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C-Tech expands horizons with new 5-Axis CNC Router

by Chris Kitchen, C-Tech 23 Jul 2018 01:49 PDT 23 July 2018
C-Tech's 5 axis Routech R200 CNC router is now operational in its purpose built room © C-Tech

C-Tech is always looking to grow capabilities and stay at the cutting edge of technology delivering premium products to its customers.

The West Auckland based composite engineering company has recently added a new CNC router to complement their extensive range of dedicated laminating machines, plotter, world-class clean rooms, ovens and autoclave.

Installed in a purpose-built room, the Routech R200 5 Axis CNC router has a machining envelope of 5,300mm x 1,370mm x 800mm. The router gives C-Tech the ability machine foam cores, moulds, jigs, prototypes, 2D sheets and complete post-production processing in-house.

The CNC machine has filled a gap in C-Tech's manufacturing assets and enables the company to tackle more challenging and complex projects.

C-Tech also now has the capability to take most composite projects from tooling through to the final fitted-out part.

Although the 5-Axis router has only been operational a few months, it is already busy and integrated into the processes for masts, battens and tubes ensuring accurate machining of parts for tooling and fit out. The router is improving lead times and efficiency in the workshop keeping staff and customers happy.

The primary materials being machined are composites, plastics, timber and tooling board, however, depending on the project the machine is capable of working with a variety of other materials.

Key appointments

C-Tech has made two new key appointments co-incidental with the new technology.

Sam Bullock joined C-Tech in May to run the 5 Axis CNC router. Sam is New Zealand’s top Kite Foil racer and has an impressive sailing CV. After completing his Mechanical Engineering degree, he worked at Styrotech gaining experience on machining, moulding and materials and adds a boost to C-Tech’s capabilities.

Thomas Mellano also joined C-Tech as design manager in May. After completing his mechanical engineering degree, Thomas worked at Karver in the early days helping develop their product range. He then spent several years at Safran in the aerospace and composite divisions working on process development, quality control and product design for business jets. He has returned to a smaller (non-corporate) company to follow his real passion for the marine industry. Thomas brings experience and skills from the aerospace industry to our production processes, engineering capability and 3D modelling.

To enquire about using the CNC router for your project please contact .

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