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Contesting the Contenders

Pantaenius 2022 - SAIL & POWER 1 LEADERBOARD AUS

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Hit The Deck - James Ellis - photo © Mark Young

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The Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club in picturesque Paynesville recently held the 2024 Contender Australian Championship. A magnificent 50-boat fleet booked in for the journey, and the sweeping majority got out there for the three-day affair that was mostly conducted in solid conditions.

It was described to me as, 'Lyn Wallace took care of everything off the water, with John Spencer and James Frecheville taking care of things on the water', and success was a word used often. Got to hand it to a club like this when this is the praise that flows afterwards, for anyone who does the work behind the scenes knows just how much gets poured into the funnel at the start for the liquid gold to arrive out the bottom in the end. No doubt those three individuals had a cast of many volunteers who made it all come to pass, so hats off to them, too.

Contesing The Contenders - photo © Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
Contesing The Contenders - photo © Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club

Also a big shout out to Mark Young for his diligent work in securing me information and images, and always having a smile as he went about it. He drove from North of Brisbane to get to Victoria, and phoned up ahead of the regatta and asked, 'What can I do?' He got anointed as Press Officer, and the Sail-World team thanks him for reaching out. Nice one. Cheers matey.

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Long and skinny wins the day

Anytime you get to say Bob Miller (aka Ben Lexcen) has to be a good one. In 1967 the Contender was trialled as a successor in the Olympics to the mighty Finn. Today, there are still fleets in Australia, the USA, the UK, and across Europe. A World Championship can attract on or over 200 competitors.

Hard At Work for Thomas Young who placed seventh overall - photo © Mark Young
Hard At Work for Thomas Young who placed seventh overall - photo © Mark Young

As Mark said to me, "Its excellent performance in stronger winds and waves reflects its Australian origin. For the last 40 years, the Contender has been the only high-performance single-handed dinghy that offers international racing in competitive fleets. It has proven to be suitable for a wide variety of sailors, both male and female."

Whilst needing agility and dexterity might be key, you do have a boat that is say 40 kilos lighter than a Finn, has 10.8m2 of mainsail, and you hang on a trap, which many a sailor prefer to the not-so-easy to perform constant hiking the Laser/ILCA demands. Boat handling becomes critical, planing allows for both snakes and ladders, and the tactical aspects of racing get played out incessantly.

Flagstaff 2021AUG - Oceanis 40.1 - MPU   Windcraft 2022 July - Dehler 46SQ - MPU

Isn't the Contender a solo craft? So what's with the Mini Me half way up the stick? - photo © Mark Young
Isn't the Contender a solo craft? So what's with the Mini Me half way up the stick? - photo © Mark Young

Some 2800 vessels have been made over the years and you can see sailors from 20 to 60 years of age plying their trade at regattas around the globe, for there is something like 18 countries that contest the Contender. The winners span the entire age bracket, which no doubt further adds to the appeal of these 4.87m by 1.5m low-slung darts. Developments of the boat have enabled Contenders to be raced even in rough open sea conditions.

Quite a few classes have had some sort of resurgence in recent times due to Covid and the hectic pace of life. Single-handed OTB could well be one of the major beneficiaries in this way. Of course, living and dying by the sword attracts a lot of sailors who accept the nowhere to run, nowhere to hide notion on the chin. True freedom may well be the other edge of said sword, however.

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Always fun when you get to use the Back Corner - Albert Mahoney - photo © Mark Young
Always fun when you get to use the Back Corner - Albert Mahoney - photo © Mark Young

Mark Young said to me, "The major reason that Contender fleets are strong, and growing, is because of the thrill sailors get from racing, those yahoo moments when it all comes together, trapezing from the rear deck on a reach at 16kts, or trapezing almost parallel to the water heading to the top mark. Throw in the competitive spirit of Contender sailing, and it's easy to understand why numbers are increasing worldwide."

"There are many quality Contender boat builders worldwide, and more recently a new builder entering the Australian market to cater for growing participation. Contenders last, and epoxy-built Contenders remain competitive for years; Mark Bulka having won three of his four World titles with a boat built in 2009. CST make competitive masts, and both Irwin Sails and North Sails both make affordable fast sails. Notably Irwin Sails took all three podium places at the recent Australian Championship."

Race Yachts 2024 v1   upffront 2024 January Vakaros MPU

Wet for Lachlan Imeneo - photo © Bentley Conn
Wet for Lachlan Imeneo - photo © Bentley Conn

"All of this means easy access to get started in the class, and plenty of state, national, and international competition to display your sailing skills. Add in a supportive and inclusive Contender sailing culture to boost you along, and there are plenty of off water fleet activities as well. The class is attracting successful sailors of all ages."

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Let's race!

The Australian Contender Championships ran from 15 to 18 January, 2024. Stalwart Contender sailor, Jeff Owen, stated "The 2024 Nationals are done and dusted. 50 Boats was the highlight - awesome turnout. Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club is the perfect place to sail Contenders, and Paynesville is a great place for a holiday. If it wasn't the best Nationals, it must have been close."

Racing This Time - photo © Mark Young
Racing This Time - photo © Mark Young

There were a range of conditions to test everyone, and it attracted entries from as far afield as Townsville, Perth, and even Singapore! Many sailors have raced the craft for decades now, so a chance to catch up is always enjoyed. A 30-knot blow out on Day One was thus not wasted.

Blue skies, with 10-12 kts of consistent wind certainly aided the Race Officer in determining to catch up and run three races. Mentions go to Paul Wilson, Andre Webster, Richard Batten, Simon Barwood, and Callum Burns. A certain Mark Bulka probably staked his claim at this point, but in Victoria, anything can happen, and mostly always does.

Colligo Marine 2023 600x500 MPU   Zhik 2023 December - MPU

One Result for Michael MacDonald - and it is not a career in music business.. - photo © Bentley Conn
One Result for Michael MacDonald - and it is not a career in the music business.. - photo © Bentley Conn

The next day brought on heavy rain, strong, shifty winds and several storm fronts from the West to Sou'west. A challenge for all, whether running or competing in the racing. Young said, "Ollie McKeon took out Race Four. Against the high level of competition, this win by Ollie was significant; a fantastic result! Rounding out the results for Race Four were Simon Barwood, and Joey Randall. It was at this point that Simon dreamed of regatta suspension, for he was leading the series overall after this race. Wishful thinking, Simon!"

Race Five had the weather intensifying in the late afternoon, and to some degree favouring the heavy weather specialists. Previous National Champion Matt Mulder stepped up and took out the honours in his new boat, AUS 2811. Coming in second and third, respectively, were Mark Bulka and Callum Burns. When the fleet finally got back to the clubhouse, cold and soaked sailors could in the very least now look at a drop after five races completed.

Rolly Tasker Sails 2023 MPU   Pantaenius 2022 - SAIL MPU AUS

Who's the U-Boat Commander? Matt Mulder - photo © Mark Young
Who's the U-Boat Commander? Matt Mulder - photo © Mark Young

A prudent decision to kick off early at 1100hrs on the last day with at least two and possibly three races to round out the series was a good way to deal with the potential of up to 30 knots running over the course.

Race Six was conducted in over 15 knots, and the waves appeared as well, for there is a decent fetch in those parts with and East/West lake system being fuelled by a muscley Sou'wester. Lindsay Irwin took the win, followed closely by Andre Webster and Richard Batten. There were a number of capsizes, all adding to the thrill that is Contender racing.

Richard Batten goes around a mark of the course - photo © Ron Parker
Richard Batten goes around a mark of the course - photo © Ron Parker

For what would be the final race, the breeze kicked in to a genuine 25 knots. Yes it was exciting, 'particularly on the reaches', I am reliably told. Richard Batten put on a masterclass to come in on top, no doubt a result of his 'maximum attack' mindset. Mark Bulka and Chris Williams rounded out the podium. It is important to note that the last time Williams had sailed a Contender was last Century. Given the field, and the conditions, the result is outstanding. Full results can be found here. You can also watch a short video here.

The 2025 Contender title is to be sailed at the Humpybong Yacht Club in Queensland. It would seem they have a mark to reach, but their recent efforts would seem to put them in good stead. As for 2024, well Mark Bulka won, Lindsay Irwin was in second, and Andre Webster third. The Grand Master was 'Crazy' John McLean, but you would have to think that the Contender, along with Gippsland Lakes YC were the real winners here.

Stepping Off - as demonstrated by Thomas Young - who is - just 24 years of age - photo © Bentley Conn
Stepping Off - as demonstrated by Thomas Young - who is - just 24 years of age - photo © Bentley Conn

SCIBS 2024 MPU   Barz Optics 2023 SW 1

Need one? Got one!

Three from three on your first day, and you win by 16 points in the end after your seven-race series. Little wonder some say of you, 'There's Mark Bulka, then there's the rest of us mortals.' See, the thing is, he has six Australian titles in the class, four Contender Worlds to rack up, and is probably just shy of thirty major titles in a variety of hard-fought classes. Respect.

Lying Down On The Job - Michael MacDonald - photo © Mark Young
Lying Down On The Job - Michael MacDonald - photo © Mark Young

Been lucky to know Mark for a very long time now, and I really like his considered approach to things. He's great to talk with, and gets the job done with a minimum of fanfare. Nice. I was not too surprised to hear him say to me the other day that he is actively seeking out Tactician gigs around the place. He is the thinking person's sailor, and would be a very good addition to any crew looking to go places. The queue starts here...

Bulka and wife Vicki did put a lot into being the organisers of the 2024 event, but in typical style he deflected more onto the club and class itself. Looking at how many under 25-year-olds are racing, he said, "The Contender is such a great boat. It has that beautiful balance between speed and tactics, physicality and power; it really is just the best boat to sail."

Giddy Up - Joey Randall - photo © Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
Giddy Up - Joey Randall - photo © Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club

It was definitely the big fleets that "...really got me in", as Bulka puts it. He still watches a lot of classes, and also puts back in by coaching from Minnows all the way up, with McCrae Yacht Club fortunate enough to get his services, as too Safety Beach YC, albeit to a lesser degree. There is no silverware on display anymore at his house, or elsewhere, but make no mistake about his desire to go out and get it.

OK. There it is. There is so much more on the group's sites for you. Simply use the search field, or 'edition' pull-down menu up the top on the right of the masthead to find it all. Please enjoy your yachting, stay safe, and thanks for tuning into

John Curnow
Editor, Sail World AUS

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Racing Action with Joey Randall - photo © Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club
Racing Action with Joey Randall - photo © Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club

Three wide at the mark - James Ellis (2323), Paul Wilson (2665), and Lachlan Imeneo (2571) - photo © Ron Parker
Three wide at the mark - James Ellis (2323), Paul Wilson (2665), and Lachlan Imeneo (2571) - photo © Ron Parker

Ensign 2023 November C46 MPU   Pittwater Regatta 2024 MPU 1

Race 7: Endless Discovery in Ha Long Bay – Race conditions
The Clipper Race fleet prepared to embark on Leg 5, the Asia Pacific Leg. This leg is renowned as the most fast paced of the entire circumnavigation, promising a rollercoaster of challenges.

Arkéa Ultim Challenge - Brest day 22: Le Cléac'h charge continues
ARKEA ULTIM CHALLENGE-Brest solo round the world race leader Charles Caudrelier sailed into the Pacific Ocean last night after setting a new solo record time for the passage of the Indian Ocean between Cape Agulhas and the longitude of Tasmania.

181st Festival of Sails concludes with a parade of colour
Festival of Sails 2024 concluded its 181st edition with a day of shifty, lighter winds that saw some big jumps in standings across all nine divisions. Corio Bay was awash with colour as the courses spread the fleet across the inner and outer Harbours.

Vetus-Maxwell 2020   Navico AUS Zeus3S MPU
ILCA 7 World Championship at Adelaide Sailing Club - Day 3
Two of the favourites to clinch the 2024 ILCA 7 Men's World Championship have walked away from the six qualifying races at the top of the table, while the battle for gold fleet heated up in glamour conditions on Adelaide waters.

Olympic Champion Wearn moves into first at ILCA 7 World Championships
On a day where many stuttered, Matt Wearn stunned with a first and third to move into the lead at the half-way point of the 2024 ILCA 7 World Championships in Adelaide.

18ft Skiff Australian Championship on Sydney Harbour - Race 3
NSW champion Yandoo increased her lead at the halfway mark of the Australian 18ft Skiff Championship today with a brilliant win by her crew in the Smeg Race 3 of the series, sailed on Sydney Harbour.

XBrand 2023 MPU   Webasto AUS 2020 MPU 2
New Indian Ocean solo record for leader Charles Caudrelier in the Arkéa Ultim Challenge - Brest
Arkéa Ultim Challenge - Brest solo round the world race leader Charles Caudrelier sailed into the Pacific Ocean last night after setting a new solo record time for the passage of the Indian Ocean between Cape Agulhas and the longitude of Tasmania.

Geelong Cadets heading to UK to compete in World Sailing Championships
From the waters of Corio Bay to the English seas off Plymouth, six young Geelong sailors are about to take on fellow young sailors from around the globe in the 2024 Cadet World Championships.

SheSails & Youth at the Festival of Sails 2024
Festival of Sails had a women and youth sailors focus on day two, bookending the racing with the SheSails & Supporters breakfast, and a presentation with the local International Cadet fleet.

Cyclops Marine 2023 November - MPU   Allen 2022 - PSH Cam Cleat MPU
ILCA 7 World Championship at Adelaide Sailing Club - Day 2
Tricky and variable conditions may have halted the start of Day 2 of the 2024 Wireless Communications ILCA 7 Men's World Championship, but a late afternoon sea breeze ensured everything got back on track.

Aussies pass the test on day two of ILCA 7 World Championships
Australia has two sailors in the top four at the 2024 ILCA 7 World Championships, with reigning World Champion Matt Wearn moving up to second and Luke Elliott holding on to fourth after day two.

Bay of Islands Sailing Week - NZ's best big boat regatta is better than ever with over 100 entrants
A new venue this year has made New Zealand's best big boat regatta even better, according to participants at the 21st Bay of Islands Sailing Week regatta this week in Opua. Several late entries were received before Registration for the event concluded.

Henri-Lloyd 2023 Freo Jacket - SW MPU   Armstrong 300x250 MA Foil Range
World champion new addition to expanded line up for 2024 Annual Congressional Cup
California's Long Beach Yacht Club has announced the addition of two invitations for this year's 59th edition of the Congressional Cup Regatta being sailed from 24 to 28 April 2024. One of those is current world champion Ian Williams (GBR)

Cup Spy Jan 25: Brits claim that one of their One Design AC40s is faster than the other
Only a custom design jib was the difference between the two British AC40's. In the post session interview, skipper Ben Ainslie opined that one of the AC40 One Designs was faster than the other for reasons they had not been able to establish.

RORC Transatlantic Race IRC Two-Handed - Tigris gets the job done
Racing double handed across the Atlantic adds an extra dimension to the RORC Transatlantic Race. Just like the fully crewed teams, it requires meticulous planning and preparation before the race, and mental and physical toughness during the marathon.

Selden 2023 CXe   Rooster 2023 - MPU
Ted Albert Memorial Trophy at Metung Yacht Club
Short choppy waves up to one metre deep and gear breakages on many yachts dominated the three-race series Ted Albert memorial trophy, hosted by Metung Yacht Club this week.

Global Solo Challenge: Cole Brauer near the peak of her Everest of the seas
This past week has been one post after another providing updates on the delicate and difficult descent for Cole Brauer, on her Class40 Number 54, First Light, towards the most legendary of capes, Cape Horn.

181st Festival of Sails Passage Race - MRV Master IRC & Hooligan's Maiden Victory
The 181st Melbourne to Geelong Passage Race challenged the 200 strong fleet with high winds and a steep, confused sea state.

Barton Marine 2019 600x500   North Sails Performance 2023 - MPU
ILCA 7 World Championship at Adelaide Sailing Club - Day 1
Norwegian Hermann Tomasgaard has won his two opening races of the 2024 Wireless Communications ILCA 7 Men's World Championships in Adelaide today, giving himself the perfect start to his 2024 campaign.

International Dragon Class Prince Philip Cup at Metung Yacht Club - Day 2
Strong gale force WSW winds with short steep waves caused the races on day two of the Prince Philip Cup to be delayed, then cancelled.

Balboa Yacht Club begins acceptance of requests for invitation for 57th Governor's Cup
Balboa Yacht Club has posted all the information necessary for requesting an invitation ("RFI") for the 57th Governor's Cup International Youth Match Racing Championship, July 22-27, 2024, on the event website.

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Shirley Robertson talks with with offshore multihull speedster Brian Thompson
This month, Shirley Robertson's Sailing Podcast hosts one of offshore sailing's most accomplished names, as multiple world record holder Brian Thompson drops in for a two part chat about being one of the fastest offshore sailors on the planet.

The Future of the F50 - T-Foil Development Video
Set to replace the current L-Foils in Season 5, the T-Foils were designed to improve the performance and control of the F50s at high speeds.

Caudrelier crosses Cape Leeuwin and sets an incredible record
Undisputed leader of the ARKÉA ULTIM CHALLENGE-Brest since the South Atlantic, Charles Caudrelier has just passed the latitude of the race's second cape. He passed the most South Westerly tip of Australia at 19:13:52 UTC.

MPU July August September   RS Sailing 2021 - MPU
Ocean Globe Race: Jan 25 - Pen Duick VI on the move - Brian Hancock Daily Blog #113
Marie Tabarly and her crew on Pen Duick VI are starting to find their stride and are leading in line honours.

Vakaros Atlas 2 - sailing with ultimate precision
Recently have introduced the latest Vakaros Atlas 2 sailing instrument to the shop and compared it in a review of other top sailing instruments.

Limited Edition Zhik Boot & Strap Launched!
Zhik partnered gold medal sailors include Matt Wearn (AUS), Tom Burton (AUS), Tom Slingsby(AUS), Robert Scheidt (BRA), Anne-Marie Rindom (DEN), Marit Bouwmeester (NED) & Lijia Xu (CHN)

Doyle Sails 2020 - Pure Brilliance 300x250   Whangarei Marina Secure (300 x 250 px)
2023/24 WASZP Australian Slalom Championship at the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club
The highly anticipated 2023/24 WASZP Australian Slalom Championship continued on Pittwater today with an exhilarating final day of racing.

Cup Spy Jan 24: French tow test LEQ12/AC40. Kiwis and Swiss sail in a big breeze
The French challenger Orient Express Racing conducted tow testing on their AC40 that has been converted to manual from auto flight control. Alinghi Red Bull Racing and Emirates Team NZ sailed their AC40s in fresh winds in Auckland and Jeddah.

Classics return to the Sydney Harbour Regatta at Middle Harbour Yacht Club
After an absence of more than a decade there will again be a division for classic yachts to compete in the Sydney Harbour Regatta.

ABS24-SailWorld-600x500_04   Hyde Sails 2022 One Design MPU
North South Divide | Cocody vs Dawn Treader
One of the fascinating duels in the RORC Transatlantic Race was between two JPK 1180s; Richard Fromentin's Cocody (FRA) and Dawn Treader (GBR) skippered by Ed Bell.

The Kings of the Lowriding World and exciting projects at boot Düsseldorf
Watching Youtube early on a frosty Sunday morning in Düsseldorf, ahead of a long day of meetings at the massive boot boat show, probably isn't the best preparation, but I'm slightly addicted to the 18ft Skiff racing.

World Sailing statement on Russian & Belarusian athletes participation in international competition
In line with the International Olympic Committee's position on the participation of athletes from Russia and Belarus as independent neutral athletes (AINs), the World Sailing Board met on Friday 19 January.

PredictWind - Wave Routing 300x250   HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-battens
2024 J/70 NSW Championship at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron - Overall
The Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron (RSYS) recently hosted the 2024 J/70 Australian Championship, delivering four days of close competition on the famous Sydney Harbour.

Cup Spy Jan 23-24: Patriot's last sail. Swiss sail in Jeddah and test in Barcelona
American Magic have retired their AC75 Patriot. Alinghi Red Bull Racing continue their two AC40 program in Jeddah. In Barcelona, they launched their AC75 - to check the FCS (Foil Control System). Emirates Team NZ run into 25-30kt winds on a test sail.

A record 31 skippers set for the New York Vendée - Les Sables d'Olonne in May
While the IMOCA are in winter refit, the organisers of the Vendée Globe are unveiling the details and line-up of their transatlantic race, the New York Vendée - Les Sables d'Olonne, which will start off the coast of the United States

Line 7 - Mens Performance 300x250px   Lloyd Stevenson - TTSkorpios 300x250px
J/Boats Australia & Ensign Yachts partnership announcement
The start of 2024 opens a new chapter for the Australian and New Zealand sailing community. J/BOATS AUSTRALIA and ENSIGN YACHTS are excited to announce the launch of their partnership.

Young sailing talent on display in the 18ft Skiffs
Last Friday evening, and again on Sunday, we saw some of the best young talent on display as they went head-to-head with the best, most experienced 18ft skiff teams on Sydney Harbour in the Balmain Cup Sprint Series and Race 2 of Australian Championship.

North Sails Launches Sustainable Sailcloth Innovation - RENEW
North Sails today launched RENEW, a North Paneled Laminate (NPL) sailcloth for cruising boats 25 to 45 ft. RENEW sailcloth is constructed from more than 90% sustainable sources, with no sacrifice in performance or longevity.

Outlet Deals while stock lasts at Zhik
Save big on a range of quality current and past season clearance gear! Shop now and grab a bargain while stock lasts.

Big names and new products to take centre stage at SCIBS 2024 with tickets now on sale
Australia's largest marine lifestyle event, the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show (SCIBS), being staged from May 23 to 26, 2024, is close to full capacity and attracting many of the biggest and best marine brands.

Cup Spy Jan 22: Italian's crew 'problem'. USA fix gremlins. Brits stay with One Designs
Four teams sailed in Spain, Italy and New Zealand. Given their rich talent base, the Italians appear to be doing some crew testing, evaluation and upskilling ahead of their AC75 launch. The US team got on top of their AC75 gremlins.

Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless
Sherry Anderson's quote perfectly applies to the legion of volunteers who are the lifeblood of the Manly 16ft Skiff Sailing Club.

51st Australian Hobie Cat National Championships at Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron
Across the 10 day extravaganza, the true meaning of "having a bloody good time" couldn't have been more evident; and it's without a wind-shadow of a doubt that the Hobie Class is looking stronger than ever.

Do you and your rig loads see eye-to-eye?
When it comes to sailing, knowledge is power. A keen feel for the boat gained from experience is invaluable, but an intimate knowledge of your rig based on live data allows you to truly excel-getting the most out of your equipment.

John Bertrand anticipates thrilling 2024 Etchells World Championship in Fremantle
Australian sailing legend John Bertrand is expecting a close battle in this year's Etchells World Championship, as some of the best sailors in the class head to Fremantle for the regatta in March.

Ocean Active Caps
Lightweight ocean active cap - now available in fluro yellow + black!

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