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Global Solo Challenge begins, looking ahead at Ocean Globe Race - USA newsletter


The Global Solo Challenge begins, looking ahead at the Ocean Globe Race

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Leaderboard FD July August September 2023

Dafydd Hughes & Bendigedig - photo © Global Solo Challenge

Dear Recipient Name

As the summer of 2023 grinds its way into dog-days territory, and as wildfire smoke lingers and churns in the Pacific Northwest, I find myself day dreaming about two things: long forest-soaking rains and sailing adventures. Fortunately, and with a pinch of luck, September's arrival will bring the former to a region that hasn't seen significant precipitation (say, more than an inch in a month) since April. Better still, this weekend's start of the Global Solo Challenge ensures that long-distance, offshore sailing adventures, at least of the armchair-viewing variety, are back on the menu for the first time since The Ocean Race concluded in July.

If you're just tuning in to the inaugural Global Solo Challenge, the event sounds like a super-cool singlehanded adventure around the planet. Sailors can race any vessel they like, so long as it measures at least 32', LOA. This includes offshore weapons like Class 40s, Open 50s and IMOCAs, however event organizers have requested that entrants do not build a bespoke vessel for this event, but rather reuse an older boat in order to keep both costs and carbon signatures low.

The race started, and will end, on the waters off of A Coruña, Spain, and it will follow an east-about circumnavigation routing, with all skippers leaving the three great capes to port and the various ice-exclusion zones to starboard.

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Global Solo Challenge route - photo © Global Solo Challenge
Global Solo Challenge route - photo © Global Solo Challenge

The event is employing a rolling, pursuit-style start, where the tortoises start first before the hares are allowed to give chase. To that end, the first starters crossed the line on August 26, 2023, while the last starters won't be released onto the racecourse until January 6, 2024. This eliminates any need for post-sailing corrected times (read: first boat across the finishing line wins), and it should hopefully also ensure exciting finishing-line celebrations.

And hopefully, for us armchair observers, it should also make for some darn good internet spectating.

As of this writing, 19 skippers have registered for the Global Solo Challenge. This includes one "Anonymous" entrant, as well as five North American sailors, including Curt Morlock, Ronnie Simpson, David Linger, and Peter Bourke, who all hail from the USA, and William MacBrien, who calls Toronto, Canada home.

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Ronnie Simpson - USA - photo © Global Solo Challenge
Ronnie Simpson - USA - photo © Global Solo Challenge

While all of these sailors have cleared some miles (with the possible exception of Curt Morlock, who hails from the sailing mecca of New Castle, Colorado, and who chose not to disclose his offshore experience on the event's website... even though he plans to sail a powerful Open 60, training wheels not included), Ronnie Simpson is sitting on 130,000-plus offshore miles. This includes 19 crossings between the mainland USA and his home state of Hawaii; a Sydney-Hobart Race, and two solo Hawaii races, and he has built a heck of a reputation in serious offshore sailing circles. He will be sailing aboard a 1994 Open 50, and he is already ladling-on the miles.

Ronnie Simpson - Global Solo Challenge - photo © Ronnie Simpson
Ronnie Simpson - Global Solo Challenge - photo © Ronnie Simpson

While I'm not the wagering type, and while there are some darned good sailors in the Global Solo Challenge's mix, I certainly wouldn't bet against Simpson, who will start racing on October 28 at 1300 hours, UTC.

In fact, I plan to cheer him on.

Of course, I also plan to root for the other 18 participants (although it's tough to get excited about "Anonymous").

In fact, I've already started cheering for Dafydd Hughes, of Talybont, West Wales, United Kingdom, who started racing on Saturday, August 26, aboard Bendigedig, his 1971 Sparkman & Stephen 34.

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Dafydd Hughes & Bendigedig - photo © Global Solo Challenge
Dafydd Hughes & Bendigedig - photo © Global Solo Challenge

As of this writing (Monday morning, Pacific Northwest time), Hughes had sailed roughly 125 nautical miles on an otherwise empty racetrack.

"It's an honor to inaugurate such an extraordinary event, and it's fantastic to know that everyone will have to follow me," Hughes said in an official event release. "People often tell me, 'I wish I had your courage and passion.' My answer is that if I can do it, anyone can. I'm not special; I'm just an ordinary person trying to do something extraordinary. My journey serves to remind everyone that everything is possible if you're willing to take the first step."

Skipper Ivan Dimov, who hails from Barberino-Tavernelle, Italy, was also supposed to start racing on August 26 but requested more time. He must start racing by January 10, at 0448 hours, UTC, or face disqualification; even then, he will be facing (metaphoric, but also possibly physical) headwinds, given the race's pursuit-style format.

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Pavlin Nadvorni - Global Solo Challenge - photo © Pavlin Nadvorni
Pavlin Nadvorni - Global Solo Challenge - photo © Pavlin Nadvorni

Unless Dimov starts racing by September 16, Édouard De Keyser, of Brussels, Belgium, will be the next skipper to set to sea. According to the event's website, De Keyser has 50,000-plus miles to his credit and will be racing aboard his Solaire 34.

Sail-World wishes all of these bold sailors safe and speedy journeys. As the dog days eventually run astray and as the rains eventually find the Pacific Northwest, I expect to be spending increasing amounts of time living vicariously through (errr, I of course mean "professionally tracking") this event.

Also, it should be noted that the Ocean Globe Race begins on 10 September on the waters off of Southampton, UK. The Ocean Globe Race will take fully crewed teams, racing aboard retro boats sans modern equipment, sails, or electronics, on an around-the-world course that negotiates the three great Capes and enjoys stopovers in Cape Town, South Africa, Auckland, New Zealand, and Punta del Este, Uruguay.

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Whitbread Race legend Sayula II, winner of the 1973 edition sailing alongside Translated9 former ADC Accutrac of the 1977 edition and entrant in the 2023 Ocean Globe race - photo © Carlo Borlenghi
Whitbread Race legend Sayula II, winner of the 1973 edition sailing alongside Translated9 former ADC Accutrac of the 1977 edition and entrant in the 2023 Ocean Globe race - photo © Carlo Borlenghi

If it's sounding like a rainy fall and winter in the Pacific Northwest will be buoyed by some great offshore racing, you're talking my language. Wildfire smoke and all.

Finally, a reading-list suggestion. I just finished The Wager by David Grann, and it's excellent. Without giving away anything that's not on the book's back cover, if you enjoy reading stories of sailing in the days of yore, of Patagonian shipwrecks, of the British Royal Navy, and of high-seas leadership under some of the harshest conditions (mentally and physically) imaginable, add The Wager to your list.

May the four winds blow you safely home,

David Schmidt North American Editor

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Cowes prepares to welcome International Six Metre World Championship
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Norway upgraded to International WASZP Games in 2024
The WASZP European Games were already slated for Norway in August 2024, however, due to the success of last month's EuroCup and the desire of the WASZP community, the event has now been upgraded to an International Games status.

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Brisk start to La Solitaire du Figaro first leg
Ouistreham beach, off Caen on France's Normandy coast, this afternoon gave the 32 solo skippers starting first stage of the 54th La Solitaire du Figaro Paprec a purposeful but relatively straight forward send off on a 610 nautical miles leg.

8 Metre World Championship at Yacht Club Italiano - Opening Ceremony
With the opening ceremony at the headquarters of the Yacht Club Italiano in Genoa, the World Championship of the 8 Metre Class officially started today at 18:00. This championship will see 20 yachts from 9 nations racing.

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Oceana Vivo wins Act 4 of the ITAS 69F Youth Foiling Gold Cup and secures a ticket to Grand Final
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Spain's Kiko Roig staged a big upset at the Defender GKA Kite-Surf World Cup Sylt, in Germany, when he landed his first career win in tricky conditions on the North Sea.

Dafydd Hughes sets sail raising the curtain on the Global Solo Challenge
Today 26th August 2023, at 15:00 local time (13:00 UTC), the Welsh skipper Dafydd Hughes, aboard his S&S 34 Bendigedig, crossed the starting line, embarking on his solo, non-stop journey around the world.

First Transatlantic Record in a Mini 6.50 by Jay Thompson
At 04h 26m 09s UTC (nearly 5:30 local time in England, 6:30 in France and 12:30pm in NY) on August 21st, Jay crossed the finished line of the West to East Transatlantic Record in a Mini 6.50 in 17 days 9 hours 57 minutes 43 seconds.

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Rolex TP52 World Championship Barcelona - Overall
Harm Müller Spreer's German flagged Platoon team clinched the 2023 Rolex TP52 World Championship title with a thrilling comeback in the final minutes of the final race off Barcelona.

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Phyllis Kleinman Swiftsure Regatta at St. Francis Yacht Club
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Team Baam crowned US Women's Match Racing Champions
The 2023 US Women's Match Racing Championship attracted sailors from across the country to Annapolis Yacht Club, where they battled in a fleet of one-design J/22 class sailboats for the Allegra Knapp Mertz Trophy.

Rolex Middle Sea Race: Another good-looking fleet assembling
With the news that last year's monohull and multihull line honours winners have entered, entries at the 44th Rolex Middle Sea Race have shifted gears again.

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Light wind weapon Black Jack scores Palermo-Montecarlo line honours
Given the light, patchy forecast, the Palermo-Montecarlo, which set sail on Tuesday 22 August, yet again proved itself to be highly tactical demanding patience and utmost concentration from competitors.

Join the 2023 America's Cup Hall of Fame induction event
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17th Annual CRAB Cup for Accessible Boating reports record attendance
Over 650 sailors and supporters of Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB) celebrated a successful pursuit race with 88 sailboats registered and seven powerboats in the poker pursuit on Saturday, August 19, 2023.

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Women on Water: Empowering women in sailing
Dawn recently had the honor of coaching the 20th Women on Water (WOW) Match racing clinic in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

A Class Catamaran World Championships at Toulon Yacht Club - Preview
In just over two weeks' time, the warm, azure waters of Toulon Bay will be filled with the spectacle of more than 120 of the World's fastest single-handed cats. The A-Class Catamaran 2023 Worlds are starting on the 9th September.

Magic fast sailing at Hamilton Island Race Week on penultimate day
Hamilton Island Race Week's 60-foot multihull behemoth Rex came close to their top speed on the penultimate day, hitting 37.8 knots of boat speed in the fresh south-easterlies.

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Cup Spy August 24: Cup teams train, as TP52 Worlds fleet races in Sailing Heaven
Four Cup teams sailed, sharing the waters off Barcelona with the TP52 World Championships, which got under way after losing two days of racing. A total of six AC40s and one AC75, jostled alongside the 10 strong TP52 fleet which sailed three races.

Respect and aspiration power new entries into Rolex NYYC Invitational Cup
The enduring allure of the Rolex New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup is most evident in the teams and sailors from around the globe that return to this seaside city every two years to compete in sailing's premiere Corinthian big-boat regatta.

Hydrogen race boat of the future enters final build phase
The structural assembly of the deck and hull of the 60-foot foiling OceansLab IMOCA, a third evolution Manuard design, has now completed at Pauger Carbon Composites boatyard.

Sports stars join Hamilton Island Race Week 2023
Sporting superstars came together at Hamilton Island Race Week today with the Matilda's Kyah Simon taking time out following the FIFA Women's World Cup to learn the fundamentals of a very different sport, from sailing's best.

Cup Spy August 23: Wind arrives late in the day; Italians blast away
Three Cup Challengers wanted to sail on Wednesday, but the breeze was a near no-show for the third successive day, eventually the Barcelona based teams did get foil-borne. Luna Rossa, based in Cagliari, enjoyed a good four hour session in 10-13kt winds.

Safety & Performance: 'Happy Together' Onboard New KC5403
Last month, Kinetic Catamarans announced the successful launch of their latest KC54 'Happy Together'. 'Happy Together' has been built for Randy and Lennie Smith, known online for sharing their boating adventures on their YouTube channel.

Final call for entries in the 2023 Rolex Big Boat Series
Rolex Big Boat Series, the premier racing event on San Francisco Bay since 1964, is once again set to deliver a legendary experience for sailors.

Cup Spy August 22: 172 years on from the first race for £100 Cup
Three teams were on the water on Tuesday. For the second successive day, the breeze was a no-show in Barcelona. In Cagliari, Luna Rossa got in a solid four hour session. Orient Express Racing Team (FRA) sailed their AC40-OD in Barcelona.

A flying start for Orient Express Racing Team's all-new AC40 in Barcelona
The Orient Express Racing Team's newly arrived AC40 one-design foiling monohull has taken to the water — and the air — in her first test sail off the America's Cup venue in Barcelona.

2023 Melges 24 U.S. Nationals promises epic event celebrating 30 years of Melges 24 racing
As the Melges 24 continues celebrating its 30th anniversary, the U.S. Class anticipates this will be one of the most memorable regattas in its history.

Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 2023 - Preview
One of the most important events on the international yachting calendar, the annual Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup is synonymous with excellence.

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