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The first episode of On Course - exciting new series that takes a regular look at the sailing world

by Matt Sheahan 1 Apr 2020 04:54 PDT
PlanetSail © PlanetSail

Welcome to the first episode of On Course, our exciting new series that takes a regular look at the sailing world.

Many of you will already have seen PlanetSail, my new YouTube Channel that we set up towards the end of 2019 on which we've been busy building features across a wide range of topics. Many of you have already posted comments and messages of support, thanks very much.

Now, it's time to launch our regular show, On Course - we hope you like it.

In this first episode and despite the world going into lock down with events being cancelled faster than we can keep up with, there's still loads to talk about.

In brief:

  • America's Cup news
  • J Class crash
  • American Magic feature - Trust is earned
  • Chickening out on a 49er
  • Club Swan36 - The thinking behind a radical racer
  • The Ohlson Project - the 5.5m story

America's Cup news
We were just weeks away from seeing the four extraordinary AC75s go head to head on a race course. But like just about every other sporting event around the world the opening America's Cup World Series event in Cagliari, Sardinia was cancelled. But the host team have even more problems to resolve.

J Class crash
To see two classic J Class yachts collide in a classic port and starboard sends shivers down the spine. Two crew members were injured in the incident. We wish them a speedy recovery.

American Magic feature - Trust is earned
Sailing may have stopped for all the teams as the world goes into lockdown but a recent mini documentary put out by the American Cup challengers provides a fascinating insight into the level of trust that is required to handle these beasts.

Chickening out on a 49er (Yeah right!)
How many times have you tacked around rather than gybe when its windy? I bet you've never thought that swimming around was an option!

Club Swan36 - The thinking behind a radical racer
The ClubSwan36 has been an eagerly awaited one design race boat. It may look and perform like a Grand Prix racer for the pros but as we found out when we spoke to the designer Juan Kouyoumijan, this is a technically advanced boat with a fascinating design concept that is aimed at a much broader racing market.

The Ohlson Project - the 5.5m story
While the 2020 Games are on hold this documentary takes a look back to the post wear years and the birth of a new Olympic class for the 1952 Games in Helsinki, Finland, the 5.5m. This beautifully made documentary focuses on the work of two brothers, Einar and Carl-Eric Ohlson who built an impressive reputation in this class and includes rare interviews with some of the big names in the sport including Pelle Pettersson and Robin Aisher.

Just in case you were wondering, my pieces to camera were filmed before the UK went into lockdown...

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