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Persico 69F one-design monohull foiler unveiled in Milan

by Ufficio Stampa Persico69F 23 Feb 23:53 PST
Persico 69F, one-design monohull foiler © Persico69F

Team 69F and Persico announce the start of mass production of the Persico 69F one-design monohull foiler. Six boats are ready for the first edition of the circuit which is set to start on April 2020 with stages in Cagliari, Lake Ginevra, Gargnano (Lake Garda) and Trieste.

From prototype to monotype. After 16 months of startup, Persico 69F arrives on the market, the mono-hull foiling sailing boat dedicated to everyone, from experts to sailing lovers who want to get closer to the foiling world in complete safety. Produced in series by Persico, the Italian shipyard that is the foil official supplier for all the teams competing in the upcoming America's Cup, Persico 69F is ready to write a brand new page in the sailing world and in the organization of circuit racing, aiming at the maximum quality and minimum carbon footprint. Organizational excellence, high performance, top-level sailing training are Team 69F's values and goals. These are the premises the first season of the circuit starts with: four stages in international locations renowned for the regattas they host. The circuit starts in April in Cagliari, scene of the first Act of the America's Cup Series, next stage is Geneva during the Bol d'Or season, then the race lands in Gargnano, Lake Garda, to fully experience the local winds, Ora and Peler, in July; finally, the last stage is Trieste where the boats will be protagonists of the Barcolana.

About Persico 69F

Persico 69F is a monohull foiling sailboat created and developed by Team 69F in collaboration with Persico Marine, to offer to the widest possible public a small monohull foiler, using a concept borrowed from the AC75, the new boat for the 36th America's Cup. The prototype has already sailed for numerous days on Lake Garda, where it has been tested by top-ranked sailors, among whom the Olympics multiple medal-winner Santiago Lange, a living legend in the sport of sailing. Mr. Lange has also taken on the initiative of starting an Academy to popularize sailing on foils and train teams to participate in the new Persico69F regatta circuit. Persico Marine's competence in the field of regatta yachting is renowned worldwide. For the innovative Persico 69F, the firm has availed itself of its specific know-how acquired from the mass production of VOR 65s, larger advanced high-performance monotype boats currently on the seas. With the start-up of Persico 69F production, Persico Marine will manufacture a branded boat which has already generated great interest since its preliminary stages.

The Monohull

As indicated by its name, the Persico 69F is 6.90 metres in length. The canoe body is made of extremely light carbon fibre and has an extremely stable bottom with a shape that allows the new craft to fill the current gap between the highest performing displacement boat and a true foiling boat. Designed for a crew of three, the Persico 69F has a trapezoidal deck to facilitate handling and safer sailing, a V-shaped foil, a T-shaped rudder, a dagger board and 40 square metres of sail area (35sqm codeO) which already at seven knots can lift the boat's weight of only 350 kg. Nevertheless, if there is a mixed-gender crew, it would be possible to sail with four people. Not only does Persico Marine build boats, but it also handles sales and customer service. For the first time ever a one-design class is starting with a "Six Pack" boats fleet (the boat design allows to fit six hulls in a 40'container) that will be charterable for the 2020 season both for the planned circuit and other initiatives, while subsequent boats will be available for individual boat owners and sailing clubs and other organizing authorities.

The Circuit

Persico 69F regattas will come on the scene this year in four "events": Cagliari, Geneva, Gargnano on Lake Garda in July and lastly Trieste for the closing event during Barcolana. The main feature of the circuit is that charter boats will be "ready to race", with mast and foil set-up ready for the conditions. On top of simplifying and lowering the cost of participating in regattas, boat sharing reduces the environmental footprint, thanks to collective transport and the use of the same boat by several teams. What's more, coach and safety boats will be provided by the organization to avoid an excessive number of craft in the water, as well as to limit the environmental impact.

Marcello Persico, CEO of Persico Marine, comments: "This achievement is a significant step for our boatyard, because Persico Marine is expanding production by building a Persico-branded product in addition to one-off high-performance boats, for which we are highly regarded worldwide. The Persico 69F project is perfectly compatible with our company's technological and sporty DNA."

Giorgio Benussi CCO and spokesperson for Team 69F asserts: "I am pleased to see that this very innovative boat concept we developed for over a year below radar, is now ready to be announced as a Persico built one design class format, with 6 boats ready to race in Cagliari in April".

Santi Lange: "Foiling is the modernity of sailing, the aspiration of new generations of sailors. The Persico 69F is the perfect synthesis of all this: it is marking the path towards the future of sailing thanks to its innovative contents, its purpose of opening sailing hydrofoil to as many enthusiasts as possible, and also its economic sustainability. I am proud to be part of this project, to have given my contribution in the development phase, to promote this initiative around the World as an ambassador".

For more information and details on purchasing or the regatta programme and training, please head to / or write an email to / .

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