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Rolex Sydney Hobart, 855 mile day for IDEC, Thomson closes on Le Cleac'h


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  30 Dec 2016


Rolex Sydney Hobart - Suck it up, sunshine!

Hobart Start - Daniel Forster - 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart, December 2016  © Rolex/Daniel Forster
The 72nd start of the iconic blue water classic had 300,000 spectators lining the foreshores of Sydney Harbour, another two million watching on TV, and the constant buzz and whir of media helicopters overhead. 88 boats, from Australia, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Japan, Korea, China, oh and New Zealand, had lined up on three start lines.

Drama at the 1300hrs cannon, with the eight times line honours winner, the Oatley family's 100-footer Wild Oats XI, getting a disastrous start. The miked-up for TV broadcast Skipper, Mark ‘Ricko' Richards, complained he could not ‘F-ing see', as on port he was weaving between the wall of carbon sails. Usually a very calm boat, he was also calling a lot for ‘Ease Main!', and ‘Main On', as he ultimately had to duck the sterns of many vessels.

CQS is forced to tack and gets caught with her canting keel on the wrong side  Crosbie Lorimer

Ludde Ingvall's radically revamped CQS nearly capsized after a crash tack to avoid a boat with rights left her canting keel to leeward when the diesel stalled at the exact same time. Whilst this was all this was happening, Anthony Bell's 100-footer, Perpetual Loyal, was cleanly and clearly first out of the Heads, and turned right toward Hobart with moments of 2015 memory pouring in when they could not set the huge 1200m2 A-sail.

Thankfully it got sorted, eventually, but it would be WOXI that got the best set of them all. 87 boats followed Perpetual Loyal. The smallest of them was Sean Langman's 84-year-old classic, wooden 30-footer, Maluka of Kermandie. Yet she was not the last vessel out in malaise of wind and water caused by all the bigger yachts in front of her and the spectator armada now rushing out to see the big'uns scream off towards Hobart.

The Northerly was building. 20's became 30's, with the fleet's leaders speeding offshore to escape an expected soft Southerly change, that in the end was a case of much ado about nothing. The leaders effectively missed it, but those in tier two did hit the doldrums for a while.

Wild Oats XI - 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race  Beth Morley - Sport Sailing Photography©

Yet it was the pencil shaped WOXI that wound up a treat and it was a little after Bateman's Bay at around 1900hrs local when she ascended to the lead and kept sneaking away. The leaders were doing 25-28knots at this stage, disposing of the miles effortlessly. Of course on board that sort of speed is anything but effortless. This is especially so for trimmers and helmers, and these conditions were clearly very favourable, with a new race record up for the beckoning.

These perfect and sustained downwind conditions don't come all that often. Indeed they usually bring a race record when they do as echoes of 1975, when Jim Kilroy's Kiaola III (USA) sailed the 628-nautical mile course in 2d 14h 36m 56 s flooded in. Equally, there was another epic slide in 1999, when the Volvo 60 Nokia (the former Swedish Match), cut the record time to 1 day 19 hours 48 minute and two seconds.

That last record stood until 2005, when the then new (and at that time 98-foot) WOXI cut it a little and then again in 2012 to the mark they were aiming to beat - 1 day 18 hours, 23 minutes and 12 seconds. Back to the 2016 race, and the website computers were at this stage going wild with an unbelievable 24 boats now on record pace.

RSH16 0436 - Perpetual Loyal leads the fleet through the Heads - Rolex Sydney Hobart 2016  Crosbie Lorimer

Too good to be true? Well it certainly was, for as WOXI reached and ran South at serious speed. Whilst deep into the jump from Green Point to Tasmania and almost abeam Flinders Island, WOXI suddenly stopped. Thinking the leader must have a MOB, Perpetual Loyal radioed from astern.

Did they need help? No. WOXI's canting keel hydraulic ram had failed. Disaster had struck the well-prepared and exceptionally sailed short-priced favourite. The crew manually centred their 12-tonne lead keel, and she limped northwards.

Perpetual Loyal blasted on South, with Jim Delegat's Volvo 70 a clear second, and then Maserati third with Scallywag, Beau Geste and Black Jack in a wolf pack. The line honours race stayed a very fast procession, powered by solid Easterlies that turned further North as the leaders struck South.

Anthony Bell's wife, Kelly. congratulates the winner! - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race  © Andrea Francolini

Long story short, three boats broke Wild Oats XI's 2012 record. Anthony Bell's supermaxi Perpetual Loyal eased across the Hobart finish line at 02:31:20 on Day 3 to set a record of 37 hours 31 minutes 20 seconds, almost five hours faster than the old record. Behind her was New Zealander Jim Delegat's Volvo 70, Giacomo, followed by Seng Huang Lee's 100-footer, Scallywag.

After the first three boats arrived, the host of the Derwent River Inn, (aka as Heart Break Hotel) turned off the fans, and abandoned the guests, retiring to bed for the night and a fair bit of the following day. Too many celebratory libations for the hotelier it would seem... A good sleep was in order.

That's why they get paid the big bucks - pointy end specialists get a bath on Giacomo. - 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race  © Andrea Francolini

Peter Harburg's modified Volvo 70 Blackjack, which was the 2011/2012 VOR entrant Telefonica, was the first of the unlucky group home. This was some four and a half hours after Scallywag, followed almost an hour later by Karl Kwok's 80-footer, Beau Geste, and 82 seconds after that by yet another Volvo 70, the 2008/2009 Ericsson 3 which is now Jim Cooney's, Maserati.

The windless misery also extended out into Storm Bay. Some of the radio contact between boats and Hobart Race Control about it all is hilarious, such as with Dark & Stormy. The overall leader, Matt Allen's modified GenV TP52, Ichi Ban, (the former Azzurra and Shogun V, now with taller stick/bigger sails and deeper keel), rounded Tasman Light as clear overall leader under the IRC rule. Soon thereafter she joined a Storm Bay car park and that was her race right there. End of story. The quietening spread further to offshore, as well. It lasted almost a day, and it was game over for overall aspirants everywhere.

Varuna VI, from Germany, and Matt Allen's TP52 Ichi Ban in close competition off Tasman Island - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race  © Rolex/ Kurt Arrigo

So it was to be the giant killing Clubhouse leader, Giacomo, that took the overall IRC win from Perpetual Loyal in second and UBOX, the Franco/Chinese entered Cookson 50, who would get third. Under ORCi, Bin Wang's UBOX won from Paul Clitheroe's TP52 Balance, and Matt Allen's TP52 Ichi Ban.

On PHS (Performance Handicap System), Bruce Watson's normally shorthanded Welbourn 12, Imalizard, won from the Jones 40, Quetzalcoatl, who reported to Sail-World that she had her kite up for 67 of the first 70 hours of the race. That was offshore, around Tasman light, she did not have quite such the same scorecard. Trevor Richardson's Moody Bouys, which is a very cruise Moody 54DS, got third place. Last boat home was the lovely 'local', the Huon Pine S&S, Landfall at 1649hrs on 30/12/16.

Quetzalcoatl  Crosbie Lorimer

In this downhill slide that was 2016, two boats retired with broken rudders, another with headsail damage, one with motor issues, and Wild Oats XI, the eight times race line honours winner and previous race record holder, whilst leading the race.

So why allow a classic ocean race to end with a river wind gate? Surely it would be fairer if it ended at Tasman Light. No way. It is just not going to happen. For 74 years, almost every sailor who has turned right on Boxing Day has been able to tell their grandchildren how on one or more occasions, the boat he or she was on, sailed a brilliant race, was winning their division or the race overall at Tasman Light, only to have victory cruelly torn from their grasp by Huey, the Wind God.

Accordingly, do any of us care if it keeps happening? Nah! Suck it up, Sunshine! It's happened to everyone back in whatever year it was.... And that is why there are sailors who have raced south 25, 40 or even 51 times. If the walls of the Customs House Hotel on Constitution Dock could talk, they would say that Sydney Hobart sailors and Goldfish have a lot in common. They just keep going around and round...

In terms of the 2016 Hobart, our Managing Editor, Mark Jardine, just wanted to say, “Well done to all the Sail-World team. Our contributors were awesome. We had magnificent images from Andrea Francolini, insightful pics from Beth Morley, superlative videos from Crosbie and Dale Lorimer, a totally wicked radio team, and truly tireless sub-editors.”

Trimming, which means the kite is up, from on board Challenge as she passes Cape Raoul - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race  © .

“Of course there were many owners and crews who gave us so much before hand, and also out on the water. Thank you all. All of the sailors, organisers and volunteers also get a special mention. Yet it is you, the readers, who I just wanted to acknowledge and appreciate. So cheers and Happy New Year to you!”

Now don't forget to get your club or association to send in your news via the submit function, just up in the top right of the Sail-World home page. In the meantime, do keep a weather eye on Sail-World. We are here to bring you the whole story...

John Curnow

Rolex Sydney Hobart - Clipper Ventures 5 Arrival VIDEO
Dale Lorimer - Bow Caddy Media,
With so much emphasis placed on the top end of the fleet, we thought we would bring you the arrival in Hobart of the second last boat – Clipper Ventures 5. The race is so much more than the ‘rock stars'.... It is about ordinary men and women competing in a race and their families making sacrifices around Xmas so that their loved ones can compete. Here's to all those families, especially the c... [more]

Vendee Globe - Margin shrinks to 28nm before Le Cleac'h gets breeze
Vendee Globe,
After Alex Thomson on Hugo Boss appears to have completed one of the biggest comebacks ever in the history of the Vendee Globe, reducing his delta to 28 miles this Friday morning from over 800 miles last Friday, his rival Armel Le Cléac'h has found a light easterly breeze and is now moving away from the British skipper who was making just over three knots.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Jim Gale,
Australian sailors can be forgiven for entering the Rolex Sydney Hobart - from knee high they are indoctrinated, told over and over it is perfectly sensible, even laudable, to bash your way to Hobart with an overly full Christmas stomach – it's a cultural thing, a bit like vegemite.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - The Everest of yachting
Quinag Communication,
When Paul Clitheroe and his crew on Balance edged over the finish line in Hobart on Wednesday 28 December at 18:00, one statistic at the Rolex Sydney Hobart was extended for another year. Not since 1965 has a crew successfully defended the Tattersall's Cup, the much-coveted trophy awarded to the overall race winner on handicap.... [more]

Sailor Girl Live in Hobart - Customs House action
Nic Douglass,
Black Sheep, and Balance (winners of IRC Div One, last year's overall winners). Plus a spilt drink, and some roommates: p All standard for Customs House!... [more]

Antigua Sailing Week - Getting ready for the big 50
Sailing Week,
Antigua Sailing Week is celebrating its 50th edition from April 29 – May 5, 2017 and a bumper turn out of exciting boats is anticipated. There are still four months before the start of the historic celebrations, and already 75 yachts from 20 different countries have entered and will be gracing Antigua's world class race tracks... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart - Sean Langman Interview - Video
Dale Lorimer - Bow Caddy Media,
Sean Langman's Maluka of Kermandie is the oldest and smallest yacht in the fleet. We caught up with Sean on his arrival in Hobart and heard about his race. Maluka may be the smallest boat but it wasn't the last to arrive and it also accomplished its fastest race to Hobart so far.... [more]

Jules Verne Trophy - IDEC Sport passes Cape of Good Hope at full speed
IDEC Sport Sailing,
Still at full power, IDEC Sport crossed the longitude of the Cape of Good Hope, the first of the three major capes in the Jules Verne Trophy at 0347 hrs UTC after 12 days and 19 hours. Pushed along in front of a low-pressure system, Francis Joyon and his crew are keeping up high average speeds having sailed 879 miles in 24 hours at an average of 36.6 knots.... [more]

Joe Mele's quest for a Rolex
Bruce Montgomery,
Joe Mele is a New York physician whose office is about the same size as the aft cabin of his Swan design Triple Lindy, which finished last night in the 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.... [more]

Vendee Globe - Thomson cuts leader's 818nm margin to nothing - Day 54
Vendee Globe/ NZ,
British solo racer, Alex Thomson sailing Hugo Boss has cut the lead of Armel Le Cleac'h in Banque Populaire to just 34nm at the latest sked. With the Brit sailing at 14kts to the Frenchman's 4kts - expect a lead change very soon.... [more]

It is not all about carbon fibre at this time of year in Australia.
Alex McKinnon,
Alex McKinnon was out on the water for the Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club's annual National Championships. An amazing day with foreboding skies and then beaming sunshine after a torrential, post cyclonic, rain storm made for hard work for sailors and race management alike. So it may not be black, rather natural earthy colours, but the sailors were in fine fettle for their first day of racing... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race - More merriment on the airwaves
John Curnow,
So on December 29, 2016, after the River Derwent had let just three boats home (Perpetual Loyal, Giacomo and Scallywag, all inside the old race record, she went to sleep for a lot of the day. This made it frustrating for the sailors, some of whom saw the lighter side. So after seeing some of those in Dark & Stormy, here are more examples of merriment on the airwaves between the boats and HRC... [more]

Brochure For Wildwind 2017 Season Now Available-
Simon Morgan, Wildwind,
We hope that you had a fantastic Christmas day and New Year's Eve! Just a short note to let you know that our 2017 brochure is now available on line.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart - Tattersall's Cup Presentation to Giacomo - Video
Dale Lorimer - Bow Caddy Media,
Giacomo has been declared the winner of the Tattersall's Cup. Bow Caddy was at the presentation and here are some of the highlights on video.... [more]

Jim Delegat on how Giacomo won the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race
Di Pearson,
The enormity of winning the race, following the shock of finishing second over the line and one of three boats inside Wild Oats XI's 2012 record, beating two supermaxis, not to mention the rest, was a little overwhelming. Both his sons Nikolas (20) and James (18) sailing his first Hobart, added to the immensity of the occasion.... [more]

Sydney Hobart Race-Dark and stormy, well because it is Dark and Stormy
John Curnow,
Well it is now dark and the rain 'storms' have passed, but proving that there is a lighter side to the frustrations that is a race to Hobart, the custom Murray 37, Dark & Stormy had a wonderful exchange on the radio. Quite possibly it was co-owner and Navigator Terry Courts on the VHF in the super-frank exchange with Hobart Race Control at around 1928hrs on 29/12/16.... [more]

New 2017-2020 World Sailing Rules Racing Signals sticker just printed
Lance Ross,
The sticker cannot show all the rules' comprehensive details, thus the wording is brief help only and refers to the official rules' numbers. The official World Sailing Rules book was published in September. I believe it is the ONLY sticker that shows all the signals.... [more]

Ancasta set for the London and Dusseldorf Boat Shows
Ancasta International Boat Sales,
With just eight days until the doors open, the excitement is building around the London Boat Show 2017. The show is open from the sixth-15th January 2017 and Ancasta are proud to announce this year's line-up.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race - Tony Cable sails into record with number 51
The 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has provided Tony Cable with two line honours, an overall victory, lifetime membership of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia - and a wife.... [more]

Another dose of Rolex Sydney Hobart for Chutzpah
Jim Gale,
Melbournian Bruce Taylor's downwind flier, Chutzpah, is the first of the 40 footers to arrive in Hobart, crossing the line 30 minutes ahead of her divisional arch rivals, Elena Nova and Simply Fun.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race - Wicked
John Curnow,
Father and Son outfit, Wicked, are Matt and Mark Welsh from Melbourne. Matt is at home on the couch after knee surgery, but Mark is out on the water, approaching Hobart. From on board he said, 'Amazing race. Barely any windward work. Just does not get better than this. Bit of gear damage cost us early, and we had to sail a little conservatively.'... [more]

Giacomo - A matter of meticulous planning and execution for RSHYR win
Bruce Montgomery,
In a quiet corner of the Hobart marina where the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race finishers are trickling in at the end of their trials and tribulations on the high seas, the voice of an eloquent Kiwi yachtsman provides the clue to his success. Jim Delegat, owner-skipper of the race-winning V70 Giacomo, is a man who chooses his words carefully.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race 2016 - Ichi Ban - Matt Allen Interview Video
Dale Lorimer - Bow Caddy Media,
After being considered the pre race favourite by many for the overall handicap win on IRC - and having made their fastest run ever from Sydney to Tasman Island - the Ichi Ban team hit Storm Bay where it all went pear-shaped. The Bow Caddy Team spoke to Matt Allen, owner and skipper after the race.... [more]

Sailor Girl Live in Hobart - 'Bloody brilliant' defence
Nic Douglass,
Paul Clitheroe on his 'bloody brilliant' defence, and celebrations with the UBox team! Ichi Ban docking, a look over Chinese Whisper and then a chat with Sophie Ciszek and Matt Allen from Ichi Ban. These guys were so close but for that bloody Derwent!... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race - Accepting the Challenge
John Curnow,
When you buy a boat like the late Lou Abrahma's Sydney 38, Challenge, you're almost obliged to keep taking her South at Christmas time. Luckily this has not been a problem for Chris Mrakas and his new crew, which includes Bruce Reidy... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race- Tattersalls Cup Presented to Giacomo
Crosbie Lorimer - Bow Caddy Media,
At 2pm this afternoon the Commodore of the CYCA John Markos presented the Tattersall's Cup to Jim Delegat, skipper and owner of the Volvo 70 Giaocomo, here in Hobart. Delegat, for whom this was the fourth race to Hobart, described himself as thrilled at the achievement, and not least that he was able to share the experience with his sons Nikolas and James. Here are some images of the trophy... [more]

America's Cup accelerating into 2017
America's Cup,
2017 is the year of the 35th America's Cup. The oldest trophy in international sport and a competition that will see six teams fighting it out on Bermuda's Great Sound for the ultimate prize in sailing, and, arguably, the hardest trophy to win in sport.... [more]

Volvo Ocean Race - Dongfeng Racing take delivery of their VO65
Jonno Turner,
After an outstanding result in the Rolex Sydney Hobart, Dongfeng Racing now turn to the 2017/18 Volvo Ocean Race which gets underway in ten months time. Just before Christmas the team took delivery of their good as new, refitted Volvo Ocean 65.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race - CQS Interview with Ludde Ingvall - Video
Crosbie Lorimer - Bow Caddy Media,
The CQS team arrived in Hobart yesterday, crossing the line in rain and very little wind. Skipper Ludde Ingvall and cousin Sir Michael Hintze was upbeat about their race despite the yacht losing the tip of her DSS foil and the flaps.... [more]

America's Cup - Oracle Team USA on the significance of a botched tack,
In this video from Oracle Team USA, the team traces the history of the foiling tack and claim that a missed foiling tack could be the difference between winning an America's Cup race - same as a missed foiling gybe had major repercussions in the 34th America's Cup sailed in AC72's.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race – 67 out of 70
John Curnow,
It's a pretty awesome score in anybody's language. When it is the number of hours you spend under kite in the 72nd Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race so far, then it is more than A+++. Anto Sweetapple from on board the Jones 40, Quetzalcoatl, reports in from at sea for us.... [more]

Sailor Girl Live in Rolex Sydney Hobart
Nic Douglass,
It's still raining, but we might just catch Black Jack Yachting, Maserati and Beau Geste Racing as they finally approach the finish!... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart - Winning - part of Perpetual Loyal's winning crew
Barbara Campos,
John Winning, CEO of Appliances Online and Winning Group, was a team member of the crew that won line honours in the 2016 Sydney to Hobart yacht race in record time on Perpetual Loyal.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart 2016 - The 60 Hour report card
John Curnow,
The state of play 60 hours into the 72nd running of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. At 0100hrs Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time this morning, 16 boats had finished the 2016 race. Five boats had retired, and 67 boats were still on the water.... [more]

Thomas Coville and Sodebo - A most extraordinary sailing feat
Brian Hancock,
On Christmas Day the loop was closed on one of the most extraordinary sailing feats in modern history. The French sailor Thomas Coville set a new record for the fastest solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the globe and he not only broke the record, he absolutely slayed it knocking more than 8 days off the previous record held by fellow Frenchman Francis Joyon.... [more]

Jules Verne Trophy – IDEC Sport does an 855nm day in record chase
Agence Mer and Media,
Francis Joyon and his small crew of just five are causing the speedo to go crazy, sailing 855 miles in the past 24 hours, averaging 35.59 knots. This performance is set to continue, “maybe all the way to Australia,” stated a cautious Francis Joyon, with the maxi-trimaran sailing safely with peak speeds of 44 knots recorded during the night.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race – UBOX claims third place overall under IRC
Dongfeng Race Team,
Charles Caudrelier and a mixed French and Chinese crew aboard the Cookson 50, UBOX, reached Hobart in Tasmania earlier today at the end of a storming race that saw them finish – provisionally – in third place on handicap.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race images from start, to river to dockside
John Curnow,
Rolex's photographers have been busy taking images from the water, the air, and also back on the quay. They have found the leaders, winners and also gone back through the fleet to see who was where. Please enjoy these shots from the 2016 the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race – the second step for CQS and 2017
John Curnow,
It was a frustrating end to a frustrating race for the newest supermaxi to compete in the 2016 Rolex Sydney to Hobart race. It was just her second ever race, with her first, the White Island Race in New Zealand, producing a line honours win. While Ludde Ingvall's radical new 98-footer CQS had a very slow passage across an almost windless Storm Bay and River Derwent.... [more]

World Sailing - The World Sailing Show - December 2016
World Sailing,
December 2016 edition of the World Sailing Show summarising the month in the world of sailing covering America's Cup, racing in the Southern Ocean and more. Plus, Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Sir Russell Coutts; our tribute to a spectacular year afloat along with news and views from around the world.... [more]

Sulky Derwent can't dampen a great 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart
Jim Gale,
Four hours drifting in the Derwent River was not how Jim Cooney, the skipper of the Volvo Open 70 Maserati, planned to finish the 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart - earlier this morning he had expected to cross the line around 6am, inside Wild Oats XI's 2012 record time – that was before the wind died on the river.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race - Images of Recent Finishers
Crosbie Lorimer - Bow Caddy Media,
There was a long gap of almost six hours between finishers after Beau Geste and Maserati crossed the line shortly after 10am this morning. Eventually a group of 50 and 60 footers followed Ludde Ingvall's CQS across the line after 4pm with first Alive, then Chinese Whisper, Ichi Ban and UBOX finishing before 6pm.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race - Perpetual Loyal Interviews - VIDEO
Dale Lorimer - Bow Caddy Media,
With Perpetual Loyal taking the Line Honours win and breaking the race record item by a substantial margin, we caught up with Tom Addis, Navigator and Tony Mutter, Sailing Master to hear how the boat had performed and what the winning moves were.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race action-shots by Lachlan Murnaghan
Rolex Sydney Hobart,
Lachlan Murnaghan provided this gallery of images from 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart - What a way to celebrate your 25th
Jim Gale,
When Perpetual Loyal smashed the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race record this morning, it was record number two for her Boat Manager, Brad Kellett, all in the space of less than two days.... [more]

RSHYR - Loyal skipper and his crew maintained their faith
Bruce Montgomery,
The bookies didn't back Loyal to win line honours in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, but the crew backed themselves in terms of maintaining their faith in a boat that was built to be the fastest super maxi in the world but that had never delivered, not as Speedboat nor Rambler nor Perpetual Loyal.... [more]

Giacomo beats Scallywag to second on line in Rolex Sydney Hobart
Di Pearson,
You could not wipe the grin from Jim Delegat's face when he arrived at the dock in Hobart after skippering his Volvo 70, Giacomo, to second place on line in the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's iconic Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race this evening.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart 2016 - Perpetual takes Line Honours VIDEO
Dale Lorimer - Bow Caddy Media,
At 2.31am on Wednesday morning, Anthony Bell's Perpetual Loyal took out Line Honours in a new record time just before the rain set in and the wind dropped away. Bow Caddy caught the action.... [more]

Andrea Francolini's magnificent dockside images of Perpetual Loyal
John Curnow,
Here is a gallery of Andrea Francolini's magnificent dockside images of Perpetual Loyal. A wonderful celebration, which has now moved on to the famous Custom's House Hotel.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race- More Loyal Images by Bow Caddy Media
Crosbie Lorimer,
It's raining here in Hobart and the Perpetual Loyal team has packed up the boat and headed for the Customs House to celebrate. Anthony Bell told the media on the dock that he is not proposing to return with Loyal next year as he has other plans for sailing that he was reluctant to disclose today, preferring to focus on the event.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart - Nic Douglass chats with the crew of Giacomo
Nic Douglass and Sail-World/NZ,
Adventures of a Sailor Girl, Nic Douglass, caught up with the crew of Giacomo, Jim Delegat's Volvo 70 - formerly the winner of the 2011/12 Volvo Ocean Race, Groupama - skippered by Franck Cammas. The Volvo 70 had the misfortune to lose her mast in the 2014 Sydney Hobart necessitating a difficult extraction from Australia to New Zealand, where she was fitted with a new spar by Southern Spars.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart - Live coverage from Hobart presented by Zhik
Nic Douglass,
Leading sailing apparel manufacturer, Zhik, has sponsored Nic Douglass - Adventures of a Sailor Girl's coverage of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Race, live dockside from Sydney. All the interviews and perspectives on what could and might happen in the 628nm offshore classic from the inimitable Nic Douglass.... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race - Line Honours Images by Bow Caddy Media
Crosbie Lorimer,
Wild Oats XI's 2012 Line Honours record race time to Hobart of 1 day 18 hours and 23 minutes has been well and truly consigned to history, with Anthony Bell's Perpetual Loyal taking the JH Illingworth Trophy and beating the previous record by 4 hours, 51 minutes and 52 seconds. Perpetual Loyal enjoyed a 10-12 knot nor-easter all the way up the Derwent River, sailing on one tack from the Iron Po... [more]

Rolex Sydney Hobart Race – Race record smashed
john Curnow,
On Day Three (just) of the 72nd Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, in the strongest downwind conditions in recent times, certainly as good as the 1999 iteration of the blue water classic, Anthony Bell's supermaxi, Perpetual Loyal, the former Speedboat and then Rambler 100, smashed the race record for the famous 628-nautical mile event.... [more]

Vendée Globe – First Cape Horn for Jérémie Beyou
Vendée Globe,
It took him 51 days one hour and 42 minutes since the race started on 6th November in Les Sables d'Olonne.... [more]

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