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1st Thailand Charter Week

by Guy Nowell 14 Nov 2019 19:13 PST 16-21 November 2019
Phuket Yacht Haven Marina © Phuket Yacht Haven

First there was PIMEX. Then there was the Thailand Yacht Show, Ao Po version and Royal Phuket Marina version. In recent years organisers have tried to impress on the Thai Government that encouraging superyacht charter in the region is a good way to inject some life into the regional leisure boating industry, with perceivable trickle-down effects. Getting rid of the seriously onerous import duty on boats was a good start (and several people lay claim to having effected that).

Now, at long last, there is a Thailand Charter Week taking place at Phuket Yacht Haven. This a B2B event, intended to showcase Thailand (and, hopefully, Asia) to the international charter brokers. 20+ superyachts on parade. Some observers of the superyacht charter industry believe that there are great many big boats that would jump at the chance to visit Thailand (and Asia) if only they were legally allowed to charter without being hit up for such high taxes and tied down with over-controlling immigration and other regulations.

Phuket Yacht Haven is the obvious place for a Charter Show to take place. It’s where the big boats go in Asia whether they are ‘chartering’, picking up owners and guests, or just parking to resupply. You know it makes sense.

Organisers write: “The first-ever Thailand Charter Week starts at Phuket Yacht Haven this Saturday so we look forward to welcoming all participants to what’s shaping up to be a memorable six days of activities, 16-21 November 2019.

The event will kick off with the Opening Ceremony at 17.00h tomorrow, to allow all participants to meet each other and discuss how best to make the most of this great opportunity, which is a fantastic mix of stunning Southeast Asia-based yachts, an international array of charter brokers and Thailand’s amazing scenery.

We look forward to meeting you all, answering your questions as best we can and working together to make this a memorable first edition of what we hope will become a fixture on Asia’s yachting calendar.”

Thailand now has a charter show (Phuket), the Thailand Yacht Show (Phuket) and the Ocean Marina Pattaya Boat Show (Pattaya). In Hong Kong – home to the biggest concentration of leisure marine activity in Asia – the HK International Boat Show (Marina Cove) has been cancelled this year, partly due to civil unrest in the city; the Gold Coast Yacht Show was suspended a couple of years ago and has yet to reappear; and the HK International Cruise & Yacht Festival has attracted so few takers that it has been re-badged as an invitation-only event and has, at last count, something of the order of two exhibitors. Even Macau can stage a (small) yacht show! Something wrong there…

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