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Alive Yachting claim the Tattersall's Cup for the overall win under IRC rating in the 2018 Sydney Hobart race - photo © Crosbie Lorimer

Dear Recipient Name

It really would be all too easy to break out into a bit of Yazz about now. That's assuming you're old enough to remember the tune, and what about those cycling shorts with braces. Synth pop. I mean really? Well, it was the 80's. Then of course the moment I wrote 'Yazz', I ended up having a little moment of some 'yazz flute' with Ron Burgundy, so I guess we're certainly smiling now.

However, this is a sailing site. It is in the name, after all. As such, and on the back of the 74th Sydney Hobart, the question became keeping the race relevant, along with generating ideas for the future. For it is limited to just 100 feet LOA maximum, and also only the one hull, which stands quite in contrast to so many of the other iconic events the world over.

A few years back, when interviewing Matt Allen, we unfolded the reasons behind all that, but at Hobart just the other day, the genesis for this editorial was born from the actions of one man. He was part of the crew of legends on InfoTrack that really cranked that boat up, and thereby ensured we had the close finish of four supermaxis that we all enjoyed. His name is Bouwe Bekking, and when talking about where to from here for the race he had just completed, he merely turned his hand over, and raised it.

Beyou Jeremie Charal IMOCA Charal Sailing Team - photo © Charal Sailing Team
Beyou Jeremie Charal IMOCA Charal Sailing Team - photo © Charal Sailing Team

Trilogy Trimaran For Sale 600x600   SailGP Sydney 2019 MPU 2 Supercharged Weekend

Yes, the spectre of foiling had emerged from the dark, and given the said preclusions to opening up other genres of the sport to the great race, then perhaps right there in the one gesture was the answer. Alas, even the other really big race that Bekking is so well known for is now about to embark on a whole new era, courtesy of the IMOCA foilers. YeeHaa, huh!

In the right conditions it will all happen in under a day. It will bring a whole new meaning to the different members of the fleet racing in their own conditions, as well as changing the notion of praying that the River Derwent is awake for you when you get there. The apparent wind machine rules. QED.

Seeing as we are speaking of the Hobart, then only way this crew could feel is certainly up. Yes, Phil Turner's sailors really do feel very much alive, after securing the Tattersall's Cup for the overall win under IRC rating. In talking with Kate Hine, we learned that yes they were super happy, and had hoped that it would unfold as it did a few days earlier, but it was a bit tense.

The R/P66 Alive at Airlie Beach Race Week - photo © Andrea Francolini
The R/P66 Alive at Airlie Beach Race Week - photo © Andrea Francolini

Race Yachts 2018 RIO 100 600x500   Anyport 2018 eWincher 300x250

Where it had all been set up was in the transition from New South Wales to Tasmania when the high-pressure system, and the trough did their little dance. "The crux is that there was a hole there, and we just aimed for it. The notion was that if you got far enough South, then you would make it. Certainly it helped having Stacey and the crew on Ocean Respect Racing (Wild Oats X) right there, for it was a bit like a stock whip. It was a fantastic source of motivation."

"Getting through was marginal, and maybe an hour more would have put paid to our plans. Storm Bay was super light, so it was good to make it into Hobart Town. The crew sailed her very quickly. They have been on the Alive Yachting journey for a year, and comprise mostly of inshore cat sailors. The performed good crew work, which was all on the back of some great manoeuvres with sail changes and so forth."

The development of Alive Yachting over their four-year journey has been pleasing to watch. A lot of the sailors on board have come from Beau Geste, Oracle, Team NZ and other sailing team environments. Hine says of them, "They are a dream to deal with - positive, loads of energy, and great skills."

Phillip Turner's Alive - 2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - photo © Rolex / Studio Borlenghi
Phillip Turner's Alive - 2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - photo © Rolex / Studio Borlenghi

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Naturally, Alive's owner, Phil Turner, is ecstatic, and over the moon. For as a Hobartian, he used to come down to the docks with his father to see the boats arrive each year. Hine added, "He feels it is a sense of achievement, for it is a big thing in his family. He used to see it all happen, and now he's done it, which was the mission. To him, this means more than other wins from around the globe."

As for her Skipper, Duncan Hine, Kate says that he " thrilled to have got the job done. She is right boat, and matched the original hypothesis of what a winning boat would be. You have to pick a boat that had a niche, and then sail it well, waiting to get the right conditions to suit. We have always been looking at ways to make her lighter, too."

What's interesting is that they blew up the good, new A2 kite within half an hour of putting it up. They were happy to be able to turn to the old one, which means they had planned to have the kites on board for the expected conditions, hence the spare! Again, without that, the result could have been very different.

No problems about getting wet when you are in the tropics. On the bow of the R/P66, Alive. 2018 Airlie Beach Race Week. - photo © Andrea Francolini
No problems about getting wet when you are in the tropics. On the bow of the R/P66, Alive. 2018 Airlie Beach Race Week. - photo © Andrea Francolini

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They did that by going down the mine, and then applying the handbrake at the bottom. Naturally, it is better to lose the kite than have it continue the rig's journey forward whilst the boat stays still. "She is such a strong boat, despite her age, and Duncan did comment about the sound the rig made when the kite went." What Kate was referring to was not the crunch or bang of high modulus carbon, but rather a note, much like some huge string on a massive double bass, as the boat shook out the vibration of the inherent tension.

So from here the plan is to get the R/P66 pencil on a Sevenstar ship from Brisbane bound for Mexico, and she leaves on January 17, so there is a bit on, for before that the Tasmanian crew is going to use her for the King of the Derwent, which is on January 2, 2019. Once in Mexico she will sail up to San Diego, and then ultimately there is the 75th Transpac, and there are some excited souls for that one!

They plan to do some more training ahead of that race. It is also interesting to note that Duncan has now done something like 50,000nm on Alive. Kate did say that he was "still feeling the love for the boat."

OK then. So it may seem like he went down, as in down the River Derwent, but it certainly was a huge 'up' for him! 'He' is Tony Lathouras, who is part of the HF team that keep us so well informed during the race. Olivia Price was kind enough to secure him a seat in the RIB going to catch the Line Honours winner for the last part of her journey to the gun. Thank you, Olivia.

Tony's full account of his experience is utterly hilarious, and with his permission here are a couple of paragraphs from it. "I then discovered that clenching your toes like a canary on a perch, and with walking boots on, did little to try and grip onto the deck of a RIB. I then came to the conclusion that one of two things would happen here. I would either stay in the boat, or I would get tossed out. It appears while I was making these mental decisions that the boat was only at around half throttle, and once opened up, breathing from the seat in front of the centre console was somewhat difficult, and I failed to see how dogs get enjoyment out of sticking their heads out of car windows at high speed while their gums flapped about."

Wild Oats XI crosses the finish line - photo © Crosbie Lorimer
Wild Oats XI crosses the finish line - photo © Crosbie Lorimer

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"So clothing. I was wearing a polo top donned as being fast drying beach attire... good start! My jeans had a wet ass within moments of the throttle being opened up, and I truly hope this was due to a wave breaking over us, and not a call of nature that went unnoticed."

"Google Maps tells me the same journey is 42km by car, and 10km point to point. The trip took around 10 minutes, so that puts us at 60kmh, and if research does me well, at around an average of 32 knots. This was into what appeared to be a Southerly. We skimmed over the tops of the choppy water, and to be honest at that time of the morning I have never felt more alive, or glad to be alive. We then got side by side with Wild Oats XI. MAN was that an experience."

"It was right up there with some of the greatest moments in my life. If I'd been in a cruiser I would have just a story to tell. Instead, this was a fantastic experience."

Now speaking of being up, here's a big thank you from us. The entire Sail-World team is really appreciative of all of you, the readers, for checking us out this month. Not only was it the increase in the sheer volume of traffic, but also the amount of material viewed. In doing so, all of you contributed to delivering an all time record! Many, many thanks, for it is really appreciated. So we would like to wish you and your clan a very happy and safe new year...

Aussie Skiffs 13 & 16 Footers National Championships, Day 1 - photo © Mitchell Pearson / SurfSailKite
Aussie Skiffs 13 & 16 Footers National Championships, Day 1 - photo © Mitchell Pearson / SurfSailKite

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Right oh here today there are some gems for you to review. We have information about SailGP, which is right around the corner (especially so if you are in Australia), the kids in their Bics, the OKs from Black Rock, Mitch Pearson delivers superb imagery of the 13 and 16 foot skiffs from Brisbane, Hobart (of course we do), the games upon games that is the AC, the Olympic test event at Enoshima, Dragons, Cadets from Tasmania, Santa at Southport, gear from Musto, intel from North Sails, RS Feva, the Clipper, Five Oh World Championship, World Match Racing Tour, and certainly there is much, much more.

Remember, if your class or association is generating material, make sure we help you spread your word, and you can do that by emailing us. Should you have been forwarded this email by a friend, and want to get your very own copy in your inbox moving forward, then simply follow the instructions on our newsletter page, where you can also register for different editions.

Finally, keep a weather eye on Sail-World. We are here to bring you the whole story from all over the world...

John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

GAC Pindar 2018 MPU   Gul 2018 October - Code Zero AUST MPU

Australasian Dragon Championship for the Prince Philip Cup - Day 2
A slightly earlier start time of 1235 hrs meant the first race of the day was sailed in a little lighter conditions of 14 - 16 knots and a milder chop.

Australian OK Dinghy Nationals at Black Rock Yacht Club - Day 2
Roger Blasse extended his lead at the 2019 OK Dinghy Australian National Championship at Black Rock YC after two more race wins on Sunday. Mark Jackson remains in second with Brent Williams having a great day to move up to third.

Weekly North Sails Debrief Special Edition: Our Top 10 Stories of 2018
North Sails Top 10 Stories of 2018!

Hyde Sails 2017 March 300x250   Pantaenius AUS Comprehensive 300x250 JPG
Aussie Skiffs 13 & 16 Footers National Championships at Darling Point Sailing Squadron - Day 1
Day One of The Aussie Skiffs 13 & 16 Footers national championships sailing out of Darling Point Sailing Squadron went off in great SE conditions on a busy Waterloo Bay.

2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: Alive secures overall victory
Turner and his crew, comprising skipper Duncan Hine and navigator Wouter Verbraak, were rewarded for their historic success with the Tattersall Cup and a Rolex timepiece at a presentation held on Constitution Dock.

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: Late call to race pays dividends for Trumpcard
A late decision to race the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race paid off for the Queensland entry Trumpcard on Sunday when it finished at 7.32am this morning.

RS Sailing 300x250 AUS   Raymarine AUS 2018 Aug - Axiom - MPU
Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: Turner's dream comes Alive
For Phillip Turner the dream of winning the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race began "five or six years ago" when he was watching the finish and suddenly thought: "I'd like to win that one day."

ORCV Melbourne to Hobart clean sweep for Tasmanian boats Oskana and Whistler
Tasmanian boat Oskana claimed line honours in the early hours of the morning after skipper Michael Pritchard and crew overcame wild weather and technical problems on their Cookson 50 to reach Hobart in 2 days 12 hours 52 minutes and 04 seconds.

2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: Tasmanians claim Tattersall Cup in home port
With all boats still racing now outside their handicap times Phillip Turner's Alive Yachting representing Derwent Sailing Squadron Inc has won the double for the 2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart; the George Adams Tattersall Cup for Overall Winner on IRC

Boat Books Australia   Pittwater to Paradise 2019 600x500
Wang Jue joins China SailGP Team as recruitment officially kicks off
Recruitment has begun in China SailGP Team's quest to field a fully Chinese national team, with Wang Jue of Shanghai set to join the team prior to SailGP's inaugural event in Sydney, just 49 days away.

RSHYR 2018 Winning Appliances - Tommy Spithill Interview
In this interview with Tommy Spithill we hear about Winning Appliances race to Hobart, the purpose of their race – to commemorate the loss of John Dean in the 1998 race, whose son Peter raced aboard Winning Appliances

RSHYR - Matt Allen not dissuaded by missing out on back-to-back wins
Falling short of back-to-back overall wins in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race has certainly not dissuaded Matt Allen from coming back to race his TP52 Ichi Ban in next year's 75th edition of the great race.

Sail Port Stephens 2019 MPU   Ensign 2018 Bavaria C45 600x500
O'Pen BIC Worlds: Opening ceremony attended by over 130 sailors
The official opening ceremony 2019 O´pen BIC World Championships was held on Saturday with excellently humorous speeches including one by none other than serial America´s Cup winner and host club Commodore Sir Russell Coutts.

Stacey Jackson Wild Oats X - Ocean Respect Racing Interview
Wild Oats X - Ocean Respect Racing skippered by Stacey Jackson achieved a great finish coming in 6th across the line in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race and currently 2nd under IRC rating. She talks about the trip down and whether she'll be back again.

Notice of Race released for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Test Event
The Notice of Race for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Sailing Competition Test Event, set to be held in Enoshima, Japan from 15-22 August 2019 has been released.

X-Yachts Xp38 300x250   upffront 2018 Generic 300x250
Australasian Dragon Championship for the Prince Philip Cup - Day 1
The regatta which also acts as the pre-Worlds, enjoyed a sensational first day of racing in Hendricks 'Gin & Tonic' conditions with bright blue skies, steady breezes building from 16 - 20 knots.

Australian OK Dinghy Nationals at Black Rock Yacht Club - Day 1
Ten-time Australian OK Dinghy National Champion, Roger Blasse, got off to the perfect start at the 57th Australian OK Dinghy Nationals at Black Rock YC, Melbourne, on Saturday with two race wins from two races.

International Cadet Australian Nationals at River Derwent - Day 2
The 30 knot north-westerly wind, gusting to 45 knots, prevented any sailing for the small off-the-beach boats until 4.30pm with the one race sailed in Hobart's long summer twilight.

Jeanneau AUS SO490 - MPU   Musto AUS 2017 300x250 Dinghy
2018 Riversdale Estate Wines Launceston to Hobart Race - 64 knot gust hits leaders at Tasman Island
A storm force wind gust of 64 knots at Tasman Island in the early hours of today almost ended the Launceston to Hobart ocean race for leaders The Fork in the Road and Tilt.

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2018 - Supermaxi interviews
With much of the attention in Hobart focused on the AIS protest against Wild Oats XI (the protest found invalid at the hearing just completed) this selection of interviews with skippers and some highly credentialed crew aboard the four super maxis

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: First 24 hour run by Primitive Cool firms winning belief
John Newbold felt like a winner after his 50-foot Primitive Cool from Victoria finished the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race this morning. 250 - 2014   C-Tech Emirates TNZ 250
2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: Wild Oats Xi wins line honours
At 15:00 AEST on Saturday, 32 yachts had completed the 2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart, there had been six retirements and 47 were still racing. Throughout the last 24 hours on the approach to the finish line in Hobart

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: Wild Oats XI retains her crown
Following a protest against Wild Oats XI by the Race Committee of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, which was held by the International Jury at Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania today, it was found that the protest was invalid

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: Tony Ellis ticks off 51 races
One of the highlights in the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's 2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race happened when Triton ceremoniously sailed to the Castray Esplanade finish line in gusts up to 45 knots with record breaker Tony 'Ace' Ellis at the helm.

Doyle-Hugo-300x250 AUS site   HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250 SHEARWATER
ORCV Melbourne to Devonport Race won by Dream
Robert Green's yacht Dream won the Melbourne to Devonport Race in style, crossing the finishing line at 20:07:40 Friday night after what was a challenging and sometimes sensational race across Bass Strait.

2018 Riversdale Estate Wines Launceston to Hobart Race - Rad dismasted as winds batter L2H fleet
Three more yachts have retired from the Riversdale Estate Wines L2H ocean race as near galeforce winds batter the fleet off Tasman Island and in Storm Bay.

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: Notice of Protest against Wild Oats XI
CYCA, the organising authority for the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, has been advised that Race Committee has advised that they have lodged a protest against Wild Oats XI.

HellaMarine-Navigation-300x250px   Safety at Sea - Baltic - 3 250
Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: Black Jack’s best is yet to come
Black Jack skipper Mark Bradford stated the obvious when he proudly said, "The boat is getting closer," after the super-maxi followed up its third place on line honours in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race last year with a second place this morning.

Sydney Hobart - Wild Oats XI victory in images
The terrific Crosbie Lorimer was on the water and also quayside at Constitution Dock when Wild Oats XI came in for her ninth Line Honours victory in the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. He has delivered this gallery for us to review.

SailGP Sydney to thrill sailing fans in 2019
With Wild Oats XI taking line honours in the 2018 Sydney to Hobart, sailing fans already have plenty more thrilling races to look forward to in 2019.

Naiad 300x250px_Rescue   SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-AQUIJO
Wild Oats XI - Line Honours Winner
Wild Oats XI, owned by the Oatley Family, has crossed the finish line in 1 day, 19 Hours, 7 Minutes and 21 seconds to take out her ninth Line Honours win.

2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: Line honours rush hour!
It was rush hour on the Derwent this morning, with four maxis finishing within forty minutes of one another!

Rolex Sydney Hobart: Line honours for Wild Oats XI
Wild Oats XI is the latest team to be added to our #NSVictoryList. Wild Oats XI completed the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race in 1 day, 19 hours, 7 minutes, and 21 seconds, taking line honours ahead of Peter Harburg's Black Jack

Protector - 300x250   IDS--Richard-300x250
Sydney Hobart winner justifiably happy
The accolades will flow for the Oatley Family's Reichel-Pugh 100 supermaxi, Wild Oats XI. Justifiably so, too. Her crew, many of whom have been there since she was launched as a 98-footer in 2005...

Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: Wild Oats XI takes line honours
Val Oatley described Wild Oats XI's Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race line honours victory perfectly alongside the dock in Hobart this morning: “Three years of misery to this moment,”...

FREE Family Fun and all things marine at the 2019 Gold Coast Marine Family Festival
The Club will be open to members, guests and visitors, it is going to be an action-packed day full of everything marine related, and a lot more.

Gladwell's Line: Resolving the riddle of the Sixth Challenger
Last Friday's mid-afternoon announcement, of the Sixth and maybe final Challenger for the 36th America's Cup was accompanied by a waspish commentary. And have the Finn sailors turned their backs on the Olympics already?

Sydney Hobart - 20-year remembrance speech
The Radio Relay vessel read out this speech ahead of the 1705hrs Radio Sched in remembrance of the six lives lost in the ill-fated 1998 Sydney Hobart Race. It is the one used by the CYCA Commodore of the day, Hugo van Kretschmar...

SailGP concludes successful trials of supercharged F50 boats
SailGP's F50 catamaran was successfully launched in New Zealand's Northland region, with all six national teams spending valuable training time on the new class of boat over the past two months.

Now just two months before the 2019 Heaven Can Wait Charity Sailing Regatta
Hi all previous contestants in the Heaven Can Wait Charity Sailing regatta, yes, we have only two months before the running of the 13th, Heaven Can Wait Charity Sailing Regatta in 2019

Rolex Sydney Hobart: Images of the Supermaxis from the race start
The five supermaxis were a feature of the start of the 2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht race. Studio Borlenghi was on the water and in the air to capture these images pf five of the world's top supermaxi's. See also the official video of the race start.

Rolex Sydney Hobart : Images from on the water and above at the race start
Studio Borlenghi was on the water and in the air for the start of the 2018 Rolex Sydney Hobart yacht race and presented this gallery of images.

The Top 10 Biggest Sailing Stories of 2018: Part 2
There are the stories that you think are the biggest stories of the year, the ones that make the biggest splash. But what actually ARE the biggest stories?

2019 RS Feva World Championship set for Follonica, Italy
After a long selection process, the venue for the 2019 RS Feva World Championship has finally been officially announced. It will take place in the Gulf of Follonica in Italy from the 22th to the 26th of July.

The World Sailing Show: Programme 12 – Season 2018
An Italian cat, an American mule and a British pocket rocket are breaking new territory in the quest to create an extraordinary new generation of machines for the 36th America's Cup. We head to Monaco to find out more.


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