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C43, but it's not an AMG - Australia Newsletter


C43, but it's not an AMG

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Sailing Raceboats 2016/17 RS Aero 728x90

C43 to be known as Scarlet Runner (#13) and launched in 2021 - photo © Carkeek Design Partners

Dear Recipient Name

It does share a lot of the performance attributes of the Merc. Well, as long as you make sure you select the right one for the road, and the other for the water, that is. However, our C43 today is the very, very new Carkeek 43 being built in Melbourne (VIC not FLA) for Rob Date. So that would make it Scarlet Runner #13.

Kind of cool that last point, because she's in the 13m bracket, which somehow just does not roll off the tongue as easily as 40-something. None the less, this is the latest entrant into the resurging sector, now that the IRC rules have been calmed, if not unfortunately, fully relaxed. You can't really say sedated, akin to living in an opium den, so perhaps it is more like a big mug of ginger tea, and a few TravaCalms.

The Owner

Anyway, Date commented, "This is Lucky 13." And in referring to the bean vine that the boats have been named after, "Look how far the vine has grown. Mum named the original one, and she is currently 99. Mum launched #9, and I hope we can get her to do #13, too."

38 South - Sun Fast 3300 - MPU   JS Yachting 2020 - 600x500

The R/P 52 Scarlet Runner that completed a lap of the globe and competed in many of the world's greatest races. - photo © A J McKinnon Photography
The R/P 52 Scarlet Runner that completed a lap of the globe and competed in many of the world's greatest races. - photo © A J McKinnon Photography

"I enjoy the process we've been going through. I contacted Jason Kerr, spoke with Mark Mills and looked at the MAT1340, and got preliminary drawings from Reichel/Pugh, but the real 'ah huh' moment came when Richard 'Bart' Bearda from NZ Rigging got Shaun Carkeek into the mix. I commissioned Shaun to give us a design, and when we compared it all I knew we had a something that looked like a 21st Century yacht!"

"We have mucked around a lot over the last six months, but what you see here is very close to the final look. We'll have electric propulsion, which will be from Diverse, just like Ràn VII. This means both batteries and a genset that is required for us to go offshore. We're ahead on weight over a Diesel, and this includes the genset, which will reside in a transom slot, just like the life raft."

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The Adams 10 that received lavish treatment during her extensive refurbishment. - photo © A J McKinnon Photography
The Adams 10 that received lavish treatment during her extensive refurbishment. - photo © A J McKinnon Photography

Date added, "Whilst she's not completely finalised as yet, we know she'll be light, have 400kg of water ballast, have the mast stepped well aft, something like 50%, and be in the order of 1.23 under IRC. She's designed primarily for offshore with a crew of eight."

So that means that Date will become a Commodore, because the present Scarlet Runner, the J/111, will be kept as the inshore boat in Melbourne. "We may keep the new one in Sydney and sail her offshore. We'll see. We are definitely up for Hamilton Island, even New Zealand for races to Tahiti or Fiji, and even Perth for the jaunt to Bali is in frame. I want to have a crack at some things, so perhaps the Middle Sea Race may get a look in too!"

Webasto AUS 2020 MPU 4   J Composites 2020 - MPU

Scarlet Runner the J/111 that will remain the inshore weapon of choice to sail on Melbourne's Port Phillip. - photo © A J McKinnon Photography
Scarlet Runner the J/111 that will remain the inshore weapon of choice to sail on Melbourne's Port Phillip. - photo © A J McKinnon Photography

"VMG running we should be a weapon, and with the water ballast we'll have a bit of learning for our list of 12 that provides the eight we sail with presently. They're all up for the new challenge", added Date who has family members as part of the tight knit crew.

Work has already begun on the mould for the hull of Scarlet Runner (#13), our C43 that's under the spotlight here. They're finishing up the deck design now, and it will be built in February, with the launching slated for June 2021.

The Designer

Shaun Carkeek was kind enough to work with me on a Q&A style review of the boat as they work to get her into production.

Pacific Sailing School 2020 - MPU   Race Yachts 2020 600x500 v4

FAST40 winner Peter Morton's Carkeek 40 Mk 3 - Girls on Film at the IRC National Championship - photo © Paul Wyeth /
FAST40 winner Peter Morton's Carkeek 40 Mk 3 - Girls on Film at the IRC National Championship - photo © Paul Wyeth /

Q: The new interpretation of IRC means there is more wiggle room, but displacement is still not allowed to be too racy - where does your design head?

A: Were heading as light as possible without breaking the performance versus rating to deliver a fast, fun and stable platform equally at home inshore, or in the classic offshore races.

Q: Dockside appeal - Obviously benefitting from your work with Ràn VII and the Fast40s - just how much is applicable/crosses over?

A: We deliver a turnkey design and engineering package. This means all areas work in harmony from the outset delivering a more refined package.

Q: Overall displacement?

A: 5300 - 5500kg

Wichard Pacific 2020 - Swivel and Halyard Locks - 300x250   GCM Mariners Diary 2020 - MPU

Niklas Zennstrom's Swedish Carkeek Rán7 will be making its debut in the FAST40 Class - photo © Shaun Roster Photography
Niklas Zennstrom's Swedish Carkeek Rán7 will be making its debut in the FAST40 Class - photo © Shaun Roster Photography

Q: Having a big bum is great for form stability, but wetted surface area goes up accordingly. So how have you worked static versus heeled over?

A: We're playing with the RM versus wetted area trade-offs under the IRC, positioning the crossover where required for our clients sailing program.

Q: What size stick, and sail area?

A: 113m2 of upwind sail area and 200m2 kites

Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU   Sail Exchange 300x250 2

Niklas Zennstrom's Swedish Carkeek-designed Rán VII wins the Fast 40 Nationals - photo © Gordon Upton / VR Sport
Niklas Zennstrom's Swedish Carkeek-designed Rán VII wins the Fast 40 Nationals - photo © Gordon Upton / VR Sport

Q: Looks very much like 60/40, and set up for triple head - VPP is king - what sort of numbers are being looked at?

A: The boat is designed to allow for triple head setups, as one would find on any IRC 52 coastal/offshore platform. We've worked closely with North Sails on the aero and sail optimisation.

Q: Integral prodder is great, and running into the cabin top is awesome, as too reverse bow and knuckle out - not a lot of room up there on the foredeck, so is it more about furlers?

A: Were using furling sails. However, we've paid careful attention to making the bow user friendly and safe in all conditions.

Sailing Raceboats 2016 RS Feva 300x250   Vaikobi 2020 - MPU 2

Carkeek's triple third gives them FAST40 top 4 - photo © Paul Wyeth / Lendy Cowes Week
Carkeek's triple third gives them FAST40 top 4 - photo © Paul Wyeth / Lendy Cowes Week

Q: Chamfer is obvious - how much does this affect overall performance in the size/class of boat?

A: The gains are small, but everything adds up, especially on a higher freeboard boat.

Q: What kind of keel and what draft?

A: 2.85m, lead fin keel without bulb

Q: One rudder or two?

A:Twin Rudders for all round ability, particularly when shorthanded and pushing the boat offshore.

Q: Water ballast?

A: We have designed a water ballast system. This is being used on new IRC/ORCi optimised CF 520 being built in the UK at Fibre Mechanics and will launch next Spring.

ALT Composities 2020 West System 1 - 300x250   Del Morrsion Art 2020 MPU

Carkeek's new TP52 design - photo © Gordon Upton / VR Sport
Family resemblance? This was Carkeek's new TP52 design - photo © Gordon Upton / VR Sport

Q: Single grinder or powered winches?

A: We've opted for a penalty and gone with powered winches. This works for our reduced crew setup when trimming at high rates over long distances. The yacht features an electric motor with genset for range extension.

Q: Able to be sailed Four Up, or designed for nine POB?

A: We have designed in flexibility with the system. Depending on the conditions and course type we can sail with 7-11 crew and mode accordingly.

Q: Is it bare bones below, or paying homage to IRC by being a furniture store?

A: The C43 is a racer cruiser layout below with some creature comforts and options for Owners.

As if knowing I would want to follow this one up closely, the reply to the question, 'Are there additional renders and line drawings available please?' was "We're working on new renders." I know this to be true, for even the owner has no more to provide at this time.

The Builder

As a sailor, Steve Campbell went all the way to the America's Cup, twice, and raced offshore around Australia, as well as competing on Grand Prix vessels inshore. As a shipwright, Campbell worked on many a famous vessel, including Illusion, Ultimate Challenge, Wild Thing, and Joint Venture.

Zhik 2020 Xmas 300x250 1   Rolly Tasker Sails 2019 600x500 MPU v5

Steve Campbell during the first splashing of his new Cape50 Motor Yacht - photo © Wally Tench
Steve Campbell during the first splashing of his new Cape50 Motor Yacht - photo © Wally Tench

As a business owner, his Composites Constructions continues to build whole vessels and parts for others, as well as defence projects. From his facility in Braeside they have also delivered the R/P52 Scarlet Runner (#9), the Corby 49 Flirt II for Chris Dare, and a full makeover of an Adams 10 that included installation of a carbon stick.

Thank you

Yes. We are very appreciative of your patronage as our readers. We would also like to very much acknowledge all the sailors out there competing in events like Vendée and Verne, soon the AC, and then the Hobart, as well as all of the club events taking off now and set to flourish in the Southern Hemisphere Summer. The reason we're so elated is that you have propelled our entire group from 1 November to 1 December to a record 536,803 Unique Visitors and 1,833,026 page views.

Selden 2020 - SMF - MPU   Henri-Lloyd 2020 Nov MPU SW

PRB - Kevin Escoffier - 2020 Vendee Globe - photo © Jean-Marie Liot
PRB - Kevin Escoffier - 2020 Vendee Globe - photo © Jean-Marie Liot

Our Managing Editor, Mark Jardine, commented, "At the bottom of John's editorials you'll note he always says, 'Your increased patronage and sensational, heartfelt comments have made our crew work even harder to bring you the best from all over the globe...' This could not be truer for all of us. We're currently marching on from even the figures above, with increasing numbers achieved in the first few days of December, and no sign of it abating."

Still no joy!

After the scrubbing of SailGP's Season Two, you could argue that it would have been odd to return to Sydney Harbour 12 months later to dump the kero in and reignite the turbine. So Bermuda and Italy it is. Any thoughts of a final in the Antipodes were put to bed when San Fran got the nod for April 2022. However, that leaves the gap after Spain and ahead of the final that is yet to be filled.

Team AUS coming back down after the finish of the SailGP final, Round One 2020, Sydney Harbour. - photo © John Curnow
Team AUS coming back down after the finish of the SailGP final, Round One 2020, Sydney Harbour. - photo © John Curnow

Coming Downunder fits in well seasonally, and with sooooooooo many Antipodeans racing in the circuit they're guaranteed support. So come on Larry and Russell. How about it?????

Mark Jardine said to me, "The RYA Dinghy Show weekend is always a crazily busy one, and 2020 was no different. It is on at the same time as the Sydney Round of SailGP, but I couldn't help getting up early to watch it. The natural amphitheatre of the Harbour made for a spectacular scene and the racing was superb. After the disappointment of the event being declared null and void (especially with the British team's win!), it would be great to hold a round there during the tail end of the rebooted second season!"

Right oh - there is plenty of information on the group's sites for you to review when you can. Please avail yourself of it.

Now if your class or association is generating material, we can help you spread your word just by. Got this newsletter from a friend? Would you like your own copy next week? Just follow the instructions on our newsletter page. Whilst there, you can also register for other editions, like Powerboat-World.

Finally, thank you for keeping a weather eye on Sail-World. Your increased patronage and sensational, heartfelt comments have made our crew work even harder to bring you the best from all over the globe...

John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

Pantaenius 2019 - AmRad - 300x250 - SW WEBSITE   Ronstan 2020 - Sailmon MAX - MPU

Vendée Globe Day 29: Alone Again, Naturally
After being rescued from his liferaft six days ago by fellow competitor Jean Le Cam, PRB skipper Kevin Escoffier was plucked from the Indian Ocean by the French Marine National after jumping clear of his rescuer's IMOCA 60.

Where will winging take you?
One of the really attractive things about wing foiling is that you can launch from a lot more locations than you can kiteboarding or even windsurfing. There's less gear and less to set-up which opens up a whole range of possibilities.

Vendée Globe Day 29 morning update: Kevin Escoffier transferred off Yes We Cam!
At around 0210hrs UTC at a location in the South Indian Ocean some 360 miles north of the remote Crozet archipelago, Kevin Escoffier (PRB) was successfully transferred from Jean Le Cam's IMOCA to the Nivôse, a French Navy frigate.

EWOL 2020 - Propellers - 300x250   Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - AUS MPU
18ft Skiff NSW Championship on Sydney Harbour - Race 3
Today's 20-knot westerly wind produced one of the most spectacular 18ft Skiff races seen on the harbour for many years.

DSS/RYCT SB20 Pre-Christmas Summer Pennant Series
A race within a race was the flavour of Thursday night's DSS/RYCT SB20 Pre-Christmas Summer Pennant Series racing on the River Derwent in Hobart.

Combined Hobart Clubs Summer Pennant Series - Race 5
Zephyr Insurance Masters was last across the line in Division One but took the honours on performance handicap in Saturday's Combined Clubs Summer Pennant. Skipper Ian Johnston was happy with his team's performance.

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Vendée Globe Day 28: An abandoning trio in Cape Town evoke the origin of the race
Under blue skies with Cape Town's Table Mountain in the distance, Davies struggled to keep her emotions in check as she said "After the violence of the impact I'm relieved to be here, the harshness of what I hit."

Vendée Globe Day 28: Sam Davies retires, but wants to compete the course
On her arrival in Cape Town this morning as Sam Davies confirmed by video at 0900hrs UTC that she is officially retiring from the race, following her collision with a UFO.

December FINNFARE showcases huge amount of Finn sailing in 2021
The December 2020 issue of FINNFARE showcases extraordinary amount of Finn sailing that has happened this year despite the lockdowns and cancelled events.

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The Gold Coast's first ever 'Parade of Sail' spectacular at the 2021 Bartercard Sail Paradise
The recent opening of the borders, to the southern states, has brought an influx of new competitor registrations for the Bartercard Sail Paradise event.

Vendée Globe Day 27: The Cape of Sorrows
Each edition of the Vendée Globe, Cape Town, South Africa provides final safe haven for stricken solo racers to retire to, restore their mental equilibrium, to reflect on what should have been and to enjoy the safety and security of terra firma.

Half a million readers a month and counting!
In November we have seen record figures for all the titles within our network.,,, and's combined readership is now over 500,000 unique users.

Ensign 2020 - Sail (Used) - November2020 MPU   Vetus-Maxwell 2020
Britain's Alex Thomson arrives safely to Cape Town and formally retires from the Vendée Globe
After irreparable rudder damage put a stop to his quest for victory in the Vendée Globe, British sailor Alex Thomson has arrived safely in Cape Town, South Africa.

Exciting Cabbage Tree Island Race start gives taste of things to come
If the events of 2020 dampened any memories of grand-prix yacht racing on Sydney Harbour, the CYCA Audi Centre Sydney Blue Water Pointscore Cabbage Tree Island Race start has brought them flying back in truly spectacular style.

Introducing Henri-Lloyd AERO-FOIL: Pro-Kit for Sailing Athletes
AERO-FOIL, created exclusively by Henri-Lloyd in collaboration with INEOS TEAM UK, is the lightest, most agile sailing kit the brand has ever produced.

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Love of Sailing Transitions to Passion for Painting
My love of sailing started as a young girl sailing with my father. Over the years I have raced in the Heineken Cup in the Caribbean, the Brisbane to Gladstone, Australian Women's Keelboat Regatta in Melbourne and many other long and short distance races.

Maxi Edmond de Rothschild in repair prior to another Jules Verne Trophy attempt
Last Friday, after three days at sea on their first round the world record attempt, the crew of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild opted to turn back after damage resulting from impact with a UFO.

Tas Sharpies flying for mental health
The Tasmanian Sharpie Association is hosting a charity race in support of positive mental health within the sailing community.

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Stephanie Roble and Maggie Shea on their 49erFX campaign for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics
I checked in with Stephanie Roble and Maggie Shea, via email, about their campaign to represent the USA in the 49erFX at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics amidst a pandemic that has complicated travel and typical Olympic preparations.

Small and Mighty - smartlink Nano from Cyclops Marine
Dinghy, keelboat and sportsboat sailors now is your time. This is your opportunity to retire that old rig gauge that was handed down through generations and get in on the action of real time wireless load sensing technology with the smartlink Nano.

PlanetSail Vendée Globe update
The trip south through the Atlantic to the start of the Southern Ocean was anything but straightforward for the opening stages of the Vendée Globe.

Sea Sure 2020 - SHOCK-WBV - MPU   Cyclops Marine 2020 - MPU
Sabre WA State Championships Heats 1 & 2 at Maylands Yacht Club
Maylands Yacht Club is located almost 5 kilometres upriver from Perth city, and some 24 kilometres upriver from Fremantle Harbour.

Barney Walker and Jade Cole's bid to win the Rudder Cup
The Victorian border is open and lockdown over, so a wide variety of boats and crews have come out of hibernation to quench their thirst for sailing.

Green light for the 2021 Australian WASZP Nationals at Paynesville
After an uncertain period during 2020 the Australian WASZP Class has held its nerve and it is paying dividends with the 2021 Australian WASZP Nationals set to go ahead in a big way, held from 23-26th of January.

Highfield Boats - Sailing - MPU   Predictwind - Iridium 250
Flying Fifteen Queensland State Championships at Tin Can Bay Yacht Club
This season the Australian National Flying Fifteen Championships have been cancelled due to the pandemic but the Flying Fifteen Class in Australia has organised State Championships that have been well supported.

America's Cup Rialto: December 2 - Persisting with the Code Zero as the clock ticks down
Three of the four America's Cup teams trained today, in another northerly breeze that started light - just above the minimum for racing, and increased to 13-15kts in the afternoon. Great sailing in the warm sunshine. Has summer arrived?

Metung Yacht Club to host the 2021 Etchells Eastern Region and Victorian Championships
On Australia Day weekend in January, Metung Yacht Club will for the 31st year hold the Eastern Region Championships. While known as a fun regatta and not so serious, the perpetual trophy certainly has a few known names.

Saffier 300 x 250px SE23   ETNZShop-SUPPORTERRANGE-300x250 HR
TasPorts Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race 2020 - Preview
The 2020 TasPorts Launceston to Hobart Yacht Race (L2H) has attracted the biggest fleet since 2016, with 33 contenders including one Victorian and 32 Tasmanian teams including four teams from the north of the state.

Vendée Globe Day 24: Relieved Escoffier speaks about his rescue by Jean Le Cam
After being rescued from his liferaft by Jean Le Cam in big seas and strong winds the early hours of this morning some 840nm South West of Cape Town, Kevin Escoffier has been recovering on board Le Cam's appropriately named IMOCA 60 Yes We Cam!

An interview with Team Barely Legal Racing about their plans to take on the 2021 R2AK
I checked in with Team Barely Legal Racing, via email, to learn more about their plans to take on the 2021 Race to Alaska with a youthful team of talented sailors.

Allen 2020 - A2031XHL - 600x500   HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-battens
Kevin Escoffier: 'The boat folded at 90 degrees'
After eleven and a half hours in his liferaft since being forced to abandon his IMOCA 60 PRB in strong winds and big seas 840 nautical miles SW of Cape Town, Vendée Globe skipper Kevin Escoffier was dramatically rescued by fellow competitor Jean Le Cam.

America's Cup: Two team designers analyse AC75 hull shapes - Tip & Shaft
Tip & Shaft interviewed Martin Fischer, co-design coordinator at Luna Rossa Challenge, and Benjamin Muyl, chief designer for the INEOS Team UK challengers, to understand design differences between the new, second boats of the four teams

2020 NSW International Dragon Class Championship at the Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron
The Metung yacht Imagination owned by Terry Grundy and sailed by Fred Haes, Jeff Rose and Richard Grimes won the International Dragon Class New South Wales Championship.

Salthouse Boats 300x250 Bow   Official-Event-Store-Navy 300x250 NZ+AUS
Black Jack returns from a spell in Europe for the Rolex Sydney Hobart
Ever wonder how much work goes into preparing a yacht for the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia's Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race - never mind a big boat that has just returned from Europe amid the COVID-19 pandemic?

Vendée Globe: Kevin Escoffier (PRB) rescued in Southern Ocean by Le Cam
At 0118hrs UTC the PRB Team was informed that their Vendée Globe race skipper Kevin Escoffier (PRB) has been rescued by fellow Vendée Globe competitor Jean Le Cam (Yes We Cam!).

America's Cup Rialto: November 30 - A revealing day on Course B
The Practice racing expected to start in a week or so, will give some inkling as to how this Cup will unfold in 2021. But on the basis of what was seen on Monday, currently there are no standout performers.

C-Tech 2020 Battens 2 300x250   Smuggler 300 x 250px Amphibious
Shattered dreams
It's impossible not to feel sorry for Alex Thomson having to pull out of the Vendée Globe. He cut a dejected figure in the cockpit of his Hugo Boss IMOCA as he made his way towards Cape Town following the damage to his starboard rudder.

News from X-Yachts - Launch of the X56
Recently late in the afternoon, the X56 was launched for the very first time! It was a tremendously glorious sight to see the new beauty hit the water!

A message from Alex
Alex Thomson speaks for the first time after his dreams of Vendée Globe victory end in heartbreak.

SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-MISSY   Doyle Sails 2020 - Redefining Boundaries 300x250
Ronstan 2020 - Sailmon MAX - FOOTER

Rolly Tasker Sails 2019 728x90 Footer

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