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Rolex Sydney Hobart Race - More merriment on the airwaves

by John Curnow on 29 Dec 2016
Varuna VI, from Germany, and Matt Allen’’s TP52 Ichi Ban in close competition off Tasman Island - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race Rolex/ Kurt Arrigo
So on December 29, 2016, after the River Derwent had let just three boats home (Perpetual Loyal, Giacomo and Scallywag, all inside the old race record, she went to sleep for a lot of the day. This made it frustrating for the sailors, some of whom saw the lighter side. So after seeing some of those in Dark & Stormy, here are more examples of merriment on the airwaves between the boats and Hobart Race Control (HRC).

Charlotte @ 1244hrs
Charlotte – ‘HRC this is Charlotte. Tasman Island bears 000, over.’
HRC – ‘Oh, fraction late Charlotte?’
Charlotte not seeing the humour – ‘This is Charlotte, say again, over’
HRC – ‘I am sorry; I was joking with you Charlotte. HRC has you at 1244 due South of Tasman Island, with your ETA at what time please?’
Charlotte (still very matter of fact) – ‘ETA approximately 1630, over’
HRC – ‘I think that’s very ambitious, but we’ll put it down. Thank you Charlotte.’
Charlotte (finally on the programme) – ‘Always an optimist, out.’

Dekadence @ 1547hrs

HRC – ‘Dekadence, HRC, go ahead please’
Dekadence – ‘Yeah. Can I just confirm that ETA, was it 1655 I said or did I get my digits mixed up?’
HRC – ‘You said 1455, should it be 16, over?’
Dekadence – ‘Yes, Yes, I think so.’
HRC – ‘That would be more realistic. You wouldn’t have to go at warp speed then, over.’
Dekadence – ‘Very complicated this 24hr time stuff.’

Duende @ 1257hrs

HRC – ‘Duende I have you inside the Iron Pot at 1256, with an ETA of 1415 and tell (Tony) Cable he's late too…’
Duende not with it at all – ‘Say again all after ETA 1415, over’
HRC – ‘I was just having a shot at your mate ‘Clark’ (Gable as in Tony Cable on his 51st Hobart), I was just saying he’s late, over’
Duende now on the bus – ‘Roger’

Helsal 3 @ 1133hrs

HRC – ‘Helsal 3 this is HRC, go ahead’
Helsal 3 – ‘We have just got up to the Iron Pot, expect ETA 1250, 1250, over’
HRC – ‘Helsal 3, we have you at the Iron Pot with an ETA of 1215’
Helsal 3 – ‘Negative that. ETA 1250 - 1 2 5 0’
HRC – ‘Correction, 1250. Welcome to the River,
Helsal 3 – ‘Thanks very much’
HRC – ‘HRC standing by.’

Ichi Ban @ 1424hrs

Ichi Ban – ‘HRC here is Ichi Ban on 81, over’
HRC – ‘Ichi Ban this HRC, over’
Ichi Ban with a smile - ‘We’d like to order a different forecast please’
HRC completely unawares – ‘For what particular area please?
Ichi Ban - ‘We’ve just entered the Derwent and our ETA is about four hours from the Pot, over’

Imagination @ 1157hrs

Imagination – ‘HRC this is Imagination, over’
HRC – ‘Imagination this is HRC, go ahead’
Imagination – ‘HRC, Imagination has Tasman Island bearing 000 at 1155, with an ETA of finishing at 1800, over’
HRC – ‘Thanks Imagination, I got you due South of Tasman at 1155hrs, with an ETA of 1800. Don't be so hard on yourself!!!’

M3 @ 0222hrs

M3 - ‘HRC, this is M3, over’
HRC - ‘M3, this is HRC, go ahead’
M3 - ‘We’re just abeam of Iron Pot, entering the river, over’
HRC - ‘M3 we have you the Iron Pot, would you like to hazard a guess at your arrival time’
M3, sounding totally deflated with a huge sigh – ‘Not particularly, but based on the last couple of hours I would say in the order of 0500, over.’
HRC ‘Thanks M3, we’ll log you as 0500 ETA, over’

Springday Pazazz @ 1234hrs

HRC – ‘Go ahead Pazzaz’
Springday Pazzaz – ‘I’d like to amend my ETA. I did not add up properly. 1415 not 1 3 1 5.’
HRC with full humour – ‘That sounds a bit more reasonable Pazzaz. We were hoping that we’d see you planing up the Derwent at a great rate of knots, mate. This is HRC standing by.’

Ark323 @ 0425 on 30/12/16

N.B. And a reminder to all - Never start the donk until all the lines are in!!!!!!
Ark323 – ‘Our boat has got some problems with the engine. There are some ropes around our propeller and the rudder.’
Hobart Finish Line - ‘I’ll get one of the rescue boats to come out to you, over’
Ark323 – ‘Roger that – thank you!’

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