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WASZP Games at Sorrento Sailing Couta Boat Club Overall

by Marc Ablett 15 Dec 2023 06:12 PST 10-15 December 2023

Street sails into record books to claim 2nd WASZP Games title

Sam Street has sailed a near-flawless WASZP Games campaign to be the first sailor to claim two WASZP Games titles with back-to-back wins in 2022 (Lake Garda) & 2023 (Sorrento), while, UK sailor Hattie Rogers claimed her first ever Women's WASZP Games title and finished 14th overall. With this result, Hattie also moved to number 1 on the women's global rankings.

A day that started with a few sore bodies after yesterday's six race day, the uptake for the morning yoga was big! Those who wanted to also got a rig/sail masterclass from Andrew McDougall in the morning tech talk.

Everything seemed to be set up for a beautiful Sorrento day to finish the event. The temperature was right and the wind flicked south at about 1pm. However, hopes of a full card of 4 races were dashed when the wind randomly shifted into the dreaded North-east direction. After 1.5 hours of waiting on the water, the southerly finally arrived with a bang and the final two races were completed in glorious 15knot, flat water conditions.

After the "mandatory" general recall, the fleet finally got away in a shifting south breeze that was moving further left. Danish sailor Magnus Overbeck looked to be finding his groove, great speed both up and down wind, to take an all the way victory. Sam Street was sitting in the early 20s around the first mark, however managed to work his way back to 7th which was enough to clinch the title with a race to spare.

Norwegian sailor Markus Berthet continued his good form with a 2nd place while Swiss Sailor Micha De Weck claimed his best race of the event and finished in 3rd.

In the final race of the day it was a cracker. The best WASZP racing of the week, with nothing more than a few boat lengths between the sailors all the way through the fleet. The tightness of one-design WASZP racing is something to behold and it was on show today. You could throw a blanket over Magnus Overbeck, Markus Berthet and Sam Street for the entire race, multiple lead changes through out the race, Markus Berthet led at the final top gate, however, dropped his mainsheet through the tack which was enough to let Overbeck through, Overbeck then put the turbo on and sailed away to a comprehensive second win of the day. Berthet then touched down through his final gybe to the finish and allowed Street to pass him on the short run to the finish.

In the women's division, Hattie Rogers had an event to remember, showing we are not too far away from seeing one of our women WASZP sailors claiming the overall victory, it was the best placed performance by a women sailor at an International Games. She was followed in by Helena Sanderson from NZ and Tess Lloyd who showed awesome improvement throughout the event, enjoying the more "Sorrento Like" conditions to post some great scores in the final 3 races.

In the Super-Master division, Andrew McDougall had a spectacular final day to take the win from I14 champion Brad Devine and Jervis Tilly. A a 10th place in the final race showed Amac still can mix it with the best.

In the Masters division, Dave Shaw from NZ had a great battle with George Wills also from NZ, Wills had a great final day with a 14th and a 32nd to move up the standings. In third place Ryan Grieve from Victoria improved every race to manage to slide in front of Richard Steedman from Tasmania.

The 6.9m division was an exciting climax with Pia Tvieta from Norway claiming victory by just 4pts from Callum Simmons of Victoria, Australia. Brenn Armstrong from Western Australia followed them in his first major WASZP regatta.

In the Juniors, Louis Tilly sailed a great back half of the event to get back to 7th overall and claim the Junior Championship. Swiss Sailor Micha De Weck came home strong to put some pressure on Tilly. While Andrew Chisholm showed he will be a force to be reckoned with in the future finishing 13th overall.

One of the recent additions to the class is the family trophy, Jervis and Louis Tilly won it, followed closely by the Devines, Tommy and Brad and the Simmons Siblings.

Overall, behind Street, Overbeck claimed 2nd place and Frenchman Hippolyte Gruet finished 3rd after sitting in 2nd for the majority of the event. In 4th Tim Howse from NZ in his first WASZP regatta climbed the ladder and Makrus Berthet rounded out the top 5.

As the sun sets on a ripping event, attention now turns to the next bucket list event on the schedule in Hawaii for the Americas Championships and then onto Norway for next years International WASZP Games. This class continues to go from strength to strength.

Overall Results:

PosHelmSail NoCountryClubR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10PtsCategory
1 Sam Street1NZLNPYC/RNZYS1111311‑10‑7211Apprentice
2 Magnus Overbeck3582DENRDYC‑6444‑53241123Youth
3 Hippolyte Gruet2261FRAYCGM83621259‑12‑2736Apprentice
4 Tim Howse2779NZLKYC5‑75‑867655544Youth
5 Markus Berthet2956NORRNYC46‑17119‑21482347Youth
6 Gavin Ball3463USAHKBC/KYC3‑1633148BFD211448Apprentice
7 Louis Tilly3488AUSRPAYC‑1917‑18524816649Junior / FAM
8 Francesco Bertone Fresia2671ITAPMYC28774‑167‑2241150Apprentice
9 Ettore Botticini4ITACNVA9281071137‑22‑1657Apprentice
10 Tom Trotman2150AUSSSCBC/RBYC759171012BFD3‑201275Apprentice
11 Micha de Weck3583SUISNG‑17‑201013136141431588Junior
12 Andrew Bridgman3597GBRGYC25102201115BFD‑37139105Apprentice
13 Andrew Chisholm3577CANBQYC161911151559‑2423BFD113Junior
14 Hattie Rogers3599GBRRLymYC1422‑28623181213‑3618126Apprentice / WOW
15 Noah Malpot2138NZLNYC13‑272514121313‑292413127Youth
16 Daniel Links2812AUSRPAYC1013191817‑22161619‑73128Youth
17 Ben Gunther2780AUSSSCBC‑602914981415‑592119129Apprentice
18 Aidan Simmons3166AUSIHYC/SSCBC231216‑3316242512‑307135Junior
19 Conall Green3456AUSRGYC2718‑341221920‑28821136Youth
20 Jasper Camenzind2205NZLMBSC‑33‑332127191011151526144Junior
21 Jackson Macaulay3578CANRNSYS211131‑34‑52271961722154Youth
22 Keizo Tomishima3458AUSWSC182113‑353419181816BFD157Junior
23 Jack Felstenthal2492AUSSSCBC112420‑54‑302828172620174Apprentice
24 Quicorras Urios Salinas3585ESPRCNV129‑30RDGRDG‑3030192829181.6Apprentice
25 Will Troop3487AUSRPAYC242832‑37‑452621311017189Junior
26 Tim Hannah2482AUSSSCBC26302616183124‑45‑4442213Apprentice
27 Bryce Huntoon3464USAKYC35‑46‑402838341740914215Junior
28 Lachlan Vaughan2495AUSSSCBC‑51252726271738‑483423217Apprentice
29 Ben Tapper3450NZL 2038‑5921244036UFD1835232Youth
30 Dan Haydon3454AUSTSC50‑532330RDGRDG1023‑7725239Apprentice
31 Alexandre Grognuz383SUIDRYLAPS30‑36353120‑5029263534240Apprentice
32 Dave Shaw2750NZLNYC2235411935323230‑47‑45246Master
33 George Wills3146NZLMPYC36323322‑6136‑47441432249Master
34 Andrew MacDougall3453AUS 4515‑50384438BFD253810253Super Master
35 Marshall Day2802AUSB16SC2831‑564348‑5227113333254Junior
36 Helena Sanderson2248NZLBIYC2937RETDNC263326463230259Youth
37 Tom Klemens2458AUSSSCBC‑57263729332323DNC3950260Apprentice
38 Nicholas Dunne3489AUSTSC31232232‑4035393940‑41261Junior
39 Peter Graham3126NZLVYC/RBC3839123639UFDBFD472924264Apprentice
40 Brad Devine2651AUSPDSC404839232525DNC27‑5040267Super Master
41 Louis Schofield2452AUSRYVC4614242522RETDNCDNC418272Apprentice
42 Elouen Arnaud3581FRA 41RET15443241BFD204338274Youth
43 Tom Devine2493AUSPDSC‑474543‑46292034324528276Youth
44 Harry Gregory3455AUSSBSC39‑492941284341‑493743301Junior
45 Patrick Distefano2453AUSSYC484136‑5353DNC33332731302Apprentice
46 Rodney Muller2954AUSHBYC32‑5644‑56362937365144309Apprentice
47 Declan Reilly3161AUSVA12'SSC445042‑58‑554235424846349Apprentice
48 Jervis Tilly3036AUSRPAYC‑6947‑6545314731574656360Super Master
49 Mark Louis2778AUSCYC/WSC1534RETDNC374922387592362Apprentice
50 Tess Lloyd3452AUSSSCBC4955544856DNCBFD214237362Apprentice
51 Ryan Grieve2955AUSHBYC/RYCV52444540493946‑69‑5548363Master
52 Grant Alderson3460AUSRFBYC‑5952‑5724544644434954366Super Master
53 Austin Cross2768AUS 5440473943555634RETDNC368Youth
54 Richard Steedman3595AUSSBSC43435247UFD4543‑705359385Master
55 Ashton Rawstron2442AUSRYCV3442UFD64DNCDNC45502536389Junior
56 Hanako Tomishima2776AUSWSC42‑5958DNC425340585849400Junior
57 Pia Henriette Brun Tveita2326NORAS565151‑624648505256‑58410Junior / 6.9 / WOW
58 Callum Simmons3486AUSIHYC/SSCBC‑6754535051444960‑6653414Open (U16) / 6.9 / FAM
59 Leigh Hein2447AUSPYC656549‑6650DNC42535439417Master / FAM
60 Aron Gavin2646AUSBSYC8062464241RET53DNC6852444Apprentice
61 Bridget Conrad2961AUSGSC/WSC586068TLE63DNC51356051446Youth / WOW
62 Rohan Dean2454AUSRFBYC‑6657645164516141‑7162451Junior / FAM
63 Issac Biczo2506AUSRFBYC55‑63605960545961‑6255463Junior
64 Ollie Ross2450AUSRPAYC376738TLEUFDDNC63515957465Junior
65 Oscar Henderson2769AUSSYC5371RET5258TLE555431BFD466Apprentice
66 Adam Brett2643AUSRFBYC64‑75555759DNC48656361472Super Master
67 Jayden Prosser2652AUSRFBYC77DNC48494737DNCDNC6163474Apprentice
68 Chris Clegg2198AUSRPAYC‑75‑706260625658666768499Apprentice
69 Michael Honan2441AUSRFBYC74RET666166DNC57566564509Super Master
70 Ian Louis2959AUS ‑7261676357DNC60677269516Youth
71 Jack Lloyd2440AUSSSCBC817363DNCDNCDNC52685247529Apprentice
72 Brenn Armstrong3482AUSRFBYC68726965DNCDNC62627067535Open (U16) / 6.9
73 Garry Essex3158AUSRPAYC76646155DNCDNCBFD636965545Super Master
74 Keiichiro Tomishima2193AUSWSC7169706765DNCDNC55UFD66555Master / FAM
75 Michael Parks2448AUSRGYC/RBYC7366DNCDNCDNCDNC54DNC6460596Apprentice
76 Isabella Holdsworth2771AUSRPAYC6368DNCDNCDNCDNCDNC717872630Youth / WOW
77 Pit Mueller2191SUI 6158TLEDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC57BFD639Super Master
79 Rick Rogers2964AUSSBSC7974DNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC75691Super Master
81 Henri Levenspiel2505AUSSSCBCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNCDNC7471702Open (U16) / 6.9 / FAM

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