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A summer at C-Tech - four engineering students work as interns

by Anna Merchant 29 Feb 14:40 PST 1 March 2024
C-Tech's intake of four engineering interns work as part of the project teams © C-Tech

This summer, leading composite engineers, and manufacturers, C-Tech welcomed back two returning interns from last summer, Alex and Lochy, along with the addition of two new engineering students from the University of Auckland – Irina and Jack.

Each intern, both returning and new, brought their unique skills and passions to C-Tech, creating a dynamic work environment.

"I saw C-Tech as a place where I could develop my practical engineering skills and be fully integrated into an engineering company. I was super excited to head into a workspace where learning would be encouraged and supported. C-tech is undoubtedly among the best of the best in terms of engineering internships," Irina expressed.

Irina, about to start her second year of Mechanical Engineering, is actively engaged in the Formula SAE Student Team, concentrating on the aerodynamic design of racecars. Her commitment goes beyond academic pursuits, as she actively contributes to the design and construction of formula-style racecars.

Irina's enthusiasm for these components positions her as a valuable team member, and her hands-on approach to engineering further enhances her contributions. Her internship with C-Tech commenced with a two-week period in August/September, and following her exams in November, she continued her internship until mid-February 2024.

Irina's primary project at C-Tech involved creating a Python script to automate the generation of cut-files for laminates, aiming to enhance production and plotting efficiency. Her responsibilities included operating the plotting machine, developing a deep understanding of C-Tech's operations, and engaging in teamwork and communication to enhance her practical and interpersonal skills.

“C-Tech is like no other internship in the sense that they truly encourage learning. Any question I had would be answered in-depth, and my engineering skills and knowledge have flourished during my time at C-Tech,” Irina mentioned, emphasizing the distinctive learning atmosphere at C-Tech.

Sharing her strong interest in the composite industry, Irina intends to explore design further, especially in aerospace or aerodynamics.

On the other hand, Jack, advancing to his fourth year of Mechanical Engineering studies, brought a distinct array of skills and experiences to C-Tech. An enthusiastic sailor, Jack's love for the sport is enhanced by his curiosity in engineering. Opting for C-Tech was an instinctive choice for Jack, motivated by the company's reputation for building premium high-performance carbon fibre products.

“There is a wide range of cultures and employees from all over the world here at C-Tech but we are all united with the common goal to build the best quality product for the customer. There’s a great sense of team work and community between the different manufacturing teams on the work shop floor with each team having a big emphasis on detail and precision.” Jack highlighted the varied and inclusive culture at C-Tech.

As a sailor and engineer, Jack aimed to delve deeper into understanding the equipment he used, particularly after seeing C-Tech's supply parts for both America's Cup and SailGP. His internship at C-Tech offered a diverse range of experiences, allowing him to work on various products, providing a solid foundation for understanding design limitations.

Jack described his favorite part of working at C-Tech – learning the manufacturing process for carbon fiber products and the associated techniques. This knowledge, according to Jack, is crucial for understanding product design.

Continuing his internship at C-Tech throughout the year, Jack is taking on a part-time role in the Research and Development sector. This opportunity allows him to work on various products in the office, enhancing his engineering skills.

Jack will also be entering his fourth year of study, opting for a part-time approach to focus on his upcoming sailing campaigns, including the U23 Youth Match Racing World Championships in July later this year. The blend of academics, practical experience, and sailing adventures defines Jack's journey as he continues to grow as an engineer and sailor.

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