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The new foiling TF10 trimaran

by Sven Erik Janssen 26 Jan 2019 12:53 PST

This trimaran brings triple fun. The foiling TF10 trimaran is the translation of Morelli & Melvins and DNA's experience in competition multihulls into the broader category of dual-purpose sports-racing boats; boats that are fun to sail with friends AND to compete in.

The TF10 is a thoroughbred, yet thoroughly 'sailable' speed machine and strict One Design. When you know your way around the racecourse in monohulls, then your skillset will allow to race the TF10 too; it is merely a different application of sailing skills. It is high performance boat in the tradition of the most successful One Design boats of years past.

The TF10 can entertain and delight. It very much delivers on the thrill of sailing; after the foiling revolution there is now evolution, and the TF10 is the first boat designed from scratch to introduce lessons learned; making foiling safer and more accessible for the everyday sailor.

Easily transport the TF10 retract the amas and trailer or ship your boat. The TF10 has been built with ease of competition in mind. You can arrive in Key West on your own trailer, or ship to Europe on a standard 40' flat rack.

Open up new inland weekend cruising destinations with the ease of a boat ramp. No need to line up for a hoist, pay for a travel lift or register for a highway permit. The TF10 can be pulled with a standard HD pickup truck and can be launched from a ramp. The TF10 is simple to transport and set up, and can be stored indoors.


Designed by Morelli and Melvin:

  • Foils that eliminate exhausting board handling and allow for tactical racing
  • Z - foil dagger boards will allow flight, safer downwind sailing, and all-around improved performance
  • T - foil rudders reduce pitching, increase speed, and add safety
  • DNA Semi-rigid carbon trampoline between floats and main hulls makes walking around very easy
  • DNA Semi-rigid carbon trampoline reduces spray trampoline is fully closed
  • Electric rake actuators on dagger board foils
  • Electric rake actuators on rudder foils
  • Foil rake is controlled from cockpit
  • Carbon rigid seating benches on floats for comfort and safety seats four
  • Carbon benches feature ergonomically correct position to operate integrated Pontos winch
  • Dyneema knotless black trampoline at bow of main hull
  • Foldable and trailerable with two-piece mast setup which you can step without crane using ginpole
  • Trailering the boat from with mast up and floats folded into the water via boat ramp
  • Foldable and motoring with mast up in harbor at low wind speeds to bring in harbor box
  • Interior sleeps 2-3 persons
  • Racing finish
  • Interior can be locked off with door panel
  • Ample storage space
  • Functional and ergonomic for sailing
  • Central area for one or two crew working on electric rake control, head sail trim on winch and allows for steering too (crossbar)
  • Access to main hull
Hull and deck structure
  • Hulls are all carbon pre-preg with Nomex honeycomb
  • Foils are all carbon pre-preg, cured in autoclave using single-shot technique
  • Rotating carbon mast and wishbone boom
  • Collision bulkheads forward and aft

Manufactured by Southern Spars:

  • High Modulus Carbon fiber (T600) cured in autoclave; rotating wing section
  • Karver mainsail track with mainsail lock
  • Soft-loop style shroud terminals; less weight and no fatigue
  • Masthead platform to accommodate a Windex
  • Provision on masthead for inflatable bag
  • Provision for following halyards: One (1) 1:1 Main halyard. Topmast
  • Provision for following halyards: One (1) 2:1 FR0

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