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Sail-World NZ - October 29: ETNZ's new signing..New York YC gets cold feet..Middle Sea records fall


Sail-World NZ - October 29: ETNZ's new signing..New York YC gets cold feet..Middle Sea records fall

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Optimists and OK Dinghies sailing ahead of the advancing sea-mist - Wakatere BC October 25, 2021 - photo © Richard Gladwell /

Dear Recipient Name

Welcome to's New Zealand e-magazine for October 29, 2021

There seems to be plenty of noise but not much light at the end of Auckland's and New Zealand's COVID tunnel.

Labour Weekend has come and gone, it marks the start of the summer sailing season, and in the top half of the North Island, for sailors anyway, the focus goes on the Coastal Classic.

The 120nm race is a highlight on the sailing calendar because it caters for the wind-driven craft of all types. In the past, we've had supermaxis, MOD70's battle at the front end of the fleet, while the cruisers have a leisurely ride down the back. And putting in a guest appearance are the occasional 49er, board and kite sailors, which have turned in some superb performances of sailing endurance.

Blasting north 2016 PIC Coastal Classic - photo © Richard Gladwell -
Now seems but a distant memory - Blasting north 2016 PIC Coastal Classic - photo © Richard Gladwell -

This, the 49th Coastal Classic, would have been a cracker - a record-breaker - with a strong breeze from just the right direction, and then with a nice sail/motor home on Monday. Saturday and Sunday were probably not great options for the same reason that Friday was so good. The images from Friday would have been unbelievable, as all of the big breeze days are. However, this would have been one from the top shelf.

Like many others, I am getting a little tired of being locked down, MIQ'd and otherwise controlled since July 22 - my departure date for the Tokyo Olympics. That was four months ago today.

Frustration levels are high. Everyone is keen to get back out on the water, and it was good to see this happen on Monday at various locations around Auckland and the rest New Zealand.

For some reason, racing is not allowed, under the current Alert Level in Auckland - and apparently gets hit by the maximum group size of ten rule.

Only a bureaucrat could explain that logic, given that it is now conceded that the dreaded virus doesn't transfer particularly well in the open air. It also seems likely that sailors will take the situation into their own hands, start having impromptu racing, and start feeling human again.

The Coastal Classic was the latest in a long line of sailing events and boat shows cancelled in the name of COVID.

Simon Hull's Frank Racing about to go into orbit in the 2015 PIC Coastal Classic - photo © Richard Gladwell -
Simon Hull's Frank Racing about to go into orbit in the 2015 PIC Coastal Classic - photo © Richard Gladwell -

On Monday, we got the first look at the new OK Dinghy being built to the latest Dan Leech design by Mattie Mason - a four times America's Cup winner and OK sailor.

The new OK's are a big step forward in the class, which held its first nationals around 1964. But at the same time, the old boats are good boats - with Josh Armit placing third in the 2019 Worlds at Wakatere in a 35yr old Icebreaker hull.

Three Maverick OKs rig up - OK Dinghy - Wakatere BC October 25, 2021 - photo © Richard Gladwell /
Three Leech design OKs rig up - OK Dinghy - Wakatere BC October 25, 2021 - photo © Richard Gladwell /

We'll have a story later this week on the future of Olympic and international sailing for New Zealand sailors. But at present, the prospects look rather bleak for Kiwis. They are effectively unable to leave their country due to an inability to obtain a place in Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ). The changes heralded yesterday sound like they are progress, but as with most of the COVID announcements the devil is in the detail. From the feedback from others who have travelled overseas, and from personal experience, New Zealand at least six months behind best practice, maybe more.

The upshot of that international travel situation, is that club sailing is likely to get a boost as sailors move across to fleets that are strong at a local level.

The  new Leech design OK Dinghy - Wakatere BC October 25, 2021 - photo © Richard Gladwell /
The new Leech design OK Dinghy - Wakatere BC October 25, 2021 - photo © Richard Gladwell /

Under the proposed "traffic light" system for handling the different provinces of New Zealand, it is difficult to understand how sailors can move from one region to another to attend a North Island Championship or Nationals.

Internationally so-called world championships continue to be held, in the knowledge that a fully representative fleet has the opportunity to attend, but can't. It is relatively easy and convenient for the drive-up European competitors. But for internationals, the cost and process to get to Europe and return is almost prohibitive - unless you have access to borrowed boats and gear and have the time and logistical support/ability to understand and negotiate the required testing procedures.

While sailing within your own province might be restricting, it is better than being Locked Down at Level 4. It remains to be seen what damage has been done to the sport in the medium to long term - or if sailing emerges stronger for the experience.

What is not clear is what the effect of the "traffic light" system will be on summer cruising. If boats cannot sail from Auckland to Russell for the Coastal Classic, then logically the same will apply for cruisers - as long as "traffic lights" of differing hues control the two provinces. Same for Great Barrier, Coromandel and maybe Waiheke Island.

This week's announcements did little to clarify the ongoing situation, and like the frustration of a windless regatta, there no other option but hurry up and wait.

Outteridge and Jensen (AUS) battle mid-fleet with Burling and Tuke (NZL) Rio Olympics - 49er - August 13, 2016 - Brazil - photo © Richard Gladwell - / Photosport
Outteridge and Jensen (AUS) battle mid-fleet with Burling and Tuke (NZL) Rio Olympics - 49er - August 13, 2016 - Brazil - photo © Richard Gladwell - / Photosport

The America's Cup continues to rumble on.

This week comes the news that Emirates Team New Zealand have signed Nathan Outteridge, maybe best known as the helmsman of Swedish team Artemis Racing who made a strong contest of the Final Series for the Louis Vuitton Trophy, in Bermuda. That contest, which the Kiwis won by a flattering 5-2 margin, set Emirates Team New Zealand up for the America's Cup win on June 26, 2017.

Outteridge is a long-time training partner and rival to Peter Burling and Blair Tuke in the 49er class, where he has won a Gold and Silver medal. He is now a rival on the SailGP circuit sailing for JapanSailGP. Quite how he slots into the already talented Emirates Team New Zealand mix remains to be seen.

Equally intriguing is what direction Peter Burling and Blair Tuke will take given the opportunities they have from the America's Cup, Paris2024, The Ocean Race, SailGP along with the conservation trust LiveOcean. A big part of that decision will rest with the announcement of the Protocol for the 37th America's Cup, and the venue for the Regatta. A key will be the dates of the regatta, and how those work with the required training and testing required for the AC75, along with sailing an AC40 in the Preliminary Events for the next America's Cup.

While the two have just spent two weeks in Managed Isolation and Quarantine, being in solitude for 22 hours or longer a day would appear to be a great time for some quiet contemplation. However MIQ affects everyone differently, and often it is to be endured rather than enjoyed. So don't expect too many deep and meaningful discussions and decisions from their direction, until the America's Cup landscape is fully revealed.

The New York Yacht Club. 37 West 44th Street - will be the second Challenger for the 36th America's Cup - photo © Carlo Borlenghi
The New York Yacht Club. 37 West 44th Street - has announced it will "pause" its America's Cup activities - photo © Carlo Borlenghi

Last week the spotlight shone fairly and squarely on the New York Yacht Club and the actions of its Commodore, Chris Culver. Four months ago, Culver surprised many by announcing that the club would run with a new team, Stars+Stripes USA, headed up by top match racers Mike Buckley and Taylor Canfield. Missing from the July 24 announcement was any reference to their former team American Magic.

Then last week came a second announcement from Commodore Culver that the Club had decided to "pause" its America's Cup activities.

Culver cited delays in producing the Protocol - due in three weeks - and eight months after the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron had retained the trophy. His statement was a curious one, given that the America's Cup Class had been announced as the AC75, two days after the conclusion of the 36th Match, along with some of the key points of the upcoming Protocol. Sure the venue might not be certain, but the options were widely known. By most analysis, for the next Cup, regardless of venue, an all-round boat is required that will foil early using small foils.

Emirates Team New Zealand reacted to the comments in the announcement. Looking back objectively at the key dates for Protocol and Class announcements form for previous Cups, AC37 will be one of the quickest and most certain - the America's Cup Class was announced within two days of the end of AC36. The Protocol will be announced eight months after the last race of AC36. That's not as quickly as AC36, which took just three months, but the same as for Bermuda in AC35. With COVID and most countries/venues only being able to see their way clear in the last month, the original deadline of six months following the last race was maybe a bit ambitious - and perhaps we won't see an outcome until next March.

Given those timelines and what is normal in an America's Cup context, what is happening with AC37 is not unreasonable. What was really behind the NYYC's decision is a matter of conjecture, particularly after Stars+Stripes USA only found out their abandonment by New York YC several hours after the Club's decision had been leaked to SailingIllustrated, and published.

The America’s Cup Hall of Fame induction was held at the New York Yacht Club’s magnificent Model Room. Measuring forty-five feet wide and ninety-six feet deep, the Model Room holds most of the Club’s collection of approximately 1,300 models—including fully-rigged models of Cup challengers and defenders. The galleon-style bay windows and the carvings of dolphins, shells, and clouds punctuated with lightning bolts, create the impression, as one visitor observed, that “except for the absence of motion, one might fancy oneself at sea.” - Hall of Fame induction for Ernesto Bertarelli Alinghi and Lord Dunraven - photo © Carlo Borlenghi
The New York Yacht Club’s magnificent Model Room. Measuring forty-five feet wide and ninety-six feet deep, it holds most of the Club’s collection of approximately 1,300 models—including fully-rigged models of Cup challengers and defenders. Now the Club wants to have a time-out for its Cup activities - photo © Carlo Borlenghi

We have several other America's Cup stories, in process, which will be published in what is left of this week and next.

Stay tuned.

For all the latest news from NZ and around the world, see the top stories below.

Between newsletters, you can follow all the racing and developments in major and local events on or by scrolling to the top of the site, select New Zealand, and get all the latest news and updates from the sailing world.

Good sailing!

Richard Gladwell
NZ Editor

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Dashboard - Maverick OK Dinghy - Wakatere BC October 25, 2021 - photo © Richard Gladwell /
Dashboard - Mattie Mason's new OK Dinghy - Wakatere BC October 25, 2021 - photo © Richard Gladwell /

HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-solaris-68   Hyde Sails 2017 March 300x250

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Stars + Stripes Team USA's Taylor Canfield on the way to victory in the 2018 Congressional Cup - photo © LBYC
Stars+Stripes USA's Taylor Canfield on the way to victory in the 2018 Congressional Cup - photo © LBYC

Race Yachts 2021 600x500 v2   Road to Gold - Russell Coutts MPU

American Magic - Patriot - warms up on the Waitemata Harbour - January 29, 2021 - 36th America's Cup - photo © Richard Gladwell /
American Magic - Patriot - warms up on the Waitemata Harbour - the team expects to be on the startline for AC47 - 36th America's Cup - photo © Richard Gladwell /

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American Magic's afterguard - Round Robin 1- Day 2 Prada Cup - Course C - 36th America's Cup - photo © Richard Gladwell / / nz
American Magic's afterguard will be changed for AC37 - 36th America's Cup - photo © Richard Gladwell / / nz

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Rolex Middle Sea Race - photo © Carlo Borlenghi / Rolex
Rolex Middle Sea Race - photo © Carlo Borlenghi / Rolex

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Rolex Middle Sea Race - photo © Carlo Borlenghi / Rolex
Skorpios could not repeat her win- in the Rolex Fastnet Race - photo © Carlo Borlenghi / Rolex

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Rolex Middle Sea Race - photo © Rolex / Carlo Borlenghi
Maserati MOD70 - Rolex Middle Sea Race - photo © Rolex / Carlo Borlenghi

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Monohull line honours for Comanche in the 2021 Rolex Middle Sea Race  - photo © Kurt Arrigo / Rolex
Monohull line honours for Comanche in the 2021 Rolex Middle Sea Race - photo © Kurt Arrigo / Rolex

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Alex Thomson ceases racing in the Vendée Globe - photo © Alex Thomson Racing
Alex Thomson ceases racing in the Vendée Globe - photo © Alex Thomson Racing

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America's Cup: Outteridge joins ETNZ, Burling and Tuke's future uncertain
Emirates Team New Zealand have announced the signing of Nathan Outteridge to join their sailing team for the 37th America's Cup.

2021 Women's Match Racing World Championship takes over Cherbourg
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“Retour à La Base” by Lorient Grand Large and the IMOCA Class
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World Sailing, the international federation for the sport of sailing recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), today officially kick-started their campaign for sailing to be reinstated at the Paralympic Games in Los Angeles (USA) in 2028.

Comanche sets "unbeatable" Rolex Middle Sea Race monohull record
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British Sailor Alex Thomson steps down from racing and turns focus to the next generation
British sailor Alex Thomson has announced he won't compete as a skipper in the 2024 Vendée Globe, the solo, non-stop race around-the-world, but doesn't rule out returning to the race in 2028.

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Monohull line honours for Comanche in the 2021 Rolex Middle Sea Race
This morning, Monday 25 October, the VPLP/Verdier designed 30.48 metre/100 foot racing maxi, Comanche (CAY), skippered by Mitch Booth, crossed the finish line of the 2021 Rolex Middle Sea Race at 04:27:50 CEST to take Monohull Line Honours.

Multihull line honours for Jason Carroll's MOD70 Argo in the 2021 Rolex Middle Sea Race
Jason Carroll's MOD70 Argo (USA) crossed the finish line of the 2021 Rolex Middle Sea Race at 20:39:28 CEST on Sunday 24 October to take Multihull Line Honours in an elapsed time of 33 hours 29 minutes 28 seconds.

What's next for women in wingfoiling?
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New Blocks and Cam-Cleats from Seldén
Seldén, the Swedish manufacturer of rigs and sail handling equipment, is expanding their deck hardware range by introducing an assortment of Soft-Attachment blocks, Ratchet blocks and Cam-cleats.

Nacra15 World Championship at La Grande Motte - Preview
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Maxi Edmond de Rothschild set for her second Transat Jacques Vabre
The Maxi Edmond de Rothschild will take the start of her second Transat Jacques Vabre. A double-handed transatlantic, her skippers Franck Cammas and Charles Caudrelier are well versed in the race having already amassed five victories between them.

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The Ocean Cleanup proves viability of technology with System 002
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Marine Biosecurity: Plan B: Five alternatives to Antifoul
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Gold Medalist and Masters Champion takes the tiller of women's sailing
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18ft Skiffs: The Australian 18 Footers League Academy
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Canada completes ten boat line-up for SailGP Season 3
SailGP has announced that the line-up for Season 3 - starting May 2022 - will be further enhanced with the addition of Canada joining the global league for Season 3.

New York YC cops a media spray from America's Cup champions
The New York Yacht Club's decision to "pause its pursuit of the America's Cup" appears to have been taken autonomously, without reference to Stars+Stripes USA and was leaked to online media several hours before the team was made aware of the decision.

America's Cup: New York Yacht Club issues statement on Cup "pause"
The New York Yacht Club have issued a statement covering their decision not to continue in the 37th America's Cup, despite having issued a Challenge, a draft Protocol.

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Kites flying high
I'm not going to lie; I was disappointed when the International Olympic Committee raised concerns about the Mixed Offshore Doublehanded event at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

America's Cup: New York Yacht Club catches team with surprise 'pause' move
Just under four months after announcing that they had chosen another team for AC37 in place of American Magic, their team from the 36th America's Cup. Now the New York Yacht Club has "paused" their Cup involvement.

Kiwi kitefoilers now have two weeks in solitude after Worlds conclude
New Zealand's top kitefoilers will spend the next two weeks in isolation mapping out what 2022 looks like for them after a world championships of highs and lows.

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2021 Formula Kite World Championships in Torregrande, Sardinia - Overall
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America's Cup: Valencia back as a potential venue - but with a study
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World Match Racing Tour 2021 final postponed
Organisers of the World Match Racing Tour today announced the final event of the 2021 season, the Boa'an Match Cup/WMRT Final in Shenzhen, China will be postponed to March 2022 following a review of the current border and quarantine restrictions in China.

America's Cup: Tough decisions ahead for Burling and Tuke
Peter Burling and Blair Tuke announced their arrival back into New Zealand, this week, with a media release making it clear the duo had not re-signed with Emirates Team New Zealand.

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Sea Scouts get a fun head start in RS Feva class
Scouts Aotearoa is the latest organisation to identify the two-handed RS Feva as the path forward for youth sailors, especially youth in the Sea Scout Branch of the organisation. It now has boats in Nelson, Auckland and Dunedin, and soon in Gisborne

Sails of Change to set sail on the Jules Verne Trophy in a fossil fuel-free attempt
Dona Bertarelli and Yann Guichard are once more set to take on the Jules Verne Trophy, held since 2017 by Francis Joyon and his crew in a time of 40d 23h 30' 30".

PIC Coastal Classic flies cancellation flag for Labour Weekend
For the first time in its 39 year event history, the PIC Coastal Classic is cancelled. "Updated restrictions make it clear that events of any kind are not permitted at Level 3," says New Zealand Multihull. Yacht Club (NZMYC) Commodore Greer Houston.

Maritimo 2021 - Brand Models MPU   Rooster 2020 - Impact BA - MPU
A couple of RS Feva's get some great rides off Manly Beach - Video
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Doyle Sails Sailmaking Programme, your opportunity to join a world class team
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Waikawa's New Year regatta ready to welcome in 2022
Waikawa Boating Club's annual New Year Regatta is expected to draw the biggest fleet and sailor participation in the Marlborough calendar for the two-day regatta over the weekend of 8-9 January 2022.

Marine Biosecurity: Antifouling coatings - the line of first defence - Part 1
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