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18ft Skiff Australian Championship on Sydney Harbour - Races 3 & 4

by Frank Quealey 1 Feb 2020 23:40 PST 2 February 2020

The Smeg team of Micah Lane, Ricky Bridge and Peter Harris recorded a double victory on Sydney Harbour today when they scored two come-from-behind wins in Races 3 and 4 of the Australian 18ft Skiff Championship.

Trailing Tech2 in Race 3, Smeg showed exceptional downwind speed on the first lap of the course to grab the lead, then extended her lead throughout the rest of the course before going on to a 52s win over the defending champion Shaw & Partners Financial Services team of James Dorron, Harry Bethwaite and Tim Westwood.

Aron Everett, Courtney Mahar and Charlie Gundy continued their consistent form over the entire season when they finished third in The Oak Double Bay-4 Pines, a further 17s behind Shaw & Partners.

In the latter race, Finport Finance (Keagan York, Matt Stenta, Greg Dixon), which won both Race 1 and Race 2 of the championship, held the lead over the first two laps of the three-lap course and looked likely to score another win, but the Smeg team relished the freshening SE breeze to grab the lead and go on to a 24s win.

Jack Macartney, Phil Harmer and Trent Barnabas were never far from the lead and finished in third place, 23s from Finport, and only 5s ahead of fast-finishing (Brett Van Munster) and Noakesailing (Sean Langman).

With little between the top teams over the tight courses sailed so far in the championship, the points table reflects the openness of the series with five races still to be sailed.

Finport Finance has a total of 11 points from the four races so far, followed by Tech2 on 14 points, on 16, Smeg on 20, Noakesailing 22, Shaw & Partners Financial Services and The Oak Double Bay-4 Pines on 24.

Next Sunday's Race 5 of the championship will return to the traditional style course and could see a change in placings on the points table.

An unfortunate casualty in today's racing was Yvette Heritage's Noakes Blue team which broke a mast just minutes before the start of the first race.

Although not finishing in the top six placings of either race today, the Rag & Famish Hotel (Bryce Edwards), Birkenhead Point Marina (Tom Anderson) and Bird & Bear (Tom Clout) teams showed glimpses of good form for future improvement.

Race 3 Results:

PosBoat NameFinishElaspedHandicapCorrectedCorrected Pos
1Smeg (Micah Lane)15:14:4500:29:45000:29:453
2Shaw & Partners Financial Services (James Dorron)15:15:3700:30:371.500:29:071
3The Oak Double Bay / 4 Pines (Aron Everett)15:15:5400:30:54100:29:544
4Tech2 (Jack Macartney)15:16:2200:31:22000:31:228 (Brett Van Munster)15:16:3100:31:31100:30:316
6Noakesailing (Sean Langman)15:16:3500:31:35000:31:359
7Finport Finance / Breene & Breene Solicitors (Keagan York)15:16:4100:31:41000:31:4110
8Rag & Famish Hotel (Bryce Edwards)15:17:2200:32:220.500:31:5211
9Bird and Bear (Tom Clout)15:17:5800:32:58100:31:5812
10Birkenhead Point Marina (Tom Anderson)15:18:0500:33:05200:31:057
11Vintec (Kirk Mitchell)15:18:1800:33:18300:30:185
12Dal Zotto (Jack Sprague)15:18:2300:33:23400:29:232
13Yandoo (John Winning Snr)15:20:3500:35:35300:32:3513
DNSNoakes Blue (Yvette Heritage)     
DNCWinning Group (John Winning Jnr)     
DNFIlve (Pedro Vozone)     
DNFRMarine Pittwater (Simon Nearn) (Jordan Girdis)     
DNFQueensland Team 1 (Alex Watson)     

Race 4 Results:

PosBoat NameFinishElaspedHandicapCorrectedCorrected Pos
1Smeg (Micah Lane)15:59:0500:29:05000:29:053
2Finport Finance / Breene & Breene Solicitors (Keagan York)15:59:2900:29:29000:29:297
3Tech2 (Jack Macartney)15:59:5200:29:52000:29:528 (Brett Van Munster)15:59:5700:29:57100:28:572
5Noakesailing (Sean Langman)15:59:5900:29:59000:29:599
6The Oak Double Bay / 4 Pines (Aron Everett)16:00:2200:30:22100:29:225
7Shaw & Partners Financial Services (James Dorron)16:00:4300:30:431.500:29:134
8Rag & Famish Hotel (Bryce Edwards)16:01:1200:31:120.500:30:4211 (Jordan Girdis)16:01:2400:31:24200:29:246
10Dal Zotto (Jack Sprague)16:01:5600:31:56400:27:561
11Yandoo (John Winning Snr)16:03:2500:33:25300:30:2510
12Ilve (Pedro Vozone)16:06:1600:36:16400:32:1612
13Vintec (Kirk Mitchell)16:09:2900:39:29300:36:2913
DNCNoakes Blue (Yvette Heritage)     
DNCQueensland Team 1 (Alex Watson)     
DNCWinning Group (John Winning Jnr)     
DNFBird and Bear (Tom Clout)     
DNFRMarine Pittwater (Simon Nearn)     
DNFBirkenhead Point Marina (Tom Anderson)     

Race 5 of the Australian Championship will be sailed next Sunday.

Spectators can see all the teams while they are rigging, then follow the racing on board the club's spectator ferry, which leaves Double Bay Wharf, alongside the rigging area, at 2pm.

Book online through the club's website

AeroMedia Live Broadcast team will be out on Sydney Harbour to capture all the action. For those who can't make it onto the water, live streaming is available at and clicking on the '18 Footers TV' link.

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