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Through the eye of a needle - USA newsletter


Through the eye of a needle

McConaghy 2022 - MC63p & MC75 LEADERBOARD

Cyclops 2022 May LEADERBOARD

Thread the Needles day - photo © Mark Jardine

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Saturday was a day which will live in the memories of many of the youth sailors at my home club of Keyhaven for a long time, for all the right reasons.

It was the day of the 'Thread the Needles' event, where they sailed out of the confines of Keyhaven and Hurst Castle, into the Solent, out through the Hurst Narrows, across to the Isle of Wight side, tacking up through Colwell Bay, Totland Bay and Alum Bay, then around the Needles lighthouse and back through the gap in the Needles, with an epic downwind sail home.

Thread the Needles day - photo © Mark Jardine
Thread the Needles day - photo © Mark Jardine

Colligo Marine 2022 - Seahorse MPU   Allen 2022 - TiiTAN MPU

Conditions need to be just right to make this happen, using the ebb tide to get there and the first of the flood tide to get home. There needs to be enough wind, but not too much, so it's hugely exciting when the forecast plays ball and the decision is made to go ahead with the adventure.

It's no small undertaking shepherding 27 kids and 15 boats on a sail like this, and I take my hat off to Alastair Craig for organising it. Any problems with the boats are going to get found when out in the open sea, and for the young sailors the size of the waves, combined with a decent breeze, is a real challenge. They all sailed incredibly well, and while there were a few rescues necessary, it all happened just about as smoothly as could reasonably be expected.

Thread the Needles day - photo © Mark Jardine
Thread the Needles day - photo © Mark Jardine

Zhik 2022 Choice of Champions MPU   Cyclops 2022 May MPU

The 'gap' in the Needles isn't a completely clear stretch of water, as there are a couple of rocks lurking just beneath the waterline, so we had to create a transit for the boats to pass through using the RIBs, then guiding the sailors with hand signals to make sure they were central in the safe corridor. Once through the gap, the smiles were wide and the exhilaration obvious. This was an adventure they weren't going to forget in a hurry.

Thread the Needles day - photo © Mark Jardine
Thread the Needles day - photo © Mark Jardine

The return trip was much faster, planing downwind with a brief stop on the Island shore in Totland Bay for lunch. Then a fast reach across the Hurst Narrows, as the wind built to a peak of 23 knots, and back into the sheltered water behind Hurst Castle.

Thread the Needles day - photo © Mark Jardine
Thread the Needles day - photo © Mark Jardine

June July August MPU 2022   RS Sailing 2021 - MPU

Once ashore they were understandably tired, but elated. They had so many stories to tell each other; how they surfed down a wave, sorted a capsize when the daggerboard came out, the wind shadows behind the cliffs, the views of Alum Bay, and the chairlift which runs from the top to the beach; the list goes on... as will the chat.

Over time the stories of the day may well get taller: the waves will have been ten feet high, the winds up to gale force, the tide causing whirlpools that could swallow a supertanker... It was a sail that will turn into legend for them.

Out in San Diego another epic sail took place, with the running of the 49th Dutch Shoe Marathon. Around 150 young sailors (and some not-so-young) sail between La Playa Cove (San Diego Yacht Club) and Glorietta Bay (Coronado Yacht Club) during a seven-mile race in Sabot dinghies.

Dutch Shoe Marathon - photo © San Diego Yacht Club
Dutch Shoe Marathon - photo © San Diego Yacht Club

MPU E6 question mark static   Sea Sure 2020 - MPU

Conditions can be challenging, with short, steep waves, and the Sabot dinghy isn't exactly big or speedy, so the race takes a few hours.

Dutch Shoe Marathon - photo © Simone Staff
Dutch Shoe Marathon - photo © Simone Staff

The Dutch Shoe Marathon is a rite of passage, and something every Sabot sailor in the area has marked in their diary from the day the event is scheduled. Once again it goes to show how mixing up the format of sailing, showing off the diversity of what we do, is so important.

Ronan Servais, who was awarded the title - while of course delighted to take the win - summed up everything that's good about our sport: "I had a lot of fun sailing with my friends".

Dutch Shoe Marathon - photo © Simone Staff
Dutch Shoe Marathon - photo © Simone Staff

J Composites 2022 - J99 MPU   McConaghy 2022 - MC63p & MC75 MPU

Sailing is a marathon, not a sprint. Nurturing a love for being on the water in those formative years is what will be the backbone of a child's journey though sailing, navigating the ups and downs through whatever path they take in the marine world.

Saying that, there are rare times when a marathon is completed at sprint pace, and the design and home-build of James Sainsbury's latest foiling Moth is a prime example of that. Just after the UK Nationals he decided he needed a new boat to replace his previous 'Valkyrie' (which we also documented the build of) so he drew a rough design on a piece of paper and got to work.

James Sainsbury's new home-build Moth - carbon foam sandwich bulkhead fitting - photo © James Sainsbury
James Sainsbury's new home-build Moth - carbon foam sandwich bulkhead fitting - photo © James Sainsbury

Hyde Sails 2022 One Design MPU   Race Yachts 2022 600x500 v1

In less than five weeks he has gone from idea to reality, completing the fit-out in the garden of an AirBnB house in France, then taking the boat for its first sail on Sunday ahead of the International Moth Europeans in Quiberon.

James Sainsbury's new home-build Moth out on the water for the first time - photo © James Sainsbury
James Sainsbury's new home-build Moth out on the water for the first time - photo © James Sainsbury

James is a true character of the Moth fleet, and this epic build is an incredible achievement. We wish him the best of luck at the Europeans, but in my book, he's winning already by just being there in the new boat.

So all-in-all it has been a momentous week for sailing. For sure there have also been big, glitzy events around the world with the winners rightly lauded, but it's the quirky and niche events or achievements - which both challenge and thrill sailors young and old everywhere - that have piqued my interest today, and continue to demonstrate the vast span of options that we have available when on the water.

Mark Jardine and Managing Editor

Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU   Vaikobi 2021 Boots - MPU

Larchmont Yacht Club's 124th Race Week recap
The western end of Long Island Sound confirmed the reputation of being a light-air venue during the summer, but nobody expected the number of storms that would run west to east down the Sound during this 8-day period.

The RS Games 2022 - Days 2 to 4
Day two through to day four of the RS Games have been filled with sunshine, big-breeze conditions, fantastic racing and great socials.

RS Aero Youth World Championship at Weymouth & Portland Sailing Academy - Preview
The first RS Aero Youth World Championship is to be hosted by the Weymouth & Portland National Sailing Academy in the UK as part of the RS Games. Over two weeks all RS Classes are completing and the RS Aeros have two consecutive week-long champs.

Selden 2020 - Furlex electric - MPU   MPU Henri-Lloyd 2022 SW
A tale of two Mackinac Races: Bayview and Chicago
The two largest freshwater races in the US have been held in succession within the last 10 days and provide a study in contrasting offshore racing challenge.

2022 Youth Match Racing World Champion & Runner-up lead an impressive field for 55th Governor's Cup
In Tour de France cycling, the winner of each stage wears a yellow jersey. No such identification will be necessary for Jeffrey Petersen (USA), the 2021 GovCup champion from host Balboa YC, who, as of last week, is the youth match racing World Champion.

James Sainsbury's latest home-build Moth - flying on the first sail!
We got off the ferry and to our fantastic AirBnB, and that's where a couple of us stayed for the next two days, fully concentrating on our new boats. Many beers, rum and small dried sausages have been consumed, but on Sunday we went for a sail!

Barton Marine 2019 600x500   Lennon Thermalite 300x250 1
2022 KiteFoil World Series Gizzeria, Overall
The final day of the KiteFoil World Series Gizzeria in Italy produced three highly-deserving winners after a quick-fire Medal Series.

Global Team Race in Newport Overall - Newport Harbor Rules
You could be forgiven for thinking that Newport Harbor Yacht Club was the home team at the 2022 Global Team Race Regatta. There's the name, for starters. But also the comfort level displayed by the eight-person team during the three-day event.

Puerto Portals 52 Super Series Sailing Week - Day 3
With two days of racing still to sail, winners last year Sled have taken control of Puerto Portals 52 Super Series Sailing Week but only by a couple of points.

Marskeel 2019 600x500   North Sails 2021 Innovation - MPU
Proven Crowd Pleaser, take a look at the 100% Waterproof Mav-Lite Jacket
Henri-Lloyd's best-selling MAV-LITE waterproof jacket is perfect for summer showers and beyond. Built responsibly with recycled bio-based fabric technology, this packaway, 100% waterproof and windproof jacket is breathable.

Colligo Marine - Synthetic Standing Rigging
Colligo Marine Standing Rigging is the safest standing rigging available! Head over to our informational website where you can find out more on Colligo Marine Standing Rigging.

Youth Match Racing World Championship - Overall
Following an exhilarating final day, it is American Jeffrey Petersen, who takes the win against Swede Marius Westerlind to become Youth Match Racing World Champion 2022!

Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - MPU   Aquaventures 2021 Nov - SeaAngel - MPU
Key takeaways for success from National Champion Steve Liebel and Coach Moose McClintock
With the summer season already halfway through, not only is Liebel and his New Wave crew the new National Champions, but due to the largest ever IC37 fleet, he has earned 24 points propelling him to the top of the Summer Season Standings.

America's Cup: First AC40 nears completion at McConaghy Boats - Video and Still Images
The first AC40 multi-use yacht for America's Cup 2024 is being fitted out at McConaghy Boats. The video and still images show the deck/cockpit layout for the first time.

J/24 World Championship at Corpus Christi Yacht Club - Overall
Mike Marshall's American Garage may have never been in first place overall during races one through nine, but he was after the tenth and final race to claim the title of 2022 J/24 World Champion.

KZRaceFurlers   Mackay 250
Competing in a Musto Skiff Worlds as a youth sailor
This year's ACO 11th Musto Skiff World Championships at Kiel Week saw an impressive turnout for youth sailors, including GBR youth sailor, Josh Belben, who finished with a respectable second place in the Youth Category.

Marine Resources latest jobs: Get excited about your career again
Think you can do your job in your sleep? Stop hitting that snooze button and wake yourself up with exciting new opportunities and challenges! It's time to make a change and get excited about your job!

The RS Games 2022 - Day 1
1,044 sailors from 22 countries will compete over the next 16 days in a true festival of sailing at the RS Games 2022.

Race Yachts 2022 JPK 11.80   C-Tech 2021 SnuffAir 300x250
Rolex Middle Sea Race fleet is hotting up
There are three months to the start of the 2022 Rolex Middle Sea Race. Some 61 yachts have entered, with crews from Australia, the United States, Canada and most of Europe slated to participate.

James Sainsbury's latest home-build Moth - on a boat, with a boat!
Ok, so it has been a frantic week with lots of hours put in on the little ship. Reinforcements around the wings are done, along with finishing off the gantry and prodder.

505 World Championships two weeks away
There are just two weeks until the start of the 65th International 505 World Championships. Held every year since 1956, this is the first event since the 2019 Freemantle World Championships and 505 sailors are keen to compete again.

SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-MISSY   Doyle Sails 2020 - Redefining Boundaries 300x250
Golden Globe Race: Dalton pressing on with race qualifications
Graham Dalton has he advised that he had now completed the required medical course, and is about to start the qualifying voyage.

Race Week at Newport: Bella Mente Racing wins ORC A
After winning the New York Yacht Club's Annual Regatta in June, Bella Mente Racing stayed true to fine form and punctuated July with a victory at New York Yacht Club Race Week at Newport presented by Rolex.

German Philipp Hympendahl is the 50th entry in the Global Solo Challenge
Philipp is the first German entry in the Global Solo Challenge, bringing the total number of nationalities represented by skippers to 15.

Coast Guard Foundation MPU 2   Hella Dual Colour Floodlights - 300x250px - 002 gif
An interview with Peter Gibbons-Neff on his Classe Mini campaign
I checked in with Peter Gibbons-Neff, the lone American sailor on the Class Mini circuit, via email, to learn more about what it's like to be an American taking on this competitive singlehanded offshore racing circuit.

Bob Scribner on the 2022 Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club Regatta and Shipyard Cup Classics Challenge
I checked in with Bob Scribner, co-event chair of the 2022 Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club Regatta and Shipyard Cup Classics Challenge, via email, to learn more about this exciting Downeast regatta.

111 teams and 18 nationalities are gearing up for the 40th edition of the Copa del Rey MAPFRE
With just under two weeks until the 40th edition of the Copa del Rey MAPFRE kicks off at the Real Club Náutico de Palma, preparations are well underway to host a big fleet that is gearing up to compete in one of the most special editions to date.

Lloyd Stevenson Catalyst 45 300x250px1   Armstrong-FG-5 300x250
World Sailing Extraordinary General Meeting unanimously backs Governance Reform proposals
At an Extraordinary General Meeting held virtually on 18 July, representatives of Member National Authorities voted unanimously that the Board should draft the detailed amendments to give effect to proposed changes to the Constitution tabled by the Board.

National Sailing Hall of Fame announces 2022 inductees
The National Sailing Hall of Fame (NSHOF) announced today thirteen sailors comprising its 12th class of inductees.

Boris Herrmann's Team Malizia launches new IMOCA race boat, Malizia - Seaexplorer
Back on the water - Boris Herrmann's offshore sailing team launched their new race yacht as scheduled on 19 July, after 18 months of innovative design and construction.

Some thoughts on taking MLB's All-Star Game seriously
As a kid, Major League Baseball's annual All-Star Game became a sort of halfway point of my summer... as in, I could take things easy until the All-Star Game, but afterwards, I'd better make each day of junior sailing count.

Save the date for Caribbean Sailing Week 2022
The last two years the conference has taken place digitally due to Covid protocols preventing us to travel. For 2022 we are looking forward to welcoming everyone in person, to have lively discussions and presentations to prepare for the upcoming season.

America's Cup: No more Spy versus Spy - the Recon Game is changing
The America's Cup reconnaissance rules are changing for America's Cup 2024, to be sailed in Barcelona, Spain in September/October 2024. America's Cup Media's Magnus Wheatley tries to explain:

Can Will Croxford sail around the World, solo, non-stop without any fossil fuels on board?
The Global Solo Challenge (GSC) and its founder Marco Nannini are keen to provide a fantastic sporting challenge, which will attract Worldwide interest.

Nice way to celebrate
When is 100 not 100? When it is actually 115. No matter. Any of it is cause enough for celebration. This all started when I was under hull #100 of the super-popular J/99 as she was being commissioned at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron in Brisbane.

Selden 2020 - FOOTER

North Sails 2021 Innovation - FOOTER

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