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Coconut Oil

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SailGP Season 1 concludes in Marseille, France - photo © Sam Kurtul /

Dear Recipient Name

All the oils (- and yes, if you're Australian and of a certain age bracket you'll shave your head, and dance like you're a really drunk marionette). Anyway, we started with The Good Oil, then More Good Oil, followed by Smothered in Oil, and the last one was Soybean or Peanut Oil.

So Coconut Oil seemed entirely fitting for this final in our SailGP series, seeing as it has loads of good cholesterol, and now that the heat is off after the final has been run, it can return once more to a solid state. I spoke with Team AUS Skipper and said, 'Congratulations Tom. You and the whole team (Tom, Kyle Langford, Jason Waterhouse, Ky Hurst, Sam Newton, and Kinley Fowler) must feel wonderful. A deserved win...'

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The final SailGP event of Season 1 in Marseille, France - Day 1 - photo © SailGP
The final SailGP event of Season 1 in Marseille, France - Day 1 - photo © SailGP

Q: Does it feel different from what you thought it would?

A: It really just feels like a weight off our shoulders. It feels amazing for sure, but there has definitely been a bit of stress these last few weeks. So it's nice to get the result we wanted.

Q: It may not be the boxing kangaroo, but you certainly had the flying kangaroo whizzing around. Does that make it very much national pride?

A: for sure it's about national pride. More than winning the money, I think we all just wanted Australia to be in top of the podium. We are all proud Aussies and want the world to know we are the best sailors

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SailGP Season 1 concludes in Marseille, France - photo © Sam Kurtul /
SailGP Season 1 concludes in Marseille, France - photo © Sam Kurtul /

Q: Do you feel like you are inspiring younger athletes?

A: I hope I am able to inspire young athletes. I hope that I am able to convince people to put in the hard work and try and achieve their goals.

Q: Do you all share the USD1M?

A: The one million will be split throughout the team. There is a clause that says the sailors must receive 50% of the total amount, so that will be divided up throughout the team.

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SailGP Season 1 concludes in Marseille, France - photo © Sam Kurtul /
SailGP Season 1 concludes in Marseille, France - photo © Sam Kurtul /

Q: How do you prep for next season given all the constraints?

A: There is not a lot of prep for us as a sailing team for next season. We will not get to sail the boats again until Sydney. However, everyone's contracts are up so we need to re-hire team members, and also look for commercial partners in the off-season. It will be busy.

Q: Does it mean you have a target on your back for 2020?

A: I'm sure we will have the target on our back but that's the way we like it. We want everyone to know we are the team to beat.

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SailGP Season 1 concludes in Marseille, France - photo © Sam Kurtul /
SailGP Season 1 concludes in Marseille, France - photo © Sam Kurtul /

Q: Are you doing ocean racing this Christmas?

A: No I'm not doing the Hobart this year.

Q: Are you doing the Etchells Australian Championship with Graeme Taylor and James Mayo?

A: Yes. Planning on doing the nationals at Brighton with them.

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SailGP Season 1 concludes in Marseille, France - photo © Sam Kurtul /
SailGP Season 1 concludes in Marseille, France - photo © Sam Kurtul /

Now way back at the first round of SailGP in Sydney, I spoke with Sir Russell Coutts about a lot of things, and one of the items that remained was how much he was looking forward to Marseilles. That proved to be true on many fronts, not the least of which was how close the two leading teams were going into it.

Yet we both thought long and hard about how a Mistral might affect things, and then sure enough, after the SailGP was done, the 52 Super Series was well and truly held up for the famed breeze that gets channelled and accelerated by the Pyrenees on one side, and the European Alps on the other.

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The Big Fella, Iain Murray in high demand from the media before stepping on board Wild Oats XI. - photo © Rolex / Stefano Gattini
The Big Fella, Iain Murray in high demand from the media before stepping on board Wild Oats XI. - photo © Rolex / Stefano Gattini

Iain Murray has been the Regatta Director for the last two America's Cups (Bermuda and San Francisco). He's just completed his first of three seasons, performing the same role for SailGP, and said after racing was done, "For a million bucks they had a good race. It was hard when we had a plan and then had to move the course to where there was some breeze. There was the pressure and rush to move it all and still fit in the race before we went off air."

Talking in his very measured way, you had to know what he is like to really comprehend just what a feat it was that he and his team accomplished that day. "There was a plan in my head, but there were 600 boats in the way at the time. I also had the TV guy in my ear telling me we had just 20 minutes until we went dark. The Marshalls had to move them all, but could not do so until the marks were down, but first we had to get the assets up, and then place them all down again, so they knew where to send the spectators."

Murray was also very kind to proffer these responses to SailGP's first season and Australian Sailing as a whole on the world's stage.

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Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin - Ready Steady Tokyo, day 4 - photo © Jesus Renedo / Sailing Energy / World Sailing
Jason Waterhouse and Lisa Darmanin - Ready Steady Tokyo, day 4 - photo © Jesus Renedo / Sailing Energy / World Sailing

Q: Why are Australian sailors so good, and what makes them so?

A: I think high-speed sailing has been at the forefront in AUS and NZL for a very long time. As a child, I used to go to Bradley's Head (on Sydney Harbour) and watch the sponsored 18's with a somewhat professional crew sailing in close proximity to the shore for viewing. It was started by JJ Giltinan (and the series named in his honour would become the unofficial World Championship). We have been in imbued with an open and fast culture and have led the world with fast boats.

Q: If other teams have had more training time, and have improved as a result, how do they still keep winning?

A: They are all great sailors, but the best are a great team, which comes after more than just practise within one year. Stability, time for reflection, then learning and adjustment will make a great team.

Q: Is the Olympic programme a real part of it?

A: An Olympic program, or any racing at the highest level is always the best background. Sailing is a very complex sport that requires all inputs to performance understood and resolved.

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Team USA immediately before a gybe - photo © John Curnow
Team USA immediately before a gybe - photo © John Curnow

Q: Are we just blessed with varied waters to sail in offering a real range of conditions?

A: Of course we are blessed with our background, the facilities we have in Australia, and a climate that allows us to sail all year round.

It's a wrap

Last week we mentioned "there will be some new enhancements to the 2020 version that kicks of in Sydney next February." We can now tell you officially that there is a seventh F50 that has been built in NZL, and it will be ready for Sydney next February. The next statements are unsubstantiated, but combine some crystal ball gazing along with a soupçon of sorcery and alchemy. If you start from the position of knowing that Larry owns SailGP and lost the last AC to the Kiwis, then it is entirely possible that it will be a team from NZL in said seventh F50, and another leg will be added to the roster before they get to the USA. We'll await word from SailGP on all of this...

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Etchells World Champions Havoc (sail no. 1461) - photo © CCYC
Etchells World Champions Havoc (sail no. 1461) - photo © CCYC

Back to Etchells for just a second.

If you were looking, and clearly I was, then you would have seen that hull number 1461 just won the Etchells North American Championship for her new owner. This was the old Havoc and current World Champion vessel, as well as the first of the new Allanson/Murray Etchells. AUS1473 is the new Havoc, and she just splashed two weeks ago before having a small Christening ceremony, and then she went for a quick yacht, too.

Jeanne-Claude Strong was kind enough to give her build slot of AUS1471 to Magpie for the 2019 World Championship in Texas. Tom, James, and GT won an unprecedented five in row, in that sort of a fleet no less, to nearly claim said title. As we just saw earlier, that crew are planning on being on Port Phillip this coming January to snare the Australian title.

Jeanne-Claude has taken delivery of her new Allanson/Murray Etchells (AUS1475) just last Friday, and the Magpie clan will have their next one (AUS1474) this October, with a certain John Bertrand to get his in November (AUS1478 Triad3). That will be the last one for the year, with Richie Allanson returning to building craft for his ever-expanding client list in 2020.

What does it all mean? Simple. There will be some cracking racing from Royal Brighton YC, and if the place lives up to its reputation, a true champion of all kinds of conditions will be crowned. Bring it on.

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Tom Slingsby on the bow, James Mayo on the Main, and Graeme Taylor with the tiller of Magpie. - photo © 2019 Etchells World Championship
Tom Slingsby on the bow, James Mayo on the Main, and Graeme Taylor with the tiller of Magpie. - photo © 2019 Etchells World Championship

Short one and in.

Is this the best-kept secret in the Australian Sailing world? In January the Perth Dinghy Sailing Club will be running the International 14 World Championships. Unless you sail an I14, you won't know about it, and I did not until I got a cattle prod in the tooshie, and seeing is we are talking fast on water here... Worlds website and there is also the Perth Dinghy club website

Right oh - here today there are some gems for you to review like the 52 Super Series, intel from North Sails, The Clipper, classics in France, 18 Footers, Cats in WA, Veterans in SA, Lasers, The Ocean Race, and certainly there is much, much more.

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Brilliant exhibition of power sailing downwind by the Smeg crew - photo © Frank Quealey
Brilliant exhibition of power sailing downwind by the Smeg crew - photo © Frank Quealey

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Finally, keep a weather eye on Sail-World. We are here to bring you the whole story from all over the world...

John Curnow
Editor, Sail-World AUS

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Westward to lead Opening Day of the Sailing Season on the River Derwent
The historic cutter Westward will lead next Saturday's Opening Day fleet on the River Derwent to mark the upcoming 75th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, joining Bellerive Yacht Club Commodore Graham Mansfield's Black Magic

2019 RS:X World Championships in Torbole, Italy - Overall
With a full schedule planned for the morning, the 236 competitors and the race officials and volunteers turned up at the Circolo Surf Torbole in the dawn light as has been the norm this week.

North Sails Weekly Debrief: #NSVictoryList: Melges 24 Pre Worlds, Beat the clock
Bombarda took the fleet by storm during Act Four of the 2019 Melges Tour, which was the last hurrah before the World Championship in Villasimius, Sardinia, Italy. 250 - 2014   Barton Marine 2019 600x500
The Clipper Race Leg 1 - Race 2, Day 14
The slow motor-sail through the Doldrums Corridor has become a thing of the past for the majority of the Clipper Race fleet, with racing firmly back on the agenda on Day 14 of Race 2: The Commodore's Cup to Punta del Este.

Middle Harbour Yacht Club retains Waitangi Cup
The Waitangi Cup is a longstanding annual challenge that takes place between Middle Harbour Yacht Club and the combined clubs on Port Phillip, Victoria.

Audi 52 Super Series Sailing Week at Yacht Club Costa Smeralda - Overall
Azzurra secured their fourth 52 Super Series championship title today as they played out a dream scenario. On their own home club's waters in the north of Sardinia on the last day of the closest and most competitive season in the eight year history

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11th Hour Racing continues support of all-women eXXpedition Round the World 2019-2021 Voyages
This all-female pioneering ocean sailing expedition will circumnavigate the globe, raising awareness of and explore solutions to, the devastating environmental and health impacts of single-use plastics and toxic substances in the world's oceans.

Paris 2024: (Un)Intended consequences for Mixed Offshore event?
"I think the argument that the Offshore Committee have around not having an Arms Race is going to have the opposite effect completely and will create a fast track for one nation, probably France to get an advantage over everyone else."

Sailors uniting to help clean seas
All around the globe sailors are taking to the shores where we sail to help clean up plastic and other garbage. As passionate users of the sea, racers, cruisers, sailors young and old unite behinds a love of the oceans.

Classic images from 2019 Regates Royales, Cannes
Mainsail.Ru's Eugenia Bakunova filed these images from Regates Royales, Cannes, on September 28, 2019.

America's Cup: September 26 the day the Cup changed forever
As Auckland counts down to the 36th America's Cup in Match 2021, who knows what would have happened, if Australia II had not wrestled the America's Cup from the New York Yacht Club 36 years ago on September 26, 1983.

Auckland On Water Boat Show starts October 2
Come October, this year's Auckland On Water Boat Show, now in its 21st year, is scheduled for October 3-6. This slightly later date brings the show into line with the school holidays, as well as daylight savings time

C-Tech 250   AOWBS MPU 2019
America's Cup: Two very different boats in the AC75 class
The much-anticipated launch of the first two AC75 foiling monohull yachts from the Defender Emirates Team New Zealand and USA Challenger NYYC American Magic respectively did not disappoint the masses of America's Cup fans

Australian 18 Footers League 2019-2020 Season Preview
The Australian 18 Footers League's 85th season of continuous 18ft Skiff Racing on Sydney Harbour will commence on Sunday, October 13 when 17 of the world's fastest racing boats will line up to contest Race 1 of the 2019 Spring Championship.

Sailing program sets a new course for Veterans
Thanks to the support of Senator David Fawcett, major sponsor Northrop Grumman Australia and supporting sponsors Raytheon Australia and SAAB Australia, the program Setting a New Course offers opportunity to undertake an Accredited RYA sailing program.

Protector - 300x250   Yacht Racing Forum 2019 - MPU
World Match Racing Tour acquires Match Race Super League
The World Match Racing Tour (WMRT), sailing's longest running global professional series, has reached an agreement to take over the management and operations of the Match Race Super League at the end of the 2019 season.

Warren Jones International Youth Regatta 2020: Competitors announcement!
In 2019, the Warren Jones International Youth Regatta saw a surge of interest in competing in the event with 29 expressions of interest received, with representatives from seven nations.

Meet the crew: Richard Burchell, Clipper ‘96 crew back racing on Clipper 2019-20 Race
Twenty-three years after Richard Burchell, 62, took part in Clipper '96, the very first Clipper Race, Richard has returned to circumnavigate the globe on the current edition of the race.

Doyle-Hugo-300x250 AUS site   Marine Shield - Rescue boat - 300x250
Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron members score major international titles
Across multiple classes at major northern hemisphere events over the winter months, Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron members staged a world-beating charge to claim five key sailing trophies

More tough news for U.S. Olympic sailing interests
Let's face it: The situation for U.S. Olympic sailing has been bleak for a long time, and based on last week's news, odds are now good that the news cycle will continue to be bumpy through the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

Zhik seals new partnership with Alex Thomson Racing
The innovative marine apparel brand, Zhik, announce a new partnership as the Official Technical Clothing Supplier to Alex Thomson Racing, as part of the team's 2020 Vendee Globe campaign.

HALLSPARS_MAST-&-BOOMS_SW_300X250 cnb66   MP - BALTIC AUS 300x250 Sailing
More than 30 Cadets expected to kick off the season at Sail Sandy
The Victorian International Cadet fleet will kick off its 2019/20 season in October with a big fleet expected to descend on the Sandringham Yacht Club for the 2019 Sail Sandy Regatta.

Genoa to host the Grand Finale of the The Ocean Race 2021-22
Genoa will be the finish of the next edition of The Ocean Race, marking the first time the fully-crewed, around the world yacht race, known as the 'toughest test of a team in sport' will come to Italy.

America's Cup: Emirates Team New Zealand pushes the wind limits
The new America's Cup class AC75 answered many questions as to how the type would handle fresh breezes with the Defenders sailing for the second successive day in fresh winds

Raymarine AUS 2018 Aug - Axiom - Footer

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