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See the heat with FLIR ONE

by Jeni Bone on 5 Aug 2014
FLIR ONE - the first personal thermal imaging device. FLIR
Not only can you see in the dark, you will be able to see through walls with the latest consumer-focused personal thermal imaging product from FLIR.

Known as FLIR One, it’s an iPhone 5/5s case that features two cameras on its rear: an infrared one and a VGA one that adds a bit more detail to the heat-mapped image. The case also has its own built-in battery, a 1400mAh unit that powers things for a couple of hours.

According to FLIR, the case’s thermal-imaging capabilities can help pinpoint the position of pipe clogs, identify leaks before they damage wood and walls, find weak spots in your home’s insulation, see if there are possums hiding in the attic, and to check on your pet in the dark night.

'Now you can see in the dark,' says David De Iseo, distribution manager for FLIR, who says this novel device will be available through Apple retail stores in a matter of months. 'It’s ideal for outdoor activities, like camping, or for handymen and women around the home, home security, out on your boat, and much more.'

For the outdoor types, you will be able to find your way in the dark, and check whether the bonfire is truly extinguished, makes nature spotting easy and lets you cheat at hide and seek!

FLIR ONE detects invisible heat energy, giving consumers the ability to 'see' and measure minute variances in temperature.

FLIR ONE enables a host of practical solutions for consumers – from detecting energy leaks at home to seeing in complete
darkness. For the first time, FLIR ONE brings powerful energy saving and situational awareness capabilities to a smart phone

'FLIR is dedicated to developing and delivering technologies that provide users with a sixth sense,' said Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR Systems. 'Based on technology that was formerly reserved for the military, FLIR ONE is the first in a new generation of affordable thermal imaging devices designed to inspire imaginative and innovative uses by consumers. This represents a revolutionary step forward for both FLIR Systems and thermal imaging.'

At this stage, the FLIR One is only available in the US and online for US$380.

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