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AWT Pistol River Wave Bash - Competitors battle waves on day 2

by American Windsurfing Tour on 15 Jun 2014
2014 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash Si Crowther / AWT
At the beginning of the second day at the 2014 Pistol River Wave bash we knew we had waves, consistent head-to-logo-high sets, but the question was how much wind would we get? The contest started with youth and amateur heats at Pistol River in light and gusty conditions. Competitors battled for waves with many being rewarded and some getting worked and ripped down the beach by a nasty current. Halfway through round one of the amateurs word came that Cape Sebastian, located just a couple miles up the road was firing. It was time to move and run the pros!

Cape Sebastian was side-off and windy, perfect for scoring riders top two wave rides. After the first two rounds heat lengths were extended by two minutes to promote riders pushing the limits even more... and it paid off. A few highlights: Antoine Martin's two Goiters on one wave, Marcilio 'Brawzinho' Browne's one-handed Goiter, Levi Siver's super tweaked aerials and Wave 360 and a few riders pulling off stylish head-dip aerials. What a day!

Quote from Head Judge Chris Freeman: 'Today was one of the most challenging days imaginable for the judges and support crew. With so much talent waiting to join the action the light cross on winds and massive current at the Pistol River location promoted a decision to move to the Cape after just a few heats had been completed in difficult conditions. This would be the first time that the AWT would compete at this popular location and the somewhat risky decision paid off big with head to logo surf and offshore winds which provided a canvas for our group of superstars to demonstrate their artistry. For me the rider of the day was young Antoine Martin who went big and seemed to be having the most fun out there and after all that’s what it is all about! With two days of wind still left in the contest window it looks possible to complete a large portion of the remaining heats on Saturday as we move from Pros, to Women, Amateur and more. Pistol River delivers again!'

2014 AWT Pistol River Wave Bash Pro Bracket

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