors no matter what situation you are in. We will continue to do this.

We are well and truly on the move and looking at better and more effective ways to engage with our community. The first step we have taken is to create an eLearning Hub that will provide short courses and lectures on how to maintain your WASZP, how to upgrade your boat if you have recently purchased a 2nd hand boat, or how to sail your boat and fast track the learning process.

We have already released one module and are planning on releasing XX per month/week. The platform is now live and you can sign up today.

Here at WASZP, one thing we have always prided ourselves on is when a customer purchases a boat, they are buying more than just a material item, they are buying an experience.

In addition to the training modules within the WASZP eLearning hub, we will host Webinars on a variety of topics. This will create a forum where our customers/sailors can ask questions on the best way to attack their boat maintenance and get the most out of the product. Within each lecture there is an opportunity to ask questions, which we will then look to answer within a LIVE webinar.

The second part of this transition to continue to help the WASZP community connect is our eWASZP Race Hub. We have set up a dashboard for our Race Hub here and we will be releasing further information as we move forward.

The Race Hub will consist of:

1) Championship Racing (for Tier 1, 2 & 3 events once we get back on the water)
2) GPS Racing (for those in isolation but can still sail)
3) eSailing Virtual Regatta Racing (VideoGame)

The eSailing will be conducted on the Virtual Regatta platform that is available on the Apple and Android app store. We plan on running a series of pop-up events throughout this time of isolation. These events will be open only to our WASZP sailors and sailors will need to enter the events just like normal sailing events.

This means we can run a Virtual WASZP Event that can be ranked against normal sailing events once we are back on the water. We will score the races and will look to LIVE STREAM some of the finals races with some commentary.

We will launch more information regarding the GPS challenge in the coming weeks.

The WASZP rankings will allow competitors to track who is doing well around the world across the three disciplines of WASZP. Our aim is to also include SLALOM as another discipline of the rankings. This concept will allow sailors to be ranked based upon results obtained from Tier 1,2 & 3 events from all around the world.

It will also build some theatre around the International WASZP Games where the top ranked sailors race each other in Auckland 2021. More information will be released over the next few weeks on how this rankings system will work.

Both these initiatives will provide engagement whilst we all tackle COVID-19, but it will also create a framework and backbone for future WASZP events. This will allow us to use the entry system and rankings for other WASZP Events such as the 2021 Eurocup and further grow our yearly rankings.

Here at WASZP we are still open for business. There may be some minor delays with airfreighting items with the slowdown in International travel, however our manufacturing is in full swing with NEW boats available and all parts ready to be shipped.

Don't forget you can still get in contact with your local agent or contact us directly for spare parts to complete your ISOLATION MAINTENANCE

WASZP webshop:

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