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Only four German crews on the way to win the Kiel Week

by Event Media on 19 Jun 2017
Mike Ingham (USA) J/24 Class – Kiel Week Kieler Woche /
The coordination between the Kiel Week race organizers and the weather expert Dr. Meeno Schrader is working well.

The meteorologist with a diploma had already recommended on Sunday evening to postpone the starts on Monday, the organizers did follow his advice and this was dead right. The sailors did have an easy stat on their third race day, and when they were sent out on the water around midday, they could still work off an intense regatta day.

The German Paralympic sailor Lasse Kloetzing (Berlin) is currently only in the spectator's position in the one-man keel boat class. He is skipping the first part of the Kiel Week, where the 2.4 open is sailing to fully concentrate on the Para Worlds starting on Wednesday.

'In the previous year, I did sail the Sonar and have hardly been in the 2.4 the last one and a half years. Therefore I wanted to sail for myself first to get used to it again.' He could also watch his father Stefan, who is currently on rank ten in the class. 'I had been only looking after Lasse in the past, but when the coaches took over that task more and more, I was not needed anymore and did step from the motor boat into the 2.4 myself.' At the top of the fleet, the leader changed from the Australian Matthew Bugg to Heiko Kroeger (Ammersbek/Germany). So Kroeger can now hope to win the Kiel Week for the tenth time and the fifth time in a row.

The sailors in the 29er skiffs are extremely hard-working. They have already 14 races on their record and want to sail another four races on the last race day tomorrow. So the leading team Theo Revil/Gautier Guevel (France) cannot be sure yet, although they are already leading by 14 points in front of the pursuing sailors Verderber/Klemen Semelbauer from Slovenia.

Hard to push from rank one are the brothers Joergen and Jacob Bojsen-Moeller in the 505. The Danish sailors could already win 14 Kiel Week regattas in the Flying Dutchman, now they are short before their first success in the 505 in Kiel. They did end a race on rank eight on Monday, which will be their discard result, but their lead over the French Philippe Boite/Mathieu Fountaine is already 14 points. On rank three are the record German Kiel Week winners Wolfgang Hunger (Strande) with Julien Kleiner (Munich) as crew.

Among the one-man skiff sailors in the Contender, Christoph Homeier (Bremen) had to hand over the position as the best German to Markus Maisenbacher (Verden). But the German duo is only chasing the Danish Jesper Nielsen and is keeping a respectable distance before the last race day of the international classes.

Ladies first! This is the motto in the Europe. After Anna Livbjerg has taken over the leading position on the second day, the Danish sailor did again deliver a confident race day and could build up the lead over Fabian Kirchhoff (Huede/Germany) even more. The Norwegian Lars Johan Brodtkorb did move down in the ranking, but is still just keeping a place on the podium.

The victory in the 'Jays' seems to go to the USA. However, the teams of Mike Ingham and Travis Odenbach are still fighting, which US team will take home the trophy. Stefan Karsunke (Hamburg) with his crew are the best German team on rank three.

Laser 4.7/Laser Radial
The top positions in the Junior Laser classes on day three were mixed up again - a bit disappointing for the hosting Germans. Because Julian Hoffmann (Immenstadt), the only German sailor in the Laser 4.7, who was in the top three, could not keep this position. He is now on rank five. The Norwegian Tobias Sandmo Birkeland is leading the fleet. In the Laser Radial, his fellow countrywoman Caroline Sofia Rosmo has taken over the top position.

Results Kieler Woche Part 1 Day 3

2.4mR open: (9) 1. Heiko Kröger (Ammersbek,1/2/2(10)3/4/4/3/2) Punkte 21; 2. Matthew Bugg (AUS,(29)1/1/6/2/1/6/5/1) 23; 3. Dee Smith (USA,(7)3/4/3/1/7/1/4/4) 27; 4. Ulli Libor (Frei-Laubersheim,2/8/7/4/6/10/8(12)5) 50; 5. Daniel Bina (CZE,5/10/9/9/5/6(13)8/3) 55; 6. Neil Patterson (AUS,6/12/3(17)14/8/7/1/14) 65;

29er: (14) 1. Theo Revil / Gautier Guevel (FRA,8/1/2/6/2/2(24)6/2/1/3/2/3/1) Punkte 39; 2. Rok Verderber / Klemen Semelbauer (SLO,5/6/3/1/3/11/1/7(47)5/4/1/1/5) 53; 3. Aristide Girou / Noah Chauvin (FRA,(13)2/7/7/5/3/4/9/3/8/2/6/9/3) 68; 4. Benjamin Jaffrezic / Léo Chauvel (FRA,2/4/10/9/10/5/4/1/13/3/1/5(26)2) 69; 5. Miko?aj Staniul / Kajetan Jab?o?ski (POL,1/5/1/4/6/2/5(35)14/23/5/7/6/4) 83; 6. Elias Odrischinsky / Oliver Silen (BRA,4/9/6/10/7/1/1/16/8(27)15/4/12/14) 107;

5O5: (9) 1. Jørgen Bojsen-Møller / Jacob Bojsen-Møller (DEN,1/2/1/1/1/2/2/1(8)11; 2. Philippe Boite / Fountaine Mathieu (FRA,7/3/2/2/4(10)1/2/4/25; 3. Wolfgang Dr. Hunger / Julien Kleiner (Potsdam,4/1(16)5/3/4/4/10/2/33; 4. Morten Bogacki / Lars Dehne (Velbert,11/7/3/6/5(13)8/4/6/50; 5. Stefan Köchlin / Andreas Achterberg (Molfsee,6/4/11/7/12/6/6(16)5/57; 6. Caroline Jacot / René Betschen (SUI,8/11/10/4/6(17)3/5/11/58;

Contender: (8) 1. Jesper Nielsen (DEN,1/1(54)2/6/1/6/3) Punkte 20; 2. Markus Maisenbacher (Verden,(15)12/12/1/1/6/1/1) 34; 3. Christoph Homeier (Bremen,2/8/2/5/8(19)12/5) 42; 4. Jacob Kristensen (DEN,12/9/4/10/2/4(19)6) 47; 5. Jan Von Der Bank (Eutin,8(23)5/9/22/5/4/2) 55; 6. Paul Verhallen (NED,10/3/3(25)3/14/10/15) 58;

Europe: (8) 1. Anna Livbjerg (DEN,2/2/2/1/1/1/2(5)) Punkte 11; 2. Fabian Kirchhoff (Herford,3/3/6/2(12)2/1/6) 23; 3. Lars Johan Brodtkorb (NOR,1/1/1/4(13)13/6/2) 28; 4. Sylvain Notonier (FRA,4/5/3(43)4/4/3/7) 30; 5. Marisa Roch (Wees,10(18)11/3/3/3/4/1) 35; 6. Sebastian Knaack (SWE,6/15/7/9(18)8/5/4) 54;

FD: (9) 1. Kay-uwe Lüdtke / Kai Schäfers (Stechlin,5/1/1/1/1/1/4/5(11)) Punkte 19; 2. Szabolcs Majthényi / András Domokos (HUN,1/2/4(25)6/5/2/1/2) 23; 3. Kilian König / Johannes Brack (Waldeck,3(25)2/2/2/2/7/9/3) 30; 4. Jiri Hruby / Roman Houdek (CZE,4/5/5/5/9/3/3/2(13)) 36; 5. Ralf Behrens / Lars Stöckmann (Velpke,6/4(25)4/3/6/5/7/7) 42; 6. Thomas Schiffer / Alexander Antrecht (Krefeld,7(25)3/6/5/4/1/19/12) 57;

Folkeboot: (7) 1. Per Joergensen / Kristian Hansen, Bent Mallemuk Nielsen (DEN,2(4)1/1/1/1/1) Punkte 7; 2. Ulf Kipcke / Dieter Kipcke, Gero Martens (Neumünster,(9)3/3/4/3/3/2) 18; 3. Siegfried Busse / Uwe Pfuhl, Jan Stoltenberg (Boksee,1/2/2/6/9(12)5) 25; 4. Walther Furthmannn / Hans Christian Mrowka, Wolfgang Heck (Kiel,3/6/7(10)2/4/3) 25; 5. Sönke Durst / Marc Rokicki, Ulrich Schaefer (Strande,7/1(16)11/6/2/4) 31; 6. Bernd Ehler / Stephan Tinnemeyer, Sören Zopf (Kiel,4/7/4/5(11)9/6) 35;

Formula 18: (7) 1. Iordanis Paschalidis / Konstantinos Trigkonis (GRE,(3)1/3/1/1/1/1) Punkte 8; 2. Dieter Maurer / Katrin Oldenburg (Lübeck,(6)6/1/5/6/2/2) 22; 3. Robert Schütz / Rea Kühl (Krefeld,2/2/6(8)2/5/7) 24; 4. Magnus Dahl Nicolaisen / Jesper Vogelius (DEN,7/3/4/4(9)3/3) 24; 5. Sven Lindstädt / Jesse Lindstädt (Norderstedt,4/5/2/3/8(9)9) 31; 6. Steve Stroebel / Ryan Hopps (USA,9/8/7/2/5/6(10)) 37;

Hobie 16: (7) 1. Knud Jansen / Christina Schober (Kiel,3/1/1(5)1/1/1) Punkte 8; 2. Jens Goritz / Kerstin Wichardt (Wyk auf Föhr ,2/2/2/1/4/2(7)) 13; 3. Detlef Mohr / Karen Wichardt (Reinfeld,1/3/4/2(7)3/3) 16; 4. Lauritz Bockelmann / Janneke Fock (Faßberg OT Poitzen,4/5/3/4/2(7)2) 20; 5. Ingo Delius / Sabine Delius-wenig (Bielefeld,5/4/5/3/3/4(6)) 24; 6. Christian Diederich / Anke Delius (Bordesholm,6/6/6/6/5/5(10)) 34;

J/24: (7) 1. Mike Ingham / Max Holzer, Marianne Schoke, Quinn Schwenker, Paul Abdullah (USA,3/1/1/4/4/3(11)) Punkte 16; 2. Travis Odenbach / Ian Coleman, Hugh Ward, Annabel Cuttermole, Jack Sharland (USA,4/5/2/5(7)1/7) 24; 3. Stefan Karsunke / Tim Habekost, Carsten Kerschies, Malte Gibbe, Christian Carstens (Hamburg,1/7/4(10)2/10/5) 29; 4. Frank Schönfeld / Thorsten Sperl, Ole Hilken, Nicklas Feuerstein, Finn Möller (Hamburg,8/3/7(9)3/9/1) 31; 5. Duncan Mccarthy / Steve Phelps, Josh Irons, Hannah Mccarthy, Julian Lee (GBR,2/2/6/2/6(15)13) 31; 6. Per-Håkan Persson / Hans Thulin, Monica Persson, Per Andersson, Benjamin Voigt (SWE,7/6/3(12)8/5/3) 32;

Laser 4.7: (9) 1. Tobias Sandmo Birkeland (NOR,3/4/1/2/6/2/1/2(8)) Punkte 21; 2. Johan Schubert (DEN,2/7/4/4/1/1/7(9)3) 29; 3. Félix Baudet (SUI,1/18/1/1/1/8/5(38)1) 36; 4. Julia Rogalska (POL,3/1/2/9/5/3(29)3/20) 46; 5. Julian Hoffmann (Blaiach,1/1/3(38)2/5/11/12/16) 51; 6. Salim Al Alawi (OMA,5/3/2/6/12/16(35)5/12) 61;

Laser Radial (open): (9) 1. Caroline Sofia Rosmo (NOR,4/11/7(53)2/2/2/7/3) Punkte 38; 2. Uffe Tomasgaard (NOR,4/4/4/6/3/8/6/12(14)) 47; 3. Ekaterina Sanko (BLR,6(20)13/14/4/2/1/2/9) 51; 4. Maor Ben Harosh (ISR,(51)4/11/3/10/1/4/17/4) 54; 5. Yoshihiro Suzuki (JPN,2/1/1/13/7(44)5/21/5) 55; 6. Yumiko Tombe (JPN,14/9/5/2/9/5/16(46)2) 62;

OK: (8) 1. Jim Hunt (GBR,1/1/1/1/1(3)2/1) Punkte 8; 2. Mats Caap (SWE,3/3/9/2(18)6/3/4) 30; 3. Greg Wilcox (Potsdam,2/2/2/7/7/4/7(12)) 31; 4. Sönke Behrens (Hamburg,4/7/4/6/3/5(14)2) 31; 5. Bo Reker Andersen (DEN,13/9/18(39)5/2/1/3) 51; 6. Martin V. Zimmermann (Hamburg,5/4/3/16(17)7/11/10) 56;

Albin Express: (7) 1. Jan Brink / Jörg Rüterhenke, Lasse Waltje, Jan Günther (Flensburg,1/1(2)1/2/1/1) Punkte 7; 2. Andreas Pinnow (Kiel,2/2/3/3(6)3/2) 15; 3. Martin Görge / Rasmus Görge, Beau Outridge, Paul Farien (Kiel,3/3/1(4)4/2/3) 16; 4. Holger Rövensthal / Solveyg Rövensthal, Marlies Endjer, Kerstin Gatzke, Martin Rosenthal (Kiel,4(6)4/2/1/4/4) 19; 5. Lasse Schön / Jan Sumfleth, Jirka Menke, Jessika Stiefken (Kiel,6/4/5(8)3/6/6) 30; 6. Nils Krafft / Andreas Gustafsson, Matti Zimmer, Lars Hauschild (Ellerbek,5/5/6(7)5/5/5) 31 2014Nebo 660x82 1Insun - AC Program