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2019 Chandler Macleod Moth Worlds at Mounts Bay Sailing Club - Overall

by Harry Fisher 18 Dec 2019 04:23 PST 9-18 December 2019

With much more interesting breeze conditions, the final day of the 2019 Chandler Macleod Moth Worlds saw a real shake up on the course.

The battle for second place was on between Kyle Langford and Tom Burton after Tom Slingsby took out the overall championship after yesterday with two races to spare.

The day's racing was live streamed by Down Under Sail and supported by broadcast partners CST Composites and Mach2 Boats, with Slingsby keeping his Moth under cover and joining the media team in the commentary box for the day.

In the first race, Langford was slow off the start line and struggled in the lighter winds after deciding to sail with a bigger foil.

After the first upwind leg he was caught in no wind and was unable to get the boat foiling, leaving himself out the back and giving Burton the opportunity to strike.

But both sailors ended up dropping the race with Burton finishing in 14th, leaving the battle to be decided in the final race where Burton needed to win with Langford in sixth or worse to claim the runner up honours.

The day proved to be a better one for the Europeans with lighter conditions helping Italian Francesco Bruni to a 1-2 and moving into fifth position overall.

Overall Results:
See also - Full results for Corinthian, Junior, Master, GrandMaster, ladies

PosNatSail NoBoat nameHelmR15R14R13R12R11R10R9R8R7R6R5R4R3R2R1Sers Score
1AUS4696JOHNNY DRAMATom SlingsbySS111111111111214
2AUS4597Kyle Langford2S322623214321128
3AUS4332FLEMINGYACHTSTom Burton314235268321112334
4AUS4643ELEVENScott Babbage51464476433234447
5ITA2QUICK AND DIRTYFrancesco Bruni1210910559523422352
6USA4UFOBrad Funk73759811101246353272
7AUS4560SHAKIRARobert Greenhalgh26550737471185635475
8AUS4645GEN YMatthew Chew2916610123105852293176
9AUS4649LE TIGREThomas Johnson4813171415242734106117104
10AUS4494VASAJosh Mcknight11119.8G9.8G9.8G991298514655107.3
11AUS4205ROSESteven Thomas1365811193541047191696118
12AUS4594CHICKEN NO ONIONDean Souter1839912810813179107586122
13NZL4595AIRESGraeme Sutherland14338474616R19975865141
14AUS4639LIGHTNING JACKWill BouldenQ221411191112141310951087143
15AUS4596JT MARINE NSWJoe Turner3012171961413312152274410154
16AUS4614INANIMATE CARBON RODLes Thorpe921122122131435147974F10163
17FRA7VOLOTEABenoit Marie642313172018172738111111718N176
18ITA4681MANTAGian Ferrighi1071516131218N5818712F86S200
19AUS3977RICHARDHarold Mighell27151114F521715F68610128201
20NZL4587TBCSam Meech817FFFS311666411713216
21AUS3781BIG REDThomas Trotman19921202330N392131121415201816238
22GBR4546TBCAlex Adams1533N273136252618251021137913240
23NZL4644Stuart Goodes212428233228222316171110171514241
24AUS4400MACH 2Andrew Mcdougall162532152042202015118816N3847244
25AUS4495AUS 4495Reece Tailby203618223422234529141916171420268
26AUS4568STEPHANIEMatthew Jerwood321919181644U2223421325191311272
27GBR8SHARKDan Ward2223262940303224284712199169279
28IRL4557FULL IRISHDave Kenefick3320202835U432824151414121630289
29FRA4659GROUPE REELAymeric Arthaud.8G29443015162819261820172522F290.8
30ARG4368NO NAMEMassimo Contessi121035393726443948132213131518N292
31AUS4542THE FLYING BOGIEKeagan York283525353138192635161591412U300
32AUS4571STEALTHMax Godfroy464631342721332722263011151019306
33AUS4215FLOGGEDLloyd Edmunds4741N2926181725334616108492033N322
34IRL4312MOTHFionn Conway37312432242434303314241724F16327
35GBR4533TIPSYJim Mcmillan17135241F5327373412161214F12340
36GER4080DIE ANDEREMax LutzB3234402818294832192120241726340
37HKG4667AGIPLASTRob Partridge23262224394730365221132330U23357
38AUS4605STEELINEGrahame ProsserF4330S2634212552N201824192718357
39GBR4705RONNIEKyle Stoneham505116272123313241523515262521363
40AUS4592MIDNIGHT KEBABWarren Sare2550512533U373444252028121727377
41JPN3989KURENAIHiroki Goto36U4537252952N4042221918203314380
42GER4514ZICKEAndreas John341837365148384256172328272520393
43AUS4364THE GAVMax Puttman40284145F394856F191622221112399
44ITA4638ZETA RACINGEnrico Zennaro413436484233515440253020182022409
45ITA4606NO NAMEFabio Mazzetti38444343294950N4939282616232218418
46AUS4247MAGNUMTom CloutB4240384641364145222221232625422
47USA3BROTHRome KirbyFFFFFF5516302418237108439
48AUS4101VON DUTCHYAndrew Sim444746423832405038152439481819442
49AUS4607WITRohan Langford434533444340534347312630282823457
50SWE4456CHASING AMACMartin Gravare35UF53304542513627273432N2422458
51AUS4573JUICEBOXNick Deussen3941FFR31F5920131712F2914N461
52AUS4593CHASTI‑DBen Newling2427FS49F56295424F18211329468
53GER4340XXXKai Adolph3137395047F414653293226322636N472
54SWE4608MAGIC MARINEJonatan Bergstrom48493849443549N4455282925252735476
55AUS4324BLACK SHEEPGrant Rollerson495247514137453837434636152326483
56AUS3999Mathew Vandervoort454842334850505243343429262334489
57AUS3656DAMIC DESIGNLuka DamicSSFFFCFFF1115922149514
58AUS4216WINGMANJohn Genders424049524543545350212332314942519
59GBR4598SHADOWFAXChris GrahamFFFFF36574751182926272124522
60NZL4278ANNA LOUISEAlex KoukourakisFFF465251525757232722282424525
61AUS4426PUNCHLISTAlan PunchSS484750SF5558302827181931N535
62GBR4662NEURAL ALPHAJames Phare220824321746252129FF170
63AUS4604SLAKEBrett Morris1312531245116323338313727194
64ESP4323TEAM RCNPAntoni Massanet1131132F51F47F212124N202
65SUI4275VAVAPhilippe Schiller51028219484202833NFFF205
66AUS3709SCAR TISSUESteve Fryer41865571578353738353328206
67AUS4315MUSTACHE RIDEKinley Fowler7221111U23451724FF33219
68AUS3570THE PIMP MOBILEPhilip Smith1499191312101311314235342832N235
69AUS4642WENDY JNR JNRTom Spithill22U4149263913392533F3717251
70AUS3847WESTWINDWilliam Wallis163798818171833394542N3452252
71AUS4497WHISPERING DEATHGlen Oldfield11361061520111416443231373131264
72GBR4050NOAndrew Jeffries19142810175912F303143323134272
73AUS4190BACK IN BLACKWill Logan83017152036765234147413632276
74GER4698SOLENAMichael Thias281515181111161514293848383237279
75AUS4142DEFECTAlan Goddard159N121618142322192737F403541287
76AUS4617TBASamuel Gilmour3433231913132320354333383435288
77GBR3169THE MERCY SEATBrad GibsonU814121417212912363329424339306
78AUS4220ACCURACO RACINGChristopher EddesSS3746681010F4435333037322
79USA4229TORTELLINIDaniel Flanigan2735232279121917373636FF48328
80GER4375THE FYLING UNICORNFranziska Maege1723132623231924213736374339Q338
81ITA4543DOWN THE MINEMichele Trimarchi102F7FFF415263431343234N353
82AUS3666STOKED & BROKEJames Griffin24211920FF202722364540353940388
83AUS4187LADYBIRDEmma Spiers213135282215272623484441454241396
84JPN4131BAKABONKeita Yukinori672613102436N383534FFFS49402
85AUS3827RAEGERJohn Rae311916252416303932404847444345404
86AUS4058LOTUSDavid Tucker20172021282938424646U40373636410
87DEN4307BEAUTY & THE BEASTHans Rasmussen231318242530293633414946504650N413
88AUS3929GENET VChris Musto352622293133243530424245464142432
89AUS4236BRIOHNE JOYJames Hallam3239241716F2825345451U363546437
90AUS3102SILVER SHADOWPhil Stevenson292731343022394437444346394544463
91SUI4056NAUTIPIXAymeric Blin34U27363328323431403842514644465
92AUS4380INVIALOBrent PearsonFFFFFF1323348371619F469
93GBR4479NONAMEAdrian Coatsworth304232302627344041515349454745488
94AUS4300RETURN OF THE MACGlenn RaphaelSSFFFF6169U4134333017496
95AUS3687FLYING CIRCUSCam Rule371629323234354645475251494846496
96GBR4554NO NAMEDavid Smithwhite4011FFFF172029FF44362925499
97AUS4500THEADOCOLOUS 2Matthew Stark263211272121FFF555452474450502
98SWE3771BELL POTTERFredrik Blencke413821352725413144FFF464748506
99USA4601USA 4601Scott Bursor3825FFR3225182450474454.552G37G508.5
100AUS3673WASABIPaul Liddington332925312931424842495553534950511
101AUS3316RED BELLIED BLACKSimon Liddington1837FFF35F4925394039403835N519
102AUS3840AUS 3840Luke AbbottSS383937183741364540F444243522
103AUS4616FORTY SIX TEENAndrew TurtonU243033F3836452643455154.5U40527.5
104AUS4339SUGARCRASHEvan Gauci2541FFF37223040535650484036540
105NED4556IDIOT2Harmen Donker9UFFF10F3238U3544N414052549
106AUS4003N/AAngus Musgrove3633343735S444343484950505051552
107SWE4252NNMagnus GravareU28FFFF26212838504246NU39566
108NZL3785BLACK BEAUTYMichael KilduffF34FFFF312827U3943424138571
109GER4624GANDALFCarlo Maege125FF34F1433FCCC47UF579
110AUS3637STARSCREAMKirstin Norris4343FFFF4037394146495244.4G604.4
111AUS3676BENDERBen Osborne42F363836F465048F5153525054N618
112GBR3870GBR 3870Eddie Gatehouse3940FFFR434747F5048514849648
113AUS3659HIGH HORSEMartin JohnsonSFCCCCFFS32313230U43664
114AUS3009SMITHIan Sim4444FSFF485351F57FFFF731
115AUS3750MOOSE KNUCKLEBen PowellFFFFFF45515049F52FFF743
116AUS9013VINTAGE SPEEDSTERTodd OldfieldSSFFFF495255NF58F53FF763
117AUS4173INDI BLUERichard PayneSSFFFFFFFFFFF4538765
120AUS4609NNRobert GraczykFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF806
121GBR4061P.D.Q^2Billy Vennis‑OzanneFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF806

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