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Celebrating offshore accomplishments - USA Newsletter


Offshore accomplishments in the Global Solo Challenge and the Arkéa Ultim Challenge

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Philippe Delamare - Mowgli - photo © Global Solo Challenge

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Back in January, I wrote about 2024 having an embarrassment of riches, and the first of these dividends have arrived, courtesy of the Global Solo Challenge and the Arkéa Ultim Challenge.

In the former, skipper Phillipe Delamare (FRA), sailing alone aboard Mowgli, his Actual 46, crossed the finishing line off of A Coruña, Spain, on Saturday at 1503 hours, local time. In the latter, skipper Charles Caudrelier (FRA), sailing alone aboard Ultim Maxi Edmond de Rothschild finished today, Tuesday, at 0803 hours, local time.

Both of these offshore feats are wildly impressive.

For Delamare, his non-stop circumnavigation took 147 days, 1 hour, 3 minutes, and 37 seconds. To help frame this, Delamare began racing on September 30 at 1300 hours, local time. (N.B. the Global Solo Challenge employs a rolling start and a pursuit-style format, with the tortoises starting before the hares.)

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Philippe Delamare - Mowgli - photo © Philippe Delamare
Philippe Delamare - Mowgli - photo © Philippe Delamare

If the still-raging conflict in the Middle East seems like a never-ending news cycle, Delamare began racing a full week before violence erupted on October 7.

According to reports, Delamare arrived at the finishing line with a battered Mowgli, her boom broken and her halyards a mess. But the talented French skipper coaxed his battle-exhausted steed across the finishing line before lighting off two celebratory red flares.

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Actual 46 Mowgli - Global Solo Challenge - photo © Global Solo Challenge
Actual 46 Mowgli - Global Solo Challenge - photo © Global Solo Challenge

A glance at the Global Solo Challenge leaderboard reveals that Cole Brauer (USA) should be the next boat home. Brauer, who is sailing alone aboard her Class 40 First Light, began racing on October 29, and while hers is the faster sled, this month-long lead time allowed Delamare to hook into different weather systems to create and nurture an insurmountable lead.

As of this writing, Brauer and First Light have about 1,720 nautical miles separating the skipper from her first stationary horizon in months. But, at 8.1 knots (her current speed), this equates to almost nine more days of sailing.

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Cole Brauer - First Light - photo © Cole Brauer Ocean Racing
Cole Brauer - First Light - photo © Cole Brauer Ocean Racing

In comparison, Caudrelier's circumnavigation aboard Maxi Edmond de Rothschild proved to be a much faster affair. All six of the competing Ultims began this non-stop-around-the-world challenge on January 7, but, within a few short weeks, Caudrelier was entire oceans ahead of some of his competitors.

To be fair, Maxi Edmond de Rothschild employs hydrofoils, while some of the "slower" boats (if a 105' trimaran can be called "slow") only operate in displacement mode. However, there's no question that Caudrelier has thrown down a master class in ocean racing.

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Charles Caudrelier, Maxi Edmond de Rothschild during the Arkéa Ultim Challenge - photo © Yann Riou - polaRYSE / Gitana S.A.
Charles Caudrelier, Maxi Edmond de Rothschild during the Arkéa Ultim Challenge - photo © Yann Riou - polaRYSE / Gitana S.A.

This included a forced slowdown in the vicinity of Point Nemo to allow a nasty weather system to move past Cape Horn, as well as a multi-day stop in the Azores to allow a different weather system to blow through.

According to reports, Caudrelier has been nursing some damage to his steed since the race's early days, but the bold French sailor has managed to hold man and machine together and has made history for one of the fastest-ever recorded solo circumnavigations.

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Charles Caudrelier on Maxi Edmond de Rothchild passes CApe Horn during the Arkéa Ultim Challenge - Brest - photo © Charles Caudrelier / Gitana SA
Charles Caudrelier on Maxi Edmond de Rothchild passes CApe Horn during the Arkéa Ultim Challenge - Brest - photo © Charles Caudrelier / Gitana SA

(N.B. the current record, set by François Gabart aboard the Ultim trimaran Macif in 2017, is a mere 42 days, 16 hours, 40 minutes, and 35 seconds, however this was set during a stand-alone around-the-world record attempt, not a race. This latter point matters, as it allowed Gabart to pick his departure weather, a luxury not afforded to the six skippers competing in the Arkéa Ultim Challenge.)

No doubt there will be a massive and well-earned celebration for Caudrelier, who marked his 50th birthday this past Sunday, which happened to also coincide with his 50th day at sea on this grueling race.

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Thomas Coville aboard Sodebo Ultim 3 during the Arkéa Ultim Challenge - Brest - photo © Vincent Curutchet/Team Sodebo
Thomas Coville aboard Sodebo Ultim 3 during the Arkéa Ultim Challenge - Brest - photo © Vincent Curutchet/Team Sodebo

According to the race's leaderboard, skipper Thomas Coville, sailing aboard Sodebo Ultim 3, is some 1,450 nautical miles astern of Caudrelier, while skipper Armel Le Cleach, who is sailing aboard Maxi Banque Populaire XI, is around 640 nautical miles astern of Coville.

Meanwhile, in other sailing news, last weekend marked SailGP's Sydney event, which was the foiling circuit's eighth event (out of a 13-event season) of its fourth season.

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Australia SailGP Team celebrate their victory with the national flag as Martin Sheppard, National Chairman of KPMG Australia presents them with the winners trophy after the final race of the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix in Sydney, Australia - photo © Ricardo Pinto for SailGP
Australia SailGP Team celebrate their victory with the national flag as Martin Sheppard, National Chairman of KPMG Australia presents them with the winners trophy after the final race of the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix in Sydney, Australia - photo © Ricardo Pinto for SailGP

Fittingly, skipper Tom Slingsby and his Australia SailGP Team took top honors, marking the team's first win of the season. They were joined on the winner's podium by ROCKWOOL Denmark and the New Zealand SailGP Team, the latter of whom was guest-helmed by Nathan Outteridge, as Peter Burling, the team's usual driver, was away on paternity leave.

The American-flagged team, which is now under the new leadership of Ryan and Margaret McKillen and Mike Buckley, and which is now helmed by Taylor Canfield, finished the event in ninth place out of ten boats.

"There is plenty more to come out of this team," said Canfield in an official team communication. "I am looking forward to growing and developing personally and together as a team. We all believe there is more to come and are focused on doing the work to make it happen."

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The USA SailGP Team F50 catamaran is towed past Sydney Opera House during a practice session ahead of the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix in Sydney, Australia - photo © Ricardo Pinto for SailGP
The USA SailGP Team F50 catamaran is towed past Sydney Opera House during a practice session ahead of the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix in Sydney, Australia - photo © Ricardo Pinto for SailGP

As of this writing, Australia is topping SailGP's Season 4's leaderboard, followed by the Kiwis, and the Danes. The U.S. team is currently sitting in seventh place overall, while the Canadian-flagged team is one place astern of their south-of-the-border counterparts.

Finally, in Olympic sailing news, Erika Reineke and Ford McCann won their respective classes at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials, which recently wrapped up in Miami, and will be representing the USA in the Laser Radial (ILCA 6) and Laser (ILCA 7) classes at this summer's Olympic Games. (Remember 2024's embarrassment of riches?).

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U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Sailing (ILCA 6 and ILCA 7) - photo © US Sailing Team
U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Sailing (ILCA 6 and ILCA 7) - photo © US Sailing Team

"It's been a 15-year journey trying to make the Olympics," Reineke said in an official team communication. "I'm 30 now and I started pursuing this path when I was 15 - it's been a long road. I've been tested every Games cycle, and to finally succeed feels amazing. There's a lot of work to be done for Paris and I'm honored to represent the USA on the Olympic stage."

While there's no question that a heck of a lot of hard work needs to happen before these sailors head to Paris (N.B. the USA hasn't won an Olympic medal in the Laser class since 2008), there's also no question that they beat out some talented rivals at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials. Sail-World wishes both athletes good luck as they progress towards their Olympic dreams.

May the four winds blow you safely home,

David Schmidt North American Editor

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Charlotte Borghesi, the first woman to win the SB20 World Championship
Team Kidzink of Charlotte, Pippa, Artem and Gonçalo marked not only the first UAE victory in the competition, but also a historic moment as Charlotte Borghesi became the first female helmswoman to claim the championship with a 50% female team.

World Sailing publishes Olympic Vision to steer the sport through to Brisbane 2032
World Sailing has published its Olympic Vision strategy which is aimed at strengthening the sport's contribution to the Olympic Movement.

Charles Caudrelier and the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild take the crown in Arkea Ultim Challenge - Brest
At the helm of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild, the skipper of Gitana Team wins this race of pioneers, completing his first solo circumnavigation of the globe in 50 days 19 hours 7 minutes, 42 seconds at an average speed of 23.74 knots.

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Cup Spy Feb 27: Kiwis return to an unfamiliar Hauraki Gulf
Today was Day 67 on the Hauraki Gulf for Emirates Team New Zealand sailing their AC40 hull set up as a LEQ12 test boat. The team appear to have fitted new sensors and maybe cameras onto the foils. Of course, they needed some adjustment.

French skipper Charles Caudrelier wins the first Arkéa Ultim Challenge - Brest solo multihull race
French solo racer Charles Caudrelier, skipper of the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild crossed the finish line off the coast of Brest, this Tuesday morning at 8h 37mn 42s local time (UTC+1hrs) to win the ARKEA ULTIM CHALLENGE-Brest.

Cup Spy Feb 26: Swiss get roughed up by the Barcelona seastate
The Swiss challenger Alinghi Red Bull Racing was the only one of the six teams to be accompanied, on Monday (CET), by the AC37 Joint Recon program

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Back with a vengeance
Categorically been on this bandwagon from the beginning. Flag bearing, card-carrying, full-blown trumpeter. Mixed two-handed offshore. You might argue it had a wee false start, but it just was a bridge too far at the time

2024 Melges 15 Winter Series Event 2 winner decided in final race
The Melges 15 Class concluded its second of three Melges 15 Winter Series events this weekend in Jensen Beach, FL. With 78 boats on the starting line and a full range of challenging conditions, the action was intense up and down the leaderboard.

American Magic announces transformative agreement with the City of Pensacola
American Magic, the US Challenger for the 37th America's Cup, proudly unveils a landmark collaboration with the City of Pensacola.

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2024 Puerto Vallarta Race at San Diego Yacht Club - Day 5
Compared with their 2022 position at this same elapsed time, Rio 100 and BadPak are roughly 200 miles short. Such Fast, a Thursday starter, is about 140 miles short of last year's Monday morning location.

The Famous Project: All female crew set for Atlantic return challenge
Fresh from an excellent third place on the RORC Caribbean 600 race and multiple training laps around the island of Antigua itself, the seven strong The Famous Project crew will leave Antigua for their first all-female ocean passage across the Atlantic.

SailGP Sydney 2024 - Final series of videos
Interviews and wrap from Day 2 of Racing

Coast Guard Foundation 2023 MPU   Doyle Sails 2020 - Cruising Confidence 300x250
Philippe Delamare wins Global Solo Challenge
On Saturday February 24th at 3 minutes past 3 pm, local time, Philippe Delamare crossed the finish line by the breakwater of the Galician city of A Coruña winning the first edition of the Global Solo Challenge on Mowgli.

470 World Championship in Llucmajor, Mallorca - Practice Day
The competitors and coaches around the boat park have been giving each other wry smiles after today's pouring rain and shifty offshore conditions.

A Purple Patch for the RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show 2024
Sailing fashion is a fickle thing, one minute yellow is all the rage, then red, then orange. In 2024 it was most definitely the colour purple.

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We chat with Tom Morris on the Allen stand at the RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show
Tom Morris of the Youtube channel Mozzy Sails talks to us at the RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show 2024 about developing fittings with Allen for his RS800, his favourite block, the America's Cup and more!

A Remarkable RORC Caribbean 600
The 15th edition of the RORC Caribbean 600 started in glorious conditions on Monday 19th February 2024. 561 sailors from all over the world took part in the 600-mile race around 11 Caribbean islands.

J/24 Midwinter Championship at Davis Island Yacht Club - Overall
The J/24 Midwinter Championship saw a variety of conditions from wild winds and waves to beautiful sun and seas to a final day lacking breeze and races.

U.S. SailGP Team rallies for a final race third-place finish in Sydney
A third-place finish closed out a challenging weekend on Sydney Harbor for the recently revamped United States SailGP Team, competing in the eighth event of SailGP's Season 4 at the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix.

Cup Spy Feb 22-23: One LEQ12 sailed and one AC75 splashed. Others SailGP'd
Luna Rossa was the only team to sail at the week, and appeared to have a good day, with a good breeze and a surprisingly lumpy sea of off Cagliari and Barcelona. Alinghi Red Bull Racing splashed their AC75 for some system testing.

End of Leg 3 of the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race
The final two yachts racing leg three of the McIntyre Ocean Globe Race are in! Just as day broke under a cloudy gray sky, Sterna SA (42) the South African Swan 53, crossed the Yacht Club Punta del Este finish line at 09:16 UTC, 24th February.

ORC Education Webinar Series continues February 28th
The Storm Trysail Club, in collaboration with the NYYC and the Chicago YC, kicked off a webinar series dedicated to the introduction and explanation of the Offshore Racing Congress earlier this month and will continue this week.

2024 Spicare Omaezaki Japan World Cup - Overall
In the final day of the Spicare Omaezaki Japan World Cup, junior winners edged out their competitors with multiple, buzzer beater moments.

Celebrating 25 years of Rooster!
Mark Jardine speaks with Steve Cockerill, founder of Rooster, on the 25th Anniversary of the innovative sailing clothing and chandlery company.

Tom Slingsby's Australia triumphs on home soil with its first win of SailGP Season 4
Tom Slingsby and his Australian crew have been crowned champions of the KPMG Australia Sail Grand Prix I Sydney, flying home in front of an ecstatic and vibrant 'Genesis Island' crowd and a jam-packed Sydney Harbour to clinch the win.

SailGP Sydney 2024 - Next series of videos
Crosbie Lorimer from Bow Caddy Media brings you the latest from the Tech Centre at SailGP Sydney, recapping on yesterday's racing and taking a look at what is ahead today.

Day 1 action-shots of SailGP Sydney racing by Crosbie Lorimer
The high winds originally forecast for Day 1 of Sail GP Sydney racing on Saturday did not eventuate; but the gusty and shifty southerly kept everyone foiling most of the time.

18ft Skiff Club Championship and Season Point Score on Sydney Harbour conclude
The Yandoo and Fisher & Paykel 18ft skiff racing teams took out the two major club racing championships conducted over the 2023-24 season by the Australian 18 Footer League, which concluded on Sydney Harbour today.

U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Sailing (ILCA 6 and ILCA 7) - Overall
The final day of U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Sailing brought both elation and frustration as the winners were decided in the ILCA 6 and ILCA 7 fleets.

1948 Olympic Firefly wins Concours d'Elegance at the RYA Dinghy and Watersports Show
For the judging of the Concours d'Elegance, Mark Jardine, Editor of, was joined this year by the British Sailing Team 49er crew Fynn Sterritt, who has been selected for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

2024 Etchells World Championship Fremantle: Changing of the guard on the cards in Etchells class
The future of Etchells sailing in both Western Australia - and right across the nation - is in good hands after a group of young guns won the last race of the WA Etchells States last weekend.

Oldest videos of 18ft Skiff class dinghies sailing - from 1939 to 1987
With the JJ Giltinan 18ft Skiff Championships starting next week, it's a great time to look back into our video archive, from 1939 to 1987, to see some of the oldest footage of skiff sailing in Australia. There are some gems!

16th The Port of Los Angeles/Cal Maritime Harbor Cup Regatta lineup announced
"Los Angeles Yacht Club is pleased to host the 16th running of The Port of Los Angeles/Cal Maritime Harbor Cup Regatta," announced Tom Trujillo, Harbor Cup Race Chairman and Principal Race Officer.

The Melges RIB 625C to debut at the RYA Dinghy & Watersports Show
Melges Performance Sailboats is proud to unveil the Melges RIB 625C - designed and built to redefine the on-the-water experience for coaches and support teams.

Topflight international field to compete in 2024 Ficker Cup
Long Beach Yacht Club (LBYC) has announced an outstanding lineup for the Ficker Cup regatta which will be held here 19 to 21 April, 2024.

America's Cup: Six month countdown begins to the first events in Barcelona
The six month countdown has begun to the contesting of most prestigious trophy in sailing. Six teams are entered representing some of the most prestigious yachts clubs in the world from New Zealand, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, USA and France.

Mav Lite: Responsible Performance
This jacket offers the perfect blend of responsible performance and functionality. Built with recycled bio-based fabric technology, this Mav-Lite packaway, 100% waterproof and windproof jacket is breathable.

Cup Spy Feb 21: American Magic rides in the Barcelona Rodeo
American Magic trained alone again, in the final day of a three day block, ahead of some team members competing in SailGP this weekend. Winds increased to 24kts causing the AC40 to hit 48kts, giving the crew a ride akin to riding a bronco in a rodeo.

Etchells Biscayne Bay Winter Series wrap up: Three-peat win for Lifted
The Etchells Biscayne Bay Series concluded last weekend with an impressive display of skill and consistency, after four regattas that tested the competitive spirit of the Floridan fleet.

Cup Spy Feb 20: American Magic and Kiwis complete three hour on the water sessions
Two teams sailed in Auckland and Barcelona. The Swiss have completed their sail-evaluation program in Jeddah and have returned to Barcelona to resume training in their upgraded AC75.

Online entry opens for Kinsale Yacht Club Dragon Gold Cup 2024
The Notice of Race has been published and Online Entry is now open for the Kinsale Yacht Club Dragon Gold Cup sponsored by Astra Construction Services Ltd, which will be held in Kinsale.

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