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Sail-World-Asia Newsletter, 24 April 2020


Another one bites the dust (actually, two)

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Hong Kong during the RHKYC Nations' Cup - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell

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If you did a word search of everything published on Sail-World in the last three months there’s a good chance that ‘cancelled’ would be at the top of the list. We are relatively lucky here in Hong Kong, as we can actually go sailing, unlike many places where it’s just not allowed. Still, we have lost – temporarily, it is to be hoped – two events for the forthcoming weekend: the Tomes Cup, which is a pursuit race and the last event in the RHKYC’s Top Dog Trophy series, and the Nations’ Cup, arguably the best and most enjoyable bit of annual water-borne tomfoolery on offer. This is when ‘national teams’ (the qualifying definitions are pretty loose) vie for the bragging rights of hoisting their national flag in the Club’s Main Bar for the next 12 months. It also involves some imaginative dressing up. Past competitors have included Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, numerous Chinese coolies, miscellaneous superheroes, and more. If something is needed to raise the spirits when we are all released from LaLaLockdown, it’s the Nations’ Cup! But not this weekend, Josephine…

Karina (HKG) - The Nations' Cup 2019 - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell
Karina (HKG) - The Nations' Cup 2019 - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell
RHKYC Nations' Cup 2019: the Heavy Mob - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell
RHKYC Nations' Cup 2019: the Heavy Mob - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell

In an attempt to make up ever so slightly for the empty weekend, Guy Nowell Photography is offering all prints and digital downloads from previous Tomes Cup and Nations’ Cup events at 50% off. Go to and do a little surfing!

There has been an ongoing debate about falling numbers in sailing for many years now. The usual topics covered include lack of time and increased expense, and a whole raft of other items from World Sailing to over-onerous demands in the safety department. Craig Leweck, Editor over at Scuttlebutt, and otherwise known as The Curmudgeon, has written a very considered story on the subject that all sailors should read. He suggests that we should be beware of “replacing skill with credit cards – that is not a growth formula,” and goes on to point out that: • When the cost in time and money to participate exceeds the pleasurable benefit, people seek alternative activities. • Better isn’t always best, as the natural inclination for improvement slowly eliminates those that choose not to chase the rising bar. • We are capable of evolving toward extinction. To read the whole story, go to

RHKYC Nations' Cup 2019: Brexit (ENG) - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell
RHKYC Nations' Cup 2019: Brexit (ENG) - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell
RHKYC Nations' Cup 2019: Super Mario Bros - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell
RHKYC Nations' Cup 2019: Super Mario Bros - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell

Rumour has it that we may be able to go racing before too long in Hong Kong. First we have to get the Government’s civil servants back in the office after their extended holidays, and second we have to figure out a way to avoid a nasty flare-up in infections as happened in Singapore. Health-wise, we are presently sitting pretty. In a population of 7,451,000 Hong Kong has recorded just 1,036 cases of Covid-19 (0.013%) and only four deaths (0.0000536%). Along with the health care system and its professionals, that is something to be proud of.

Standing by on 72.

Guy Nowell, Editor, Sail-World Asia

There was pressure... in patches! BuyAssociation Tomes Cup 2019 at RHKYC. - photo © Guy Nowell / RHKYC
There was pressure... in patches! BuyAssociation Tomes Cup 2019 at RHKYC. - photo © Guy Nowell / RHKYC
Side by Side by Ruffians. RHKYC Tomes Cup 2018. - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell
Side by Side by Ruffians. RHKYC Tomes Cup 2018. - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell
Tchaikoffsky. RHKYC Tomes Cup 2018. - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell
Tchaikoffsky. RHKYC Tomes Cup 2018. - photo © RHKYC / Guy Nowell
Discover Sailing Asia. RHKYC Tomes Cup 2017. - photo ©  RHKYC/Guy Nowell
Discover Sailing Asia. RHKYC Tomes Cup 2017. - photo © RHKYC/Guy Nowell

Sharing your capsize photos - part 1
In a new series celebrating the smiles that capsizes can bring (only after the event!) we start off with a lovely black and white shot from a prestigious team racing event in the UK.

America's Cup: Ben Ainslie updates after returning from Cagliari
'Less than two months ago we had just returned to our winter training camp in Cagliari from Sydney. We were celebrating our team win in the first SailGP event of the season where we had some fantastic racing in Sydney Harbour'

Everything you need to know about sailing a 5O5
With the time we have available before we can get back to sail boat racing, sailors have the perfect opportunity to make sure our boats are configured correctly and we have learnt what we can about setting them up and tuning for the conditions.

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America's Cup: Teams continue preparations despite time-outs
In a parallel world, all of the teams would be assembled in Cagliari now, poised to lock horns with their respective AC75's on the azure Mediterranean waters on Day 1 of a four-day regatta. Instead they are at home reshaping their campaigns.

IMOCA Class skippers show their support for UNESCO scientists
Two hundred days before the 2020 Vendée Globe is due to start, and on this 50th Earth Day, the skippers of the IMOCA Class underline their support for the scientists of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO.

The Lockdown Cup Round 2 - Sailors or Space Invaders?
The sun is shining, the wind is up, and the temperatures are nudging the 20s in the UK. Without doubt time to lock yourself in a dark room, avoid all distractions and play computer games!

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Building beasts: Jason Carrington on AC75s and IMOCA 60s
French website and sailing newsletter Tip & Shaft talks with boat builder Jason Carrington about his projects including INEOS Team UK's second AC75, an IMOCA60, and with the repairs to the IMOCA60 Hugo Boss just completed

J-Bird III Restoration Series: Part 2 - Preparation for getting her home
As featured in Part 1 of this blog series, we have purchased the World's First TP52 originally known as J-Bird III. Due to the state of the boat, it is going through a full restoration and conversion to zero emissions.

18 footer archives: Sydney skiff sailing in 1967
The 18 foot skiffs have had many forms over the last 130 years, but their hallmarks of big sails, big spills and plenty of shouting have remained the same.

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2020 J/24 World Championship postponed to September 2021
The International J/24 Class Association (IJCA) and the Parkstone Yacht Club in Poole United Kingdom today announced that the 2020 J/24 World Championship scheduled for September 12-18, 2020 will be postponed until September 24-October 2, 2021.

2020 Flying Fifteen Europeans cancelled
Grand Prix de L'Ecole Navale has advised that the 2020 European Championship and Championship of France due to be sailed in May, have been cancelled due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19).

Cabin fever therapy: Nick Moloney's Vendee Globe
Nick Moloney was the first person to compete in offshore yachting's three greatest challenges; the Vendee Globe, the Whitbread/Volvo Ocean Race, and the Jules Verne Trophy. Here's his thoughts on coping with isolation over an extended period.

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Interview with Ollie Phillips, Clipper Veteran and ex-England Rugby Captain
It's not every day that Sir Robin Knox-Johnson suggests you join the Clipper Round the World race! This is what happened to Ollie Phillips after a career changing injury, and 3 weeks later he was starting his training.

The Whitbread Round the World Race 1989-90 Official Film
The 1989-90 Whitbread Round the World Race was a true classic, ending in a clean sweep of all six legs by Peter Blake and the crew of Steinlager 2.

America's Cup: Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team take pay cut for CV-19 emergency effort
Italian America's Cup team, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli have decided to take a pay cut, with a percentage donated to purchase lung ventilators in support of hospitals of the Sardinia Region

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"If you can sail a P, you can sail anything" - the story of the mighty P Class
Most of the stellar yachting careers of New Zealand's America's Cup sailors began in humble seven-foot boats—a class now a century old—designed by a Public Works employee who couldn't swim, and who was too hard up to build anything larger.

Insights from Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, a person who chose extreme isolation
Clipper Race Founder and Chairman, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, shares his insights on how to make the most of being in isolation.

French Olympic Week (SOF) 2020 goes virtual
As for today, the organisers are working on the 2021 edition together with their sponsor Toulon Provence Méditerranée and with World Sailing for an outstanding edition next year.

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The Vendée Globe remains on course
The health crisis that has shaken society for the last month is forcing those who are involved in the worlds of sports and business to adapt amidst this period of uncertainty.

Statement from World Sailing President Kim Andersen
World Sailing's Board of Directors continues to keep the finances and operations of World Sailing under very close review during the COVID-19 virus pandemic and the effect it is having on all international sports federations.

Reflections on a life afloat: Foredeck work done right
One of my favorite memories comes from the 2007 Culebra International Heineken Regatta, where I witnessed some of the most impressive foredeck work that I've ever seen executed by a Corinthian crew. 250 - 2014   Gul 2020 Tri-Laminate Spraytop MPU
65+ knot Rocket Ride
With so many people asking "what is it like" to sail this boat at this speed, we thought it was time to do a more 'pure' edit of our fastest, final incredible run.

The Whitbread Round the World Race 1985-86 Official Film
Lionel Péan would skipper L'esprit d'équipe to victory over 14 other teams, marking the first time a French team would win the race.

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