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Rolex Sydney Hobart - The Weather Gate


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  25 Dec 2016


Rolex Sydney Hobart - The Weather Gate

Wild Rose - 2015 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race  © Rolex / StudioBorlenghi / Stefano Gattini
In order to win the iconic Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race under IRC or ORCi rating, there are three things you absolutely need to have accomplished. Two of these you can certainly do something about, whereas the third is entirely out of your control.

Firstly, you have to get there. Sounds simple, but it means a well-prepared boat, and hardened crew that extract what they can from the vessel and themselves, all the while ensuring that they and the gear survive whatever may be thrown at them during the journey South.

Secondly, you have to win your division. The big end of town will be long gone after the gun and in reality; the boats may be headed for the same port, but rarely in exactly the same seas and almost always in different conditions due to the elapsed time difference between them.

Your division has boats of similar speeds near you and many a race has seen combatants almost able to read the dials on the boat next door. Night time is where the big gains can be made on your opposition, or in the case of some fierce combatants, the times of which epic battle stories that last a lifetime are forged.

KLC Bengal 7 passing the Iron Pot - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2012  Crosbie Lorimer

Finally, you have to hope that Huey, the God of Wind, allows your division to get the correct weather window that will allow you to proceed at the best possible speed down the New South Wales coast before leaping across to Tasmania and on to the corner at Tasman Island. At the same time, it is hoped that those ahead of you do not receive favourable conditions, and then also that the weather pattern closes down behind to hamper the progress of the vessels to your stern.

So then, what you have when looking at trackers, out will come computer driven predictions for the 628 mile Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. These are based on the vessels' ratings, which take into account things like their age, size mass, and hull form. What the computer kind of ignores is the fact that most races are won and lost in the last 40 miles from Tasman Light, then across Storm Bay, up past the Iron Pot, and into the River Derwent proper to make Battery Point.

As we have explained over the years, every ten minutes or so during the race, the computers spit out a new number set, with ranking. At best, these need to be taken with a tablespoon of sea salt. Now in this maze of numbers, there is one which is far more important than all the others when deciding if the figures are, 'back of the boat fantasy land stuff', or not.

In lightish weather, this number is the ETA. Turn Tasman Light at 2000hrs, and Huey says, “Good that you could come, and thank your mother for the fish”, or words to that effect.... And the reason is the factor that has caused possibly more heartache and grief in the last 71 Hobart races than anything else. Namely, the Derwent goes to sleep at night, just like most humans.

80 year old Maluka of Kermandie passes the Iron Pot at the entrance to the Derwent River, Hobart  Carlo Borlenghi / Rolex

11 nautical miles from the finish is a marker called the Iron Pot. A boat arriving there may have averaged ten knots from Eddystone Light and across Storm Bay. However, it may take two or three, even four hours to go that last 11 miles, depending just how tired the Derwent is. It seems most Hobart sailors have a story to tell, and year after year, they look for sympathy from other sailors, but they don't get it.

Many a boat has been absolutely famous at 2000hrs, but at 0300 is still drifting up the Derwent. Indeed, just a couple of years ago, one particular vessel reported in at around 2100hrs that they were “just passing the Iron Pot with an ETA of 2300hrs.” Only about five minutes later the same crew radioed in to say that they were “once more passing the Iron Pot”, only, this time it was backwards!

You see Huey uses the Sydney Hobart race to remind us mere mortals that most things in life are about timing. So it's way too early to decide an overall winner, which is most easily done when all the boats are tied up in Constitution Dock.
Early afternoon is an excellent time to finish. The 2008 Tattersall's Cup (IRC overall) winner, Bob Steel's TP52 ‘Quest' (now defending champion Balance), finished a wee tad after 1400hrs. In 2010, Geoff Boettcher's Reichel-Pugh 51, Secret Men's Business 3.5 (now racing as Primitive Cool), finished at an almost perfect time - 1342hrs.

Balance is the defending champion - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race  © Rolex/ Stefano Gattini

Of course there are weather gate exceptions if there is sufficient gradient breeze. The 2013 Tattersall's Cup winner, Darryl Hodgkingson's Cookson 50 ‘Victoire' (also now racing, but with a new owner), finished at 0800hrs and the 2014 winner, the late Roger Hickman's 43-footer, Wild Rose, finished at 2000hrs, after the passage of a heavy Southerly change had her reaching across Storm Bay at speed.

Note however, that if conditions lighten off, then the Weather Gate will rule. Not just a few sailors have had the Weather Gate slam in their face; just about every one of us has had a 'Derwent experience.'

Here's a Sail-World tip. Use a lighted candle in a winch socket to find the breeze. It's more sensitive than cigarette smoke, and it also winds up the smokers an absolute treat. For on board a non-smoking vessel, they may have seen their best chance yet to inhale a few more addictive gasps, and the dream of using that to ‘assist' the crew in the unfortunate hours of the night, had been playing on their mind for the last 610 nautical miles.

So then, we are not going to spend every night during the Hobart race writing feverishly about the half hourly changes in Handicap positions, we are going to have a few Tasmanian James Boags or Cascades, and do what the River Derwent does – shut the gate and go to sleep!

Sodebo Ultim  © Jean-Marie Liot / DPPI / Sodebo

A quick reminder then. The Hobart is not the only thing going on at the moment. Many races, regattas and Australian Championships either get underway today or very soon too. Zooming out a little further still and there is also so, so much going on with Colville's new record, the Jules Verne, and also the Vendée. So go for a wander to review the proverbial plethora of material for you to explore on the site.

Now don't forget to get your club or association to send in your news via the submit function, just up in the top right of the Sail-World home page. In the meantime, do keep a weather eye on Sail-World. We are here to bring you the whole story...

John Curnow

Thomas Coville smashes Solo Round The World Record
Sodebo Ultim,
Securing what is a remarkable time for a solo sailor, he beat the previous record held by Francis Joyon by some eight days 10 hours, 26 minutes and 28 seconds.... [more]

Vendée Globe – Thomson rounds Cape Horn on Christmas Day
Alex Thomson Racing,
Thomson's time to Cape Horn beats the previous record set by Francois Garbart in the 2012-2013 edition by 3d 6hrs 10mins. This is the first time in the race's history that skippers have rounded this landmark by Christmas.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart - Live coverage details of start of record-breaker NZL,
With just over 12 hours to the start of the Rolex Sydney Hobart race, the routing function of Predictwind is projecting that the course record of 1 day, 18hrs will be slashed by around 5hours. The expected Southerly front hitting the race fleet appears to have stayed away and will be replaced by a period of light airs.... [more]

Beau Geste's Christmas wish for Rolex Sydney Hobart
Lisa Ratcliff,
On Christmas Eve morning competitors in this year's Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race received the Bureau of Meteorology's official race forecast, indicating a fast start on Sydney Harbour in north-easterlies likely to strengthen throughout the afternoon as the fleet sprints down the NSW coast. A more traditional Hobart race with a decent upwind slog is the preference for Beau Geste's sailing team... [more]

Jules Verne Trophy - Merry Christmas St. Helena
IDEC Sport Sailing,
After eight days at sea and a constant battle against the clock, the crew of IDEC Sport is continuing to dive down the South Atlantic off the coast of Brazil between Salvador da Bahia and Rio de Janeiro.... [more]

Vendée Globe – Thomson's festive dinner at Cape Horn-
Vendée Globe,
As Queen Elizabeth II delivers her 64th Christmas Speech at 1500hrs GMT, addressing the British nation and the 52 member states of the Commonwealth, Alex Thomson, the British skipper lying second in the solo round the world race should be passing Cape Horn.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race – Sharpening the Swiss Army Knife
John Curnow,
The stunningly pretty, devastatingly quick, and super well-sailed Reichel-Pugh silver pencil earned herself the nickname, the Swiss Army Knife, quite sometime back now. It paid homage to all the underwater appendages she had on her. Of course, she now has one less, with her version of the DSS being taken off only a little while ago, but there are still more than enough to get the point.... [more]

UBOX-Dongfeng Race Team gears up for Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
Dongfeng Race Team,
Charles Caudrelier, the skipper of Dongfeng Race Team in the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race, is making his final preparations for his first attempt at one of the most famous challenges in world sailing... [more]

Challenge charts a new course to Hobart
Team Challenge28,
For the first time ever only one Sydney 38 has been entered in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. Challenge, from the Sandringham Yacht Club, will be proudly flying the flag with an international crew within a fleet of 89 yachts.... [more]

Vendee Globe - Le Cléac'h's Islands route in light airs
Vendee Globe,
Due to the light westerly winds which have been with him since he rounded Cape Horn, the Vendée Globe leader Armel Le Cléac'h has taken a passage close to some of the small islands of Tierra del Fuego and this morning is passing just seven miles to the east of Isla de los Estados (Staten Island from the Dutch Stateneiland).... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race – Left field, handshakes and buckets Pt.III
John Curnow,
Unobtainium keels, Einsteinium sails and Nobelium challenges ahead for the most radical supermaxi to ever start in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. The 98-foot CQS started life as the 90-footer known as, Nicorette. She is being campaigned by dual Hobart winner Ludde Ingvall (one of which was with this very vessel in her former life, back in 2004), and his cousin, Sir Michael Hintze.... [more]

2017 Sunfish World Championship NOR released
Sunfish Class,
The 2017 Sunfish Youth World Championship and 2017 Sunfish World Championship Notice of Race are now available.... [more]

Family ties in Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
Di Pearson,
It's been said before that sailing with your family is a great way of bonding – a leveler - and so it is for at least 34 boats taking part in this year's Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, including New Zealander, Jim Delegat, who has two sons joining him for the blue water classic.... [more]

Santa may deliver a sleigh ride for yachts in Rolex Sydney Hobart Race
Rob Mundle,
Santa looks destined to make a late delivery to the big guns in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race starting Boxing Day: a rapid and record-breaking downwind sleigh ride to Hobart.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race - 89 yachts poised for great journey south
Quinag Communication,
For one of the 89 crews primed to embark on this most illustrious of offshore sailing challenges, the dream of lifting the historic Tattersall's Cup and receiving a coveted Rolex timepiece, will shortly become reality.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Southerly still the big question
Jim Gale,
Skippers and navigators of the 89 yachts competing in the 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race have received their Christmas Eve weather briefing from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia this morning. BOM's Jane Golding has told them the forecasts produced by the various models that meteorologists use, have been pretty consistent in recent days... [more]

Clipper Events team ready to take on Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
Clipper Round the World,
For many of us Boxing Day brings the enjoyment of turkey leftovers and shopping sales but for almost one hundred entries, including Clipper Events' CV5, it brings one of the world's ultimate blue water classics, and staple of our previous two Clipper Race editions, the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race (RSHYR).... [more]

Vendee Globe - No respite for Didac Costa
Vendee Globe,
Catalan sailor Didac Costa is in nineteenth place 6940 miles from the leader, currently less than ten miles behind Pieter Heerema in terms of distance to the finish, he is approaching the longitude of Cape Leeuwin. Conditions have not been simple, as he explains in his message today.... [more]

Wild Oats XI Training Day - VIDEO
Crosbie Lorimer,
As your Christmas Day preparations get into full swing, chances are you won't have much time to get into the mood for the big race to Hobart on Boxing Day. So here's a pacey one minute video we've compiled from a training day that we shot aboard Wild Oats XI this time last year in a solid nor'easter, shortly after her major rebuild was completed. Merry Christmas to all from Crosbie and Dale... [more]

Jules Verne Trophy - Accelerating off Brazil
IDEC Sport Sailing,
The IDEC Sport Maxi-Trimaran has been sailing off Brazil since the middle of the night. The SE'ly trade winds are gradually backing to the east as they dive south, allowing the trimaran to accelerate.... [more]

Predictwind - Sydney Hobart record still under threat 48hrs from start
Richard Gladwell, NZ,
The race record in the Rolex Sydney Hobart would still appear to be under threat 48 hours from the start of the 630nm offshore classic. Using the routing function of wind and weather prediction application, Predictwind, the latest model run by Sail-World, shows that in an extreme situation over 12 hours could be slashed off the record of 1day 18 hrs 23 mins set by Wild Oats XI four years ago.... [more]

Vendée Globe – Le Cléac'h at the horn, Thomson in the cooler
Vendée Globe,
The French skipper, who continues to exhibit his absolutely single minded determination had the briefest of smiles and a salutary champagne moment as he passed seven miles south of the legendary rocky island, leaving the Big South carrying a lead of over 760 miles ahead of second placed Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss), the sole British skipper in the race.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Another TP52 year
Jim Gale,
Rolex Sydney Hobart skipper Matt Allen announced today he will leave his more comfortable 60 foot, purpose-built for the race Carkeek 60 at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia dock, choosing to be flung around on his TP52, Ichi Ban, on Boxing Day.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race – The Lazarette Pt II
John Curnow,
Well the joy of The Lazarette Pt I was in finding all those extra gems that we all know lie in there somewhere. So the very first thing is to say thank you to all of you who corresponded, read, phoned and emailed. She's a big old hold, our lazarette, what with all the boats and crews contained therein, being as diverse, varied, colourful and different as the world is.... [more]

Jules Verne Trophy - Into the Southern Hemisphere
IDEC Sport Sailing,
The crew on the IDEC Sport maxi-trimaran moved into the Southern Hemisphere at 0318 hrs UTC on Wednesday night. It took Joyon and his men five days, 18 hours and 59 minutes to sail from Ushant to the Equator, which was two hours and 59 minutes more than the title-holder, Banque Populaire V. Francis Joyon refers to this as a decent time and says they are on track.... [more]

IM20CA brought 2016 World Ranking challenge to a dramatic end
Melges 20,
With fifteen events completed spanning Asia, Europe and North America, the International Melges 20 Class presents a 2016 World Ranking trifecta.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race – Left field, handshakes and buckets Pt. II
John Curnow,
The 100-foot experiment? Four supermaxis are contesting the J.H. Illingworth Trophy for Line Honours in this year's 628 nautical mile dash from Sydney to Hobart. The outright favourite is once again the Oatley family's Wild Oats XI. WOXI has taken line honours seven times and Mark Richards and his seasoned crew is looking for another win after a split mainsail caused them to abandon last year... [more]

2017 ORC Championships now open for entry
The Offshore Racing Congress (ORC) is pleased to announce that its two major championship events for 2017 - the ORC Worlds Trieste 2017 and the ORC European Championship Gdansk 2017 - are now open for entry, with Notices of Race posted on each event's respective websites at and [more]

Melbourne, Australia awarded 2018 Formula 16 Worlds
David Staley,
Royal Brighton Yacht Club, in conjunction with Elwood Sailing Club and the Australian F16 Class, will host the Formula 16 World Championships in January 2018.... [more]

Vendée Globe – Day 47 – 3,2,1 Le Cléac'h at the Horn Friday
Vendée Globe,
Armel Le Cléac'h is expected to lead the eighth edition of the solo round the world race around its most feared but most universally welcomed landmark, Cape Horn, tomorrow around midday.... [more]

Jules Verne Trophy – From North to South
Agence Mer and Media,
The Doldrums, which were forecast not to last long and to be kind appear to have had a change of heart by stretching out in front of the big multihull.... [more]

World Match Racing Tour announces 2017 World Championship season
The 2017 season will include one World Championship Final, six World Championship level events and eighteen World Tour level events.... [more]

CQS Media Launch and on water images by Beth Morley
John Curnow,
The talented Beth Morley was at the CQS Media Launch and also out on Sydney Harbour for the CQS training session today. Here are her images from Birkenhead Point Marina and also the chase boat. Enjoy... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race – Left field, handshakes and buckets
John Curnow,
Dual Hobart Line Honours winner, Ludde Ingvall, and his billionaire cousin, Sir Michael Hintze, are tilting at the windmill in the 72nd Rolex Sydney Hobart Race. They started on a handshake watching the famous Boxing Day start two years ago, and now for the 2016 race, they have the most radical supermaxi in the event's history.... [more]

10 Best places to catch New Year's Eve fireworks by boat
Danilo Polidori,
Want the best views of the NYE fireworks 2017? Check out these 10 alternative destinations where you can celebrate New Year's Eve with a bang! A new interactive map detailing the top 10 destinations to experience the fireworks by the water has been released by boat hire company Sailogy. The interactive map includes top European cities like Barcelona, Naples and Lisbon...... [more]

A record breaking run is in the wind for the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race
Rob Mundle,
While the weather forecast for the start of the Rolex Sydney Hobart on Boxing Day suggests it will be “a typical Hobart”, where fast downwind will be brought to an abrupt halt by a stiff southerly change, the bigger picture leaves little doubt supermaxi Wild Oats XI's race record time for the 628 nautical mile classic could be lowered by some three hours, possibly more.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Looks like a quick race this year
Jim Gale,
A long range weather forecast predicts a fast, possibly record breaking 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart, according to the Bureau of Meteorology's Jane Golding, Manager, Weather Services NSW.... [more]

Vendee Globe - A scary moment for Sébastien Destremau
Vendee Globe,
This afternoon at 0330hrs UTC and whilst TechnoFirst-faceOcean was sailing in a strong 30 knots of wind with three reefs in the mainsail and the J3, with her skipper inside, a rogue wave put the boat on her side, mast in the water.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Another record for Adrienne Cahalan
Jim Gale,
Ho hum, Adrienne Cahalan is about to break yet another yachting record – this time in the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's Rolex Sydney Hobart - this is a woman who has been a finalist in four international Yachtswoman of the Year nominations, named Australian Yachtswoman of the year in 2002-3 and written a book on her exploits.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race – The Lazarette Pt I
John Curnow,
You never no what you find when you go digging down in a boat's lazarette. You'll also never what you'll find out until you ask! Often, the bigger the boat, the more gear and sometimes the odd gem really does appear. The more cruisy a boat is, the more likely you are to find a plethora of items, akin to Grandpa's shed out the back.... [more]

Aon Youth Worlds - More reactions from the Medalists in pictures
Richard Gladwell, NZ,
The backdrop of a great spell of sailing weather made for a mix of close racing for the medals and indeed all placings. Plus providing a stage for the sailors of the future to shine - with some very dominant performances in some classes, providing a pointer to those who will surely be satnding on the Olympic podium in 2020 and 2024.... [more]

A QandA with Joe Mele of Triple Lindy about the 2016 Sydney Hobart Race
David Schmidt, Sail-World USA Editor,
Ninety boats have entered this year's Sydney to Hobart Race, but only one, Triple Lindy (USA 93310), skipper Joe Mele's Swan 44 from New York, will be flying the proud colors of Old Glory. I caught up with Mele ahead of the race to get his impressions of the event as a first-time contestant, and to learn more about his road to Hobart.... [more]

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