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When great X-pectations are surpassed

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X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine

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The X-Yachts Gold Cup is something special: In an era where the reporting at many top events includes words such as pinnacle, performance and elite repeatedly, what I heard from the competitors in Aarhus, Denmark, was all about community, fun, laughter, and camaraderie.

It's not that the racing wasn't hard, or contested fiercely, as it surely was with many champions in the fleet. It was the atmosphere that sailors arrived to, and the spirit which was maintained throughout the event. The X-Yachts Gold Cup was a celebration of everything that is good about yacht racing.

X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine
X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine

Aarhus is known as the city of smiles, which makes it the perfect place to host the X-Yachts Gold Cup. The dock area has been redeveloped massively over the past couple of decades and, combined with the stunning coastline, makes for a jaw-dropping backdrop to the racing.

The courses are varied, with the Sports class enjoying windward-leeward racing on the first day and coastal racing on the second. The Family class had coastal racing on both days, with each race divided into two scores for the first and second half of the course. Even the names of these races are fun, with The Castle Experience on day one and The Light Tower Voyage on day two.

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X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Nicolai Bache
X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Nicolai Bache

The area was new to me, the format was something I hadn't done before, but it was easy to relax into the event from the off. Coming together as a crew on a charter X4.3 mk II, we had an Englishman, an Australian, a Kiwi, a Dane, a Dutchman and a Spaniard. We were truly multinational but gelled straight away as a team, surprising ourselves with our performance. It was an unforgettable regatta for us all. Yes, we concentrated hard on the tactics and trim, trying to get everything we could out of the yacht, but we also took the time to soak up the atmosphere and sights, chat and laugh, relax and smile. I've got all the aches and pains I usually associate with completing a hard regatta, but this time feel very mellow at the end of it.

Ben and Catherine Solly travelled over from Australia to compete, as the centrepiece of a wider European vacation, as Ben explained:

"Kevin Wallis, the Australian X-Yachts Dealer, introduced us to the event, and knowing we'd be sailing with other passionate X-Yacht owners, there were was no question that we had to be here."

Catherine spoke of the atmosphere at the event:

"I can think of Antigua Race Week being a similar communal event, but I've really enjoyed meeting the Danish people and their support and friendship has been wonderful. I love this spirit of great sailing, and the fact that no-one protested, and to win the regatta trophy overall, the category winners were drawn out of the cup!"

X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine
X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine

Ben identified straight away what made the X-Yachts Gold Cup a success:

"I think the key to anything in life is about the people. To be here and experience the event was special. X-Yachts is more than a brand; in life we buy items such a stove, an iron, and other things to help our life go well, but they're not emotional; something we buy for our leisure, pleasure and enjoyment is a different thing, and that's what our X-Yacht has done for us."

Sailing has many terms already, and sailing on multinational teams reveals a couple of new terms for familiar concepts, as Catherine described:

"We learned about the butterfly, which is what we know as goose-winging the headsail. We think the butterfly is a far more elegant term! Also 'let it fly' which means 'ease it out' - it all makes sense.

"The courses were really good for providing conversation periods. If you're doing windward/leeward returns it's full-on the whole time, but on the coastal course we could chat about different things such as our family and countries, so it was really nice, while taking in the coastline as well."

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X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine
X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine

X-Yachts already has a reputation which is second to none for the quality of their yachts, but know that to differentiate themselves they need to offer a lifestyle. The X-Yachts Gold Cup is a part of that, and it was striking how many of the owners were on their second or third X-Yacht. None though can surpass Søren Jensen, who is on his sixth:

"I started sailing X-Yachts in 1981 with a X-79. The boats, the friendship, and the service from X-Yachts is what keeps bringing me back. We keep our yacht in winter storage with X-Yachts, and when we come back in the Spring they meet us as friends, not as customers. Here we had a little problem with the boat, and when we arrived in the harbour Steen at X-Yachts was ready to help us straight away.

"Our current yacht (an X4.0) sails very well, is great to live on, so my wife and I spend a lot of hours on the boat. It's cosy on the inside, but we are outside most of the time, where the sailing is perfect. When we meet other X-Yachts in a harbour it's always like meeting up with friends.

"We have one new crew on our team, who is fifteen years old, but I also sail with my best friend John, who I have sailed with since I was ten years old! We have been sailing X-Yachts together now for 42 years."

X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine
X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine

Sailing Aarhus is run by a team of four. The management of major events of course takes far more than this, and an incredible community of volunteers steps up every time the Aarhus International Sailing Centre holds a regatta.

At any one time Sailing Aarhus runs multiple events, and was a hive of activity during the Gold Cup as there was Sailing League racing happening in J/70s, 29ers and RS Fevas out training, and many other sailors training. The team are well versed in managing this as Jon Koch Hansen, CEO of Sailing Aarhus, explained:

"These events are important for us. We are a non-profit organisation and a joint venture of five sailing clubs. It all started around twenty years ago, but when we had the World Sailing Championships in 2018 we got the five clubs to bring it all together, with up to eight courses on some days. We contact the clubs who have a regatta council and divide the tasks up. It's a big job, but the co-ordination is working well.

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X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine
X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine

"The X-Yachts Gold Cup is great for us as it's big boats, a great crowd and a lot of parties - a lot happening during a weekend like this. We have a strategy to have one or two big events during the year, such as last year when we had the 49er, 49er FX and Nacra 17 Europeans, and this year we hosted The Ocean Race together with the City of Aarhus, and next year we're hosting three world championships, so we do everything from small, local events for the youth up to the X-Yachts Gold Cup with our great partners, and the big championships."

Running multiple events at the same time has the added bonus of exposing sailors to other parts of the sport, and introducing opportunities that they might otherwise not find.

X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine
X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine

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Jon was full of praise for the army of volunteers, as were all the competitors at the event:

"We are truly thankful. We wouldn't exist without them. Obviously we couldn't do what we do without them. On a weekend like this we have around two hundred volunteers, so we have a volunteer co-ordinator who has a huge scheme to divide up who's serving breakfast, who's on the water, and so on. They are our life-blood."

The event was capped off with a prize-giving dinner, followed by a superb Bruce Springsteen tribute band, where the sailors danced and partied the night away.

X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine
X-Yachts Gold Cup 2023 - photo © Mark Jardine

It was a privilege to experience the X-Yachts Gold Cup and see first-hand the ethos behind the X-Yachts brand. This is what makes great sailing memories and without a doubt has seen all the competitors going away from the event wanting more. It's exactly what sailing needs.

Mark Jardine and Managing Editor

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2023 Allianz Sailing World Championships in The Hague hailed as inspirational and historic
The Allianz Sailing World Championships has been described as "inspirational and historic" after two new Olympic classes and Para Sailing made their first appearance at the quadrennial event.

GKA Freestyle Kite World Cup Dunkerque, France 2023 - Men's finals
The finals' showdown at the GKA Freestyle Kite World Cup France, in Dunkerque, is finely balanced after the four men threw down massive opening tricks that promised a thriller. The heat was suspended mid-way through when the teasing breezes dropped out.

2023 Hamilton Island Race Week - Day 2
Sailors were rewarded for keeping their eyes out of the boat on the second day of Hamilton Island Race Week.

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CYCA to host 2023 World Sailing Youth Match Racing World Championship
World Sailing is pleased to announce the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia as the host of the 2023 World Sailing Youth Match Racing World Championship, to be conducted from Saturday 9 December to Friday 15 December 2023.

Australian Sailing Team at Allianz Sailing World Championships - Overall
Perth's Matt Wearn has broken through for his maiden ILCA 7 World Championship, breaking a run of three consecutive silver medals.

Paris2024: 32 countries qualify for Marseille off the 2023 Worlds
After the conclusion of the first qualifying Event, 32 countries have earned places for the 2024 Olympic Regatta to be staged in Marseille in July-August 2024.

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5.5 Metre Joran Cup at Cercle de la voile de Grandson - Overall
Caracole (SUI 214, Bernard HAISSLY, Daniel STAMPFLI, Nicolas BERTHOUD) has cleaned up in the 5.5 Metre fleet at Cercle de la voile de Grandson, on Lac de Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

Chicago Grand Slam Match Racing hosted by Chicago Yacht Club
August 20 wrapped up the Chicago Grand Slam hosted by Chicago YC, the first in the series of four World Sailing Grade 2 MR regattas that comprise the USA Grand Slam Series earning the winner an invitation to Long Beach Yacht Club's Congressional Cup.

Hamilton Island Race Week with Bow Caddy Media
The entire Bow Caddy Media Team are at Hamilton Island Race Week to bring you the action with their interviews and reviews.

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The 2023 Maui Strong Aloha Classic - Crowning the 2023 Wave World Champions
The 2023 Maui Strong Aloha Classic is confirmed! This will be the Grand Final of the Unified PWA IWT Wave Tour.

2023 Allianz Sailing World Championships in The Hague - Day 10
Hungary's Maria Erdi came through an exceptionally tight medal race to claim the final gold of the 2023 Allianz Sailing World Championships in The Hague.

ILCA classes at the 2023 Allianz Sailing World Championships - Overall
The final medal races were completed today, closing out the 2023 Allianz Sailing World Championships, and Australia's Tokyo gold medalist Matt Wearn and Hungary's two-time Olympian Mária Érdi were named 2023 world champions.

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2023 Hamilton Island Race Week - Day 1
Hamilton Island Race Week 2023 got under way in stunning conditions, with sunshine and a south-easterly breeze of 18-22 knots for the fleet of close to 180.

18ft Skiffs: The Donnelly name in 18 footers
One of the famous boat names in the 18 footers 131-year history is 'Donnelly', which originated in the 1890s, to honour a pioneer boat builder, and remained on Sydney Harbour until the early 1970s.

Australian Sailing Team at Allianz Sailing World Championships - Day 9
Australia's ILCA 7 Olympic Champion Matt Wearn has pulled off a stunning final Gold fleet race to build an unassailable 20-point lead going into tomorrow's Medal Race at the Sailing World Championships.

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75th Edinburgh Cup and UK Dragon Grand Prix 2023 at the Royal Yacht Squadron - Overall
The fifth and final race of the 75th Edinburgh Cup and UK Dragon Grand Prix sponsored by Clear Solutions was reminiscent of the great 12 Metre battles of the America's Cup, as two of the World's most talented sailors went head-to-head.

2023 Allianz Sailing World Championships in The Hague - Day 9
Foiling Saturday delivered with thrills, spills and spectacular speeds as two new Olympic classes put on a show at the Allianz Sailing World Championships.

ILCA classes at the 2023 Allianz Sailing World Championships - Day 7
Two races were completed today at the 2023 Allianz Sailing World Championships, and Australia's Tokyo gold medalist Matt Wearn has nearly claimed the title of 2023 ILCA 7 World Champion, the day before the final medal race.

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Yacht Club Punta del Este Team to circumnavigate the globe with Uruguayan skipper at the helm
Following a second-place finish in the Clipper 2019-20 Race, the team representing Yacht Club Punta del Este is back for another circumnavigation.

Cup Spy August 18: Luna Rossa enjoys another beautiful foiling day in Sardinia
Two America's Cup Challengers sailed on Friday in good testing conditions off Cagliari and Barcelona. Both sailed their custom designed test boats.

5.5 Metre Swiss Open at Cercle de la voile de Grandson - Overall
Caracole (SUI 214, Bernard HAISSLY, Daniel STAMPFLI, Nicolas BERTHOUD) has won the 2023 5.5 Metre Swiss Open on Lac de Neuchâtel, Switzerland, after an amazingly consistent performance that left them two points ahead of Aspire.

Cyclops 2023 August MPU   X-Yachts 2022 AUS SAIL X5.6 MPU
PredictWind introduces revolutionary AI Polars
PredictWind, the world leader in marine forecasting, has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation that will redefine the future of weather routing with Automated AI Polars.

Australian Sailing Team at Allianz Sailing World Championships - Day 8
Australia's 49erFX team of Olivia Price and Evie Haseldine have won a bronze medal at the 2023 Sailing World Championship, a best-ever World Championship performance by Australian sailors in the 49erFX.

Seldén Mast launches Seldén Pro app for riggers, sailmakers, boat builders and designers
Swedish spar manufacturer Seldén Mast has launched Seldén Pro, an innovative new app designed to ensure all riggers, sailmakers, boat builders and designers have the most up to date technical information about its products and systems.

Barton Marine 2019 600x500   Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2023
Cup Spy August 17: Luna Rossa resume testing; 'Nasty' seas and 18-26kts winds hit Barcelona
Only one of the six America's Cup team sailed on Thursday. Luna Rossa sailed in idyllic conditions for America's Cup type foiling monohulls - a breeze estimated at 13-15kts, bright sunshine, and a seaway aligned with the breeze.

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's Youth Sailing Academy celebrates 30 years in style
Many of Australia's most celebrated sailors, started their careers at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's Youth Sailing Academy (YSA).

Clipper Race set to make fourth return to The Whitsundays as part 2023-24 global route
Making its fourth appearance on the global race route, Airlie Beach in The Whitsundays will once again welcome the eleven-strong fleet of Clipper Race yachts in January 2024.

Henri-Lloyd 2023 Freo Jacket - SW MPU   Selden 2023 CXe
Australian Sailing Team at Allianz Sailing World Championships - Day 7
The business end of the 2023 Sailing World Championships has arrived, and several Australians find themselves at the right end of the leaderboard with Medals and 2024 Olympic nation qualification quotas within reach.

Battle lines drawn for next week's Rolex TP52 World Championship Barcelona 2023
When the Rolex TP52 World Championship Barcelona 2023 opens next week on the 37th America's Cup waters off Barcelona, Spain next week there will be no clear favourite.

Clipper Round the World Yacht Race set to visit trio of Australian stops in upcoming edition
One of the toughest endurance challenges on the planet, the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race will be visiting three iconic Australian ports as part of the 2023-24 global race route.

Lloyd Stevenson - Artnautica60 300x250px   North Sails Performance 2023 - MPU
2023 Airlie Beach Race Week - Overall
The final day and no wind to speak of on the horizon on an otherwise beautiful sunny day, as officials at Whitsunday Sailing Club's (WSC) 35th Airlie Beach Race Week Festival of Sail waited until near the 1pm cut off, unable to drum up a skerrick of wind.

Youth take on the world in Ocean Globe Race
Retro Sailing All The Rage! Being old-fashioned is back in fashion - if the numbers are anything to go by! At 1300hr, 10th September, 14 Ocean Globe Race yachts will set sail from the Royal Yacht Squadron start line, Cowes.

Maiden Skipper and Crew for the Ocean Globe Race announced
Yesterday Maiden's skipper and crew for the OGR was announced at HMS President, St Katherine Docks in London.

Rooster 2023 - Aquafleece - MPU   SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-melges
Cup Spy August 16: French launch AC40, Brits change gear in their testing program
Three teams trained out of Barcelona on Wednesday in light winds. The British shifted into a new phase testing running their AC40 One Design against their custom design T6. The French team have launched their AC40 from their new base in Barcelona.

"Cinderella" Alison clinches gold at the 2023 Allianz Sailing World Championships
An historic para sailing regatta came to a close in dramatic fashion as Betsy Alison brought down the curtain in Braassemermeer to claim Allianz Sailing World Championship gold.

Australian Sailing Team at Allianz Sailing World Championships - Day 6
Reigning Olympic ILCA 7 champion Matt Wearn has rocketed up the leaderboard to second after posting a bullet (race win) and a third in today's racing at the Allianz Sailing World Championships in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Armstrong-FG-6 300x250 250 - 2014
Ten days of nautical passion at sea and on land for the 25th Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez
A prestigious and not-to-be-missed sailing event organised for the 25th time by the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez, Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez brings together a fleet of over 250 boats on the same stretch of water.

Hobie 18 North American Championships – The Forbes Report
The 2023 Hobie 18 and Hobie 17 North American Championship was held from 31st July to 4th August at Lake Quinault in the Olympic National Park about 3 hours east of Seattle in Washington state, USA.

Cup Spy August 15: American Magic trial new foil - Spy requests on Emirates TNZ's AC75
Emirates Team NZ sailed their AC75 in light winds - the AC37 Joint Recon team believed the session was cut short, for a reason which they could not determine. American Magic tested a new wing foil. Several reconnaissance requests were made for ETNZ's AC75

RS Sailing 2021 - MPU   Hyde Sails 2022 One Design MPU
Australian Sailing Team at Allianz Sailing World Championships - Day 5
Australia's 49erFX team of Olivia Price and Evie Haseldine moved into second place after the first day of Gold fleet racing at the Allianz Sailing World Championships in the Hague.

2023 Mirror World Championships at Sligo Yacht Club
52 boats, including the reigning World Champion John & Beau Dransfield from Australia, UK National Champions, Ben & Keira McGrane, plus a host of other top sailors from Australia, South Africa & the UK, gathered at Sligo YC for the Mirror Worlds.

Vaikobi FlexForce Range
Vaikobi FlexForce wetsuits proudly comply with REACH standards, so you can paddle, sail, surf or foil with confidence, knowing your wetsuit is not leaching harmful chemicals onto your body or into the water.

T Clewring One Design 250   C-Tech 2021 SnuffAir 300x250
Australian Sailing Team at Allianz Sailing World Championships - Day 4
The Hague's famous "Magic Carpet" tidal flow wreaked havoc with the afternoon session at the Allianz Sailing World Championships today, with races abandoned when light winds met the strong current to stop sailors in their tracks.

X-Yachts presents new XR model in Kiel
X-Yachts revealed plans for the most dedicated racing project for decades. The first sketches and thoughts were presented in front of racers and media taking part in the ORC Worlds in Kiel.

America's Cup: 210 entries received for a Patín Catalán catamaran regatta at Vilanova.
210 of a popular the Patín Catalán, an 18-foot-long, beach-launched catamaran, have entered the ‘Pati Catala de Vela' regatta to be sailed at Vilanova in Spain, the venue for the first Preliminary Event of the 37th America's Cup in mid-September.

HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250 SHEARWATER   Doyle Sails 2020 - By Sailors For Sailors 300x250
2023 44Cup Cowes World Championship Overall
The Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes and the Solent laid on a World Championship worthy of the leading owner-driver one design class, the RC44.

Just landed at Rooster... brand new ILCA toestrap Technology
Rooster's latest iteration to the ILCA/Laser Dinghy ToeStrap with enhanced 'Lockon' Grip Technology. Using durable and well proven 'Pro Plus' construction, this latest innovation benefits from an advanced extra grippy underside.

2023 ORC World Championship at Kiel, Germany - Overall
After two light and wet windward-leeward races held today, the final results after six days of inshore and offshore racing reveal that that last year's boats and/or teams have defended their titles for the 2023 ORC World Championship.

Flagstaff 2021AUG - Excess 12 - FOOTER

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