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SB20 World Championships 2024 at Dubai Offshore Sailing Club - Overall

by Dubai Offshore Sailing Club 16 Feb 11:10 PST 11-16 February 2024
SB20 World Championships 2024 © Mikey Brignall

The Dubai Duty Free SB20 Triple Sailing Championships came to an end after the grand finale of SB20 World Championships with 5 days of thrilling races with Team Kidzink winning the final title. Prior to this, the Dubai Duty Free Middle East Championships (1st to 3rd of December 2023) and the Dubai Duty Free SB20 Asia Pacific Championships (2nd to 4th February 2024) had also witnessed an impressive performance from talented sailors.

After a 13 race series and a closely fought battle for the podium, UAE-based teams Desert Eagle and Superbella achieved the second overall and third place respectively. Superbella attained the position after overtaking Rental Car which has been in third place overall for the previous two days.

The fifth and the final day of the SB20 World Championships saw the first race starting at 2:15 PM, and the wind was stable and consistent, ranging from 6 to 9 knots. Off to a turbulent start, the weather stabled out with admirable conditions with typical conditions, providing an ideal day for sailing.

Charlotte Borghesi, skipper of Team Kidzink, expressing her joy said, "It is still a bit amazingly surreal right now. We left it to the very last minute to make it stressful. You just see the tip of the iceberg, but we have been together as a team for two months, in training, working on the boat, on each other. We went out, we didn't aim to win any race, we just wanted to do our best, in every race and we did that. We never won a race. It just shows you, you never have to go out thinking to win."

On the conclusion of the Championships, Dubai Duty Free Chief Operating Officer Ramesh Cidambi said, "I think it is absolutely fantastic that we had a great diversity in terms of nationalities. We had sailors coming from 11 different countries and to cap it all to have a finish with Kidzink skippered by Charlotte Borghesi and a women's team and with Emirate sailors. We are pleased to conclude another successful collaboration with Dubai Offshore Sailing Club."

Race Director Alan Ruigrok said, "It's been an absolute honour to host the SB20 world championships. Thank you to all participants, sponsors, and support staff who made this event possible. We've had a fantastic week here in Dubai. Showcasing the amazing sailors across the world, and their impeccable talent and dedication to team work, qualities that make our sport so admirable. Look forward to hosting more amazing events at the Dubai offshore sailing club."

The Dubai Duty Free SB20 World Championships experience, which was open to both guests and participants offered a variety of family-friendly activities such as interactive games, pleasant F&B, and live entertainment at The Race Village.

Next up for DOSC is the Dubai to Muscat Sailing Race, starting on the 24th February 2024.

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Overall Results:

PosCountrySail NoHelmCrewR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10R11R12R13Pts
1stUAE3818Charlotte BorghesiPippa Kenton‑Page 22924‑1623251131156
2ndUAE3703Hendrik WitzmannGeorgii Leonchuk Henrique Anjos‑151251129541231358
3rdUAE3299Edoardo MartinelliMatteo De Luca Stefano Cherin13418RDG718214‑2412183
4thSGP3748Michael BuchananDarren Jones Samm Tiedemann476369116(BFD)7615.5787.5
5thFRA3653Ian GarretaGirodeau Vicenc 81211164‑27115147192100
6thGBR3814John PollardHenry Wetherell Drew Barnes1‑321482513124134412101
7thAUS3827Paul MccartneyDavid Chapman Edward Snowball1151317864(UFD)345215102
8thUAE3239Mitch WebbWill Sargent Sian Rowlands168175331710‑3662204111
9thBUL3149Lyuben TenekedzhievIvo Todorov Lyuben Todorov223119121416761310‑319132
10thFRA3580Paul LoiseauAristide Delin 12131912(BFD)PI1139718131110155
11thSGP3750Nils RazmilovicNik Burfoot David Salembier3326365528(UFD)12215148157
12thUAE3363Michal PajakGaetan Herve Daniel Kilsby146334‑3918181491817.519161.5
13thFRA3763Edward RussoXavier Rohart Thibaut Demai31071019281515(BFD)209236165
14thSGP3800Agoston SiposAndy Hewson Freddie Hall933107101019121115(RET)15.530181.5
15thBEL3762Bart TytgatKristof Woutters Marc Braet51141321363011(BFD)8161017182
16thUAE3823Bekky BrittonIan Martin Thomas Cracknell102516161511‑34162116221313194
17thUAE3037Mike HartChris Hewkin Sally Hart2192820(BFD)72421191019728213
18thNED3716Ronald VeraarPim Mommersteeg Eelco Blok‑4114301411221022162134516215
19thFRA3339Laurie OsliakJean‑ Baptiste Pascal 34212022182561381717‑3714215
20thFRA3534Xavier MoulinRoques Pierre Francois Roques192323232205‑3217302117.529229.5
21stUAE3369Daniel SandersJames Holmes Francois Fung62811(BFD)BFD15148321918824232
22ndSGP3660Daniel Ian TohCheryl Teo 7308(BFD)27172526139123622232
23rdUAE3365Paolo BorghesiYana Hrechyshnykova 3031‑47PI1324211853225631272
24thLIB3516David RostantPhillippe Saad Gabriel Alconfor202412253819‑39201022322727276
25thUAE3828Rachel BlackburnJonathan Blackburn Jemima Macdonald26‑46213620122133202536920279
26thUAE3558Benjamin CromptonChris Robson Edward Fitzgerald291615(BFD)17293293531272436291
27thUAE3561Neil CorderIan McClure Richard Harris313926152239727182728.5(BFD)23302.5
28thUAE3317GianMarco MariottiChris Laborde ‑433734349212223271128.53525306.5
29thSGP3802Daire OReillyBenjamin Gunn Myles Perrin17(DSQ)4127142342172426313918319
30thSGP3063Yi Nian KohSerzen Gurung ‑35293532243120193428333215332
31stUAE3246Oscar SmithBruce Corder 283445182326(DNS)242929353421346
32ndSGP3031Nicholas CocksPascal Buckley Alex Conway1827292633‑3735352836233026346
33rdUAE3426Massimiliano PicchiMattia Montanari 361925301327PI13742‑44262832348
34thUAE3512Patrick O`CallaghanIan Matthews Felix Mueller32352729(BFD)2426RET2223202242351
35thUAE3114Paul WrightGrahame Campbell Matt Britton39‑443228264037252538142641371
36thNED3119Frans Van Der WelHein Ruyten Evert Kroll40222421293029(DNS)2635433840377
37thKSA3821Victor MosanyaPaige Caldecoat 24184831(DNF)34.531304034441237383.5
38thUAE3235Gareth OwenPhil Ellerby Ronan Jolie23‑403133403240403033302535392
39thUAE3152Talina CorderFynley Britton 2538372437383631383724‑4133398
40thUAE3503Michael LambertFrancisco Ramalheira Vicky Dudley‑461722383134.541343739424639420.5
41stSGP3609Ewan McEwanAlexis Just Darrell Lim(BFD)154635284433362343394534421
42ndUAE3115Damien RizziAnnett Alhamadi 3820393734‑4632284141404038428
43rdESP3348Marco PassanteJavierLamelas Pablo Lamelas274236(BFD)4141433933463733UFD467
44thUAE3506Christopher SeymourGrant Vinsen Alexey Krasnev(BFD)364239303338424345384343472
45thFRA3721Alain RoigCorinne Aulnette Desserouer Robin45‑473842364344433940412946486
46thFRA3655Dominique BayenLucie Beylacq 4243434035‑4545413142454244493
47thUAE3161William LambertKarl Allcorn 44414041(BFD)UFD46384447464445525
48thUAE3372Mayed Al AliSaid Ibrahim 374544(DNF)DNFDNFDNSDNSDNSDNSDNS4747563

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