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Baker Challenge Cup at Shanklin Sailing Club

by Bob Baker 21 May 2007 00:09 PDT 20 May 2007

Ten boats turned out for Shanklin's Baker Challenge Cup, and once again very light wind conditions prevailed. Some barging on the start line resulted in a few competitors attempting to start early, but this was picked up by the ever vigilant race officers and they were duely informed.

First around the windward mark was Open Wyde sailed by Bob Baker, second was Irvin Whatsisname in Bye For Now with Misty Black Eyes sailed by Paul Tanner in third. On the reach to the wing mark Tim Bentons Bungalow of Dreams began to make up time with Bottoms Up, John Shenton and Model Vicarage, Stuart Dyer taking up the chase.

On the next beat to windward Baker was overtaken by Whatsisname with Tanner writing his name all over bay while attempting to overtake both of them. The final result on handicap was Bob Baker first, Erling Holmberg second and Tim Benton third.

Baker Challenge Cup Results:

Tally Sail No Helm Crew Rating R1 Total Notes
14 1926 Bob Baker   916 0.75 0.75  
1 2007 Erling Holmberg   916 2.00 2.00  
13 1274 Tim Benton   916 3.00 3.00  
8 1991 Paul Tanner   916 4.00 4.00  
4 1956 John Shenton   916 5.00 5.00  
18 1739 Stuart Dyer   916 6.00 6.00  
11 1779 Sean Strevens   916 7.00 7.00  
17 1944 Simon Giles   916 8.00 8.00  
12 1863 Andrew Cavacuiti   916 9.00 9.00  
9 1813 Stuart Pierce   916 10.00 10.00  

Pursuit Series Race 4:

Sunday's first race was pursuit series 4. Thirteen boats made the start line and then the fun began. As the series has staggered start times it is necessary for the competitors to remember their allotted signals - this almost always causes some confusion.

Jettisoned Teddy sailed by Schitzo Kidd was involved in an altercation with two other boats barging in on the start line, this resulted in Kidd having to retire somewhat aggrieved. After the turning mark the rest of the fleet headed out to sea, with Paul Hales in Rudder Up in the lead followed by Tim Bentons Bungalow of Dreams and The Doctor in Daleks Revenge.

After approximately one hour's sailing and with the wind direction changing it was decided to shorten the course so as to get a result, first over the line was Simon Giles, second was Stuart Pierce and third was John Shenton.

Pursuit Series Race 4 Results:

Tally Sail No Helm Crew R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 Total Notes
17 1944 Simon Giles   3.00 2.00 (11.00 DNF) 0.75       16.75  
4 1956 John Shenton   0.75 (3.00) 2.00 3.00       8.75  
7 1953 Geoff Howlett   5.00 0.75 0.75 (16.00 DNC)       22.50  
9 1813 Stuart Pierce   2.00 9.00 (11.00 DNF) 2.00       24.00  
8 1991 Paul Tanner   6.00 7.00 3.00 (13.00 DNF)       29.00  
1 2007 Erling Holmberg   4.00 5.00 (11.00 DNF) 11.00       31.00  
18 1739 Stuart Dyer   7.00 10.00 (11.00 DNF) 6.00       34.00  
12 1863 Andrew Cavacuiti   (16.00 DNC) 11.00 11.00 DNF 5.00       43.00  
14 1926 Bob Baker   8.00 (14.00 DNF) 11.00 DNF 8.00       41.00  
13 1274 Tim Benton   (16.00 DNC) 8.00 16.00 DNC 4.00       44.00  
11 1779 Sean Strevens   (16.00 DNC) 6.00 16.00 DNC 7.00       45.00  
20 863 Paul Hales   10.00 DNF 14.00 DNF (16.00 DNC) 10.00       50.00  
6 1698 Ian Bolton   (16.00 DNC) 4.00 16.00 DNC 16.00 DNC       52.00  
5 1960 Tom Gifford   (16.00 DNC) 16.00 DNC 16.00 DNC 9.00       57.00  
22 834 Charlie Pierce   (16.00 DNC) 16.00 DNC 11.00 DNF 16.00 DNC       59.00  

Olympic Points Series Race 1:

Thursday saw the first of Shanklin's Olympic Points series of races, and with only nine boats making the start line - a rather disappointing turnout. The conditions were very light and the first leg was inshore against the tide, this all went well until the second mark when a 'few' managed to hit the buoy, exonerating themselves was made more difficult by the rapidly failing wind.

At the end of the first round Irvin Whatsisname sailing Bye For Now was away in the lead with Geoff Howlett in Fisherman's Friend next, closely followed by The Doctor sailing Daleks Revenge in third. Bringing up the rear was John Shenton in Bottoms Up, after somehow managing to capsize in the windless conditions.

The race had to be shortened to two laps and this second lap produced even more upset with Simon Giles skilfully sneaking past both Holmberg and Howlett to take a well-deserved first place.

Olympic Points Series Race 1 Results:

Tally Sail No Helm Crew Rating R1 Total Notes
17 1944 Simon Giles   916 0.75 0.75  
7 1953 Geoff Howlett   916 2.00 2.00  
1 2007 Erling Holmberg   916 3.00 3.00  
11 1779 Sean Strevens   916 4.00 4.00  
14 1926 Bob Baker   916 5.00 5.00  
4 1956 John Shenton   916 6.00 6.00  
22 834 Charlie Pierce Alex Cavacuiti 916 7.00 7.00  
18 1739 Stuart Dyer   916 8.00 8.00  
12 1863 Andrew Cavacuiti   916 9.00 9.00  

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