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Here are the America's Cup numbers and more . . .

by ACM on 5 Jun 2007
2007 Louis Vuitton Cup Finals. Alan Smith ©Photo Luna Rossa Challenge /Bruno Cocozza

The 32nd America's Cup in numbers - Here are some interesting numbers and statistics about life around Port America's Cup:


• 1,818,740 is the number of visitors to Port America's Cup for the 2007 season (since April 1)
• 68 254 is the record number of visitors for one day (Tuesday May 1)
• 5.3 million - total number of visitors to the 32nd America's Cup venues (since Marseille Louis Vuitton Act 1 in 2004)
• 221,747 visitors have seen the Expo 'There is no second. From America to Alinghi' in April and May
• 135,381 people have visited the House of the Cup since opening in 2005
• 1 million maps of Port America's Cup given out in the El Corte Inglés centres in Valencia
• Over 500 boats docked in Port America's Cup from April 1 to May 31


• 4,000 guests will be taken on the water by the event organisers
• 25,000 guests will pass through the Foredeck Club by the end of the 32nd America's Cup
• Over 100 Ford courtesy vehicles operate every day in Port America's Cup Web
• 11,239,225 visits to (April 1 to June 3 2007)
• Visits by country (top three): Italy (3,692,868), Spain (1,612,469), United States (1,324,728)
• 83,081,485 page views on since 2004
• Over 700,000 visitors to Live Sailing (Virtual race coverage)
• 600,000 visitors to Internet TV in 162 countries

TV Coverage

• 1,700 hours broadcast in 2007 (up to April 30) in over 150 countries that receive images of the 32nd America's Cup
• Audience of 928 million people in 2007 (up to April 30)
• over 30 rights-holding broadcasters • over 150 countries receive live coverage of the 32nd America's Cup
• up to 33 cameras are in use at any one time during racing
• over 540 people are on-site, employed by rights-holders
• over 130 ACTV production people
• 400 hours of production of live TV in 3 galleries

Press covrage

• over 1,800 international journalists working for 416 publications, radio and TV stations have been accredited for the Louis Vuitton Cup
• over 8,000 journalists worldwide have received 960 32nd America's Cup press releases
• Over 50,000 articles related to the 32nd America's Cup published since 2004

Food & beverage at Port America's Cup

• 1,500 sandwiches are served at Defender Bar on Sundays
• 2,330 is the seating capacity of the 23 food and beverage points in Port America's Cup
• Over 10,000 meals are served on racing days in Port America's Cup
• 500,000 bottles of Coca-Cola with special decoration and 400 million cans with the America's Cup logo have been produced
• 70,000 commemorative Estrella Damm bottles and 500 million cans using the America's Cup logo have been produced since 2004
• 20 million Grupo Leche Pascual yoghurts with the 32nd America's Cup logo
• 165 Nespresso machines in Port America's Cup that use 400,000 coffee capsules every month
• 6,000 bottles of Moët & Chandon consumed in Port America's Cup


• 7,000 people have been up in the hot air balloon
• 600 metres of LEDs for the Endesa Light Show make up the biggest LED screen in the world and the 40 show projectors use over 280,000 watts of power Transport
• 10 spectator boats take up to 1,300 customers on the race course each day. They run at 95% capacity
• 180,000 people have used the Trans-Port electric train
• The Trans-Port has run over 35,000 kilometres to date - nearly the distance from Auckland to Valencia and back again
• Over 131,000 people have taken the 4 Aquabus boats, crossing the canal over 5,000 times

Shops and shopping

• Over 50,000 articles have been sold at the America's Cup Superstore since April 1 2007
• The most popular selling item in the America's Cup Stores is the Murphy & Nye Cap
• Over 150,000 transactions have been made using Banco Santander credit card terminals in Port America's Cup venues since April 1

And the Racing

• There have been 127 races sailed to date in the Louis Vuitton Cup
• Maximum delta: 11:49 minutes China Team vs. Victory Challenge (May 2)
• Minimum winning delta: 1 second Desafío Español 2007 defeated +39 Challenge (April 30)
• 875 square km of the race course area are covered by Vodafone 3G technology and over 500 voice and data lines run through Port America's Cup
• The MDS weather data system has sent more than 3 million messages to the teams since April 16th 2007

Organisation in Valencia

• AC Management - 305 staff from 26 nations
• Louis Vuitton has been the title sponsor of the Louis Vuitton Cup for 24 years, the longest title sponsorship in sport
• Adecco has selected 2,000 people for different positions in the America's Cup.

But the most important number at the America's Cup remains 'one'. There is but one winner in each match and for each series. Only one team will win the Louis Vuitton Cup and go on to race Alinghi in the 32nd America's Cup Match. This is the America's Cup and there is no second.

Since 1851, the America's Cup has transcended the sport of sailing to become a symbol of the pursuit of excellence.

Offical partners LOUIS VUITTON, ENDESA, SANTANDER, ALCATEL - LUCENT and the America's Cup share a heritage rich in passion, innovation and extraordinary achievement. The 32nd America's Cup enjoys the support of Nespresso, Adecco, Ford, El Corte Inglés, Estrella Damm, Grupo Leche Pascual, Coca-Cola and Vodafone. Racing for the 32nd America's Cup began with a series of Louis Vuitton Acts in 2004, 2005 and 2006 across Europe.

It will end in 2007. Valencia Louis Vuitton Act 13 - Fleet Racing - (April 3 to 7) preceded the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger selection series (April 16 - June 12). The winner will race the Defender, Alinghi, in the 32nd America's Cup Match beginning June 23, 2007.
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