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Pantaenius 2022 - SAIL & POWER 2 LEADEBOARD AUS

38 South / Jeanneau AUS SF30 OD - LEADERBOARD

Dragonforce 65 (DF65) Mini Me - Team AUS SailGP and Wild Oats XI - photo © I. Woodforth

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You know? It is all about really good things. In sailing, two of the best attributes have always been fun and participation. Some would argue that these may have slipped off of late, but perhaps, just perhaps, it is actually more about matching changes in time pressures with a suitable offering. Twilight racing around the cans is burgeoning at a lot of places, and it is Saturday fleet racing to a laid course that can often be found wanting.

So, when the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club recently sent through the tale about the Dragonforce 65 (DF65) fleet there, it, along with the 2.4mR story from the Royal Brighton Yacht Club, very much sealed the deal on the theme contained herein.

Windcraft 2022 July - Dehler 46SQ - MPU   Flagstaff 2021AUG - Oceanis 40.1 - MPU

Dragonforce 65 (DF65) - in a blow at the Worlds in Italy - photo © Phil Burgess
Dragonforce 65 (DF65) - in a blow at the Worlds in Italy - photo © Phil Burgess

I spoke with Phil Burgess about radio sailing, for I wondered if part of the attraction was not having spray on your face, or whether indeed it is part of what you're missing. I mean there are a lot of people with plenty of nautical miles under their belt getting involved here, and the sweeping majority still partake in big boat stuff. Clearly the lower than expected barrier to entry is a huge drawcard.

"The appeal is the fun, and we very much aim to keep it that way. If you look at the stats, we have 2000 members, and probably less than 10% race in State Championships and things like that. Clearly the vast majority just want to have fun. Probably 90% of our members still sail other craft, so this is all about regular, easy, convivial camaraderie," said Burgess.

Boat Books Australia   38 South / Jeanneau AUS SF30 OD - MPU

Dragonforce 65 (DF65) - mid line sage just like the big boats - photo © Phil Burgess
Dragonforce 65 (DF65) - mid line sage just like the big boats - photo © Phil Burgess

"The other thing we focus on is sharing of information, so that when someone new comes on board we send them tuning guides and all manner of tips so that they can be right in there from the get-go. We have four rigs to choose from, and it is important to get it right, as it will help prevent going down the mine downhill, and also helps with tacking."

In talking with Burgess, it felt like it was a combination of old school 18-footer, SailGP, and especially the venerable days of F1, where tyre selection from slick to intermediate to full wet had massive impacts on the outcome. This sort of tactical play will no doubt add to the appeal, but for clubs on the upswing, they tend to keep it to one rig size early on and progress from there.

J Composites 2022 - J45 v4 MPU   Pacific Sailing School 2020 - MPU

Dragonforce 65 (DF65) - Foiling maybe? World Championships in Italy - photo © Phil Burgess
Dragonforce 65 (DF65) - Foiling maybe? World Championships in Italy - photo © Phil Burgess

Apparently, going two slabs early (figuratively speaking) often wins the day. Equally, more sheltered waters will require less power, but then, open spaces may need grunt to deal with the slop. Always something to learn, eh?

It is not about trade secrets, as Burgess explains, "We also conduct mini workshops at the club, just to keep everybody up to speed, because the first thing that'll happen if they're annoyed is they'll put the boat on the shelf and won't go back. We encourage the fleet to be racing competitively, and it is always pretty even. Having people lagging behind just means you will suddenly find you have drop offs at the end."

Race Yachts 2024 v1   Zhik 2024 February Outlet - MPU

Dragonforce 65 (DF65) - NSW fleet - photo © Phil Burgess
Dragonforce 65 (DF65) - NSW fleet - photo © Phil Burgess

"It's about encouraging everybody as much as possible to keep coming down and keep participating. The coffee meetings and lunches are all part of it too.

"Another of the things that we focus on is people's wellbeing. The impact of socialising with others helps your personal wellbeing. There's a big flow on effect from people joining and meeting up like this. We want to be sure this is not just a regular slog every week, so we try to mix it up as much as we can. FUN - it's the constant theme we work with all the time."

Dragonforce 65 (DF65) - look familiar - permission granted BTW - photo © I. Woodforth
Dragonforce 65 (DF65) - look familiar - permission granted BTW - photo © I. Woodforth

ALT Composities 2020 West System 1 - 300x250   Colligo Marine 2024 MPU

No one has a small package

Just ask the male sailors, right. Surely you can't go there?! Too late. I just did. For the KPMG Australia SailGP in Sydney, Step One, the enviro-friendly (bamboo - FSC® Certified), breathable and moisture wicking, quick drying, and chafe resistant underwear will be on board, literally, in each and every F50.

Step One is proud to announce they will be the new Official Underwear Partner of the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix I Sydney - photo © Step One
Step One is proud to announce they will be the new Official Underwear Partner of the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix I Sydney - photo © Step One

Best of all, the female sailors are being looked after too, and you'll notice there is no additional commentary here, other than to say the brand heeded and responded to the market, for the other 50% of the planet used to buy and use the male version before theirs arrived on the scene. Smart move Step One. Get some, as the ad used to say...

Step One is proud to announce they will be the new Official Underwear Partner of the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix I Sydney - photo © Step One
Step One is proud to announce they will be the new Official Underwear Partner of the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix I Sydney - photo © Step One

Rolly Tasker Sails 2023 MPU   Pantaenius 2022 - SAIL & POWER 1 MPU AUS

Categorically not a small package

And also most definitely a truly superlative vessel; the Oyster 100. Bill Barry-Cotter AM has just secured the Oyster 100 known formerly as Penelope, thence Thistle, and soon to join the Schumacher 54 and TP52 in the stable at Maritimo Racing.

Maritimo Rolex Sydney Hobart - photo © Maritimo
Maritimo Rolex Sydney Hobart - photo © Maritimo

Now resplendent in magnificent navy, so indeed the corporate script will have to be reversed out in white, the big girl is set to do some cruising first, and get back here to AUS from Newport, Rhode Island. She'll have a few tweaks made on the Gold Coast, and then literally, the world will be her, wait for it, oyster.

SCIBS 2024 MPU   Barz Optics 2023 SW 1

Penelope on day 1 of Oyster Regatta Antigua - photo © Kevin Johnson Photography
Penelope on day 1 of Oyster Regatta Antigua - photo © Kevin Johnson Photography

Expect some passage racing type affairs to be on the cards, possibly even the annual jaunt South to Ye Olde Hobart Town, and warmer excursion into the Whitsunday Islands to get the campaign swinging along in that swift, yet oh-so-refined manner commensurate with a vessel of this nature.

Penelope and Lush on the final day of Oyster Regatta Antigua - photo © Kevin Johnson Photography
Penelope and Lush on the final day of Oyster Regatta Antigua - photo © Kevin Johnson Photography

OK. There it is. There is so much more on the group's websites for you. Simply use the search field, or 'edition' pull-down menu up the top on the right of the masthead to find it all. Please enjoy your yachting, stay safe, and thanks for tuning into

John Curnow
Editor, Sail World AUS

MIA 2024 / Marinas 24   Marine Auctions 2019 600x500

SailGP Impact League welcomes football and motorsport firepower
SailGP has today announced an exciting expansion of its judging panel for the groundbreaking Impact League - sport's first podium for the planet - with the addition of esteemed judges from the world of football and motorsport.

2024 Fireball Worlds at Royal Geelong Yacht Club - Day 3
The third day of the 2024 Fireball Worlds has been blown out after a lengthy wait on shore that ultimately ended with a decision to make up the races on tomorrow's lay day.

Eleven Round the Rock in McIntyre Ocean Globe Race Leg Three
It's been a very dramatic few days in the Ocean Globe Race. The Italian IRC leader Translated 9 ITL (09) has retired from Leg 3 after being forced to divert to the Falkland Islands to repair cracks in the hull of the Swan 65.

Ensign 2023 November C46 MPU   Vetus-Maxwell 2020
Arkéa Ultim Challenge - Brest day 37: Five skippers, five different challenges under scrutiny
In the space of one week, three skippers have passed Cape Horn, first was Charles Caudrelier (Maxi Edmond de Rothschild), second was Armel Le Cléac'h (Maxi Banque Populaire XI) and third very early yesterday morning was Thomas Coville (Sodebo Ultim 3).

Olympic places at stake at 2024 470 World Championship in Palma
Sixty-three 470 teams from nations as diverse as Angola, Ecuador and Mozambique are gearing up for the first big challenge of the 2024 season, the 470 World Championship in Palma, Mallorca.

SB20 World Championships 2024 at Dubai Offshore Sailing Club - Day 1
The highly anticipated kick-off for the SB20 World Championships at Dubai Offshore Sailing Club (DOSC) has been postponed due to unforeseen weather conditions in the region.

Navico AUS Zeus3S MPU   XBrand 2023 MPU
RORC Nelson's Cup Series - Racing, rum and revelling
An international fleet of boats from 13 countries will be racing: Antigua; Australia; Canada; Cayman Islands; France; Germany; Great Britain; Monaco; Netherlands; South Africa; Sweden; Switzerland and the United States of America.

Lifestyle wear ready for adventure - from Zhik
Designed to bring you from the water to the street. Our lifestyle clothing will let you represent Zhik wherever adventure takes you. These quality men's and women's tees are made from 100% combed cotton making them softer and more durable.

2024 Fireball Worlds at Royal Geelong Yacht Club - Day 2
The 2024 Fireball Worlds is shaping up to be one for the ages with a mix of light and heavy conditions on the second day and the results so far offering no clear premonitions at this early stage.

RS Sailing 2021 - MPU   Cyclops 2024 February MPU
Announcing The Admiral's Cup 2025 Advisory Committee
The Royal Ocean Racing Club (RORC) has received expressions of interest from all over the world to compete in the 2025 Admiral's Cup. The latest development is the organisation of the Admiral's Cup 2025 Advisory Committee.

Arkéa Ultim Challenge - More images of the Dunedin stopover by Anthony Marchand
More images from the 24hr technical stopover over the weekend by fourth placed skipper Anthony Marchand (FRA) who has completed his second technical stopover, he left left Dunedin on Sunday morning NZT.

Cup Spy Feb 11: Swiss try to 'regain muscle memory' on first day back in Jeddah
Alinghi Red Bull Racing restarted their two AC40 training program in Jeddah. The two AC40s sailed with One Design wing foils and elevator. Due to Recon boat mechanical issues, Alinghi Red Bull Racing provided their own Recon Report.

upffront 2024 February soft attachments MPU   Hyde Sails 2022 One Design MPU
2024 Fireball Worlds at Royal Geelong Yacht Club - Day 1
The opening day of the 2024 Fireball Worlds at the Royal Geelong Yacht Club gave sailors a real heart-starter, beginning with an onshore delay and ending with strong winds in two late afternoon, early evening races.

ORC NSW Championship at Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club - Overall
A light weather day on the water helped decide the final outcomes of both the ORC NSW Championship, supported by Sydney Marine Brokerage and the Pittwater Regatta, organised by Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club (RPAYC).

18ft Skiff Australian Championship on Sydney Harbour - Race 5
The NSW champion Yandoo 18ft skiff team added another title to its 2023-24 season triumphs when it locked up the series with one more race still to be sailed on Sydney Harbour next Sunday.

Allen 2022 - TiiTAN MPU   Henri-Lloyd 2023 Freo Jacket - SW MPU
2024 Freestyle Pro Tour Cape Town - Day 1
Jacopo Testa (WeOne/Point-7) wins the single elimination at the first day of the 2024 FPT Cape Town. The season opener was marked by nuclear winds on the Rietvlei lake at the Milnerton Aquatic Club, leading to spectacular action on the water.

A breath of fresh air for the Copa del Rey MAPFRE
The 42nd edition of the Real Club Náutico de Palma's regatta will include a number of new features including the dates and format of the competition, as well as the points system for classifications.

Designed For Hi-Octane Racing by Henri-Lloyd
A born to race jacket, smock and hi-fit, the M-Pro series is a 100% waterproof, highly breathable shell, designed for hi-octane racing.

Selden 2023 CXe   Rooster 2023 - Aquafleece - MPU
2024 ILCA Masters World Championships at Adelaide Sailing Club - Overall
Nine new ILCA World Champions have been crowned as the 2024 ILCA Masters Worlds came to a close at the Adelaide Sailing Club today.

2024 Fireball Australian National Championship at Royal Geelong Yacht Club - Overall
Day 3 mirrored the conditions of the previous two days, with a consistent southerly wind ranging between 12 to 15 knots. The wind direction and strength posed similar challenges to sailors, maintaining the competitive atmosphere on the water.

International Finn Week in Cannes 2024 - 70 competitors from 10 nations expected
From 13 to 16 February, the Cannes Yacht Club is organising the famous International Finn Week. More than 70 competitors will race in the harbour of Cannes, with an exceptional line-up.

A+T Instruments 2024 MPU   Barton Marine 2019 600x500
Cup Spy Feb 8: Barcelona seaway challenges AC40s. All suffer control gremlins
Three America's Cup teams trained out of Barcelona in a building breeze and seastate, which precluded sailing on the following day. All teams suffered technical gremlins, which were annoying rather than catatrophic.

Vaikobi wetsuit sale extended
Ocean addicts like you have been loving our FlexForce wetsuit sale... so we've decided to extend it until MIDNIGHT SUNDAY!

Ocean Globe Race Leg 3 leader Translated 9 returns to Falklands with hull damage
At 22:15 UTC on February 8th, the owner of Italian yacht Marco Trombetti, Translated 9 ITL (09) currently IRC race leader in the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race contacted Race Control to inform them of damage to the hull of the Swan 65.

North Sails Performance 2023 - MPU   C-Tech 2020 Tubes 300x250
Cup Spy Feb 6-7: French unfazed by capsize. Four teams train on the Med
Three teams sailed out of Barcelona in AC40s, and with the Swiss continuing to sail their AC75 also out of Barcelona. In Cagliari, the Italian team Luna Rossa continues to sail their custom design LEQ12, against their One Design AC40.

A+T 500 series Wind Sensors - highest accuracy and faster response
A+T Instruments may be a name that needs introducing to you in the world of performance marine instrumentation. They are a group of highly qualified engineers who are taking a no-compromise approach to constructing the best sensors and instruments.

Vendee Globe: Conrad Colman updates on his fossil fuel free Vendee Globe race boat
French/New Zealand sailor Conrad Colman, who will always be remembered for his epic finish to the 2016/17 Vendee Globe, is going again. The latest attempt will again be aimed at sailing using electricity only - no fossil fuels - and an electric engine.

Hardy Cup Sydney International Match Racing Regatta at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron - Overall
Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron's Josh Hyde, Cody Couglan, Mason Mulcahy, Nick Drummond and Zach Fong have been crowned the winners of the 2024 Hardy Cup.

Maiden, Spirit of Helsinki & Neptune around Cape Horn in OGR
The all-female crew racing on the much-loved Maiden UK (03), rounded the infamous Cape Horn at 0415 UTC, on February 8th. The conditions could be considered 'kind' for the notoriously arduous region

2024 SB20 Tasmanian Championship at the Crown Series Bellerive Regatta - Preview
Tasmania's Nick Rogers, sailing Karabos, will begin his campaign to take two major SB20 titles in 2024 when he hits the water in the Banjo's Shoreline Crown Series Bellerive Regatta.

Whangarei Marina Secure (300 x 250 px)   ABS24-SailWorld-600x500_04
SailGP Sydney to be live on SBS as league announces new free-to-air partnership
SailGP, one of the world's fastest-growing sports properties, has expanded its broadcast offering in Australia with the announcement of a new free-to-air partnership with the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS)

Women's World Match Racing Tour announces 2024 Season
The Women's World Match Racing Tour today announced its 2024 season of five events in four countries featuring returning events in the USA, France and Denmark, and a new event in Marstrand, Sweden.

Global Solo Challenge: Cape Horn lives up to expectations for Andrea Mura and Francois Gouin
What an incredible week it has been in the Global Solo Challenge, with storms, apprehension, big seas and strong winds and with the legendary Cape Horn in the background like a trophy to pick up in victory.

PredictWind - GO! exec 300x250   HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-solaris-68
Ocean Globe Race Leg 3 - Translated 9 Pen Duick VI Cape Horn video and pics just in
As Maiden and Spirit of Helsinki round Cape Horn in the last few hours, Pen Duick VI and Translated 9 are racing neck and neck in the MCINTYRE OCEAN GLOBE just west of the Falkland Islands.

Nautilus Marine Insurance Sydney Harbour Regatta entries building
Early entries have been extended for Middle Harbour Yacht Club's (MHYC) 2024 Nautilus Marine Insurance Sydney Harbour Regatta, with interest building and entries flowing in for the popular event taking place on the weekend of 2 and 3 March.

Maiden and her all female crew make history again!
Thirty-five years ago, the yacht Maiden, with the first ever all female crew rounded Cape Horn in the Whitbread Round the World Race and secured their place in the history books.

Armstrong 300x250 MA Foil Range   Line 7 - Mastering elements - Homepage 300x250px
Soft shackles are a win-win solution for multiple applications
Soft shackles have surely penetrated the mainstream sailing in recent years. They are a popular alternative to traditional metal shackles. Made from single braid Dyneema® soft shackles offer several advantages over their metal counterparts.

2024 Fireball Australian National Championship at Royal Geelong Yacht Club - Day 2
The second day of the Fireball National Championships brought forth thrilling races amidst glorious sunshine, testing the mettle of the competitors as they navigated the waters with skill and precision.

Fond farewell to Southern Hemisphere as Clipper Race fleet crosses the Equator
A momentous occasion in any sailors' career, the Clipper Race fleet has officially crossed the equator, for the second and final time of the circumnavigation, crossing from the Southern Hemisphere back into the Northern Hemisphere.

Lloyd Stevenson - TTSkorpios 300x250px   Doyle Sails 2020 - By Sailors For Sailors 300x250
SailGP adopts Apex Group's Women's Accelerator Program to advance inclusion in the world of sport
SailGP, a global leader in purpose driven and sustainable sport, and its Exclusive Financial Solutions Partner, Apex Group, have today launched the league's first ever Women's Accelerator Program.

10 environmental commitments for 10th edition of the Vendée Globe
In the run-up to the 10th edition of the solo, non-stop, non-assisted round the world race, the Vendée Globe is affirming its environmental commitments.

2024 RORC Caribbean 600 - Runners & Riders
The Royal Ocean Racing Club is all set for the 15th edition of the RORC Caribbean 600, organised in association with the Antigua Yacht Club.

RPAYC head to the worlds with fast growing fleet of DF65 racers
The Dragonforce 65 (DF65) is arguably the fastest growing fleet at RPAYC. The RPAYC fleet started on 24 November 2022 with 10 boats and has grown to almost 40, with 15-20 racing each week.

18fters: The Kiwis are coming in 2024 - New Zealand 18ft skiff teams return to the JJs
When Covid struck Sydney during the JJ Giltinan World 18 footer Championship in March 2020, it not only ended the three consecutive winning streak of the champion New Zealand Honda Marine team

America's Cup: Three teams advise launch date intentions - and what we could see in early April
Three teams have now given the required two months' notice of their intention to launch their respective new AC75s, which will be their race boats in the 2024 America's Cup Regattas. We look at what we could expect to see.

Hardy Cup Sydney International Match Racing Regatta at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron Update
The regatta celebrates the legacy of Sir James Hardy OBE, America's Cup Winner, World Champion and Olympic Legend, and his role in developing pathways for youth sailors.

In Rarefied Company
Winning the ILCA 7 Worlds is one of the pinnacle achievements in sailing. Winning it more than once puts you in rarefied company.

Zhik 2024 February Outlet - FOOTER


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