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Global Solo Challenge updates, TJV finishes, Ocean Globe Race news - USA Newsletter


Global Solo Challenge updates, Transat Jacques Vabre finishes, Ocean Globe Race news

Melges 2023 - Melges 15 LEADERBOARD

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Andrea Mura - Open 50' Vento di Sardegna - photo © Global Solo Challenge

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These must be heady days for singlehanded skipper Andrea Mura. The Italian sailor set out from A Coruña, Spain, on Saturday aboard his Open 50, with nothing but wide-open horizon in front of his bow. That, and the 13 other skippers who began the pursuit-style Global Solo Challenge ahead of him. As of this writing (Monday morning, U.S. West Coast time), Mura was roughly off the coast of southern Portugal, making six-plus knots of VMG.

"I was aiming for the Vendée Globe because I wanted to push myself beyond the competitions I had already won," said Mura of his circumnavigation attempt in an official race report. "Unfortunately, that project did not come to fruition. Now, the Global Solo Challenge offers me the opportunity to sail around the world with my 23-year-old boat."

Andrea Mura - Route du Rhum - October 2010 - photo © AFPA
Andrea Mura - Route du Rhum - October 2010 - photo © AFPA

North Sails Performance 2023 - MPU   Melges 2023 - Melges 15 MPU

While Mura might be just finding his sea legs, others have been at this game for months. Skipper Dafydd Hughes (UK) departed from A Coruña on August 26 aboard his 1971 S&S 34, and is currently skimming the northern barrier of the race's ice exclusion zone to the west and south of Perth, Australia.

Only Hughes and Philippe Delamare (FRA), sailing aboard his Actual 36, have made it past the Cape of Good Hope, but, given the pursuit-style nature of this race, both race leaders know that they are being stalked from astern by faster competitors.

Dafydd Hughes Bendigedig - Global Solo Challenge - photo © Global Solo Challenge
Dafydd Hughes Bendigedig - Global Solo Challenge - photo © Global Solo Challenge

The exact opposite is true for sailors who are still competing in the Transat Jacques Varbre, which takes doublehanded crews from Le Harve, France, to Martinique. Here, the hares (read: Ultim trimarans) started first, and were pursued (once storm Ciaran sufficiently passed and the race organizers allowed the rest of the fleet to begin racing) by the IMOCA 60s, Ocean Fifty trimarans, and Class 40s.

After 14 days, 10 hours, 14 minutes, and 50 seconds, skippers Armel Le'Cleach and Sebastian Josse, sailing aboard the Ultim Maxi Banque Populaire XI, took top honors. They were followed by skippers Francois Gabart and Tom Laperche, sailing aboard SVR Lazartigue, and Charles Caudrelier and Erwan Isreal, sailing aboard Maxi Edmond de Rothschild.

Maxi Banque Populaire XI - Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe - photo © Vincent Curutchet
Maxi Banque Populaire XI - Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe - photo © Vincent Curutchet

Marskeel 2019 600x500   Cyclops Marine 2023 November - MPU

In the Ocean Fifty class, skippers Thibaut Vauchel-Camus and Quentin Vlamynck, sailing aboard Solidaires en Peloton, took the bullet. They were followed across the finishing line by Fabrice Cahierc and Aymeric Chappellier, sailing aboard Realities, and Pierre Quiroga and Ronan Treussart, sailing aboard Viabilis Oceans.

Ocean Fifty Solidaires en Peloton takes the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre in Le Havre, France, on October 29 - photo © Jean-Louis Carli / Alea
Ocean Fifty Solidaires en Peloton takes the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre in Le Havre, France, on October 29 - photo © Jean-Louis Carli / Alea

History was made in the IMOCA class as skippers Thomas Ruyant and Morgan Lagraviere, sailing aboard For People, took top honors. For Ruyant, this win was his third consecutive transatlantic win (two were doublehanded victories, one was singlehanded), which is a new record.

But, rather than bask in post-racing glory, Ruyant was already focusing on his next goal, which is the singlehanded Vendée Globe Race.

For People - Thomas Ruyant and Morgan Lagravière - photo © Pierre Bouras / TRRacing
For People - Thomas Ruyant and Morgan Lagravière - photo © Pierre Bouras / TRRacing

Colligo Marine 2023 600x500 MPU   Allen 2022 - PSH Cam Cleat MPU

"We work to win," Ryant said in a TJV communication. "I know I've won the last three transatlantic races, but the Vendée Globe isn't a transatlantic race and there are other competitors. That's the goal and the whole group is working towards it. In the back of our minds, we're making our boat more reliable for the Vendée Globe. You can't write the history of the Vendée Globe in advance, but that's our goal."

Ruyant and Lagraviere were followed across the finishing line by Yoann Richomme and Yann Elies, sailing aboard Paprec Arkea, and by Sam Goodchild and Antoine Koch, sailing aboard For The Planet.

Groupe SNEF during the CIC Normandy Channel Race - photo © Jean-Marie LIOT Images #CICNCR2023
Groupe SNEF during the CIC Normandy Channel Race - photo © Jean-Marie LIOT Images #CICNCR2023

The leaderboard is still being contested amongst the Class 40s. As of this writing, Xavier Macaire and Pierre Leboucher, sailing aboard Groupe Snef, were in the pole position, with ballpark 500 nautical miles to go. They were being chased, some 60 nautical miles astern, by Ian Lipinksi and Antoine Carpentier, sailing aboard Credit Mutuel, and Ambrogio Beccaria and Nicolas Andrieu, sailing aboard Alla Grande Pirelli

Marie Tabarly has entered the legendary 1973 ketch Pen Duick VI - built for Eric Tabarly's 1973 Whitbread Round the World Race entry - photo © Rick Tomlinson
Marie Tabarly has entered the legendary 1973 ketch Pen Duick VI - built for Eric Tabarly's 1973 Whitbread Round the World Race entry - photo © Rick Tomlinson

Barz Optics 2023 SW 1   Barton Marine 2019 600x500

Meanwhile, in the fully crewed and retro-style Ocean Globe Race 2023, race leaders have now cleared the halfway point between Cape Town, South Africa, and Auckland, New Zealand. As of this writing, skipper Marie Tabarly and her Pen Duick VI team were leading the charge, followed by co-skippers Marco Trombetti and Vittorio Malingri and their Translated 9 crew, and by skipper Heather Thomas's Maiden.

According to reports, crews are enjoying long-period Southern Ocean waves that are ideal for surfing.

White Shadow, a S&S designed Swan 57 is the smallest of the Sayula fleet - photo © Golden Globe Race
White Shadow, a S&S designed Swan 57 is the smallest of the Sayula fleet - photo © Golden Globe Race

"This place is just amazing," said Jean-Christophe Petit, who is the skipper of the Swan 57 White Shadow, in an official race report. "None of us can refrain from saying it day and night. Everyone is having such pleasure navigating here. You almost have a feeling of exclusivity because you know it takes a lot of effort to get here, not only to participate in the Ocean Globe Race but you have to cross a lot of oceans to get here. It's a long trip, but really, really perfect."

While we're not there, we suspect that sentiments are different aboard skipper Taylor Grieger's Godspeed/Skeleton Crew. Word recently broke that the team has dropped out of the race after equipment damage and complications that further hampered their efforts.

Why we'll miss Godspeed, never a dull moment - photo © OGR2023 / Godspeed / Emma Walker
Why we'll miss Godspeed, never a dull moment - photo © OGR2023 / Godspeed / Emma Walker

Also, the crews of All Spice Yachting and Explorer have been dealing with unexpected headaches, but as of this writing, Explorer's bow was once again moving eastwards.

Sail-World wishes all Global Solo Challenge, TJV, and Ocean Globe Race competitors safe and speedy passage on their respective racecourses.

May the four winds blow you safely home,

David Schmidt North American Editor

MPU July August September   Henri-Lloyd 2023 Freo Jacket - SW MPU

Exclusive Offer on Freo Offshore Set from Henri-Lloyd
Engineered through 60 years of experience, the Freo Offshore Jacket and Hi Fit is 100% waterproof, windproof and breathable, and has been built for offshore and coastal sailing.

An interview with Spencer May on the 2023 Jamin J/22 International Regatta
Sail-World checked in with Spencer May, regatta chair and commodore of the hosting Montego Bay Yacht Club, to learn more about this now-classic warm-water J/22 regatta.

Class 40s' light winds conundrum, IMOCA's streaming in at Transat Jacques Vabre finish
While the IMOCAs will now continue to arrive in Martinique for the foreseeable future to complete their Transat Jacques Vabre race from Le Havre to Martinique it is the match at the top of Class 40 which is becoming more and more engaging.

J Composites 2022 - J45 v4 MPU   Race Yachts 2023 v4
New Allen products at METSTRADE 2023
We spoke to Ben Harden of Allen at METSTRADE 2023 to find out about the new products they have brought out.

Sunday's seven close finishes in IMOCAs led home by triumphant Thomas Ruyant and Morgan Lagravière
Bustling Fort de France, the capital of Martinique, has welcomed a stream of Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre IMOCA racers, round the clock over a hectic weekend, starting with a truly exceptional win for defending IMOCA champions.

The new teams arrive for the SSL Gold Cup 1/8 Finals
The SSL Gold Cup Event Village in Gran Canaria was buzzing on Monday evening as the new teams arrived for the 1/8 Finals. It was a sea of colours as all the teams from the last round mingled with the new contenders, all clad in their bright national kits.

Rooster 2023 - MPU   RS Sailing 2021 - MPU
World Sailing Council supports next steps in Governance Reform and approves Olympic Vision document
World Sailing Council met on the final day of the 2023 World Sailing Annual Conference in Málaga to receive a series of reports from each of the committees and address members regarding the direction of the sport and its priorities in the coming year.

Andrea Mura sets sail for the Global Solo Challenge
On a gray autumn afternoon in the bay of A Coruña, with light southwesterly winds, Andrea Mura departed on November 18th at 14:00 local time (13:00 UTC) for his Global Solo Challenge, joining the fleet of thirteen competitors already at sea.

Cup Spy Nov 20: Emirates Team New Zealand play thunderstorm roulette
Emirates Team New Zealand struggled to wring out a good testing day as Auckland flicked between no wind and breeze in the mid-teens, interspersed with isolated showers and the threat of thunderstorms - cut their foil testing session short.

Vaikobi 2023 Gloves - MPU   Selden 2023 CXe
Recap from the SSL Gold Cup 1/16 Finals in Gran Canaria
With ten teams qualifying from the 1/32 Finals and six new teams joining the competition, the 1/16 Finals were always going to be exciting and intense. Little did we know just how much drama would unfold over the four days!

It's not just about the racing
Had occasion to be invited to attend a luncheon. It was with a crew that do not even race together anymore, and the boat has been sold many a year ago, as well.

Saving the best for last in the Gran Canaria SSL Gold Cup 1/16 Finals
What a scintillating Sunday we had lined up to conclude the SSL Gold Cup 1/16 Finals. With double points on offer everything was to play for, and Fleet 1 was set to be a thriller with three teams tied on points.

Upffront 2020 Foredeck Club SW MPU   Zhik 2023 Black Friday MPU
Ruyant wins again on the transatlantic course but his focus remains the Vendée Globe
In France they call him "The King of the Transat" and with good reason because, with his dominant victory in the Transat Jacques Vabre-Normandie le Havre today, Thomas Ruyant has achieved what no one else has before him.

A cold season must have from Henri-Lloyd
An insulated take on the Mav Lite Jacket, the Maverick WP Jacket combined technical performance with lightweight insulation for cold season protection.

Thomas Ruyant and Morgan Lagravière (For People) take first place in the TJV in the IMOCA category
When they broke the finish line of the 30th anniversary edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre off Fort-de-France, Martinique in the inky darkness of this Sunday morning, Thomas Ruyant and Morgan Lagravière won the IMOCA race.

Armstrong-FG-4 300x250   C-Tech 2021 SnuffAir 300x250
18ft Skiff 2023-24 Spring Championship on Sydney Harbour - Overall
The Oak Double Bay-4 Pines team of Jacob Marks, Alex Marinelli and Marc Chapon became the 2023-24 Australian 18 Footer League's Spring champions following a sensational final race of the six-race Spring Championship series

Cup Spy Nov 17-18: Basic AC75 testing continues for two teams in Barcelona
Alinghi Red Bull Racing and American Magic continued their AC75 development programs - with the US team focussed on newly installed cockpit control systems. Alinghi Red Bull Racing have changed their mainsheet system. Luna Rossa tests two wingfoils.

Next stop Australia: Clipper Race teams embark on huge race across the Roaring Forties
The Clipper 2023-24 Race has passed its quarter-way mark as teams embarked today (18 November) on the 4,750nm Roaring Forties stage of the race from Cape Town, South Africa to Fremantle, Western Australia on Race 4: Marlow Roaring Forties Challenge.

Doyle Sails 2020 - Pure Brilliance 300x250   Festival of Sails 2024 MPU
Register early for Charleston Race Week 2024
Online registration for Charleston Race Week 2024 is officially open! Register early and scoop up those early entry discounts now.

€213 million Golden Globe Race 2022 media value
The third edition of the Golden Globe Race (GGR), a solo non stop retro adventure in small full keel yachts, saw 17 sailors set out from Les Sables d'Olonne on September 4th 2022.

One out, two down, 11 racing the McIntyre Ocean Globe
There are winners and losers in every game - and never more so in the Ocean Globe Race. The 11 yachts that slipped lines in Cape Town on November 5th and who are now surfing down the 5-metre waves towards Auckland are living the Southern Ocean dream.

Hyde Sails 2022 One Design MPU   KZRaceFurlers
RS21 Italian Class to present Sustainability Masterclass with World Sailing
The RS21 Italian Class will present a sustainability masterclass on 29th November 2023 as part of the World Sailing Sustainability Sessions.

Eight Bells: Clagett Sailing President and Co-Founder Judy Clagett McLennan
The board of directors of Clagett Sailing announces the passing of Juliette Clagett McLennan (January 7, 1946 - November 15, 2023), the nonprofit organizations co-founder and president.

The recent Transat Jacques Vabre offers many lessons, the perfect warm up
The five ULTIMs which raced the Transat Jacques Vabre - Normandie Le Havre have all now docked safely in Fort-de-France and the double handed race from Le Havre to Martinique proved fascinating and insightful.

Lloyd Stevenson - SYA3 300x250px   Mackay 250
Zhik celebrate Kirsten Neuschäufer's hard won successes for women's sailing
The Zhik team are sending huge congratulations to Kirsten Neuschäufer who has been voted female 2023 Rolex Sailor of the Year, after becoming the first woman to win the solo Golden Globe Race (GGR) trophy.

Cup Spy Nov 17: Emirates Team New Zealand trains in top end conditions
On Friday, Emirates Team New Zealand sailed in difficult conditions of 20-25ktNW winds, rain squalls, and a wind against tide seastate in the Rangitoto Channel. The day was similar or worse than Day 3 of the Prada Cup, when American Magic capsized.

Cup Spy Nov 16: Luna Rosa hits top speeds. Patriot gets a first sailing workout in Barcelona
Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli turned in some remarkable speeds in their LEQ12 off Cagliari - hitting AC75 performance numbers upwind and downwind. American Magic had their third attempt at sailing - and made good progress.

PredictWind - Routing 300x250   SOUTHERNSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250-melges
Inside Melges - November 2023 Newsletter
In the world of small sailboat design and construction, the Melges 15 stands alone for its complete dedication to durability and longevity. Every aspect of this sailboat's design and build process has been meticulously honed.

Slovenian photographer Samo Vidic, winner of the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award 2023
A sports photographer for over twenty years, Samo Vidic has developed a passion for sailing while capturing images of the Extreme Sailing Series and the GC32 class. He wins the contest ahead of Samuel Cade (FRA) and Christian Bonin (CAN).

Rooster x Ocean Co Partnership to reduce ocean-bound plastic
Rooster® are proud to launch their collaboration with Ocean Co., through sales within their Aquafleece® product range. For every purchase of Aquafleece® products, customers will be saving up to 2kg of plastic from entering the Ocean.

T Clewring One Design 250   Coast Guard Foundation 2023 MPU
2023 44Cup Finale Preview: Ceeref on a charge, Charisma on defence
The fifth and final event of the 2023 44Cup takes place for the high performance, owner-driver one designs in the familiar waters off Lanzarote's Puerto Calero next week.

Cup Spy Nov 15: Emirates Team New Zealand in a world of their own
Emirates Team New Zealand were the only team to sail on Wednesday, in either Hemisphere.

Zhik Seaboot 700 wins 2023 METS DAME Design Award personal equipment category
Zhik are delighted to announce that its new Seaboot 700, on show on the Plastimo stand 05.24 at METS, has won the DAME Design Award Personal Equipment category. The awards are judged under a rigorous process by a mixed panels of experts.

The greatest event that almost never was
It's been a very hard week for personal reasons, but I am very glad I made it to Gran Canaria to cover the SSL Gold Cup.

Neuschäfer and Slingsby crowned at World Sailing Awards in Malaga
Sailing's highest achievers were honoured at a glittering World Sailing Awards ceremony in Málaga. The 2023 Rolex World Sailor of the Year awards were presented to Tom Slingsby and Kirsten Neuschäfer. The AC40 won Boat of the Year.

A closer look at the Vaikobi Beach Coat
Years of research and testing has manifested as the lightest, coziest and most stylish range of beach coats around.

Zhik 2023 Black Friday FOOTER

RS Sailing 2021 - FOOTER

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