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Yamaha ETNZ

How to on the Weta - Your easy Youtube guide

by Miranda Powrie on 7 Dec 2013
Weta under presure - Boat Test, November 2013 Richard Gladwell

At Weta we have lots of new sailors or people who have come back to sailing after a long time away from it. So we often get a lot of questions about 'how to'. We have started a tips and tricks series to try and help people out and these are a few of our helpful videos!

To start with the big one - how to right your Weta after Capsize. I take you through it step by step, once I actually get it to go over!

The second question that we get is how to launch and retrieve off a beach with small waves - so check out this video

And finally the Weta is unique for single handed sailors as there are a few ropes to be pulling on, check out our how to tack video

For more you can check out our tips and tricks page by clicking here


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