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Still time to donate to the Challenged America program

by Challenged America on 1 Jan 2014
There is still time to make a tax deductible 2013 donation to the Disabled Businesspersons Association's Challenged America program.

Challenged America provides adaptive sailing to kids, adults and veterans with disabilities at no charge to the participants.

Your charitable gifts go 100% to the program and providing the opportunity to both youth, from five years of age, to seniors in their 90's, as well as to recently injured and disabled veterans, regardless of the disabilities or medical condition; and to their loved ones.

Each dollar you give to Challenged America is spent entirely on and in the program - no salaries and no hidden or other disguised 'Program Expenses' depleting the impact of your gift.

Thousands of volunteer hours are 'gifted-in-kind' to the charity each year, and in addition to those who generously donate their time and talents, we need your support to help them fulfill their good work in the community.

Your tax-deductible donation to Challenged America will give a disabled veteran, adult or child with a disability the gifts of Self-reliance, Independence, Self-Confidence and much more.

Please consider Challenged America during this gift-giving time of year, and then come on down to the dock to see how your generosity is being utilized. Better yet, come on down and volunteer and join the others who contribute their time, expertise and resources to assure that Challenged America continues for another 36-plus years.
In the Words of Participants and Volunteers:

' This program has enabled me to sail again and experience feelings I hadn't felt for a very long time- feelings like hope, empowerment, and freedom ... I learned that I could leave my disabilities at the dock, sail in a seven boat regatta and win!' - Colin S.

'My first event [with Challenged America] was an international regatta at Mission Bay Yacht Club. I was asked to be a companion sailor with a woman with disabilities from Canada. She was fairly new to sailing but had plenty of enthusiasm. We sailed in practice races on Thursday and Friday and on Saturday and Sunday she sailed alone. She was so very pleased with what she had learned while we were woking together and scored far above any previous regatta she had sailed in.

'So over these many years I have sailed with many would be sailors and some who already knew sailing before their injuries. Each one is different, learning differently, sailing differently, and abled/disabled in different ways. All gained sailing skills with my coaching and every time I gained a sense of accomplishment and learned more about myself and even a little more about sailing.

'I have my own sailboat. I race it and day sail it. I have been a professional mariner as a tugboat captain (now retired). I have been a sailing instructor. I owned and operated my own sailing school. All of these have given me both challenge and pleasure. Sailing with Challenged America gives me something else not easy to explain but I know I will keep doing it. ' - Keith E.

'Sailing the boat was the biggest surprise of my week! I have ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease). I seriously thought I would just go for a ride and maybe hold a line in my weak hands, while someone else controlled the boat. Running the joystick put me on a level field with my team and I forgot about my physical problems. I was simply sailing and having the time of my life! Thank you for the gift of your time, spirit and resources. I will be dreaming of that day from here in NH. See you soon, my friends.

'What a sense of freedom and independence! ... It's a great sport for me, since I cannot speak (and it's not necessary)! The only time I was slightly nervous was when we returned, under full sail, within feet of the famous race boat Stars & Stripes and pulled up to the pier with a perfect 'hockey stop!' Good times' - Ellen C.

'I enjoyed my time immensely as a companion sailor with Challenged America and working with you and all of the other volunteers and participants made my 3-1/2 years in San Diego truly memorable. Everyone I had the pleasure of sailing with has taught me something valuable: from the blind naturalist who wowed me with his ability to identify the different species of birds on San Diego Bay by their sounds; to Amelia who is one of the biggest achievers I have ever met despite the challenges life has thrown at her; to all the sailors who are able to find peace and freedom from their disability that confines them on land. ' - Amie H.

'Thank you so much for the beautiful day on the bay! Mikey enjoyed sailing with Stan (the Man). He hasn't stopped talking about it. As soon as we got home he Skyped Grandpa in Arizona (a Commander in the Coast Guard) and told him all about it.

'It's one thing to be out on the water sailing, but an entirely different thing to be able to take some control over your destination. It's a real boost of confidence. His smile said it all!' - Mikey's Mom

'Thank you to the Challenged America volunteers and staff for a wonderful first sailing experience back in November. I was sip and puff sailing for the first time and was impressed by the knowledge, support, and dedication the volunteers have for their positions. It was excellent getting the chance to sail around San Diego harbor, and it did not hurt that it was a beautiful sunny day! I look forward to the next opportunity I have!' - Colin H.

Why Donate to the Disabled Businesspersons Assocation's Challenged America program?

• 100% of your generous gift goes directly into the program.
• There are no salaries or hidden administrative or fundraising costs.
• Challenged America is an all-volunteer program, as are all the programs with the DBA charity.
• The DBA and all its programs are overseen and directed by volunteers from the community.
You can make your tax-deductible donation by check to 'Challenged America' and mail directly to the Challenged America office or online at and use your credit card to make your gift via PayPal.

Recurring monthly donations can also be set up through PayPal. This is an extremely valuable way to help support Challenged America on an on-going basis.

Many employers will make matching donations when their employees donate to charitable causes. Check to see if your employer might have such a program. You might be able to double the impact of your gift!

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