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What next for the America's Cup?


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  28 Jun 2017


What next for the America's Cup?

2017 America's Cup Final Race  Ingrid Abery
Emirates Team New Zealand won the 35th America's Cup in emphatic fashion. A 7-1 victory over ORACLE TEAM USA was a fair result for the total dominance Peter Burling and his team have shown throughout this campaign.

The Kiwis had to completely rebuild after their devastating defeat in San Francisco, where ORACLE TEAM USA came back from 8-1 down to win the 34th America's Cup. Funding had to be sourced, new personnel recruited and time was short... but the New Zealand team have always proved to be great innovators, and in this they have completely changed the game.

Ahead of the 34th America's Cup in San Francisco it was the Kiwi team who managed to foil the huge AC72 catamarans, but they showed their hand early and the other teams, in particular the defender ORACLE TEAM USA, were able to develop their own foiling technology and, with a huge amount of resource, overtook the New Zealand team on the boat speed front to snatch victory when it looked certain that the cup was heading to New Zealand.

Oracle Team USA winning the 34th America's Cup  ACEA / Ricardo Pinto

Emirates Team New Zealand learnt from their mistakes. As the 35th America's Cup approached they were training indoors to perfect their 'cyclor' system for generating power, but this was just the start of their innovation. All the other teams had similar L-foils and conventional - or as conventional as a 50ft foiling catamaran can be - control systems. Nearly everything about the New Zealand boat was different: heavily canted foils with marked kinks on horizontal element, extreme rudder elevators and 'X-Box' style controls for Glenn Ashby on the wing trim. They knew they had to be extremely innovative and aggressive on their design philosophy and they've changed the game.

It's not just in the design that Emirates Team New Zealand have proved dominant. On the water they won seven of the nine starts against ORACLE TEAM USA and have been tactically brilliant around the race course. Of course boat speed makes you a tactical genius, but their only foot wrong was when they chose not to cover the American team upwind in the one race that they lost.

Peter Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand are truly worthy champions. Jimmy Spithill was magnanimous in defeat and clearly emotional on the water when he congratulated the Kiwis.

A number of questions now arise about what will happen in the 36th America's Cup:


The one certain point is that it'll be held in Auckland, most likely in 2021. Grant Dalton voiced his disapproval of the two-year cycle that the other teams had signed up to, and said it was the main sticking point against them signing the accord that all the other teams had committed to.

What will happen to the America's Cup World Series? Dalton hinted at hosting an event in Bermuda, which would suggest that warm-up events are set to continue. What format they take, what boats they are sailed in, and whether they have any bearing on the 36th America's Cup itself are a different matter.

Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series racing in Japan  Ricardo Pinto / Oracle Team USA

One interesting comment Dalton made in the Press Conference was about unifying sailing. Will we see the America's Cup teams sailing in circuits like the 52 SUPER SERIES?

Will be see America's Cup teams racing in the 52 SUPER SERIES?  © Max Ranchi Photography

I believe it is highly unlikely that we'll see the Defender of the 36th America's Cup taking part in the Challenger Series, like we did in Bermuda. In my opinion this just muddied the water, and trying to explain how Emirates Team New Zealand started the 35th America's Cup Match on -1 point was tricky to say the least.

Nationality Rule

With such a strong and deep pool of home-grown sailors, it seems highly likely that the 36th America's Cup will have a far stricter requirement for sailors to be from the home nation of the campaign. Somewhere between 50% and 75% or sailors as opposed to the one sailor for the last event. This will be fine for countries such as Great Britain, Italy and Australia (should they choose to mount a campaign).

Strong support for Emirates Team New Zealand during the 35th America's Cup  © BMW | Studio Borlenghi


With the Challenger of Record already being announced as Circolo della Vela Sicilia - which brings Luna Rossa back into the America's Cup - we know that the Italians are back in the game. Land Rover BAR have already committed to a second campaign, but it will be interesting to see which of the other teams that took part in Bermuda will continue. Much will depend on Grant Dalton and Emirates Team New Zealand's announcements in the coming weeks.

Luna Rossa Challenge training in their AC45 catamarans in Cagliari  Luna Rossa Challenge 2013

Also will Larry Ellison try to regain the trophy? It took him a long time to win his first campaign and losing it this time will be tough. Will he want to go through the process again?

Ernesto Bertarelli was quick to congratulate Emirates Team New Zealand on their win. Does this signal that Alinghi will be making a return to the America's Cup?

The Alinghi team have remained active on the D35 and Extreme Sailing Series circuits  © Xaume Olleros / OC Sport

Paul Cayard said that he expects twelve challengers for the 36th America's Cup with nine actually coming to fruition.

Type of Boat

Debate is already raging about whether the event should be in monohulls or multihulls. Traditionalists hark back to the days of the J Class and the majesty of big monohulls, while the new 'foiling generation' point to the high speeds and pure adrenaline excitement of the 50 foot catamarans.

J Class yachts at the America's Cup Superyacht Regatta  Ingrid Abery

There is no doubt that the 35th America's Cup was eye-catching on TV - as long as you could access it - and I believe Pandora's Box has been opened. The America's Cup, as the pinnacle event in our sport, should be all about innovation; foiling cats are here to stay in my opinion.

Grant Dalton did point out though that he didn't want the America's Cup to be all about power generation and hydraulic oil pressure, and I believe this is where we'll see the changes in the rules. I think a 60 foot foiling catamaran with far more automatic ride-height control, which should remove the need for constant grinding, could be used. Also I believe we'll see a move back to soft sails rather than wings, with a downwind screecher so that there are still sail changes onboard. This approach could pacify the traditionalists whilst keeping the next generation of sailors enthused.

Grant Dalton with the America's Cup   © BMW | Studio Borlenghi


One of the great features of the 34th America's Cup was the live coverage and streaming on YouTube. This made it accessible to nearly everyone on the planet and the footage was spectacular.

Liveline graphics at the 34th America's Cup  © ACEA

The 35th America's Cup had the same incredible graphics and some superb commentary, but was difficult to watch on platforms such as BT Sport in the UK. Don't get me wrong, I think Clare Balding, Matt 'Catflap' Cornwell, Stevie Morrison, Shirley Roberton, Paul Cayard, Ken Read, Alec Wilkinson et al did a superb job providing colour to the event, but I'd love to see it open for all to see.

AC LiveLine – Emmy Award-Winning Graphics Package  Ainhoa Sanchez

Sailing is not football and we need the eyes of the world able to watch the top end of the sport in all its glory. Making the event free to view for all would help sponsors get the airtime they demand and help put sailing on a truly global stage.

The next couple of weeks are going to be interesting as the announcements are made and could have far-reaching implications for our sport. Watch this space!

Mark Jardine,

ChartCo back on board as official supplier for Clipper 2017-18 Race
Grace Kitching,
The Clipper Round the World Yacht Race welcomes ChartCo, a leading global supplier of maritime digital data and compliance services, back as Official Supplier for its fifth consecutive edition.... [more]

Oman Sail duo look forward to their biggest challenge yet
Oman Sail,
Oman Sail's new Class 40 team are making final preparations for their biggest challenge yet, a 2,500-mile Atlantic race to the Azores and back.... [more]

A few rays – Remember the Ozone Hole
The Ozone Hole is over Antarctica and New Zealand and Australia too. “For nearly a billion years, Ozone molecules in the atmosphere have protected life on Earth from the effects of ultraviolet rays”.... [more]

America's Cup - Images from the Cup Hand-over and Presentation
Scott Stallard,
Bermudan based photographer, Scott Stallard, was on hand to capture the presentation of the America's Cup to the new holder Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron. Scott Stallard has been on the water for most of the racing in the 35th America's Cup.... [more]

Less than one week to start of 2017 Transpac
Transpacific Yacht Club,
The first wave of three starts to the 49th edition of 2017 biennial Transpac Race starts next Monday, July 3rd, when 17 yachts in three monohull divisions will cross the start line at Point Fermin in Los Angeles to race to the finish at Diamond Head in Honolulu 2225 miles away. In addition, one yacht in the multihull division - Jerzy Poprawski's catamaran Kastor Pollux - will make start this day... [more]

Trimarans begin to fly as Queen Mary 2 passes rescue point
The Bridge,
The Queen Mary 2 looks unbeatable at the front of The Bridge - Centennial Transat but during the second day of racing on Tuesday she was finally being outpaced as the “Ultime” class trimarans behind her spread their wings and began to fly.... [more]

America's Cup - Images from the Win and Presentation in Bermuda
Richard Gladwell/,
More images from the America's Cup win and presentation at the America's Cup Village at the Royal Dockyard, Bermuda, as Emirates Team New Zealand were presented with the America's Cup, winners medals along with a presentation to Oracle Team USA.... [more]

America's Cup - Vodafone Dock-In Show - Stories that can now be told,
Peter Lester and Martin Tasker set up an interviewing position inside the Emirates Team New Zealand base during the post-America's Cup celebrations, and got some of the key players to let a few cats out of the bag, after they'd had a couple of beers.... [more]

Robertson set to lead Foreign Charge into GKSS Match Cup Sweden
Last year's event doubled as the Match Racing World Championship and came with a record US$1million prize purse won by Kiwi skipper Phil Robertson and his crew.... [more]

RC44 Championship – From Bermuda to Porto Cervo
RC44 Class Association,
After they missed the first event of the season in Sotogrande, Artemis Racing Youth is rejoining the RC44 fleet under regular skipper Gustaf Lidvall and their tactician, Swedish multiple Olympic medallist, Freddie Lööf.... [more]

Ready for full throttle at the GC32 Villasimius Cup
GC32 Racing,
Having arrived at the spectacular Marina di Villasimius, some of these experienced competitors are wondering why there has never been a major international regatta here before.... [more]

Oman Air team looks to Madeira to boost them up the ESS rankings
Oman Sail,
The crew of Oman Air are hoping the next round in Madeira will give their campaign momentum to win the globe-straddling Extreme Sailing Series.... [more]

America's Cup - images from the Final Day of the 35th Match in Bermuda
Daniel Forster,
Daniel Forster, who has been covering the America's Cup since 1977, was on the waters of the Great Sound, Bermuda for the final race of the 35th America's Cup. Here's his view of the epic day.... [more]

America's Cup Match - Day 5 images by Studio Borlenghi
Studio Borlenghi,
Studio Borlenghi provided this gallery of images from America's Cup Match - Day 5.... [more]

Queen Mary 2 leaves French four in her wake but resists luffing
The Bridge,
After enjoying a magnificent start from the place of its birth in St Nazaire on Sunday, the Queen Mary 2 has powered into a commanding lead of over 250 miles after 24 hours of racing in The Bridge Centennial Transat race. She has left the four giant trimarans in her long wake.... [more]

America's Cup - Images from the Final Race of the 35th Match
Richard Gladwell/,
Images from the final race in the 35th America's Cup, sailed on the Great Sound, Bermuda today. The race was won by Emirates Team New Zealand with a margin of 54 seconds. The Team representing the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron won by winning eight races to the one by the team representing Golden Gate Yacht Club or 7-1 in the official point score.... [more]

We won the America's Cup - Emirates Team New Zealand + Video and Emirates Team NZ,
Emirates Team New Zealand have compiled this video after their win today in the 35th America's Cup.... [more]

America's Cup final day action-shots by Ingrid Abery
Ingrid Abery,
Photographer Ingrid Abery provided this gallery of images from America's Cup - Finals and prize-giving.... [more]

America's Cup - Finals - Paul Cayard reports from Bermuda
Paul Cayard,
It's done and dusted. The Kiwis were a force too strong to be reckoned with. They innovated and backed themselves! The Cup now returns to New Zealand where a nation that is passionate about sailing and will embrace it with gusto.... [more]

Emirates Team New Zealand win the 35th America's Cup
Oracle Team USA,
Oracle Team USA skipper Jimmy Spithill and his team went out to Bermuda's Great Sound race course on Monday in a familiar but uncomfortable position – staring down multiple match points in the America's Cup Match. Oracle Team USA won the start and led at the first mark, but the Kiwis made a pass on the first downwind leg and covered closely from there to win the race and claim the America's Cup... [more]

73rd Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Entries open
Ross MacDonald,
The Cruising Yacht Club of Australia (CYCA) today released the Notice of Race for the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2017, inviting eligible yacht owners to enter what is widely regarded to be one of the world's toughest offshore racing challenges.... [more]

Peter Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand win the 35th America's Cup
America's Cup,
Another dominant race win for Peter Burling and Emirates Team New Zealand in race nine of the America's Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, gave the Kiwi team victory on the Great Sound in Bermuda, sparking wild celebrations on board their America's Cup Class (ACC) boat, and the team's support boats on the Great Sound.... [more]

Aussie secret weapon steers Emirates Team NZ to America's Cup victory
Australian Sailing,
Olympian, World and Australian Champion, multihull specialist and proud Australian Glenn Ashby has lived up to his reputation as the ‘multihull-whisperer' leading Emirates Team New Zealand to victory in the 35th America's Cup in Bermuda this morning.... [more]

The America's Cup is New Zealand's Cup, again
Richard Gladwell,
Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron created sailing history to become the first club to regain the America's Cup, after Emirates Team New Zealand won Race 9 of the 35th Match on the Great Sound, Bermuda. Two races were scheduled, but only the first was required with the New Zealand team, trailing at Mark 1, but passing the Defender on the second leg and then sailing away to a series win by a margi... [more]

America's Cup - America's Cup Media Conferences - Replay from Bermuda
Richard Gladwell,
America's Cup Media Conference - Live from Bermuda - Jimmy Spithill first then Emirates Team New Zealand... [more]

RS:X Youth Windsurfing World Championship – Practice race
Elena Giolai,
No skimming yet, just a test of Garda Trentino's wind and weather and marine conditions, and a first taste of how much energy and passion these champions can display.... [more]

Maserati Multi70 back in action ahead of Transpacific Yacht Race,
It is the fourth major offshore challenge for Maserati Multi70 in the last 10 months - following on from the Rolex Middle Sea Race and RORC Transatlantic Race in 2016 and the RORC Caribbean 600 Race earlier this year.... [more]

Heading south for the second event of the GC32 Racing Tour
Sébastien Rogues,
All the competing GC32 teams are eager to try out racing at this new sailing venue. Measuring up against Sébastien Rogues' Team ENGIE, the other teams, who come to Sardinia in peak form, will leave the French team little room for manoeuvre.... [more]

RS:X Youth Windsurfing World Championship – Preview
Elena Giolai,
An event of remarkable size, especially important and spectacular, organized by the Circolo Surf Torbole which ranks among the best - for its meticulous rigor and its proven ability - in the organization of international events.... [more]

Superyacht Cup ends on a high
The Superyacht Cup,
This 21st edition has come to a spectacular end and after three days of riveting racing it was the 32m Bolero, a supremely fast boat, who artfully swept past her competitors and managed to keep her cool under 'deciding-day pressure'.... [more]

RS Aero World Championship – Preview
RS Aero International Class Association,
Since achieving World Sailing (ISAF) status in November 2015 the RS Aero International Class has eagerly looked forward to hosting its first World Championship. In 2016 the class held its first European Championship in Travemunde, Germany, with 57 entries from 11 countries. The eastern European nations of Russia, Estonia and Lithuania all made their mark on the podiums.... [more]

Azzurra closes the Audi Sailing Week - 52 Super Series with a win
Azzurra finished the Audi Sailing Week - 52 Super Series, raced in her home waters in Porto Cervo, with third and first place finishes today, missing a podium finish by just one point. Ran takes first place followed by Bronenosec. Quantum placed third after suffering some damage in today's second race. The 52 Super Series next event is in the Balearic Islands and sees Azzurra in the lead.... [more]

No Aussie boat in AC- Aussies instrumental to other teams' success
Australian Sailing,
There may not be a boat from the ‘land down under' in the 35th America's Cup, but the Aussie spirit is alive and well in sailing's ultimate event. Australian sailors feature in a number of teams contesting the 35th America's Cup, the winner of which could be decided overnight in Bermuda.... [more]

Queen Mary 2 takes on trimarans as Centennial Transat begins
The Bridge,
This time the cannon shots were sounds of fraternity to begin the race between the Queen Mary 2 and four of the largest and fastest trimarans in the world. The start to ocean races are always emotive affairs but rarely are they so loaded.... [more]

52 Super Series Audi Sailing Week – Rán Racing rise to win
52 Super Series,
While there was elation for the ice cool Swedish owner-driver and his hard working crew there was huge disappointment for Quantum Racing and for Provezza who both within minutes of each other had one hand on the top prize, before gear failures successively dropped them from contention.... [more]

Marrai tiebreaks his way to Laser gold at Kiel Week
SVG Verlag,
Marrai's fourth place in the Medal Race was sufficient to put him on equal points with Karl Martin Rammo, but it was the Italian's better placing in the Medal Race that clinched victory ahead of the Estonian who had to settle for silver.... [more]

1977 Finn Gold Cup Regatta ends in Palamos with everyone a winner
Robert Deaves,
The event was held to commemorate the 1977 Finn Gold Cup which was plagued by political problems and caused the Finn Gold Cup to be withdrawn from the competition, and the event being renamed the Finn World Week.... [more]

German, Polish and Spanish racers claim Para World Sailing titles
Daniel Smith - World Sailing,
Heading into the final 2.4 Norlin OD races, there was just two points of separation between Kröger, Matt Bugg (AUS) and Damien Seguin (FRA). The title was up for grabs and the top performer on the day would take the title.... [more]

Audi Sailing Week - TP52 Super Series – Day 5 images by Max Ranchi
Max Ranchi,
Photographer Max Ranchi has provided this gallery of images from races seven and eight... [more]

SandS Swan Rendezvous at Marina di Scarlino
Nautor's Swan,
18 Classic Swan yachts, from the renowned Swan 36 (the first model built by Nautor's Swan), to the larger Swan 76, during three days of coastal races, have shown their elegant yet timeless lines designed from 1966 to 1978 by Sparkman and Stephens studio.... [more]

Joaquín Blanco awarded Finn Gold Cup 40 years late
Robert Deaves,
The wind at that 1977 event matched the mood of the competitors, with only five races possible in unusually light and feeble breezes. Blanco, who was already European Champion, won two races, was always in the top 10 and finished 23.3 points ahead of second placed José Luis Doreste, also of Spain, who would go on to win gold in Pusan at the 1988 Olympics... [more]

Whooper the invincible at Saturday's IRC National Championship
James Boyd,
While conditions on day one built to a brutal 30 knots, today it was equally challenging at the Royal Ocean Racing Club's IRC National Championship. There was marginally less wind, but stronger gusts coming through in the squalls. Once again two windward-leewards were held followed by a longer round the cans race.... [more]

RORC IRC National Championship - Day 2 - Four FAST40s fight for glory
Louay Habib,
After six races in the championship, Johnny Vincent's Ker40+ Pace, still leads the FAST40+ fleet but their lead has been halved to just three points going into the final day. Pace started the day well scoring two second place results but a kite drop went badly wrong in the third race, resulting in a sixth place finish.... [more]

Chapeau Bolero - Overall winner of Palma's Superyacht Cup 2017
The Superyacht Cup,
This morning's on board briefing saw concentrated faces on the aft-deck going into today's deciding St. Regis Mardavall Resort Race.... [more]

Finns set for match race duel in Kiel Week Medal Races
Andy Rice,
The Medal Races on Sunday are set to take place in strong westerly winds, so those who enjoyed today will be looking forward to similar conditions to decide the medals in the Olympic classes.... [more]

Quantum gets nearer to victory at Audi Sailing Week 52 Super Series
After today's racing the provisional results see Quantum Racing in first place followed by a new entry: Provezza IX in second place and Rán Racing in third.... [more]

Para World Sailing Championships going down to the wire
Daniel Smith - World Sailing,
In amongst Kieler Woche (Kiel Week) sailing festival, the sailors racing across the 2.4 Norlin OD, Men's Hansa 303 and Women's Hansa 303, all One Person Keelboats, were tested by a south westerly 13-16 knot breeze, somewhat less than the 20+ knots that pushed them to survival mode the day prior.... [more]

François Gabart and his crew concentrating on the start of The Bridge
Trimaran MACIF,
Little by little, the skipper and his crew composed of Pascal Bidégorry, Antoine Gautier, Guillaume Combescure, Benoît Marie and Yann Riou are withdrawing into their own world. They headed to St. Nazaire at the end of the day on Thursday and are now concentrating on the trimaran's last preparations and the weather for the start.... [more]

Audi Sailing Week - TP52 Super Series – Day 4 images by Max Ranchi
Max Ranchi,
Photographer Max Ranchi has provided this gallery of images from coastal race six... [more]

Superyacht Cup - Another boisterous day's racing on the Bay of Palma
The Superyacht Cup,
Palma's Superyacht Cup doesn't only bring sailors together from all corners of the globe, but is also an event where the camaraderie plays a pivotal role in the regatta's enjoyment. This was most evident during last night's lively SYC Dock Party, where owners, guests and crew got to rub shoulders, relax and talk 'sailing', to a vibrant soundtrack of the Hogan House Band's uplifting tunes.... [more]

Triple bullets for 470 stars in a windy westerly at Kiel Week
SVG Verlag,
In Men's 470, multiple world and Olympic medallists Mat Belcher and Will Ryan scored three bullets and have launched into a commanding lead over their fleet. It was a stellar day too for the Polish team now in charge of Women's 470 leaderboard. Agnieszka Skrzypulec and Irmina Gliszczynska won all three of their heats and have displaced Germany's Frederike Loewe and Anna Markfort from the top spot.... [more]

IRC Nationals fleet licking their wounds after tough opening day
James Boyd,
With the southwesterly piping up to 30 knots in the final race, the RORC IRC Nationals got off to a brisk start on the Solent today with two windward-leewards followed by a round the cans race.... [more]

Sled takes lead on Day 1 at Audi Sailing Week - 52 Super Series
The Audi Sailing Week, an event that is organised by the Yacht Club Costa in collaboration with Title Sponsor Audi, officially started today. The fourth event in the most competitive circuit of keelboat racing will end on Sunday, June 25th and currently sees Sled in first place, followed by Alegre and Rán Racing who finished in second and third places respectively today.... [more]

Youth sailors put on Stadium Sailing at the America's Cup
Nevin Sayre,
With the backdrop of America's Cup, thirty-two O'pen BIC sailors, ages ten to fifteen, participated in the America's Cup Endeavour O'pen. The kids and parents represented ten different nations from around the world, and hailed the event as the “experience of a life time”.... [more]

RORC IRC National Championship - Pace blitz on Day 1
Louay Habib,
It is uncanny how this is always a windy regatta.” remarked Johnny Vincent, owner/driver of Ker40+ Pace, after scoring an impressive 2-2-1 in the FAST40+ Class on the first day the RORC IRC National Championship. “We didn't have a great start to the season, so it was great to get going in this regatta with a thrilling day on the water. The last race was right at the top of the limit for a FAST40+... [more]

'Survival' sailing at the Para World Sailing Championships
Ross Gale,
Whatever wind was lacking on Thursday at the 2017 Para World Sailing Championships certainly wasn't on Friday, as the breeze turned up several notches, pushing sailors into 'survival” mode.... [more]

America's Cup - C-Tech's five Cup campaigns with Emirates Team NZ
Chris Kitchen,
C-Tech began life in 1997 as a small back yard operation in co-founder Alex Valling's shed. Fast forward 20 years and C-Tech has a lot to celebrate. Their composite technicians have produced over 50,000 custom designed carbon spars, and they've had a successful partnership with Emirates Team New Zealand for five consecutive America's Cup campaigns.... [more]

52 Super Series - Audi Sailing Week - Better never stops
52 Super Series,
Wednesday's transgression may be two days behind them. Today they climbed to the top of the Porto Cervo 52 Super Series Audi Sailing Week standings, sailing one, three, one, four since they retired on from the first day's coastal race due to an error, but Quantum Racing's hard driving tactician Terry Hutchinson has in no way put the opening day mistake behind him.... [more]

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