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To foil or not to foil? That is the question

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Maxi Edmond de Rothschild returns to Lorient for repairs - photo © E.Stichelbaut / polaRYSE / GITANA S.A

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Foils are all the rage - there's no doubting that. From the America's Cup, to the Vendée Globe, SailGP, Jules Verne Trophy, International Moths, WASZPs, A Class Catamarans, windsurfers, kiteboards and a plethora of other designs, these eye-catching yachts and dinghies are in the air much of the time.

As we've seen, just about everything has been tried in foiling, including sticking a Moth rig on an Optimist, but the question has to be asked whether going down the foiling route is best for our sport, or whether it should be reigned in for some events and applications.

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Let's take a look on an event-by-event basis...

Te Rehutai training on the Waitemata Harbour - Emirates Team NZ - November 2020 - 36th America's Cup - photo © Hamish Hooper / Emirates Team New Zealand
Te Rehutai training on the Waitemata Harbour - Emirates Team NZ - November 2020 - 36th America's Cup - photo © Hamish Hooper / Emirates Team New Zealand

When it comes to the America's Cup, this is the pinnacle of technology, so it's natural that the yachts took to the air. Back in 2012 when first published the photo of Emirates Team New Zealand testing their foiling AC72 (which many thought was a Photoshopped image) that genie was out of the bottle. Yes, some still hark back to the 12 metre days, and even the J Class, but that was the past. The America's Cup is all about innovation, and these foiling 75ft monohulls are certainly innovative.

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Australia SailGP Team helmed by Tom Slingsby sails close to young sailors in the SailGP Inspire program as they warm up before racing on Race Day 1.- SailGP - Sydney - Season 2 - February 2020 - Sydney, Australia. - photo © Craig Greenhill/SailGP
Australia SailGP Team helmed by Tom Slingsby sails close to young sailors in the SailGP Inspire program as they warm up before racing on Race Day 1.- SailGP - Sydney - Season 2 - February 2020 - Sydney, Australia. - photo © Craig Greenhill/SailGP

The F50s used in the SailGP are an evolution of the AC50s used the 2017 America's Cup, so they are naturally foilers. This is crash and burn, made-for-TV racing on short, stadium courses. Foiling is a key part of that.

The Moths are arguably where it all began, and no-one would suggest they should go back to lowriding. The WASZP is an affordable, one-design route into this world, where the relentless march of technology doesn't render your boat uncompetitive with the very latest designs within a couple of years.

Tight one-design racing is a feature of the WASZP Class especially at national level - photo © Harry Fisher
Tight one-design racing is a feature of the WASZP Class especially at national level - photo © Harry Fisher

So far we've been talking about inshore sailing on short courses. It's in the offshore speeders where the use of foils has grown most recently and where there is the most argument as to whether they should or shouldn't be foiling...

The Vendée Globe has a combination of 'traditional' monohulls and foilers and has done since the 2016-17 edition of the race. There is no doubt that foiling adds another dimension to the race. With 33 starters the 2020/21 edition has the record for entries and (so far) only six yachts have retired.

Vaikobi 2020 - MPU 1   Webasto AUS 2020 MPU 5

LinkedOut team -  Vendée Globe - photo © Vendée Globe
LinkedOut team - Vendée Globe - photo © Vendée Globe

On the face of it the attrition rate isn't bad at all, with previous editions often approaching 50% (and more in both 1996/97 and 2008/09) of the fleet not finishing, though a quick look at the retirements this time show that all those who've had to abandon their Vendée Globe dreams have been sailing foilers.

It's clear that foiling an IMOCA puts the structure under significant loads and that the real-world situations can exceed the tolerances that the designers have been working to.

Zhik 2020 Xmas 300x250 1   Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU

Hugo Boss - Vendée Globe - photo © Mark Lloyd / Lloyd Images
Hugo Boss - Vendée Globe - photo © Mark Lloyd / Lloyd Images

Alex Thomson's HUGO BOSS suffered damage to the bow structure before also sustaining rudder damage. The team are unsure whether this was due to a collision with a UFO (unidentified floating object) or if part of the boat failed, but it ended an extremely promising campaign for Alex in a 20 year quest to win this race.

Kevin Escoffier's PRB suffered an extreme failure when the hull folded in half, with the skipper lucky to make it onto his liferaft before the boat sank. Both Samantha Davies and Sébastien Simon had to retire after collisions with UFOs.

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Thomas Coville - Sodebo Ultim 3 - photo © Eloi Stichelbaut / Sodebo
Thomas Coville - Sodebo Ultim 3 - photo © Eloi Stichelbaut / Sodebo

The two mighty Ultime trimarans which set off on Jules Verne Trophy record attempts are foilers, and both have ended prematurely after hitting UFOs. The Maxi Edmond de Rothschild had only travelled 1900 miles, albeit at a blistering pace, before having to turn back to Lorient when their port rudder was damaged, while Team Sodebo were 16 days into their attempt, deep in the Indian Ocean, when they suffered damage to their starboard rudder.

Seeing IMOCA 60s and Ultime trimarans foiling is exciting, but a campaign can be ended through no fault of the team or skipper, just by hitting debris, a shipping container, or sea life. At the kind of speeds these boats are reaching, the options for reinforcing or adding crash protection are limited - impacts are always going to cause damage and that's often catastrophic. Especially when it comes to the Vendée Globe, does the integrity of the sporting competition come into question when this element of luck has such a big part to play?

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Foil damage for Sébastien Simon on ARKEA PAPREC in the Vendée Globe - photo © Sébastien Simon / ARKEA PAPREC
Foil damage for Sébastien Simon on ARKEA PAPREC in the Vendée Globe - photo © Sébastien Simon / ARKEA PAPREC

Nearly all sporting endeavours have an element of luck, but there's a fine balance to be played between having too much or too little of this intangible commodity in an event. As with motor racing, many of the casual followers will pay more attention when there is a crash or a rescue, but the sponsors want to see their steed finish the race, preferably on the top of the podium, so when luck plays too big a part in whether a campaign has success or failure, they will begin to look elsewhere to place their sponsorship dollars.

That said, the Vendée Globe is attracting a massive audience. We've seen it on and, the official website is recording a huge increase in readership and the Virtual Vendée Globe has an incredible 975,000 gamers registered. Fans bring in sponsors, and this race is on the up. The damage, repairs and rescues provide the peaks in viewership during the race, with Jean Le Cam's rescue of Kevin Escoffier making headlines worldwide and prompting a congratulatory call from France's president Emmanuel Macron.

Kevin Escoffier successfully transferred off Yes We Cam in the Vendée Globe - photo © Paul-David Cottais / Marine Nationale / Defence #VG2020
Kevin Escoffier successfully transferred off Yes We Cam in the Vendée Globe - photo © Paul-David Cottais / Marine Nationale / Defence #VG2020

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The Jules Verne Trophy isn't regulated by a box rule, so it's inevitable that the yachts designed to push for a new record will be extreme. They just hoping lady luck is one of their crew.

I haven't yet mentioned The Ocean Race 2022-23, which will have part of its fleet taking part in IMOCA 60s, as well as the VO65s used in the last two editions of the race. Here we will have a foiling and non-foiling class in a fully-crewed offshore race, combined with nine legs. At the end of the day, it will be the human interest stories which make the headlines outside of the sailing media, but first the teams will need to attract the sponsors, which could be tricky in a post-COVID world.

The Ocean Race fleet 2017-18 - photo © Jesus Renedo / Volvo Ocean Race
The Ocean Race fleet 2017-18 - photo © Jesus Renedo / Volvo Ocean Race

The question of 'To foil or not to foil?' isn't a yes or no answer, but much will depend on the decisions made by governors of rules and organisers of races. Sailors and sponsors will lobby hard, based on their own preferences and interests, but it's unlikely to settle one way or the other offshore for a while!

Mark Jardine and Managing Editor

FFI - Try a fifteen - 2020 600x500   J Composites 2020 - MPU

An interview with Charlie Buckingham on his Laser campaign for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics
I checked in with Charlie Buckingham, via email, to learn more about his campaign to represent the USA in the Laser class at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics amidst a pandemic that has complicated travel and typical Olympic preparations.

Blackburn and Baumann named to Coach Development Taskforce
The Australian Sailing Team's National Lead Coach Michael Blackburn and Australian Sailing Director Alex Baumann have been named to the Australian Institute of Sport's latest national taskforce

America's Cup Rialto: December 15 - The series that didn't tell us much - Practice Day 5
The four teams, for reasons best known to themselves, played a very concealed hand - and in the end, the secrecy was probably overplayed.

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B&G Nemesis™ Sailing Display Shortlisted in DAME R&D Excellence in Adversity Award
B&G®, the world's leading sailing navigation and instrument specialist is pleased to announce that Nemesis was shortlisted in the DAME R&D Excellence in Adversity Award 2020 at the METSTRADE CONNECT virtual METSTRADE conference.

Vendée Globe Day 38 morning update: Little victories and big disappointments
After race leader for more than three weeks Charlie Dalin reported damage to his port foil system on APIVIA yesterday evening and has been slowed to less than 6 kts dealing with the issue as best he can it is Thomas Ruyant who the Vendée Globe standings

New for 2021: Announcing ZHIK's new OFS700 women's jacket and salopettes
For 2021 Zhik have re-named all their foul weather ranges for easier recognition in store, with the OFS prefix for offshore/coastal products and INS for inshore/coastal products.

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Entries open for the 2021 Banjo's Shoreline Crown Series Bellerive Regatta
Entries for the Banjo's Shoreline Crown Series Bellerive Regatta are open with the Bellerive Yacht Club (BYC) issuing Notices of Race for the popular Tasmanian sailing regatta.

Damage to port foil system on Vendee Globe leader Charlie Dalin's Apivia
Leader of the Vendée Globe since 23rd November, Charlie Dalin has this evening reported damage to his port foil system.

Vendée Globe Day 37: Top trio stretch towards the Pacific
The three leaders of the Vendée Globe, Charlie Dalin, Thomas Ruyant and Yannick Bestaven now have the potential to open up a meaningful distance on the group which has been chasing them hard as the top trio benefit from fast sailing conditions.

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On your marks... One month until Rolex Fastnet Race 2021 entry opens
With less than one month to go until entry opens for the 48th edition of the Rolex Fastnet Race, the RORC Race Team are concerned there will be a repeat of the 2019 rush to enter when the race became oversubscribed in less than 5 minutes.

Entries for 2021 Finn World Masters pass 100 in just four days
People clearly want to go Finn sailing. In fact it looks like they are desperate to go Finn sailing. This is a great illustration of the strength of the class at the moment, and on the choice of Medemblik for next's year event.

America's Cup Rialto: December 14 - A race at last - Practice Day 4
After four days of practice racing, the four America's Cup teams finally managed to have a contested race - the first ever sailed in the AC75 class.

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Launceston to Hobart: Sandy McManus and the Twitch syndicate - Just keep sailing
Sandy McManus started sailing an NS14 with a neighbour as a 12-year-old from the Lauderdale Yacht Club. Wind the clock forward to 2020 and McManus is lining up for her fourth Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race on Twitch.

Sodebo abandons Jules Verne Trophy record attempt
Thomas Coville and his crew aboard Sodebo have been forced to abandon their attempt at the Jules Verne Trophy after suffering damage to the starboard rudder.

Adrian Finglas - An unending smile and enduring passion
You know it's still funny. After all these years, and the number of times I've written his name, you still simply type in, Aidz. The nickname is as synonymous with the man, as that smile, and his faultless dedication to task.

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Vendée Globe Day 36: Dalin leads across Cape Leeuwin
As if to prove to that his slow speeds were indeed down to a prolonged dose of light winds and not any technical problems, Vendée Globe race leader Charlie Dalin lit the afterburners on APIVIA this afternoon.

Seldén introduces carbon furling masts
Seldén Mast has unveiled its first carbon furling mast, a lighter weight furling rig designed to enhance the performance of cruising yachts in the 48ft - 75ft range.

America's Cup: Preview video of the upcoming America's Cup World Series
In this 26 minute video the America's Cup media team walk you through the evolution of the America's Cup, followed by a explanation of the AC75, and how the key components work, including the double skinned mainsail.

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Four time Clipper Race crew member embarks on next adventure
Adventurer doesn't seem to be enough to describe 50-year-old Clipper Race Alumni Craig Forsyth. Craig, a bricklayer and former professional Rugby League player from York, UK holds the title for taking part in the most editions of the Clipper Race.

18ft Skiff NSW Championship on Sydney Harbour - Race 4
The 2020-2021 NSW Championship continued to produce some of the best 18ft Skiff action seen on Sydney Harbour for several seasons when the defending champion Winning Group team hung on grimly to score a narrow win.

2020 Sail Sydney at Woollahra Sailing Club - Overall
Sail Sydney rounded out with a bang today, with friendly fire forcing an early end to the regatta for Australian Sailing Team (AST) pair Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin.

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2020 Sail Sydney at Woollahra Sailing Club - Day 3
Day three of Sail Sydney was all about maintaining momentum and keeping wits with increased traffic and obstacles as expected for a summer Saturday on Sydney Harbour.

Liberty Bitcoin Youth Foiling World Cup 2021-2022
The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club has been thrilled with the support that the Youth Foiling World Cup has received from fellow sailing clubs around the world and also from Persico 69F, whose innovative boats were part of the attraction of this event.

15 people, 2000 products, 8000 components - all Sea Sure products manufactured in Warsash, UK
Sea Sure have been supplying dinghy and yacht equipment around the world since 1961. Contrary to popular belief, we manufacture all of our products in-house at our factory based in Warsash, Southampton.

Pantaenius 2019 - AmRad - 300x250 - SW WEBSITE   Vetus-Maxwell 2020
2020 Sail Sydney at Woollahra Sailing Club - Day 2
Australian Sailing Team (AST) and Australian Sailing Squad (ASS) athletes showed no signs of rust on day two of a windy Sail Sydney after a long competitive lay-off.

America's Cup Rialto: December 11 - Kiwis race alone on Practice Day 3
Emirates Team New Zealand was the only one of four America's Cup teams to appear for the third day of Practice Racing ahead of the start of the America's Cup World Series/Xmas Cup.

New website to celebrate 20th Anniversary of the MUSTO Skiff class
The International MUSTO Skiff Class Association is getting ready to reveal a new website to mark the 20th anniversary of the class.

Sea Sure 2020 - MPU   Selden 2020 - SMF - MPU
Start of the GLOBE40 postponed until 2022 – The virtual GLOBE40 warm-up to launch in 2021
The press release dated 1 October 2020 reflected the wishes of both the organisation and the registered teams to stick to the initial GLOBE40 schedule despite the repercussions of the pandemic since the start of 2020.

PlanetSail: What's in store at the ACWS Auckland / PRADA Christmas Race
Just days away from the America's Cup World Series / Prada Christmas Race we're starting to get hints of what might be in store as teams head out for some informal practice sessions and OMG!

Sydney Hobart Race - offshore training in a blow with Il Duce
Il Duce (Andrea Francolini) stepped on board InfoTrack as they departed Sydney Heads and went out and South looking for an inbound front, as part of their training ahead of the 2020 Sydney Hobart Race.

X-Yachts AUS X4 - 1   Barton Marine 2019 600x500
New Racing Rules of Sailing Poster
Performance sailboat hardware manufacturer, Allen, is pleased to release the 2021 - 2024 racing rules of sailing poster.

RORC Time over Distance Series with Iain Murray
Our special guest for the latest RORC Time Over Distance Series is the Race Director for the 36th America's Cup in Auckland NZ. Iain Murray will be in charge on the water, as he has been for the last two editions in San Francisco and Bermuda.

GC32 Racing Tour resumes in 2021 with new French venue
After this season sadly had to be written off due the COVID-19 pandemic, the GC32 Racing Tour will bounce back in 2021 with another five event circuit, including a World Championship, for its ultra-high performance one design foiling catamarans.

Salthouse Boats 300x250 Mark transport   Doyle Sails 2020 - Cruising Confidence 300x250
Zhik Xmas gift & stocking filler ideas 2020
Superwarm® X Tops are made from 4-way super-stretch 3mm neoprene. Ultra-flexible, the hydrophobic outer shell deflects spray and minimises windchill effect.

X-Yachts launches new performance cruiser
The X56 is one of the biggest X-Yachts models ever to be produced in Denmark, and North Sails is incredibly proud to be the sailmaker of choice.

Starboard receive 2020 World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award
Starboard (THA), the leading manufacturer of Stand Up Paddle boards and windsurf boards, including the iQFOiL, the Paris 2024 Olympic Men's and Women's Windsurfer Equipment, have won the 2020 World Sailing 11th Hour Racing Sustainability Award. 250 - 2014   Boat Books Australia
Lisa Blair joins RPAYC Women's Twilight Fleet
On a perfect evening for sailing; the RPAYC Women's Twilight race welcomed a very special guest, Lisa Blair, who joined the racing fleet and then spoke afterwards on her Antarctic record and signed copies of her new book 'Facing Fear'.

Video: Top 5 Rule 42 mistakes and how to avoid them in Single-Handed Dinghy Racing
Find out what the Top 5 most common mistakes are when it comes to Rule 42 when sailing a single handed dinghy and find out how you can avoid getting a penalty because of it.

Caudrelier praises Dalin's control at the front of the race in the Vendée Globe
Charlie Dalin is sailing a smart, controlled and measured race on the Guillaume Verdier-designed foiler Apivia, and the fact that he has been leading the Vendée Globe for more than two weeks should come as no surprise.

Official-Event-Store-Red 300x250 NZ+AUS   Gul 2020 Tri-Laminate Spraytop MPU
America's Cup Rialto: December 10 - When will the gloves come off?
The past two days of Practice Racing in the America's Cup World Series preliminary, looks just like typical Invitation Racing.

Inaugural O'pen Skiff Manly Cup at Manly Yacht Club
The inaugural O'pen Skiff Manly Cup, which incorporated the NSW Open Skiff Champs, took place the first weekend of December.

2020 Sail Sydney at Woollahra Sailing Club - Day 1
The Australian Sailing Team are going to have to wait another day for their return to competitive action, as Day One of Sail Sydney was called off after a southerly buster hit Sydney Harbour shortly before racing was scheduled to commence.

HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-battens   Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - AUS MPU
IMOCA skippers make a lasting contribution to weather and climate forecasting on the Vendée Globe
Apart from racing single-handed around the world, more than a third of the skippers in the 2020-21 Vendée Globe are making an important contribution to global weather forecasting and the understanding of the health of our oceans.

America's Cup Rialto: Images from Practice Day 1 - American Magic
Here's an image gallery of the US Challenger, American Magic who trained at the start of the session against Emirates Team New Zealand doing several starts. However after three starts Patriot pulled up after twice suffering rudder wing ventilation.

America's Cup Rialto: Images from Practice Day 1 - Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli
Here's an image gallery of the Italian Challenger, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli who trained at the end of the Practice session against Emirates Team New Zealand, doing several starts.

C-Tech 2020 Battens 2 300x250   ETNZShop-TEAMSHOP-300x250 HR
America's Cup Rialto: Images from Practice Day 1 - Emirates Team NZ
Sail-World was on the water for the first day of practice for the America's Cup World Series and Xmas Cup, staged on the Hauraki Gulf in a breeze that topped the 21kt average wind limit for the series, but moderated as the day went on.

Bow Caddy Media images from SOLAS Big Boat Challenge
It was a great day for sailing, and photographers, when the SOLAS Big Boat Challenge marched around Sydney Harbour.

America's Cup Rialto: December 8 - Jousting in AC75's is not for the faint-hearted
Kiwi Cup-tragics will be sleeping easier after the first of five practice days ahead of next week's America's Cup World Series regatta. Emirates Team NZ tested themselves against Luna Rossa and American Magic, in a reshuffled program.

SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-AGLAIA   Saffier 300 x 250px SE23
Bayside Sailboards Round 6 - Drone footage
Sunday saw some epic conditions in the north of Waterloo Bay for round 6 of Bayside Sailboards' Slalom Series. Six races were completed in 25 to 30 knots of northerly wind.

Jimmy Spithill to join United States SailGP Team as helm
SailGP today announced champion sailor Jimmy Spithill has signed on to become CEO and helm of the United States SailGP Team. Spithill will lead the U.S. team as it fights to claim the sport's largest monetary prize of US$1 million.

we are marine 2020 - 20 AUD off - FOOTER

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