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America's Cup 'Dream Team' ready to catapult on Euroflex SuperFoiler

by SuperFoiler 19 Dec 2017 15:25 PST

They've been dubbed the 'Dream Team' and today a powerhouse trio boasting 24 World Championships between them christened their Euroflex SuperFoiler - the machine many believe will propel them to victory in this summer's SuperFoiler Grand Prix.

Glenn Ashby has had a remarkable 12 months, skippering Emirates Team New Zealand to victory in the America's Cup as well as being named Australian Sailor of the Year. The Victorian wants to continue winning in 2018 – and is eager to do so on home shores. "Being able to race back home in summer was too hard to ignore. It is going to be bloody fun, but also physically challenging," said Ashby.

The Euroflex SuperFoiler is further bolstered by the addition of Olympic Gold medallists and America's Cup campaigners Iain Jensen and Nathan Outteridge – who make this formidable line-up a salivating prospect. "If we hadn't sailed the America's Cup boats I would be petrified. You are just on the trapeze ready to get catapulted," said Nathan Outteridge. "There is expectation on our shoulders, but at the same time it is a massive learning moment – this is the 18-footer on steroids."

The sky-blue livery of Euroflex is perfectly suited for a machine threatening to take off into orbit and having been the first SuperFoiler to crack the 65km/h barrier when they were 'holding back' Euroflex's reputation as the team to catch is swelling by the hour. "Euroflex makes the hard jobs simple. Already our crew on board the Euroflex SuperFoiler are making the incredibly difficult look effortless. I think that is a wonderful omen for sensational performances across the circuit," said Euroflex's Australian CEO Graham Dunlop.

SuperFoiler COO Jack Macartney is also surprised by how quickly the Euroflex trio have mastered the machines - "Given the SuperFoiler has parallels to flying many have christened the sailors, 'pilots', but after seeing the Eurfoflex trio in action I think it's not a stretch to call these blokes aquatic astronauts – they really are ready to blast off." The Euroflex and Kleenmaid will be joined by four other SuperFoilers set to be launched in time for a 2018 summer Grand Prix circuit. All six machines will be vying for glory and the storied Ben Lexcen Trophy - which will be presented to the boat with the highest cumulative total after the five regattas.

The racing will be livestreamed on Plus7 with immersive post produced coverage airing on 7mate. Channel 7 will also air a half an hour special on the SuperFoiler journey on December 26 as part of their Sydney to Hobart race coverage.

About Euroflex

Euroflex looks to simplify housework and change the way customers clean - offering a more cost effective and environmentally conscious solution than any market competitor. The Italian designed steam and exothermic mops are the only floor cleaning systems that capture the perfect balance of heat and moisture – thanks to innovative technology achieved through a determined commitment to research and development.

About SuperFoiler

The SuperFoiler Grand Prix will be contested over five weekends at five iconic marine locations across Australia (South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales) from February 2018. The first regatta will be held on Adelaide's Outer Harbor from February 2nd- 4th The Summer series will see the best sailors from around the world compete for the Ben Lexcen Trophy.

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