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Ill-conceived ideas by spurious productions


Ill-conceived ideas by spurious productions

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Raymarine AUS 2018 Aug - Axiom - Leaderboard

Are the pirates about to board your boat if NSW Labor win? (with many thanks to our friends here for the superb costumes) - photo © Alex McKinnon

Dear Recipient Name

During the week, we had NSW Labor release a preposterous policy in a rush just before that State's impending election. Now if one could get away with saying brain-fart, then I would have simply written that. Alas, well-placed sources that had been 'briefed' on it all were not simply left puzzled or bewildered, but rather contemplating just what is going on, and who was in charge! Talk about a Spruce Goose...

There seemed to be no idea whether it was applicable to both sailing and power, or merely power alone. Equally, there was no idea as to whether shipping was also to be slugged. No idea about anything really, and as if that was ever going to be anything different. Did anyone think that maybe all the boats would just be registered into Queensland or Victoria, for instance?

Will your new vessel, such as this beautiful jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 be taxed by an incoming NSW Labor Government? - photo © John Curnow
Will your new vessel, such as this beautiful jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 be taxed by an incoming NSW Labor Government? - photo © John Curnow

Yet above it all, and the most misbegotten idea of the group, is that taxing a new or second-hand vessel of AUD200k or more is not harming hard-working families, syndicates of friends, share ownership arrangements, or long-suffering retirees. It is only one thing in the end, a money grab, and a poor excuse for one at that. How can they say that cars and boats are one thing, yet caravanning is not part of the same ilk? They are all discretionary, and if this were to come to pass in some strange time warp on a parallel continuum, then you'd certainly see a lot more trailers with boxes attached to them all over the road network.

Of course, it is all completely counter intuitive to Federal Government initiatives, especially in terms of getting people involved in sport. This is certainly even more important when you consider that sailing is one of but a few sports that certainly encourages participation for people right throughout their entire life cycle, and is looking to achieve equal integration with female athletes.

2018 Helly Hansen Women's Challenge - photo © Marg Fraser-Martin
2018 Helly Hansen Women's Challenge - photo © Marg Fraser-Martin

North Sails 2019 - Helix - 600x500   Race Yachts 2019 RP63

15 years ago you would have been able to write ageist and sexist in the preceding paragraph without fear of retribution, but possibly not now. Yet the fact remains, this sort of irresponsible, ramshackle, and thinly-veiled wealth tax kills macro and micro-economic activity, and maybe even our entire industry, in one swift rush of blood. Nice. Political grandstanding it may well be, but in this case they should not have been allowed on a soapbox, but required to stand in one, as quickset concrete was then poured all over their feet, and they were subsequently pushed off a bridge.

So before anyone spills their chardonnay, and in the interests of bipartisanship, rather than killing the sport of sailing, it seems the incumbents have just been ignoring it, especially with respect to the NSW State Youth Championships, which have been held on Lake Macquarie.

Australian Sailing's outgoing CEO, John Lee, commented before leaving, "We have seen over $80 million offered to NRL clubs, $20 million to the Sydney Swans (AFL), and $50 million to cricket, tennis and netball at Sydney Olympic Park, but our request of just $180,000 to ensure this landmark event can stay at its current location on Lake Macquarie has been ignored."

Optimist on day 2 of the NSW Youth Championship at Lake Macquarie - photo © Beau Outteridge
Optimist on day 2 of the NSW Youth Championship at Lake Macquarie - photo © Beau Outteridge

X-Yachts Xp50 300x250   NCYC Sailfest 2019 - MPU

Australian Sailing was seeking a four-year commitment that amounted to $1.5m in total when you included the National Training Centre, and they compared this with the $1.5 billion allocated for stadia, which is kind of fair enough when you look at the nigh on 80,000 registered sailors who use NSW waterways each year. Yet it must be highlighted that these sorts of marquee events do wondrous things for lesser-known clubs, like the South Lake Macquarie Amateur Sailing Club, in this case.

They are also havens for tomorrow's stars. Now without opening the vipers' nest (even though I think I just did), in recent times Aussie sailors have done very well at the Olympics. Especially so on a participant-per-population or dollar basis. Perhaps it might be time to finish this particular tack with Lee's own final comment, "It is high time both sides of politics did more than just fund footballers."

V is for Vaikobi - HQteam (LtoR) Maddie Spencer, Sarah Tallis, Paula Cansick, Adrienne Langley, Pat Langley - photo © John Curnow
V is for Vaikobi - HQteam (LtoR) Maddie Spencer, Sarah Tallis, Paula Cansick, Adrienne Langley, Pat Langley - photo © John Curnow

Apolitical now, and Vaikobi have been quietly taking on the OTB scene with more than a noticeable effect. No doubt this comes from their 'form follows function' ethos, high levels of athlete comfort, and allocation of more than a soupçon of cool design. You can check that all out in V is for Vaikobi, but don't just take our word for it. Here is what a couple of up and coming stars have had to say about the gear of gears...

Jim Colley and Shaun Connor who are campaigning the 49er on the Olympic Trial program at the moment: "I have been wearing the Vaikobi sailing range throughout the Australian Summer Series, and couldn't be happier. The Long John wetsuit provides the perfect comfort throughout a wide range of air and water temperatures, keeping my body warm, but with great breathability. The Long John is combined with either the VCold or VCold Flex top, which provide warmth and wind resistance, whilst still leaving the upper body mobile."

Manly Surf n Slide 16ft Skiff Skipper: Dave O' Connor Main: Trent Barabas Bow: Rob Napper - photo © Michael Chittenden
Manly Surf n Slide 16ft Skiff Skipper: Dave O' Connor Main: Trent Barabas Bow: Rob Napper - photo © Michael Chittenden

"When sailing a class that has periods of very high intensity, followed by down time in between races, it is important that your gear allows the body to sweat, but still retains a consistent core temperature, and the Vaikobi gear achieves this more than any other sailing gear on the market."

Shaun Connor stated, "This Vaikobi Gear is awesome! It is truly revolutionising the game of wet gear when it comes to watersports. I have personally been using the new skiff suit, and a selection of the different tops, and find them warm, but most importantly comfortable, allowing my body to regulate temperature with the breathable gear."

Ker 46 Patrice for sale - photo © Stefano Gattini
Ker 46 Patrice for sale - photo © Stefano Gattini

Hyde Sails 2017 March 300x250   upffront 2018 Velocitek Prism 300x250

Right oh here today there are some gems for you to review. We have information about cleaning up a whole island, intel from North Sails, IMOCAs, the 18s, Iker Martinez case thrown out, kite surfing, the Freshies' Bunbury and Return race commemorate, pay respects, and celebrate one year on, Beau Geste is in for the ride from Brisbane to Hamilton Island, GGR, Kieler Woche, the 5.5s (which they tell me are a real delight to helm), Race Yachts have the exceptionally well-prepared Patrice for sale, looming large on the horizon is Sail Port Stephens which is sponsored by our good friends at Pantaenius Sail and Motor Yacht Insurance, with Sailfest Newcastle ahead of that, and certainly there is much, much more.

Remember, if your class or association is generating material, make sure we help you spread your word, and you can do that by emailing us. Should you have been forwarded this email by a friend, and want to get your very own copy in your inbox moving forward, then simply follow the instructions on our newsletter page, where you can also register for different editions.

Finally, keep a weather eye on Sail-World. We are here to bring you the whole story from all over the world...

John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

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Outlaws win Sydney 38 Australian title at Sydney Harbour Regatta
Alan and Tom Quick have added the Yoti Sydney 38 Australian Championship to their trophy cabinet at Middle Harbour Yacht Club's Sydney Harbour Regatta, which finished late this afternoon.

20 years of Rooster Sailing celebrated at the RYA Dinghy Show
Steve Cockerill cuts a cake to celebrate two decades of success with the business he founded. Mark Jardine was there to catch his thoughts, on the Rooster stand at the RYA Dinghy Show.

GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cabo Verde - Video highlights
What a week it's been here in Cabo Verde. Ponta Preta's been firing on all cylinders and so have the 52 competitors who signed up to take on this legendary wave.

Whitsunday Holidays 2018 MPU   MIA 2019 300x250 4
Serious Yahoo and Le Cascadeur take spoils in Port Phillip Women's Championship Series
With the Shirley Freeman Memorial Sailing postponed early in the series due to high winds and rain squalls with big gusts, it translated to the first race of the day, starting from 11.00am, followed straight after by Val Hodge Trophy on the same course.

Winners declared after stunning weekend of racing at Sydney Harbour Regatta
Winners were crowned on the final day of the Sydney Harbour Regatta, conducted by Middle Harbour Yacht Club (MHYC), over three days for the Sydney 38s and the weekend for all other classes.

18ft Skiff JJ Giltinan Championship - Race 2
Defending champion Honda Marine won its second race of the Winning Group 2019 JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship today, after another eventful day of racing on Sydney Harbour.

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World Sailing Presidential Newsletter: February 2019
The start of 2019 has been a busy one for the sailing community, with the major tasks focused primarily on the decisions made at the AGM meeting in November.

North Sails Weekly Debrief: Etchells Speed Reading, #NSVictoryList, Expert Spotlight, See You There
Expert Chris Snow interviewed two-time World Champion, Andrew “Dog” Palfrey, the developer of the popular Mast Lever System. Learn how the mast lever system can optimize your boat speed.

Make 2019 count - Buy less; buy smarter
The first step in minimising our impact on the planet is to reduce our consumption. Even if what we buy is fully recyclable, energy needs to be used to reuse it, and so one of the biggest differences we can make is simply to buy less.

Vaikobi 2019 - MPU 2   Sail Port Stephens 2019 MPU
18ft Skiff JJ Giltinan Championship - Race 1
The defending champion Honda Marine team of Dave McDiarmid, Matt Steven and Brad Collins showed that they will be hard to beat again this year when they scored an impressive win in Race 1 of the Winning Group JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championship.

Sydney Harbour Regatta - Day 2: Ideal conditions for NSWs largest keelboat regatta
From the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, all the way down to the Sound at Manly – boats, boats and more boats, as Middle Harbour Yacht Club's well-named key event, the Sydney Harbour Regatta, did as its name implies

IMOCA sailor Sébastien Simon in the transition phase of the handover
Sébastien Simon and Vincent Riou, the technical director for the project, will shortly be attempting to smash the record for the Columbus Route (Cadiz/San Salvador).

Sailing Raceboats 2016 RS Quest 300x250   Zhik 2018 Dongfeng Champions 300x250
Ocean Respect Racing removes two tons of trash from St. Helena Island with Ocean Crusaders
Stacey Jackson, skipper and founder of Ocean Respect Racing, joined Ocean Crusaders for a clean up on St. Helena Island - a remote, uninhabited, internationally protected island off the coast of Brisbane, Australia.

Copa del Rey MAPFRE moving towards excellence for its 38th edition
2019 introduces the new classification system, which will include a classification and Final series for all classes except the GC32.

GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Cabo Verde overall
After four days of absolutely all-time conditions at Ponta Preta, Mitu Monteiro and Moona Whyte retained their first place positions from the single eliminations and won the doubles on Thursday to become the champions.

Raymarine AUS 2018 Aug - Axiom - MPU   Jeanneau AUS 2019 SO319 MPU
World Sailing: Second Misconduct case fails in 14 months
Almost six months after a measuring incident at the Nacra 17 World Championships, World Sailing has released a report on what it calls a "Disciplinary Process" against high profile Spanish sailor Iker Martinez.

18ft Skiff JJ Giltinan Championship - Invitation Race
The ongoing success of Australia's iconic, 127-year-old sport of 18ft Skiff Racing on Sydney Harbour, owes so much to the incredible support of the Winning family and the Winning's family business.

Sydney Harbour Regatta - Day 1: Conspiracy in form at Sydney 38 Australian Championship
Peter Byford and David Hudson have come out the cream of the crop on Day 1 of the Yoti Sydney 38 Championship at the Sydney Harbour Regatta, hosted by Middle Harbour Yacht Club (MHYC), sailing Conspiracy to two wins from three races for an early lead

Nanni Diesel 2019 MPU   Anyport 2018 eWincher 300x250
One year on, a beautiful Bunbury and Return Ocean Race at Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club
To commemorate the 70th race, yachts took part in a sail past prior to the start. It was a beautiful scene of power craft holding position close to Port Beach in North Fremantle including several classic power yachts.

SB20 Australia and Sailability Tasmania - Friends and future foes?
The generous donation was made following a unanimous decision at the SB20 Australia annual general meeting in December last year, to continue to support the growing relationship between Sailability Tasmania and local SB20 sailors.

SailGP sizzles in Sydney - Flashback
A big thanks to Oracle for the opportunity to give their Execs and top clients a real behind-the-scenes view to just how amazing our sport is, and for bringing the SailGP to us all.

Rooster GETSEASMART 300x250 AUS   RS Sailing 300x250 AUS
V is for Vaikobi
Yep. That would be the other two-finger salute. You know, ‘V'. So if you're aiming to be victorious out on the water, and certainly look like it before you even start, then please read on. For Vaikobi can certainly assist you with both!

Mod70 set to join diverse fleet for inaugural Lendlease Brisbane To Hamilton Yacht Race
The diversity of the fleet is already a stand out, with entries ranging from a First 44.7 to a TP52 and the first of the many multihulls expected to compete.

Golden Globe Race, Day 241: Uku Randmaa now within 1200 miles of finish
Third placed Estonian sailor Uku Randmaa is hungry...Hungry because he has caught no fish during the past week to supplement the last of his food stocks...Hungry to finish...and Hungry to see his young family after more than eight months alone at sea.

Boat Books Australia   Musto AUS 2017 300x250 3
Kiel Week - International and more mixed
Next to the 'Kiel Yacht Club', the 'Norddeutscher Regatta-Verein' and the 'Verein Seglerhaus am Wannsee', it is the first international club joining the organization team at the Kiel Week.

America's Cup: AC75 - Race Mechanics and the Foiling Dance
Part 2 of the interview with Burns Fallow, a North Sails designer and long time member of Emirates Team New Zealand, on the development of the AC75 class rule and how the various components of the AC75 are expected to interact

Entries open for Hamilton Island Race Week 2019
The Notice of Race has been posted and entries are open for the 36th edition of Australia's largest and most spectacular offshore regatta, Hamilton Island Race Week.

Pantaenius AUS Smooth Sailing 300x250 JPG   Protector - 300x250
America's Cup: Terry Hutchinson on NYYC American Magic
With just 22 months remaining to the start of the Challenger Selection Series, most America's Cup pundits put the New York Yacht Club's team NYYC American Magic as being the leading Challenger.

Paul Heys passes away
Hamble-based yacht sales business Key Yachting Ltd, have made the truly sad and shocking announcement that Paul Heys, co-founder and Managing Director, has passed away.

Epic racing and a changing of the guard at the International 5.5 Metre Australian Championships
With the impeding 5.5m World Championships to be held in the Palm Beach Circle in January 2020 hosted by the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, Newport, more and more Fives are being bought and renovated and joining the Australian fleet.

SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-AQUIJO   Gul 2018 October - Code Zero AUST MPU
Sailing Illustrated: Replay of interview with sailing savant Luca Devoti
Labeled a monopoly boatbuilder by World Sailing's President, top European boatbuilder Luca Devoti gave his view, mainly on matters Olympic, on today's universally popular Sailing Illustrated bi-weekly video show.

For sale: Ker 46 PATRICE - A Yacht for Champions
Notorious on the Australian race circuit for its consistent high performance, and all things blue, Ker 46 Patrice is on the market.

National support team supporting Australian athletes
AIS Deputy Director Matti Clements says sports are working together to place greater priority on the importance of athlete wellbeing and mental health, 12 months on from the establishment of the AIS Wellbeing and Engagement division.

Predictwind - Iridium 250   C-Tech 250
Olympic Sailing: Lift your game with WindBot
Three times World Champion in the 470 class and top Olympic sailing coach for New Zealand and Great Britain, Hamish Willcox explains how he used WindBot to improve his understanding of wind information to assist sailors like Peter Burling and Blair Tuke.

Mapping the route to Tokyo 2020 for the 49er, 49erFX, and Nacra 17 classes
World Sailing and the IOC have finally concluded the Tokyo 2020 qualification system, including continental qualification. The 49er has 19 spots at the games, 20 for the Nacra 17, and 21 for the 49erFX.

Rogers to defend Sayonara Cup for the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania
Champion Hobart yachtsman Nick Rogers has earned the right to defend the historic Sayonara Cup which he won for the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania a decade ago from the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron. The Squadron is the challenger.

racegeek 600x500   Safety at Sea - Baltic - 3 250
Trailer blazers welcomed at Sail Port Stephens 2019
Marina berths have become rarer than hen's teeth in the lead-up to Sail Port Stephens 2019, such is the demand from the keelboat brigade, yet there's room aplenty for off-the-beach and trailable classes to be part of the action.

America's Cup Challengers and Defender launch newsletter
The organisers of the 36th America's Cup Regatta and Prada Cup and supporting events, have released their first newsletter - summarising the main news stories they have published - and a great opportunity to catch up on what you may have missed.

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