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Krys Ocean Race – Spindrift Racing continues to lead

by Spindrift Racing on 10 Jul 2012
Spindrift Racing - Krys Ocean Race 2012 Day 3 Spindrift Racing
On Krys Ocean Race third day Yann Guichard’s Spindrift racing continues to lead a restless trio of big MOD70 trimarans. In their mad rush across the Atlantic, Guichard and followers Foncia (Michel Desjopueaux) and Groupe Edmond de Rothschild (Sébastien Josse) are already halfway to the finish line in Brest with just about 1500 miles to go!

The pace has reached an all time awe, with an astounding 711.9 miles covered by Spindrift racing in the last 24 hours. Foncia, with 710,7 and Groupe Edmond de Rothschild with 708.6 register in the same amazing category. Still racing hard this morning despite a big 'nose dive', Guichard and his five stunt men, Léo Lucet, Jean-Baptiste Levaillant, Jacques Guichard, Pascal Bidégorry and Kévin Escoffier have increased their lead overnight from 14.4 miles to 34. A faint margin that might make quite a difference later on today when comes the moment to launch the first gybe of the race; 'We continue on the edge of the front on a long port tack with a stable 24 to 26 knots of wind overnight, but up to 27/28 now,' said Guichard this morning. With that gybe, the second act of the race will begin, 'that will take a little more time than we have done so far to get to the finish' concludes Spindrift racing Spindrift Racing website
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