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Caribbean Foiling Championships sets sail with thrilling first race day

by Caribbean Foiling Championships 8 Dec 2023 18:39 PST December 8-10, 2023

December 8 marks the exhilarating kick-off of the first race day. The weather conditions, a strong 17 knots, provided an ideal backdrop for the foilers to showcase their skills and navigate the challenging an fun course.

On the racing front, competitors battled the elements, pushing the boundaries of speed and precision. The thrilling races saw standout performances, emerging victorious in their respective categories, demonstrating exceptional skill and determination.

Familial Bonds and Camaraderie

Beyond the racing action, the familial spirit of foiling shone brightly. Entire families, such as the Thebaults, Manon Dupe and her father, Alex and Eric Parmentier, race officer Patrick Pechoux and his son Neels Pechoux, and Sasha and Arnoud Lethuillier, and embraced the sport together, adding a heartwarming dimension to the event.

Neels Pechoux, the current leader in the Wingfoil Pro Class from Guadeloupe, reflected on his performance, stating, "I went quite well, although I missed the exact timing of the last start, so there I lost some crucial seconds." Lucas Marot, also competing in the Wingfoil Pro Class from St. Barths, described the day as successful and windy, humorously adding, "It looks like I am chaperoning the kids, as I am in the middle of the pack."

The Caribbean Foiling Championships is not just a battleground for professional competition; it is a celebration of the joy of foiling and the tight-knit community that has formed around it. The vibrant atmosphere on the water seamlessly blends with the camaraderie on shore, creating an extraordinary display of skill and passion in the world of foiling.

Gilles Corbinier, competing in Wingfoil Leisure, expressed his gratitude, stating, "I want to thank the organization; really, this is the best day of racing I had, and it's only the first. I had a blast, thank you!" He continued, "It is amazing to have an event like this in the Caribbean. Great racing in combination with a friendly feeling is extraordinary." Emmanuel Demanez, the owner of Club Wind Adventures, joined in, suggesting, "Maybe it has to do with the island spirit; we are named the Friendly Island for a reason."

As the sun dipped below the horizon, competitors and spectators gathered for a post-race celebration. Petit Casino - Orient Bay treated everyone to delicious pizzas, while cold Amstel Bright Beers added a refreshing touch to the festivities. The friendly banter and laughter exchanged on shore were a stark contrast to the fierce rivalry witnessed on the water.

As the Caribbean Foiling Championships continues, the thrill of competition and the warmth of camaraderie promise an unforgettable experience for all involved. The island spirit, combined with the passion for foiling, creates a unique and welcoming atmosphere that sets this event apart.

On shore the excitement builds for the upcoming "Around Tintamarre Race" scheduled for tomorrow. This race serves as the crucial qualifier for the highly anticipated "Around the Island Race" on Sunday, adding an extra layer of intensity to the competition. The "Around Tintamarre Race" is not just a qualifier; it's a test of skill and a strategic preview of what lies ahead in the ultimate challenge—the "Around the Island Race" on Sunday (December 10).

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