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Bart's Bash at Shanklin Sailing Club

by Liam Thom 22 Sep 2014 05:09 PDT 21 September 2014
Bart's Bash at Shanklin © Mary Howie-Wood

A sunny force 4-5 NNE with a rolling sea greeted 25 boats at Shanklin for Bart's Bash on Sunday the 21st September. As well as Shanklin Sailing Club members there were also four boats from neighbouring Yaverland Sailing and Boat Club.

A two mile course was set with a long windward leg and a wide start line to accommodate all the boats. In reality the fleet was already spread out at the start and only seven boats got away on time, all of them Sprint 15 catamarans. Sean McKenna was in the pack at the start and was first to tack out into the open sea while Erling Holmberg, Mark Pritchard, John Shenton, Simon Giles, Ian Bolton and Liam Thom all headed towards the beach to get out of the tide. At the windward mark, Sean McKenna had a 50 yard lead from Liam Thom (who hit the buoy), with a similar gap back to Simon Giles. Positions were maintained until the next lap when the slighting easing wind made the windward mark a bit of a tidal gate and the gaps between the boats increased dramatically for the first three boats. Meanwhile John Shenton had made up several places by getting a lift along the shore to reach fifth place behind Mark Pritchard.

At the line, McKenna won the race convincingly with a five minute gap back to Thom, Giles coming in third 2 and a half minutes later. Henry Giles was the best of the dinghies in a Pico and did extremely well to get round a testing course in conditions which did not favour the slower boats.

Overall Results: (shown in PY not Bart Number)

PosSail NoHelmCrewBoat TypeTimeHandicapAdj timePts
1st979Sean McKenna Sprint 158''9336''0.75
2nd1957Liam Thom Sprint 156''9332''2
3rd1944Simon Giles Sprint 157''9334''3
4th1979Mark Pritchard Sprint 150''9337''4
5th1956John Shenton Sprint 158''9335''5
6th1698Ian Bolton Sprint 152''9331''6
7th1863Andrew Cavacuiti Sprint 154''9333''7
8th2007Erling HolmbergOliver CuleSprint 157''9337''8
9th Phil MidworthChris SheathDart 161h 10' 47''9101h 17' 47''9
10th Henry Giles Laser Pico1h 50' 16''13181h 23' 40''10
11th Steve Lambourne Dart 188''8051h 28' 22''11
12th1907Harry Vernon Sprint 151h 25' 26''9331h 31' 34''12
13th863Paul Hales Topaz Xenon1h 51' 38''10701h 44' 20''13
14th314Mark RandersonCharlie RandersonSprint 15 933 DNF
14th1944Jane Giles Laser Pico 1318 DNF
14th Yvonne Pike Laser Pico 1318 DNF
14th1211Brandon Holmberg Sprint 15 933 DNF
14th Craig Rose Challenger 1154 DNF
14th Ian Wilkinson Laser Pico 1318 DNF
14th Alfie Wilkinson Laser Pico 1318 DNF
14th William Morris Laser Pico 1318 DNF
14th1990Phil Davies Sprint 15 933 DNF
14th642Chris Read Sprint 15 933 DNF
14th1958Alan Howie‑Wood Sprint 15 933 DNF
14th1357Tony MurrantTodd MurrantSprint 15 933 DNF
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