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The tiny 'Big C' vessel Andrew Bedwell will attempt his Atlantic crossing on - photo © Andrew Bedwell

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In the past week we've seen an incredible range of speedy sailboats on or above the water. The launch of FlyingNikka, the 60-foot offshore foiling monohull inspired by the America's Cup AC75, had her first flight, and SailGP Season 3 kicked off with a record nine teams on the water.

Also, we've seen the rise and rise in double-handed yacht racing, with Alex Toomey and crew-mate Andrew Hibbert on Ryujin winning the Ocean Racing Club of Victoria's Apollo Bay Race, and two-handed boats filling seven of the top ten positions in IRC overall in the RORC De Guingand Bowl Race.

FlyingNikka's first flight - photo © Fabio Taccola
FlyingNikka's first flight - photo © Fabio Taccola
Sun Fast 3300 Atomic, co-skippered by Gareth Edmondson & Hugh Brayshaw in the RORC De Guingand Bowl - photo © Paul Wyeth / RORC
Sun Fast 3300 Atomic, co-skippered by Gareth Edmondson & Hugh Brayshaw in the RORC De Guingand Bowl - photo © Paul Wyeth / RORC

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We can see the trends at the top end of professional sailing, and those in participation yacht racing, and we've covered them all in detail with our editorials.

But sailing is a broad church, and the news that really caught my eye last week wasn't about the biggest, fastest, or most popular type of yacht. Far from it. In the UK Andrew Bedwell has built a yacht to make a world record attempt for the smallest sailing vessel to cross the Atlantic.

Offshore sailing is something not to be undertaken lightly at any time, and we've seen incredible numbers of Atlantic challenges in an amazing range of craft. One of the most extraordinary feats was back in 1993 when American Hugo Vihlen managed to complete a Transatlantic crossing in a 162cm (5ft 4in) craft.

Andrew Bedwell's 'Big C' vessel is just over a metre long... and he's 6ft tall.

The tiny 'Big C' vessel Andrew Bedwell will attempt his Atlantic crossing on - photo © Andrew Bedwell
The tiny 'Big C' vessel Andrew Bedwell will attempt his Atlantic crossing on - photo © Andrew Bedwell

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I took the opportunity to chat with Andrew on Friday to find out more...

Mark: Was it Hugo Vihlen's 1993 challenge which inspired you to take on your world record attempt?

Andrew: Yes, that's totally correct. I saw it right from the beginning. I've always had an interest in unusual passages, and unusual challenges in life. I always tend to throw myself at a challenge! I've done a lot of solo offshore stuff: I've taken a 21ft Mini Transat up into the Arctic circle and through the Denmark Strait all solo. Many other passages. As part of a bigger team, I'm part of Team Britannia, trying to break the round the world powerboat record too. It's something that has been in my blood; it has slowly eaten away at my core. Now it's got to the point where I thought, "I'm 50 in two years' time and I've got to break this record. I've got to do it!"

Mark: This boat is basically three and a half foot! Plus you've got to store at least 60 days of food, water maker, ballast, electronics, battery... how?!

Andrew: There's two batteries! So, I'm taking a fixed volume of water with me, down in the keel (obviously that's neutral buoyancy). That's five litres water storage... I can see you smiling! You're thinking, "how can that work?" There's a manual water maker. There are solar panels on the back, and a hand-wound generator inside, to charge the two batteries also in the keel. I've got a team of very clever nutritionists - they are clever in what I need to eat, but currently they are not clever in the way that it tastes. It does the job, but it's vile, in all honesty. It keeps me going and should keep me just about maintaining body weight. But there is no excess in there. There is no room for any little niceties. People who go round the world like to have their cake put in, something like that; I've got no room for any of that.

The tiny 'Big C' vessel Andrew Bedwell will attempt his Atlantic crossing on - photo © Andrew Bedwell
The tiny 'Big C' vessel Andrew Bedwell will attempt his Atlantic crossing on - photo © Andrew Bedwell

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Mark: The design has a small pod at the top where you can see out during bad weather, but can you actually get out and stretch your legs when it's decent weather?

Andrew: I can't actually get myself completely out of it. When I'm sitting in there, my head is permanently in that pod the whole time. I have a harness in there - we know it's going to roll - so I can be as comfortable as I can. I can just get into the foetal position, squeezing at the bottom, but it's a tight squeeze, it's not comfortable.

Mark: So you cannot get out at all during the entire voyage?!

Andrew: I can stand up. I can flip that hatch up, and there's two bars in front of me I can hold on to. I have a physiotherapist who has given me leg exercises to do. The hand-wound generator and manual water-maker will give my upper body things to do; the lower legs and the back are the biggest problems. In good conditions I will be able to stand up to exercise. I need to do as much exercise as I can.

Mark: It's bad enough on a long-haul flight, but there you can at least get up and go to the loo. How are you going to do that?

Andrew: Right, that's probably the hardest issue. It's going to have to be over the side. It's not going to be pretty. There is a tiny holding tank, basically a bladder, for bad conditions or close into any harbours. It's going to be a challenge.

The tiny 'Big C' vessel Andrew Bedwell will attempt his Atlantic crossing on - photo © Andrew Bedwell
The tiny 'Big C' vessel Andrew Bedwell will attempt his Atlantic crossing on - photo © Andrew Bedwell

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Mark: The boat is called 'Big C' and you are raising money for Cancer Research, in tribute to your designer Tom McNally, who is apparently also a record holder?

Andrew: Early on in March 1993, Tom broke the record himself, for the smallest vessel to cross. But in September that year Hugo Vihlen, as you mentioned before, took the record. Tom's aim was to bring this record back to Liverpool, but he passed away. I'm in contact with Tom's daughter Lorraine; the whole thing is to bring it back to Liverpool, to the UK. We've lost too many challenges over the years; let's bring one back.

Hugo Vihlen's Father's Day, the smallest yacht to cross the Atlantic - photo © Archive
Hugo Vihlen's Father's Day, the smallest yacht to cross the Atlantic - photo © Archive

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Mark: I understand Tom, in some way, is coming with you.

Andrew: He will. Bear in mind I haven't got much space, but I've got a little pot of his ashes that have been in the work all the way through. I've found myself sitting in the boat, trying to work out the ergonomics, wondering, "Tom, what would you have done here? Where would you have put this?" So, he's coming on the passage, and we will be spreading his ashes in the Atlantic, as per Lorraine's wishes.

Mark: You've only just announced this, but you've had huge interest already. Has the national press picked up on this?

Andrew: Yes, I've had so many requests. The sea trials will be in mid-June, but I've had the boat in build a few years now. It's been the hardest secret to keep, especially as I have a very proud 9-year-old daughter who is excited about her daddy doing this. I've got a strong crew that are helping me out with sponsorship, just a few key people that know. That's the way I've kept it. It's a relief now to get it off my chest. For the last few months, it's been in my sail loft and customers haven't been able to go in there. They wondered, "What on earth's going on in there?".

The tiny 'Big C' vessel Andrew Bedwell will attempt his Atlantic crossing on - photo © Andrew Bedwell
The tiny 'Big C' vessel Andrew Bedwell will attempt his Atlantic crossing on - photo © Andrew Bedwell

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Andrew is demonstrating that whatever your interests and ambitions in sailing are, with a bit of thought, an incredible amount of determination, and a healthy dose of British eccentricity, it is possible to turn your hand to almost anything.

Andrew's aim is to set off in May 2023 from St Johns, Newfoundland on the 1,900-mile journey, and he should arrive at Lizard Point, Cornwall around two months later. Yes, the voyage will have more than its fair share of risk, but I'm going to be following it every step of the way and aim to have a go aboard 'Big C' when she undergoes sea trials.

Mark Jardine and Managing Editor

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An interview with Ryan Schenck on the 2022 RS Aero North American Championship
Sail-World checked in with Ryan Schenck, co-chair of the 2022 RS Aero North American Championship, via email, to learn more about this exciting One Design regatta.

Dalin sparkles but Lunven catches the eye in an absorbing Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race
With a record-breaking entry of 24 skippers, 21 of whom made it to the finish, this was the best evidence yet of the extraordinary good health of the IMOCA Class as it enters another exciting year dominated by the Vendée Arctique and Route du Rhum.

Emirates Team New Zealand unveils their weapon for Project Speed
Emirates Team New Zealand and Ngati Whatua Orakei today christened the land yacht to be used in their Wind Powered Land Speed World Record attempt as ‘Horonuku' in front of team members and land speed suppliers and supporters at their base in Auckland.

Selden 2020 - E40i electric winch - MPU   Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU
Gladwells Line: SailGP Season 3 off to a great start
Tom Slingsby (AUS/USA) helmed the Australia SailGP team to a convincing win in the Final of the first event of SailGP Season 3 in Bermuda. Canada SailGP who led the leaderboard after the first three races had a couple of mid-fleet races on Day 2.

2022 Melges 24 World Championship at Lauderdale Yacht Club - Overall
After two full years of hiatus in the schedule of the World Championships, the International Melges 24 Class returned to assign a most coveted World Title

Youngest skipper Quentin Vlamynck on Arkema wins Pro Sailing Tour 2022 Episode 1
Quentin Vlamynck (FRA), the youngest skipper in the history of the Ocean Fifty class, along with his two crew, Alex Pella (ESP) and Antoine Gautier (FRA), won his first-ever Pro Sailing Tour Episode on Sunday afternoon in Bonifacio, Corsica.

Cyclops 2020 - Dec2020 - MPU   J Composites 2020 - MPU
Patience rewards Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series competitors in Annapolis
Jeffrey Todd and his teammates on the J/22 Hot Toddy have finished second in their class at the Helly Hansen Sailing World Regatta Series in Annapolis more times than they can, or care, to remember, but this weekend they finally broke the curse with a win

Spithill optimistic on Bermuda progress; U.S SailGP Team turns focus to Chicago success
While the overall results didn't reflect it, Jimmy Spithill and the United States SailGP Team are pleased with the progress made at the United States SailGP Team's Season 3 opener at the Bermuda Sail Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess.

Australia still the team to beat as Tom Slingsby claims SailGP Season 3 opener in Bermuda
Defending champions defeat Sir Ben Ainslie's Great Britain and Phil Robertson's Canada in event final in stunning conditions on Bermuda's Great Sound.

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44Cup Cascais Overall - Charisma is the runaway winner
Normally 44Cup events are decided in the final gybes of the last leg of the last race after four days of competition. But at the 44Cup Cascais, the second of the 2022 series for the high performance owner-driver one designs, the opposite was true.

Team Antigua & Barbuda heads to SSL Gold Cup Qualifying Series
In just one week Team Antigua & Barbuda will be in Switzerland competing in the Qualifying Series! The team comprises of several of Antigua's top names in sailing, and is captained by America's Cup Champion Shannon Falcone.

J/45 Acadia bucket list sail from France to the UK: Next stop Newport
A very memorable delivery sail was recently completed by the brand-new J/45 ACADIA from Les Sables d'Olonne, France up the west coast of France and across the English Channel to Dartmouth, United Kingdom.

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Cup Critiqued: Irish back away... Two AC40's for Spain?
Irish bureaucrats claims over pulling out of America's Cup Venue selection are exposed. Spain tipped to enter teams in the Youth and Womens America's Cups acquiring two AC40's

Ups and downs for the U.S SailGP Team on first Day of Bermuda Sail Grand Prix
The U.S. SailGP Team currently sits mid-fleet after the first day of Bermuda Sail Grand Prix presented by Hamilton Princess, but Jimmy Spithill is optimistic that with just a few tweaks, the team will qualify to race in Sunday's final.

Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Race 11 Sprint results: Seattle Pacific Challenge
Qingdao has completed the Dell Latitude Rugged Ocean Sprint section so the final results can now be revealed.

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Worrell 1000 Race 2022 Day 5
It was 8am, and the PRO (Principal Race Officer) John Williams was starting the daily Skipper's meeting. The general feeling in the air was one of mild "dis-jointedness"... just a little "off".

Baiona and Galicia prepare to lift the curtain on the 10th anniversary 2022 52 Super Series
The 52 Super Series fleet arrived in Baiona this week and with it the countdown to the start of the ABANCA 52 Super Series Baiona Sailing Week starts to feel very real.

Gladwell's Line: Boat Test on Chase Zero - the AC37 game changer?
After a few weeks of testing in Auckland, there is a little doubt that Chase Zero is a game-changer for the America's Cup. We had our first look at the foiling chaseboat, during a mid-week media day on the Waitemata.

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Rooster® Designs 3 New Styles of Floating Polarised Sunglasses in Time for Summer
Delving deeper into the world of sun protection for on and off the water, Rooster's polarised floating sunglasses are an integral addition to their kit comprising of a Classic frame, a Sports frame and our Bi-Focal frames.

America's Cup: Toyota looks to leverage Fuel Cell opportunities off Chase Zero
"This is the first boat to be developed in the world using hydrogen technology. Experts said it would take three or four years, Emirates Team New Zealand have done it within 12 months," Neeraj Lala, Toyota NZ's CEO

Emirates Team NZ's Project Speed pulls the parts together ahead of test run
Almost within the blink of an eye, the Emirates Team New Zealand Land Speed record craft is being fitted together at the Auckland base. Time is ticking and as usual, it's the team against the clock to stay on track with timelines and deadlines.

Armstrong-FG-4 300x250   KZRaceFurlers
Henri-Lloyd announces purpose led partnership with Great Britain SailGP Team
Where performance meets responsibility is the driving ethos behind a new partnership between British performance brand Henri-Lloyd and The Great Britain SailGP Team.

Marine Resources: Considering the next steps in your career?
From some of the most exclusive opportunities in Yacht Design to working on the industry's latest exciting boat building projects, our solutions-lead consultants are determined to understand your needs and equally bring forward the best opportunity.

RS Electric Boats goes from strength to strength with rapidly growing sales, new premises
Following soaring demand for its Pulse 63 electric RIB, RS Electric Boats is experiencing exponential growth. With orders coming in at pace, the firm is relocating its assembly line to larger premises and expanding its team to fulfil orders.

Mackay 250   Hella Dual Colour Floodlights - 300x250px - 002 gif
FlyingNikka's first flight
FlyingNikka's first flight is a date to mark on the calendar, with indelible marker: a flight which at 1pm today, Thursday 12 May, off the coast of Valencia, Spain, marked the beginning of a new era for offshore sailing.

Showdown at Malcesine for coveted Finn Gold Cup 2022
One of the most coveted trophies in the sport of sailing will be raced for next week at Fragila Vela Macesine on Lake Garda, Italy. The 2022 Finn Gold Cup opens on Sunday with an impressive 110 entries from 23 nations so far.

An interview with Heather Ruhsam on The Sailing Museum's grand opening
Sail-World checked in with Heather Ruhsam, executive director of The Sailing Museum, via email, to learn more about this exciting new institution.

Lloyd Stevenson Catalyst 45 300x250px3   ABC Recruiting MPU
Amateur yachtsman announces world record attempt for smallest sailing vessel to cross the Atlantic
Amateur sailing enthusiast Andrew Bedwell is putting the final touches to his tiny 'Big C' vessel, which he aims to sail across the Atlantic and bring a World record back to Britain!

Zhik partners with Canada SailGP Team as Official Technical Clothing Supplier
Zhik is pleased to join the Canada SailGP Team as the Team's Official Technical Clothing Supplier for SailGP Seasons 3 and 4.

I Love Poland claims inaugural IMA Caribbean Maxi Challenge
Following on from its inshore and offshore circuits in the Mediterranean, for 2022 the International Maxi Association introduced its new Caribbean Maxi Challenge.

The Maxi Edmond de Rothschild relaunched
Early yesterday morning, the large doors to the Gitana shed were opened to release the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild from her five-month refit.

Marine Auctions May Online Auctions
Please find details of the Yachts, Power Boats, Aft Cabin Cruisers, Ex-Trawler and two Barges that we will be offering For Sale in our May Online Auction.

America's Cup: Hydrogen powered foiling chase boat outstrips outboard power
Emirates Team New Zealand have been continuing the successful commissioning and testing of their hydrogen powered foiling chase boat 'Chase Zero' on Auckland's Hauraki Gulf since its launch just five weeks ago.

18ft Skiffs: Gambling on the 18s
The nature of the boats and the men who have sailed them over the past 130 years always made 18-footer racing unique in the sailing/yachting world and one of the unique parts of the sport has been the gambling which has gone hand-in-hand with the sport.

ZhikMotion recycled tops for active lifestyles and multi-purpose layering
Designed as a warm and water repellent top for active lifestyles around water, these new ZhikMotion™ hooded tops are perfect for those in-between conditions, before you may need a jacket or thicker mid-layer.

Ian Walker joins the North Sails Management Team
North Sails is excited to welcome world-renown sailor Ian Walker to their management team. Walker is a two-time Olympic medalist, an America's Cup veteran, and winner of the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-15 as skipper of Abu Dhabi Ocean Racing.

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