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J/24 racing at the Manhattan Yacht Club this summer

by Manhattan Yacht Club 25 Nov 2018 05:46 PST
J/24 Racing at the Manhattan Yacht Club © Manhattan Yacht Club

The J/24 race programs have grown again this summer. The Tuesday evening program reached 16 qualifiers and had up to 18 boats on the starting line! We are still below the 2014 peak of 26 race teams, but we are getting closer.

The Wednesday program also grew to 14 teams. The Thursday Corporate Sailing League increased to 11 teams. There are only 2 more white boats left for the Corporate Sailing League before it sells out.

The strength of these J/24 programs has evolved from a simple formula perfected over time. First, the Club puts camaraderie ahead of competition. The Club works to create a warm and welcoming environment where people wish to spend their free time. We even adopted a new (and first-in-the-country) "Honor System" to make rule infractions self-regulating. Second, we have one race per evening which is the perfect amount, not too little and not too much. And third, we have the best BBQ set-up this side of the Mississippi. Most teams now spend quality time after sailing breaking bread and sharing drinks together, and with other sailors as well.

Congratulations to Tuesday Champion Commodore Fortenbaugh and his team who won the spring, summer and fall series. Second in the spring was the Zayo Group with Bob Savage and TJ Dalton was in third. In Summer, Jim McNally was second and Dan Crabbe third. Dalton captured second again in the Fall with Crabbe in third.

On Wednesdays, Katie Morgan and her team won the spring and summer series. Ironstate with Mike Barry won the fall. In the spring, Ironstate was second and Doug Riehl third. In summer, Riehl was second and Ironstate third. Then in the fall Danielle Gallo finished second and Ken Zorovich third.

In the Thursday Corporate Sailing League, Cravath won all three series. DE Shaw's two teams finished second and third in the spring. In Summer, De Shaw held on to second and Jane St Capital finished third. In fall, Jane St moved up to second and De Shaw finished third.

In addition to the on-going series, there are some special races. Every August the rockin' women sailors of MYC battle it out Sometimes it's crew that recruit a skipper; other times a skipper recruits a crew for this women-only night. This year's champion was Danielle Gallo followed by Katie Morgan and Sara Burke. After the races, there was a big celebration at the Clubhouse sponsored by 12 West Clothing, owned by MYC member Julie Hylton. A big thank you also to Virginia Teller who donated the perennial Women's Regatta Trophy that lists the top three skippers each year!

Teams listed in order of placing were: Danielle Gallo (w/ Sandy Krasovec, Jen Taylor, Nadine Stephens, and Jeanine McHugh), Katie Morgan (w/ Andrea Sengara, Sarah Raymond, Malisa Neville, and Anne Christensen), Sara Burke (w/ Natalia Lesniak, Jolanda Blum, Katie Morse, and Sadie Burke), Ruth Cole (w/ Shannon Farley, Julie Hylton, Kristie Hepburn, and Amanda Wood), Tricia Lynch (w/ Cay Rose, Joanna Dingle, Kerry Dunn, and Marcy Swingle), Sonya Mesommonta (w/ Regina Williamson, Katherine Whitby, Tracy Steele, and Nicole Bauthier), Patty Bryan (w/ Yvonne Bendinger, Berta Willisch, Ann Marie Sullivan, and Mindy King), and Donna Sanzone (w/ Pat Ensworth, Pat Kozu, Divya Singaravelu, and Shelley Reyes).

The second special event is the Short-Handed Championship. Racing with only two people takes solid teamwork, not to mention lots of skill. Every August our Club hosts a race for Members to prove their mettle. There is a great plaque in the Clubhouse honoring the winning duos of this challenge. This year, the champions were Eric Leitner and Jim McNally, followed by Andreas Giacoumis and Michael Barry and TJ Dalton and Eric Bulis.

Teams in order of placing were Eric Leitner and Jim McNally, Andreas Giacoumis and Michael Barry, TJ Dalton and Eric Bulis, Mario Valenti and Cristian Carnevale, Ruth Cole and Tim Eakins, Ken Zorovich and Erik Thygesen, Danielle Gallo and Sandy Krasovec, Mike Verost and Luigi Galbiati, Caner Dinlenc and Kerry Dunn, Mac True and Alex Howarth, Doug Riehl and Jesse Weeks, Sar Burke and Jolanda Blum, Erik Lumer and Sean Gallagher, and Steve Rawlings and Stuart Longley.

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