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If Zika more damaging then Ebola, should Rio 2016 become London 2016?


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  01 Feb 2016


If Zika more damaging then Ebola, should Rio 2016 become London 2016?

The Christ Redeemer statue, left, overlooks Guanabara bay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Rio 2016 Olympics  
Right now, it's 186 days to Rio 2016 and athletes worldwide who have dedicated years of their lives to achieving excellence in the sport of sailing, and all have deferred many of life's other meaningful goals-such as careers or starting families-in order to try to win glory for their countries are at risk because a viral pandemic is putting the Olympics-and possibly their family's futures-at risk.

For those who have not been following the headlines, Brazil and other South American countries are experiencing a widespread outbreak of the Zika virus, which is transmitted by mosquito bites (and possibly through bodily fluids, but this has yet to be proven), and from pregnant mothers to their unborn children.

An Aedes Aegypti mosquito on human skin in a lab in Cali, Colombia. Scientists there are studying the genetics and biology of this mosquito, which transmits the Zika virus  

According to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Zika is typically spread by the “Aedes” species of mosquito, which is also the vector for the dengue fever and chikungunya viruses.

Apparently only one in five people who contract the Zika virus experience any effects, which can run the gamut from mild symptoms to fevers, rashes, joint pain, or conjunctivitis.

But that hardly matters, because health officials strongly believe that there is a correlation between the virus and a surge in the number of babies born with microcephaly - a birth defect where children are born with significantly smaller heads than healthy infants. This in turn leads to a raft of other problems for the baby, including significant mental disabilities, seizures, and developmental issues.

World-wide this virus could cause millions of babies to be born with a life damaging disability, perhaps this could a much bigger threat to global health than the Ebola epidemic that killed more than 11,000 people in Africa.

That is the stark claim of several senior health experts ahead of an emergency meeting of the World Health Organisation on Monday which will decide whether the Zika threat – which is linked to an alarming rise in cases of foetal deformation called microcephaly – should be rated a global health crisis.

“In many ways the Zika outbreak is worse than the Ebola epidemic of 2014-15,” said Jeremy Farrar, head of the Wellcome Trust. “Most virus carriers are symptomless. It is a silent infection in a group of highly vulnerable individuals – pregnant women – that is associated with a horrible outcome for their babies.ยจ'

As a result of the Zika outbreak and the possible connection to microcephaly, several Central and South American countries - including Ecuador, El Salvador, Jamaica and Colombia - have asked women to avoid becoming pregnant for the next two years. Repeat TWO years.

Already some airlines - including United - are offering some ticketed passengers (e.g., pregnant women, or women who plan to become pregnant, which of course could be any woman of child bearing age, that is any Olympic female athlete) headed to the affected regions an option to delay their trip or to get a refund.

Whilst there is a strong chance that the Zika virus will spread to other areas of the world where the Aedes mosquito is found (read: all of North and South America, with the exception of Canada, as well as wide swaths of the rest of the planet including much of Southern Europe, Africa and Asia), there is an equally strong chance that travellers and athletes who are attending the Games could inadvertently accelerate this spread by bringing the Zika virus back home to their family, friends and communities.

Then there's the question of how long one can remain infected and therefore serve as a vector for the virus. This last point is especially worrisome for women of childbearing age, as women can transmit the Zika virus to their unborn babies. Worse still, depending on the duration that a human can serve as a Zika vector, it could take years to know the full extent of the microcephaly risk.

Women of child bearing age are being warned to consider trips to Brazil 'carefully' ahead of the Olympic Games this August. Pictured: Geovane Silva holds his son Gustavo Henrique, who has microcephaly - one of more than 4,000 babies to be born with the condition in the last 12 months  Reuters

Given the fact that medical authorities are already suggesting the need for a two-year pregnancy deferment, medical authorities asked when would they know if future pregnancies could produce babies with micro-encephaphy or other devastating birth defects say in five years' time, answered we won't know for five years.

With The Australian Olympic Committee now advising female athletes to consider the health implications, some Australian female athletes already selected for Rio have said they will delay their decision on whether to compete or not until July, because of the fast moving situation.

The standing water in the slums of Rio and the waterways leading into Guanabara Bay are perfect breeding grounds for the transmission via the bite of mosquitoes from the Aedes genus, primarily Aedes aegypti, but others found including the Asian tiger mosquito now also common in Italy, France and Spain.

Given the fact that Brazil's promises on pollution control have not translated into action, it would be a brave of sporting administrators to assume that the mosquito would be controlled by August 2016.

Tyres and sewage float in Guanabara Bay near Rio's international port  Eliseu Cavalcante

For Rio 2016 the only good news from this potential disaster is that the possibility of getting a gastro intestinal tract infection from the faecal pollution in Guanabara Bay hardly matters when one is weighing the risks of brings a massively damaged child into the world, as a result of Rio 2016 participation.

OK, rant done, now to some more cheerful sailing news...

“Stupendously stonking spinnaker runs” - Clipper 2015-16 Round the World Yacht Race  Clipper Ventures

Clipper fleet powered by trade winds are now sailing an extended course to ensure they don't arrive early in Da Nang Vietnam, with the holidays preventing custom clearance before the end of the Tet New Year holiday.

World Match Racing series - Monsoon Cup in Jahore Malaysia, last of the monohull series won impressively by Ian Williams and his Pindar Team, his sixth WMRT world championship win. History will be made in Perth WA when the WS match racing pinnacle event switches to multihulls for the March 2-7th regatta.

2016 ISAF Sailing World Cup - Miami  Richard Langdon /Ocean Images ©

Excellent World Sailing Cup event in Miami has just finished, with 780 competitors competing. Remember only 380 sailors will be competing at the 2016 Olympic regatta.

Interestingly the World Sailing Head of Events Alistair Fox told sailing insiders at the Yachting Racing Forum in Geneva in December that the number of WSC events was set to be reduced, with rumours that at least one of the WS executive suggesting that even Miami should be cut from the roster, (even the most despairing of WS critics cannot believe our governing Executive would allow such a demented cut.)

Worrisome times ahead for sports administrators and sailors alike, right now the only thing we can all do to cheer us up is to go sailing!!

Rob Kothe, Editor at Large, Sail-World and Y&Y

Solo Round the World 2015/16 – Yellow flag on the track
Joe Harris - GryphonSolo2,
As I approach both Cape Leeuwin, Australia and the chronological estimated half-way point of the journey on Monday Feb 1 (Day 67), I am also facing a building gale right in front of me. I was first warned of this yesterday by Commanders Weather who advised me to 'Slow Down!' so that the storm would have time to weaken before I got to it.... [more]
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2016 ISAF Sailing World Cup - Miami - Tense final day
Daniel Smith,
2016 ISAF Sailing World Cup - Miami - The tension on the water at Sailing World Cup Miami presented by Sunbrella was fully loaded as Medal Races across the ten Olympic fleets drew the first big regatta of 2016, the Olympic year, to a close.... [more]
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2016 ISAF Sailing World Cup - Miami - Jorge Zarif in action
Robert Deaves,
2016 ISAF Sailing World Cup - Miami - Jorge Zarif (BRA) kept his cool in the tense and exciting medal race at the Sailing World Cup Miami to keep his overnight lead and walk away with his first World Cup win. The London 2012 silver medallist, Jonas Hogh-Christensen (DEN) had to settle for silver while Arkadiy Kistanov (RUS) sailed an exceptional race to take the race win and the bronze.... [more]
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SB20 Asian Grand Slam and Asia Pacific Championships - Day 1 + Video
Icarus Sailing,
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New Super 12s promise exciting racing
Meg Ehman,
Britton Ward, the lead designer for the new Super 12 Class, says the racing yachts will sail on average one minute per mile faster than the International 12 Meter Class yachts that raced in the America's Cup from 1958 through 1987. Ward, of Farr Yacht Design, gave updated statistics Thursday night during a presentation in front of a standing-room-only crowd at Balboa Yacht Club.... [more]
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World Match Racing Tour - Monsoon Cup - Tough calls
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Clipper Round the World Race - Fleet hit by 50 knot gusts in Tropics
The Clipper Race,
2015 -16 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race - As a low pressure front continues to develop over the fleet, the circulatory winds are increasing with gusts of up to 50 knots, as the front runners approach the halfway mark in the Da Nang New Discovery of Asia Race.... [more]
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2016 World Match Racing Tour – Williams steals Canfield's thunder
2016 World Match Racing Tour – Taylor Canfield (ISV) dominated the first two days of the Monsoon Cup but today Ian Williams (GBR) managed to ruin his perfect score with a masterful execution of the start.... [more]
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Rio 2016 Olympics - Do new health risks justify re-location?
David Schmidt, Sail-World,
Ahead is the last vital months leading up to Rio 2016. Athletes have dedicated years of their lives to achieving excellence in the sport of sailing. Yet as these dedicated athletes fight hard to do well in a regatta that (country depending) helps determine Olympic berths, a little-known virus is putting the Olympics-and possibly their futures-at risk.... [more]
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Farr 40 Australia- Nationals preview with Lang Walker of Kokomo +Video
Nic Douglass,
Nic Douglass took the opportunity today to sit down with Lang Walker to chat about his return to sailing, Farr 40 sailing, why he likes the Farr 40 class in general, and of course the Nationals that are coming up this weekend, ahead of the Worlds in Australia in a fortnight.... [more]
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2018-2019 Barcelona World Race pre-notice
Work is now underway on the fourth Barcelona World Race, the non-stop two-handed round-the-world race that starts and ends in Barcelona. Now approved by the RFEV (the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation) and the IMOCA class, the FNOB has published the Pre-Notice of Race, which is the first step towards holding of the only round-the-world, two handed, nonstop race organised by a Spanish organisation.... [more]
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Finn Class announces U23 Finn World Championship
Robert Deaves,
The International Finn Association has announced a decision to change the age for its Junior titles from under 22 years old to U23.... [more]
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WMRT Monsoon Cup – Another giant-killing performance +Video
World Match Racing Tour,
World Match Racing Tour – Local hero Hazwan Dermawan (MAS) wowed his Malaysian fans with another giant-killing performance in Qualifying Session two of the Monsoon Cup.... [more]
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2016 RS Tera World Championships – Entry is open
Sally Campbell,
Entry is now open for the long-awaited RS Tera World Championship 2016 (Pro and Sport) to be held in Santona, Northern Spain, hosted by Club de Vela Santona and organised by the International RS Tera Class Association. Santona is one of the oldest and most genuine fishing towns in Cantabria, at the foot of Mount Buciero and close to some beautiful beaches.... [more]
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Oh dear, now a 9th emergency, should they be stopped?,
Two yachtsmen have called rescue teams a ninth time in seven months after their boat 'tipped over', causing a fire on board. One wonders if there is any law that can stop this farce, before someone dies?... [more]
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World Match Racing Tour Monsoon Cup – Qualifying Sessions Live Action,
World Match Racing Tour – Fans of the Monsoon Cup didn't have to wait long for the first major upset of the regatta, when in Match one of Flight one in Qualifying, local sailor Hazwan Dermawan beat Australia's Keith Swinton on Malaysian home waters.... [more]
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World Sailing surprised by ex-CEO comments on Olympic venue shift
Richard Gladwell, NZL,
World Sailing says that it is surprised by comments attributed to the former ISAF Chief Executive Officer Peter Sowrey in a recent interview with Associated Press. The story which appeared today claimed that Peter Sowrey, who had lasted just five months in the CEO role, had been pushing for a venue move.... [more]
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Major Cowes fire destroys one-designs and classic keelboats
Helen Fretter for Y&Y and Sail-World,
A fire at a boatyard in West Cowes on the Isle of Wight yesterday, Monday January 25, has seen the destruction of around 30 yachts and one-design dayboats, including many irreplaceable classics.... [more]
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