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Bradford Cup for Marblehead Vane boats at Fleetwood Model Yacht Club

by Tony Wilson 10 Jun 05:18 PDT 9 June 2024
Bradford Cup for Marblehead Vane boats at Fleetwood © Tony Wilson

The forecast was for showers and a wind strength for somewhere in the twenties, straight down the lake. On arrival we had 6 skippers debaating to whether or not they should have maybe just stayed at home. Come midday half had decided that with the continuous rain, a lack of small sails and even the chance of sinking, the best option was to abandon site.

And then the rain stopped. Peter Whitsside, Keith Wiseman and Tony Wilson, quickly got their boats ready and decided to just give it a try.

3 points out into the oncoming strong westerly and we weren't sailing them back.

With Tony on a Bye, Peter and Keith set off. Both boats sailed very high and fairly slow. Wizzy's. the faster but covering more ground crossing the lake, while Peter's boat barely crawling, made it in one go to the very end and pinched the first leg.

Next up, Tony and Keith. Tony had Ballerina set up nicely and even had a couple of successful gye's working like clockwork, heading halfway across the lake and then powering ahead to the end.

Then Peter and Tony and Tony clinched this one also. And at the end of every race, always walking back to the beginning carrying the boats, as we didn't fancy, running after them desperately trying to catch them at the wall..

Round two with a reversal for choice of start berth and Peter now caught up on points, beating the Classic Bloodaxe that Keith was sailing against the Older Vintage Stan Witty Bosun.

Keith then again lost out to Vintage Witchcraft Ballerina and lastly Peter snatched the race for the two Vintage.

With Tony and Peter on equal points a sail off for an additional last leg of the day. Both boats were pretty equal as they crossed back and forth the lake. It looked as though Peter had nicely dropped a quick gye, but it was the feather sticking that brought it back to the near bank. Tony had sent Ballerina off to finish on the far side and just headed up in time for the last couple of inches to clinch it.


1 Tony Wilson 9 points (sail off)
2 Peter Whiteside 9 points
3 Keith Wiseman 0 pts

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